Thursday, October 1, 2015

Essay: What Age is Appropriate for Dating?

Have you ever thought about the right age for dating? On the one hand, this issue is trivial. On the other hand, dating is the most interesting topic to every teenager. Dating hides a lot of secrets and piquant details. Obviously, young people want to get to know about human relations in order to reach adulthood. They believe that the adult life is more interesting and joyful. Boys and girls begin to look at one another. They study the opposite sex and feel affection for it. In this case it is possible to speak about first love, first disillusionment and despair.

Doubtless, very few parents decide to discuss the problem of dating with their children. They do not think that this topic is worth attention. As a result, their children make mistakes, make wrong decisions and ruin their lives. Parents should speak about friendship, affection, love, relations, sex, contraception, etc. When children know about these things, they feel safer. They know what they can expect. They know about the consequences of unsafe sex and other related problems. Of course, it is impossible to define the most appropriate age for dating, because all children are different. Every young person has her own tempo of physiological and psychological development. One can say that centuries ago the line between a child and a grownup was very obscure. A 13-year-old boy could be called a grownup person. Consequently, he could start dating from this young age.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Essay on Game of Thrones

There is hardly a person who has not heard about Game of Thrones. This American TV series has conquered the world and attracts audience of different age and preferences. In brief, Game of Thrones is an adaptation of fantasy novels written by G. Martin. The original name of this series is A Song of Ice and Fire. The screen version holds the name of the first novel of this series of books called A Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones was created for HBO and its first episode was launched on April, 2011. Due to professionalism and creativity of two executive producers David Benioff and D. Weiss this TV show has obtained its universal fame.

The plot of Game of Thrones is quite complicated and intricate. It is impossible to predict any further step and action of the main characters of this series. Everybody knows that G. Martin has created his own fantasy world and placed it into the pages of his novels. This fictitious world consists of a huge continent Westeros divided into seven powerful kingdoms. Every kingdom has its own ruler who dreams to conquer the whole Westeros. It is easy to predict that every kingdom has its special characteristic features. It has its original and authentic culture, traditions, style of life and ethnical background. However, all people understand one another and can speak a common language. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Essay: A Brief History of Blogging

Modern people live in the age of information. There is hardly a person who can imagine her life without the Internet and its numerous advantages. Although, the Internet is an integral part of mass media, it has a great number of interconnected components that help users exchange information between one another. A blog is one of these elements. 

People use blogging for different purposes today. Some blogs play the role of personal diaries where people write about their daily adventures and experience. There are blogs related with business and promotion of goods and services. Finally, there are informative blogs that inform people about everything in the world. One can find any category or problem and find a blog dedicated to this issue. Obviously, there are millions of blogs in the Internet. They are connected with one another and create a wide community called blogosphere.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Short Essay about Euripides

Euripides is a Greek philosopher, the youngest in the triad of the famous ancient Greek playwrights after Aeschylus and Sophocles.

His birthplace was Salamis, where he was born approximately in 480 BC, some ancient sources indicated the exact date of his birth, 23 September 480 BC, but it is likely just a desire to this date greater significance as it was the day when the famous naval battle took place in which the Greeks defeated the Persians. Another source tells us that Euripides was born in 486 BC, and 481. It is also known that his parents were wealthy, but not of noble origin, however, this thesis was also challenged by the number of researchers, as there is evidence of his education, as well as on his participation in some celebrations, where the road has been closed to commoners.

Monday, May 25, 2015

We Live in Deeds, not in Years Essay

Everyone wants to live a long life but very few people understand the meaning of their life.

Obviously, when one lives more than hundred years, it does not mean that his life is full of bright moments and sense. Many people live, study, work and do nothing special. When they die, nobody notices it except of their close friends and relatives. The main reason of this sad fact is that they lived in years but not in deeds.

There are people who lived only eighteen or thirty years but everyone knows them. Naturally, such people are famous artists, scientists, politicians or activists who contributed to their country, field of study or to mankind in the whole. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Essay on Origin and Diversity of Life

Physicists, biologists, genetics, other scientists, men of religion debate about the origins and diversity of life on Earth, the evolution of man. However, this dispute is not resulting in some sort of consensus, the theory that would not contradict known scientific and explain puzzling phenomena and religious ideas. Under the current model, there is no coherent picture of the universe; there is no driving force behind the development of evolutionary diversity of the living world and modern man.

Representatives of religion insist on the version of human creation and diversity of life on Earth in its present form. Archaeological finds do not confirm this fact. However, science, in turn, cannot understand anything they say.

Modern scholars do not accept Darwin's hypothesis, and that the diversity of the living world, the driving force of evolution is a blind mutation accident. Random mutation, merciless natural selection-and so on repeatedly until formation of humans, the diversity of life and species. Similarly, as a man not being able to play chess beats the world champion with random moves. This example of the meaningless randomness does not hold water. Rather the contrary - everything in nature has a reason!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Free Essay on Olfaction

Olfaction is the sense that gives people and animals an ability to smell. Human olfactory receptors, i.e. the sensory cells that register smell substances, are gathered in a small organ at the top of the nose, the so-called area olfactoria. This epithelium area consists of the olfactory nerve cells, supporting and basal cells.

Olfactory neurons have cilia which receptors are located on, in order to increase the surface of the epithelium. Each olfactory nerve cell is linked to only one kind of receptor. The tissue also contains glands that produce mucus to protect the cilia and also help to capture the fragrances. Insect olfactory organs tend to be placed on sensory whip. Olfaction area is located on top of the nasal cavity ceiling, at nervus olfactorius. It is an outgrowth of the brain that receive olfactory neuronal axion and connects them to the brain's nerve cells.

The olfactory organ in humans and other higher organisms can be thought of as a complex molecule detector and as well as a form of chemoreceptor. With the sense of smell, we can discern about 10 000 350 proteins and combinations of these, of which 80% are unpleasant smells.