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Drama Essay

Essay on Drama

Ancient Greek drama was mainly for the honoring of gods and to portray a tragedy or a theme. The Greek theater is much like a modern day sports stadium. The seats were built so you could look down at the performance. Behind the platform were the actors, where they would change their clothes and relax. This was called SKENE.Painted backdrops were also used for decoration. PERSONA to portray who their character would be.

Roman and Greek dramatists influenced the Elizabethan theater by classical traditions. Many plays were testament stories such as David & Goliath, Noah’s Ark, and Christ Crucifixation. The performances were presented on church steps, or PAGEANTS which is a movable stage or wagon. William Shakespeare was very popular during the Elizabethan era. The theater was made for the audience to have an imagination. There were no intermissions during Shakespeare’s plays unless it was a musical interlude.

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Modern Theater was performed under roofs with candles so the play could be seen at night. The plays were performed on a PICTURE-FRAME STAGE. The stage was close to the audience so that the actors could use more jesters and facial expressions for the performances. Eventually technology progressed and electric lighting and microphones became an important factor in modern theater. REALISM was a new revolution during the nineteenth century. This new idea of staging was to be accurate and to show the smallest details within a performance.

The setting in the play Triffles reveals its theme because of where the play takes place. It takes place on an isolated farm during the winter. The setting gives us the theme by showing us how the setting was the right place for this immoral crime to happen.

Babe was the youngest of the three sisters. She had internal problems she needed to resolve within herself. Babe shot her husband because of an affair she was having with a fitfteen year old black boy. The expectation Granddaddy had for her was to get married to someone rich. She soon got over granddaddy’s expectation when she realized she was not alone she had her sisters.

Meg was the middle sister who thought of herself most of the time. Meg was a single woman who was afraid to love anybody because of her past relationships. Meg thought of her grand father as a pest. His expectation for her was to become a singer. It was when Meg hung out with her past lover; she realized she could love someone other than herself.

Lenny was the oldest of all sisters. She was a very hyper and energetic woman. She was also shy. Her grandfather’s expectation for her was to take care of him for the rest of his life. Lenny had shrunken ovaries so she thought nobody would be interested in her. Lenny gets over her grand daddy’s expectation by calling the man she loved.

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