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Marriage Essay

Essay on Marriage

The ceremony was simple, yet beautiful. The church was beautifully decorated with garden flowers in pastel shades, and the atmosphere was filled with joy and laughter. As the traditional bridal march played, the bride walked down the aisle, accompanied by her father, to meet the groom. Then it was finally time for the couple to exchange their vows and wedding rings. Everyone cheered and applauded…

Anne still remembered the entire day’s event vividly in her mind. It was the moment she had always been dreaming of ever since she was a little girl. Marrying John Turner had seemed to be the best thing that could happen to her. John was charming, funny, and intelligent and had a promising career as a banker. Most importantly, he loved her, just as much as she loved him. He was everything that she had always wanted out of a man. Anne, herself was an attractive girl, much adored by men. Everyone thought that they were a perfect couple.

The newlyweds led a life filled with joy. But all that was shattered when a few months later John was met up with an unexpected car accident.

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It was a dark night and rain was pelting down heavily. John was on his way home to meet his beautiful young wife when he felt his car swerving uncontrollably. He lost control of the car and it only stopped after the car hit an electric pole. There was a loud crashing sound and the car was wrapped around the pole. John lay unconscious inside the car and there was blood everywhere. Someone got hold of an ambulance and he was soon taken to the hospital and treated in the intensive care unit.

Once Anne heard about the news, she rushed to the hospital to see how her husband was. She felt a knot developing in her stomach as she waited for the news on her husband’s condition from the doctor. She was scared. The doctor finally told her that John had survived the accident but was paralyzed from the neck down. The news shattered her and she broke down and cried.

The incident changed their lives drastically. John had to give up his high-paid job and Anne was forced to struggle between supporting the family and taking care of her husband. Their financial condition deteriorated badly. They had to move out of their lavish home and settle down in a much smaller apartment. Anne was miserable. She had to work hard everyday to make sure they will not go hungry and was left with no time for her. She could no longer meet up with her friends, could no longer do the things she likes to do. Moreover, life with John could no longer be the same again. There was no more of the cheerful conversation and laughter they used to have, and they could not do much together. Even though John undergoes physiotherapy everyday, they knew that the chance of him recovering was low. Both John and Anne had turned depressed and pessimistic.

Anne wondered if marrying John had been a mistake. She thought of how much happier she could be if she had not married him. She thought of how foolish she had been, to want to get married and be bound to another person. She thought of the vow she had made on their wedding day, to love and to cherish till death to them part. Was it worth it, she thought, to sacrifice her life and happiness just for this man? Yet she could not bear to abandon him. After all, she still felt something for him, and she knew that John still loved her.

Now, Anne looked old and tired. Her long, beautiful hair was turning ashy grey. Lines and wrinkles were forming in her once radiant and smooth skin. She looked at her husband, lying in bed, staring at the ceiling. Tears began to form in her eyes. She was extremely frustrated with the unfairness of life.

Then she saw something. Out of the corner of her eye she seemed to have just seen John manage to move his legs slightly. Was it real? Or were her eyes just playing tricks on her? But as John looked at her, with a smile on his face, she knew what she had seen was true. It was a miracle. She rushed to his bed and hugged him tight, kissing his face several times.

It had been worth it, Anne thought. There are ups and downs in a marriage but the love between them is the most important. She understood that now. All the sacrifices were worth it, for no amount of money can buy true love.

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