Thursday, April 17, 2014

Persuasive Essay on Biodiversity

Biodiversity is the diversity of live organisms in all its forms. Biodiversity is quite a broad term which can be understood in the different way. First of all it is the genetic diversity, because every organism has its own unique code of genes and their variations which are inherited from generation to generation. Then there is the diversity of species, which is characterized with the variety of the types of the living organisms which can be differentiated according to the inner and outer features, lifestyle, the way of feeding, breeding, etc. And finally, there is the diversity on the level of ecosystems, or the differences between various ecosystems, their structures, elements and functioning. The major concepts of biodiversity were proclaimed in the first part of the 20th century, which depended on the level of the development of biology and its methodology of the research. 

Biodiversity is one of the most important factors which maintains life on the planet, because only the great variety of species is able to support the existence and appropriate life of ecosystems. If a single element of the ecosystem disappears, the whole ecosystem will be ruined. Unfortunately, the humanity did not think about this issue till the middle of the 20th century, and the human activity was the major factor of the extinction of numerous biological species and destruction of ecosystems. Nowadays there is a task to maintain biodiversity of Earth and protect species from extinction in order to save ecosystems and as a result save more and more species which can be endangered by the disappearance of the single specie of animals.

Biodiversity is the essential factor of the appropriate existence of live organisms on the planet and the student is supposed to be aware about this matter. The aim of the persuasive essay is to convince the reader in the importance of the maintenance of the biodiversity on the definite examples from the real life. The young professional is able to discuss the issue in detail, dwell on the strong and weak sides of the problem, write about the factors which cause harm to biodiversity and share the possible solutions to the problem. Furthermore, one can focus on the effect of the damaged biodiversity on the life of Earth.

There are several problems related with the preparation of the well-analyzed persuasive essay and the main one is the lack of the student’s experience. One can find the answers to the bothering questions in a free example persuasive essay on biodiversity found in the web. The student is able to learn about the correct approach towards writing and formatting reading a free sample persuasive essay on biodiversity written online. 

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Essay on Half Wave Single Phase Converters

In Single-phase half wave converters, either the negative or positive half AC wave is blocked or the remaining half is allowed to pass. The means that only one-half of the input reaches in the output, which indicates that, the resulting voltage is lower. A half wave converter requires just single diode in case of single-phase supply and in case of three-phase supply, it needs three diodes. Converters or rectifiers yield pulsating and unidirectional direct current. However, half wave single-phase converter produces far more ripple compared to the full wave rectifier. In addition, increased filtering is required for eliminating the harmonics associated with AC frequency of the output.


  • A single phase half wave uncontrolled circuit converter is a simple and low cost circuit. Although the power levels of such circuit are very small, yet it is widely used and simplest rectifier.
  • The current flow through the circuit and its output voltage are highly influenced by the type of load.


  • The output current carried by load also contains some component of ac current in addition to dc current. The frequency of such ac component is almost equal to the input voltage frequency. In order to controlled high ripple factor, a complicated filtering is needed in order to produce steady dc output.
  • Only half amount of power is delivered at one time, which result in low rectification and power output.
  • The transformer utilization factor is also very low.
  • Current is magnetized by the DC saturation associated with the transformer core. It also results in harmonies generation and loss of hysteresis.
  • The power supply of single phase half wave uncontrolled circuit converter is not suitable for general power supply. Such type of power supply is best suitable only for some sort of charging.
  • The simplest single phase half wave uncontrolled circuit converter is not suitable for industrial use mainly due to poor performance.
  • It requires large filter capacitor in order to obtain smooth dc output voltage.


  • Single-phase half wave controlled circuit converter is widely used in the industrial applications of different types.
  • They have the ability to use both negative and positive voltage and can supply current, which is unidirectional. 
  • They have the capacity to operate in the form of an inverter or a controlled rectifier.
  • Single-phase half wave controlled circuit has an inverter mode, which blocks the forward voltage of the thyristors, which result in the negative direction of output voltage.


  • The single-phase half wave controlled circuit has poor voltage and current from both input and power factors.
  • These circuits have lower efficiency and low dc output.
  • The ripple current and ripple voltage of such converters are high.
  • The ripple factor of single-phase half wave controlled circuit is relatively higher.
  • These converters have low utilization of transformer factor.
  • As the dc component is supplied with the input current, it results in the dc saturation in the output transformer core.
  • Single-phase half wave controlled circuit is rarely used in the practical life due to their extremely low output and dc output power.
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Monday, March 31, 2014

Persuasive Essay on Air Pollution

Air pollution is the contamination of the planet’s atmosphere with pollutants of different origin. Nowadays the problem of air pollution is quite urgent, because every big city suffers from this problem severely. Very often the air is pollutant to such an extent that it is impossible to walk along the street without a protective mask. Moreover, there are cities which have such a high level of pollutants in the air, that the city is covered with a fog or the so called smog, which resembles the mixture of smoke and fog. Of course, air pollution is extremely harmful for the human and animal organism. The most frequent diseases and disorders connected with air pollution are connected with respiratory system and cardiovascular system. Many people, especially children, suffer from asthma and other diseases connected with the shortage of breath. Air is polluted by different pollutants of the anthropogenic and natural origin.

The natural pollutants contaminate the air to the certain extent and the most obvious pollutants of this kind are: volcanic ash, smoke of a fire and dust of different origin. Anthropogenic influence on the condition of the air is far more dangerous. The consequences of the industrial activity and transport are so harmful, that have polluted the atmosphere of the whole planet during the period of no more than 100 years. In addition, there is a problem of smoking, which also contaminates air and causes harm to the passive smokers. Air pollution not only causes harm to the human health, but also to the ecologic condition of the planet provoking greenhouse effect and the global warming process. The pollutants which remain in the air prevent the reflection of the solar energy back into the space and this energy accumulated in the atmosphere and increases the average temperature of the planet.

Air pollution is a serious problem of the current time and it should be solved as quickly as possible.

The student is able to prepare a worthy and effective persuasive essay demonstrating his knowledge about the origin of air pollution, its danger, its cause and effect, the methods of the improvement of the situation and the professional evaluation of the problem. It does not worth mentioning that the persuasive essay is a subjective text, but still the student is obliged to persuade the reader in his point of view with the help of the reliable evidence and convincing argumentation.

Many students fail to differentiate the types of essays and often misunderstand the appropriate norms of writing and expectations concerning a persuasive essay. The young person is able to use a free example persuasive essay on air pollution found online and to succeed in writing. The most useful side of a free sample persuasive essay on air pollution is the opportunity to see the bright model of writing which meets the professor’s expectations.

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Essay on Ecocentrism

Ecocentrism (also known as biocentrism) is a concept, according to which (as opposed to anthropocentrism) fundamental laws of nature play a central role in interrelations of man and nature: scientific and technological progress does not reduce human dependence on environmental laws of nature.  The interaction of human society with nature must be subject to ecological imperative - the requirement of preserving the integrity of self-regulation of the biosphere. 

While for many of us interested in organic products it is rather fashionable manifestation of "healthy selfishness," according to environmentalists, the "new green wave" is really able to help us to preserve life on Earth.

By the end of 2010, about 30% of the population in developed countries will be the target audience of the environmental industry. According to the Doctor of Economics Werner F. Schulz, professor at the University of Hohenheim (Germany), members of this "new green wave" movement are deeply aware of the reality of global environmental and ethical issues and make informed purchasing decisions, choosing healthy foods production, consumption, and disposal of which is not harmful to the environment.

Among the followers of the popular international movement LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) there are many celebrities: Julia Roberts, Gisele Bundchen, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and, of course, many of their fans. However, it is too early to talk about spreading the new ecophilosophy: it is more of a fashion trend, the interest in bioproducts as the highest form of consumption. 

Another group of consumers are those for whom the natural products are a necessity. First of all it is highly allergic individuals, the people whose bodies cannot tolerate a number of chemicals used in the industrial production. The trend is that the number of consumers of environment friendly products "for health" will only increase. That is why ECO enterprise focused primarily on what we are entering into close contact - on products, clothing, and cosmetics.

For the production of organic clothing wool, silk, and cotton are often used. There is a set of strict rules governing the production of the product in a controlled organic farm. However, to tell the difference between an ordinary cotton T-shirt and product labeled "100% organic cotton / Bio-Baumwolle kbA," it is sufficient to think of cotton as a living organism. Plant breathes, grows, and bears fruit. Cotton boll matures and man collects fiber, separating it from seeds, spins the thread, and weaves the cloth. Let us add to this ideal formula a little contemporary reality: fertilizers and herbicides, growth promoters for stimulation of immature bolls, a means to strengthen the thread, chlorine bleach, chemical dyes... In a organic product chemical components are absent. This reduces its potential allergenicity and gives you the opportunity to feel the wonderful natural fiber properties - its lightness, softness, breathability. 

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Variety is the Mother of Enjoyment Essay

As an old saying goes: variety is the mother of enjoyment. We all know that excessive monotony is the enemy of all possible joy we may have in life. Monotony, which is often the results of the same old routine or the set of habits we filled our life with, completely eliminates our creativity, blocks our passion and deprive us of happiness.

Many of us complain of boredom periodically, all tired of the routine, amid the monotony there is no satisfaction. Boredom destroys not only the identity of the person, but also his relationship with other people. For example, scientists have found that one of the main reasons for the collapse of family life is routine. Needless to say that the cause of creative crisis, the fall in productivity is also the monotony and boredom.

Instead, variety surely satisfies your new demands and actual expectations, it enables you to dream, to wish and want new perspective. It allows you the creation of new schemes and solutions to situations, gives you new experiences and meet your expectations.

If you want to live a bright and interesting life, do not let your experience stagnate, do not feed the monotony, go beyond the already known and understood before you. Use your experience to as a reliable platform to search yet uncharted territory.

You have to push yourself to the activity unknown to you before. Do not wait for somebody to push you and do your own efforts toward variety. You can keep monotony close, just in case, you want to return to it one day.

Stay open to new and perceive the latest information, do not decline what you do not know yet, but try immediately understand or learn that new you have just met. The more you meet new that does not justify your expectations, the further you are from the monotony and the closer to the uniqueness and variety.

Following the unpredictability of life, you become mature in judgment, thought, and deed. The more experience you get, more versatile person you become.

One of the easiest ways to variety is reading. It is enough to read a couple of pages and you are immersed in a new world, "root" for the fate of the characters and experience a wide variety of emotions. Nothing to read? Go to the website of any publishing company. There is also a brief announcements, and whole review.

This will not be disappointed in the book and pick up a book as much as possible to your needs. Then you can buy it - right on the Internet. Want to save?

Download an electronic version or go to the library.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Essay Writing on Films

Different countries appreciate different movies because of the cultural attachment they offer. The universal aspect about movies is their entertaining role and that applies to all communities and cultures of the world. 

Films whether watched at home or in the theatre tell a lot about the country of origin. The development of technology is the commonest in Japan and they use it to develop animations shown around the world. Japan has a long history with technological advancements and it does not hesitate to show what it has to the world through film. In the movie I watched, there was an open show of family structures in Japan. It showed the development of relationships within the family and the development of children in Japan. In that way I was able to learn that their culture is similar to mine, which made me feel connected to the structure people in the movie.

The lifestyle of the Japanese people is probably similar to that of people across the globe since they live together. They have a tight family bond and even after children grow there is the tendency of their staying in their parents’ homes. There is a specific family lifestyle highlighted to show its interactions within and beyond the family. 

Therefore, movies are a great way of knowing the history of other countries as it can help in understanding them better. It also promotes the development of closure concerning the lifestyle in a country with each location presenting a different aspect. When people from different countries exchange films, the world becomes easy to understand as films act like promotional platforms used for cultural exposure to foreign countries.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Internal Memo Essay

TO: Paulette Seakens, Director of Carbon Neutral Investments and Enviro Associates
FROM: “Insert your name here,” Accountant Representative of Carbon Neutral Investments and          Enviro Associates
DATE: October 15, 2013
SUBJECT: Client’s Cashing Out
DETAILS: Carbon Neutral Investments and Enviro Associates, Chronological

With a lot of humility, I kindly request you to spare a moment and read this memo meant to inform you about a flaw mistakenly performed by the accounts department as one of our clients was cashing out. Before going deeper into the case, may I kindly inform you that a step to try and communicate to the client has been made though they are not showing any intentions to cooperate. Further steps will be taken to ensure that the reasons for his departure are outlined and acted upon with immediate effect. As mentioned, the client cashed out with a total of $14,000 as opposed to his rightful $4,000. This issue is being looked into and a comprehensive report will be relayed to you. The issue of the client leaving and why, is however, my main concern. I would like to enlighten you about how I intend to get in touch with the client to inquire more about the reasons for departure to avoid the possible loss of our client base and to resolve the miscalculation performed by out accounts payable department.

Personal Information Acquired during registration
According to our firm’s criteria for registration, a client must provide a set of vital personal information. Among them are their full names (with proof from national identification documents or passports), email address, active phone number, and current physical address among others. I have used his email so far but he has not yet responded therefore a further step of using the other relevant information will be taken (including next of kin and spouse information since he provided them and the evidence to back the information up).

Individual Retirement Account
The client also provided us with links to his retirement account that has all his information in the national data base. This will be a further step taken if the personal information proves rather unsuccessful. The retirement account can be traced since it registers an activity monthly hence where the funds were channeled from can be used to provide physical position of our client after which someone will be sent, with the assistance of relevant authorities, to have a word with him.

Individuals Account
We can also work with the client’s bank account; provided since it is the same one he sued to cash out. We have communicated to the bank’s manager and they accepted to assist. They can notify us every time the account has an activity (our IT department created an email link to the bank and his account portal). This will greatly assist us in tracking his whereabouts.

Freezing funds
The client’s bank account, after providing relevant documents from relevant authorities a section of our account books is willing to freeze funds of the same amount as the overpayment ($10,000). This will assist us in getting to him since he will be urged to visit one of the bank’s service centers for more inquiry and assistance (standard bank protocol). As this is done, we will be notified and our representative will be sent to inform him of the reasons as to why the funds are frozen.
After getting in touch with the client, we will strive to discover why he had to depart, where he channeled his investments (if he did), and why. Moreover, we will recover the lost funds and have relevant information as to where our services fall short.