Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Essay on Why Nutrition is Important

We are what we are eating. It is an old saying which tells it all – our nutrition is the next most important thing to the air we breathe and the water we drink. The last two arguments are the ones going without saying, as we know it beyond the shadow of a doubt that polluted air or poor water can be as bad for our health as some broadly known toxic chemicals. However, it is not the case with our nutrition. Many people not quite yet understand the significance of what we are taking in on the daily basis. Not only in terms of the food chemical composure, but also as a correct, balanced system of life support.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Reflective Essay: Life is Too Short

Life is too short... I think every single human being on this earth had this thought or will have it someday in the future. Why this thought bothers us so often? Is it the fear of death that keeps us unrested or is it something else?

When you are young time moves slow and you think that you are going to live forever. Your knowledge about the world is narrow and inflexible. It seems to you that you know everything but life is straight and easy, even boring sometimes. You cannot foresee what will happen to you next couple of days based on today’s events. In fact, you don’t need it; your ability to analyze your past is also no too great, your day is too long and is a life in itself. But as you grow up, your abilities to process data are stronger, the information flow increases and your capability to perceive is enough to bring a whole lot of fun in your life.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Essay on Failure is the Stepping Stone to Success

What is success? One can say that it is the state of achievement your goal. When one manages to reach his aim, he is believed to be a successful person. It is right to claim that very few people are successful. The absolute number of people are unlucky. They live their lives and achieve average results at the workplace and education. The level of their happiness and satisfaction is average or even low. They realize that they want to organize their lives in another way. What is the reason of their misfortune? On the one hand, people are equal and possess similar opportunities to reach their goal. On the other hand, people are too different. Very few people are ready to work hard and use every opportunity to succeed in something. Thus, the majority of people are cowards and indecisive. They do not believe in themselves and do not demonstrate high performance in any activity.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Sociology Essay on Crime and Deviance

The problem of crime and deviance is most often analyzed in the field of sociology whereas social factors are the crucial ones. They cause deviant behavior more often than psychological factors do. If you have decided to research the issue on crime and deviance, you should focus on the study of cultural norms. The same type of behavior can be treated like deviant and regular in different countries. The problem of deviance is not static. It changes and develops all the time. Social norms and various types of deviance alter within communities, nations, cultures and even time. No wonder, modern sociologists begin paying more attention to the factors that cause this change in human mind. Why are the specific types of regular behavior (in one society) accepted like the deviant ones (in another society)?

What is deviance? Deviance is the behavior that breaks the rules of the particular society. This phenomenon differs from nonconformity because deviance has much more radical expression. Without question, it is possible to find individual factors in deviant behavior. There are people whose nervous system is less stable or who prefer solving their problems stormily and passionately. In fact, this trait of their character is not the major one concerning the problem of deviance. Social factors are stronger.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Critical Analysis Essay on Everyday Use

Everyday Use is a short story written by the American author Alice Walker. The story was first published in 1973 and belonged to the author’s collection of short stories called In Love and Trouble. 

Everyday Use is quite a thought-provoking and relevant story that demonstrates the modern problem of globalization. Moreover, it touches upon the eternal problem of generation gap. Alice Walker being of African-American origin, decided to present a very gripping and specific problem of cultural heritage. She tries to find the roots of her people.

The plot of Everyday Use is based on the narration of Mama about her daughters Dee and Maggie. The short story is told in the first person by the mother. She told about her daughter Maggie who was a shy child and loved the mother and her house. Another daughter, Dee, was completely different. She was arrogant and tried to reject from her family and its traditions. She decided to find her African roots and found a Muslim husband. She criticized Mama’s lifestyle and dreamt only about the idealized Africa. The crucial point of the text is related to the episode in which Dee asked to mother to give the family quilts to her. She wanted to have them as decoration. Mama decided to give the quilts to Maggie whereas this daughter was going to put the mentioned quilts for ‘everyday use’.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Analytical Essay on a Poem Example

I would like to analyze one of the earliest and well-known examples of Old English literature called Beowulf. This epic poem is believed to be the oldest survived piece of European literature. The manuscript dates back to the 10th century and tells us a story about the personalities that probably lived in the 6th century. The author of Beowulf presented this epic poem in the 8th century and it was recorded on paper in the 10th century. I should say that we are lucky to possess this ancient document that illustrates the life of the Scandinavian society of the 6th century. Although Beowulf is written in Old English, the plot touches upon the Geats (the tribe living on the south of Sweden) and the Danes demonstrating the realities of the English Scandinavian past. Beowulf belongs to the genre of epic poem though some experts define it as an elegy.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Argumentative Essay on Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty is a relevant and shameful problem. More and more people decide to pay attention to the human activity that causes harm to animals. People believe that they are the most important creatures on Earth. Animals, birds, fish and insects are not weighty to them. Such creatures exist just to serve people. This wrong belief of the human total dominance has made people cruel towards animals. They treat animals like unworthy organisms that exist for food or entertainment. No wonder, more and more wild animals become extinct whereas people do not let them live in their natural wild areas. Every animal is supposed to serve a human being in the particular way. Some of them are killed for food. Others are captured for entertainment. They have to live in zoos, cages or circuses in order to amuse people. There are different types of animal cruelty. One can mention neglect, farming, violence, cultural rituals, bullfighting, film making, circuses, unnecessary scientific experiments and abandonment, etc. Every type of animal cruelty is harmful to in physical or psychological way. I will try to attract your attention to this urgent problem.