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Persuasive Essay on Armenian Genocide

Persuasive Essay on the Armenian Genocide

In the book Crescent and star: Turkey between Two Worlds, Stephen Kinzer describes several ethnic tensions that happen in turkey. One of those ethnic tensions that Kinzer discusses is Armenian tension, which is Armenian Genocide. It was a mass slaughter of Armenians during the World War one, carried out by the former Ottoman Empire.

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Before Armenian Genocide, Armenians and Turks lived in harmony in the Ottoman Empire for centuries. During these times, although Armenians were not equal, they were pretty well accepted and relatively had no violent conflict. Things began to change for a couple of reasons. Nationalism, a new force in the world, which made ethnic grouping very important, and the Ottoman Empire began to have problems. Second, turkey was afraid of Christian crusade, and what made things worse is that Armenians became more isolated as the only major Christian minority.

World War one broke out, Ottoman Empire was fighting on the Axis side and it was perfect timing to rebuild their Empire. World War one gave Ottoman Empire the cover and excuse to carry out their plan, which was to exterminate Armenian race. On April, 24th 1915, hundreds of Armenian political leaders were murdered in Istanbul after being called and gathered. Finally, the remaining Armenians were called from their homes, told they would be relocated, and then marched off to concentration camps in the desert where they would starve and thirst to death in the sun. At the march, often they would be denied food and water, and many were brutalized and killed by their guards. The authorities in Trezbizond, on the Black Sea coast, loaded Armenians on barges and sank them out at sea.

Armenians tried asking for help from other countries, but no nation would help. The whole world was in the shadow as deliberate slaughter of Armenian race continued. The slaughter of Armenian race went on for almost two years. The number of Armenians killed by Ottoman Empire is uncertain. However the approximate number is more the 1.5 million.

After the war ended, the Turkish government held criminal trials and found only three officials guilty, which were executed by Armenians later. Turkey agreed to let the US draw the border between the newly born Republic of Armenia and the Turkish government. Today, the two countries are still doubtful relationship. Turkey for the past few decades has been denying that the genocide ever occurred, and spending millions of dollars to further that view. The education in turkey does not teach anything about Armenian genocide. That means the new generation has no idea of the past. Armenia, however, never forgets the terrible massacre that started On April 24th 1915. This day is Memorial Day each year in Armenia.

There will be always tension between Turkey and Armenia because Armenians will never forget how their people were treated, and killed during World War one. I don't think that turkey will ever admit that such Genocide took place, since the new generation knows nothing about the truth. However if Armenians will forget about the past, then they can work with turkey to strengthen their relationship.

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Argumentative Essay on Agriculture

Argumentative Essay on Agriculture

What would life be like today if our ancestors hadn't adopted the practice of farming? This question may seem like it has an obvious answer. Most people would probably assume that lour lives would be harder and more stressful if we had to hunt for our meat and gather wild plants for food instead of picking it up at the store. However, observations of fossils and artifacts reveal something different. Remains from the Neolithic Period (the new stone age, beginning about 10,000 years ago) reveal that the adoption of agriculture among many societies did not have a positive effect on overall human health or the environment. can write a Custom Argumentative Essay for You!

As people switched over to the process of agriculture, the amounts of food they had became more abundant and predictable. This meant that there was more food to support more people. Therefore, the human population dramatically increased during this time period. However, having more people is not necessarily a positive result. As the population increased, there is evidence of a decline in overall human health. Large amounts of people interacting with one another caused many diseases to spread. If we hadn't of adopted the agricultural way of life, maybe we wouldn't have as many diseases threatening us today.

When people started to farm, they hunted less and so their diets changed tremendously. When people were hunting and gathering natural wild plants, they were getting a well balanced diet. However, when they limited their diets to mostly the foods which they were farming, their bodies suffered. People became weaker and the growth rate slowed down. There is even evidence of times when there were famines among these people because of a lack of crops.

In addition to the negative consequences on humans, agriculture greatly affected the environment. When land is farmed on, it alters the natural growth of plants on that land. Wild plants which would naturally grow in those areas no longer could, and many of them probably don't exist anymore because of this. Those wild plants may have been very nutritious and useful, but because of the development of the agricultural system we'll never know. Humans deciding what to grow and where to grow it also greatly harmed the balances of natural nutrients in the soil. When the soil is plowed and cleared a lot, it isn't as nutritious and plants won't grow as well in it.

The agricultural societies of the Neolithic period became very individualized. People became more independent and levels of power emerged among them. Eventually, cities and states like the ones we know today arose. Still, the agricultural societies of this ultimately collapsed. If the people of this time hadn't adopted the agricultural system, our lives and environment might have been much healthier.

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Argumentative Essay on Affirmative Action

Argumentative Essay on Affirmative Action

The fact that white people are not admitted, due to extra points that black students received by affirmative action's rule, represents a reverse discrimination because white students also are entitled to equal treatment, based on meritocracy. Theoretically, affirmative action was introduced in order to overcome past discrimination and make the society more equal. Even though, removing racial and ethnic considerations from the admission process would have a devastating impact on the number of African-American students who would be admitted to university, and above all to the law schools, the combination of admission test scores and grade point averages, supplemented by consideration of race, is a discriminatory method for deciding whether or not to admit a student and, above all for evaluating his knowledge. The criteria for admission should be based on merit, on who really deserves to be admitted.

Affirmative action implicates constitutional rights. In fact, the Fourteenth Amendment, which declares that states must give all people “equal protection of the laws” makes race an impermissible factor in state university selection practices. How can we conciliate the reality of affirmative action as it is actually practiced with the version that it is a race-based preference, which was introduced in order to overcome past discrimination? When minority and under qualified groups are preferred it represents a discrimination and, in particular, a reverse discrimination against white people. In fact, the argument that the plaintiff's attorney who represented the white students (Grutter v. Bollinger and Gratz v. Bollinger) in the Michigan's law school case said his clients have a “personal right” not to have their race count against them.

There are educational and cultural diversities that influence the pedagogical benefits. The admission policies based on affirmative action has his impact not only in the office of admission, but in all students' environment. Even though American society is a multiethnic reality, we have to realize that different cultures in the same classroom not always can produce a high educational value if there is not the same level of knowledge. In fact, the racial balance we find in work world is the result of a positive economic process, and it is not a result of a pre-fixed quota as in university admission, which could negatively impact the pedagogical purpose. It is not the affirmative action the way for contributing to the entire community's future, but the way is to allow only people with the same intellectual background to contribute together to a better society. For example, in the case that both white and black students are admitted, affirmative action does not always represent a real help during the black student's university career. In fact could be very hard for the minority applicants to fill the gap with other students due to different educational background of knowledge. It is a frustrating situation because minorities realize how hard is to be in a class where the level of students' learning it is different, and where there are students who waist their time to wait for the others that need more time to understand, due to their different cultures. As a result, theoretical equal opportunities do not mean racial integration, and as soon as students have the possibility they prefer to have dinner, to sleep, to live with people of his race.

Moreover, a generic racial preference could be considered discrimination too. It is doubtful that affirmative action can ever be justified as compensation, because compensation is a matter of individual, not group, entitlement, and allowing black applicants to have preference now cannot compensate generations of blacks who suffered injustice in the past. We have to rejected preferences designed to compensate for the effects of unspecified historic or social discrimination. To remedy past discrimination, a state must identify with "particularity" the discrimination to be remedied, and design the preference to benefit only those persons who were discriminated against and only to the degree necessary to counteract the effect of the discrimination.

American Universities give the students the opportunity to receive a high education, but on the other hand these universities are the most expensive. If the purpose were to increase the intellectual level of people and to give a competitive education for the benefit of the whole community, the race-preference would not be very helpful. The tuition still remains extremely expensive, and a more objective system could be based on the parent's income. Students, whites or blacks, who have the same capacities, could be admitted at university, and their tuition would be in percentage on their parent's income, without any relevance of their race.

Everyone would like to be successful in his life, but that it is a result of a huge hard work. It is a reverse discrimination to give to the minorities groups more possibilities than other people to succeed in their lives. The argument that race no longer matters is a signal that it is time to change to a more objective method of university admission. Therefore, the system that most American universities use to screen candidates for admission demands to be changed and affirmative action should be ended in university admission. If university really wants to give equal opportunities why does it not decide the amount of tuition based on the parents' income, in order to allow that even the poorer student, white or black does not matter, could study, instead of using affirmative action.

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Persuasive Essay on Affordable Housing

Persuasive Essay on Affordable Housing

Did you know that since 1977, the median home price in the bay area has increased about 200%? In Santa Clara County about 38,000 new jobs were recently created; in that same time, only about 4,000 new housing units became available. More than 60% of employees in the Bay Area live outside the Bay Area like: Tracy, Stockton, Modesto, Antioch, Pittsburgh and so on because they can not afford the high priced housing in the Bay Area.

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What is affordable housing? To the federal government, housing is considered affordable if it cost no more than 30% of the monthly house income for rent and utilities. For example, if your household income is somewhere about $60,000 dollars a year then you should pay no more than $1,500 dollars a month for your rent and utilities put together. Another way to look at it is if you are in a sales job making only $12.00 dollars an hour then you should not be paying no more than $624 dollars a month in rent and utilities together. But as you know, that's way of the picture when it comes to the Bay Area. In order to be able to afford at least a two bedroom apartment in the Bay Area you have to earn at least $27.36 an hour. As far as the rest of the U.S., you can earn only about $13.87 and still be able to afford a two bedroom apartment. House Prices rise every year making it harder and harder for a middle class family to afford to live in the Bay Area. From last year 2001 to this year 2002 they say that the housing price went up 9.2%. In the Bay Area houses that were about $383,000 last year in 2001 are now about $417,000 this year in 2002. So you can see the difference in just one year. Think about how high housing prices and how difficult it will be to be able to live in the Bay Area about ten years from now.

Why build affordable housing and who needs it? People who live in affordable housing today want safe, decent housing for the same reasons that we all do. Those reasons are mainly to provide a nurturing environment to raise their children. Another reason is to remain in the community where they were raised or to become part of a community in which they want to settle. Finally, to live in an attractive, safe environment that they can afford. People who need affordable housing are ones that are employed as secretaries, school teachers, local government employees, restaurant workers and sales clerks. These workers need affordable housing because of the wide gap between what they earn and what housing costs. Others who need affordable housing are seniors and people with disabilities. Seniors have a hard time trying to affording housing because they have fixed incomes that they rely on such as pensions and social security. Disabled people are also living with limited incomes which makes it hard for them to afford a house in the Bay Area and need affordable housing.

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Argumentative Essay on Adoption

Argumentative Essay on Adoption

"Adoption Should be Abolished" is an excerption from Evelyn Burns Robinson's book Adoption and Loss: The Hidden Grief. While Robinson does have some authority on the matter due to personal experiences, she tends to have a one-sided opinion that doesn't touch often on the other side's views. She offers some good alternatives to adoption, but tends to state that adoption is very rarely done by choice and is usually forced on young mothers. She claims in her article that there is no justification for adoption and makes some fairly disturbing comparisons to slavery. Although I agree with some of Evelyn Burns Robinson's ways to help avoid adoption, I agree with little else she says.

Evelyn Burns Robinson does have some authority to write about adoption and her views on it, being a woman who as a teenager, gave up a baby for adoption. She feels that in her case she was forced to give up her baby, and she states that almost all teen mothers are made to give up their baby. I don't think that's the case however. I know several people who have had babies as teenagers, and when asked, all of them said that though it was hard, they wanted their baby to have a better life than they were able to provide and loved their child enough to let it go.

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The very first line in the article is "There is no justification for adoption." I don't agree with this at all. Sure, some people don't consider any of their other options, such as foster care or asking a friend or family member to help, but that's rarely the case. Many adopted children came from a home where they would not have enough shelter, family support, or safety to become functional members of society. If a young child is in an unsafe situation, in my mind their parent then loses the right to have them in the house and should automatically have to give them up, even if only for a short time until they can be rehabilitated. Another justification for adoption would be if a baby is born into a war-torn country and their parents can't afford to have the whole family leave the country, but they can get their children out. Those parents are extremely brave and unselfish for wanting a better life for their kids that they know they can't provide.

Robinson's use of language is quite biased towards not having adoption. Her personal experience makes her have a negative opinion of adoption, and it's very apparent. Not only does she say outright that she thinks it's morally wrong and unjust, she also blatantly compares it to slavery, as though adoption is the same as buying and selling people. She looks at abstract views of slavery, such as the belief that slaves were better off being owned by a good master that provided them with a home and security, and rescued them from a life of disadvantage. This, most people will agree with is a very wrong and indecent belief. She says that since adoption's defenders use the same reasoning (a better life with a home and security) it's very comparable.

I do agree with the author that there are other solutions that aren't adoption. One such example is that she states "if a woman is unable to care for her child because she lacks the skills, then we should try to teach her the skills." I agree with her completely on that. I don't believe we should just uproot children out of a home unless their life is in danger or everything else has been tried and has failed. I believe that society ad a whole should help these parents, especially if they're single, raise their child/children well, but there's got to be a point where you've tried all you can. I also agree with her that the biological parents should be at least somewhat involved in their children's lives, whether they have ongoing visiting sessions or just keep the adoptive parents informed on family issues, such as heredity health issues.

The article "Adoption Should be Abolished" from Evelyn Burns Robinson's book Adoption and Loss: The Hidden Grief touches on why she believes that adoption should be illegal. Her personal experience with giving up a baby at a young age makes some of her views understandable, I think that if she had included more of what the people who support adoption's view points to somehow make her arguments stronger, she would have had a more powerful argument. I believe adoption is overall a good thing and although there are a few bad things about it, generally speaking, I think the good strongly outweighs the bad.

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25th Hour Essay

25th Hour Essay

If you were going to spend seven years in prison, how would you spend your last twenty four hours of freedom? How do you say goodbye to your loved ones?

Monty Brogan (a brilliant Edward Norton) has just been caught with a large portion of narcotics in his possession by the DEA. He has been informed that he has twenty fours before he will be imprisoned for seven years in the New York State penitentiary. It is in these twenty four hours that director Spike Lee (Malcolm X, Summer of Sam) wishes to examine the psyche of Monty Brogan and how he intends on utilizing his last day in the outside world.

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Monty is faced with the dilemmas of explaining to his father his situation, farewelling his friends and girlfriend, ultimately tying up all the loose ends. The story also focuses on Frank Slaughtery (Barry Pepper) and Jacob Elinsky (Phillip Seymour Hoffman), Monty's two best friends, and the way in which they behave in the lead up to spending one final night with their friend before he exits their lives for seven years.

Spike Lee is well known for making films that deal with issues of race, however in 25th Hour he focuses predominantly on the issue of the human conscience and the way in which people deal with certain predicaments that they are faced with. Throughout the film the viewer is confronted with images of post September 11 New York, and the aftermath of the ruins. There is one scene when Frank is questioned by Jacob as to why he hasn't chosen to move from his apartment (which overlooks the wreckage) since the Twin Tower collapse. Frank replies, that Osama Bin Laden can fly another plane into the building adjacent to his own and still he will not be forced to move from his home. This is the human spirit and attitude that Lee wishes to put under the microscope.

One of the films most powerful moments is a Lee trademark montage sequence, where Monty stares into a bathroom mirror, and repeatedly exclaims "Fuck you", directing this at all the different religious and ethnic groups (eg. Catholics, Hispanics, Blacks etc.). This is the only time that issues of race and prejudice are raised, however this is not intended to portray Monty as a racist figure, rather it shows a man who is at boiling point and looking to lash out, to blame someone, so that he can justify his sentence. Finally at the end of the montage, Monty realises that he is the only one to blame, exclaiming, "No, fuck you Monty. You did this to yourself you stupid fuck."

Significant also, is Monty's dog, who rarely leaves his side. An early scene in the film is particularly powerful when we see Monty walking his dog in the early hours of the morning along a quite, desolate boardwalk next to the Hudson River. We understand from this scene that the pet dog is really the only thing in Monty's life that he can trust, not even his friends or girlfriend of whom he suspects might be responsible for informing the police of his stash of narcotics.

The acting is superb, and rightly so as this is a character driven film with a lack of plot. Edward Norton brilliantly portrays a man who must face up to the crime that he has committed, and ultimately attempt to turn his life around and undo all his wrongs in one day. Confirming the diversity in his acting range, we see Norton in flashbacks of his once happier life.

Barry Pepper plays Frank as an angry, bitter friend of Monty's initially reminding him of deserving his penalty, and then

The films cinematography focuses on city's beauty with panoramic shots of Brooklyn Bridge, Hudson River, Central Park etc. This is contrasted with shots of the World Trade Center memorial and it ruins. This contrast conveys Monty's emotions as he leaves this beautiful city, to go spend seven years in a bland, simple prison.

There is minimal cutting in the film, with long scenes, in particular the use of the tracking shot is employed. Close ups of characters are replaced with long and profile shots, and this is used to show the isolation and loneliness felt primarily by Monty, but also by all the people around him. His actions have affected everyone close to him.

It is only in the last few scenes where quick cutting, and frequent changes in setting is used. This is to convey to the viewer that Monty's last moments of freedom are escaping him rapidly, and that he truly does not have enough time to spend with his loved ones.

Some of the films editing is slightly disjointing as quite often we move from present to past shots of Monty's life, rather than changing the editing technique (eg. the use a dissolve), the cutting technique stays constant. Viewers may find it disorientating, and may struggle to distinguish between past and present scenes, particularly early in the film.

The soundtrack consists of slow, sad and quietly powerful orchestral music that is ultimately a reflection of Monty's emotions. At the end, the music becomes more up tempo as Monty has accepted his punishment.

25th Hour is a superb film that for some viewers may seem slow and tedious, as there is no action or plot twists, however this is the point that Spike Lee wishes to convey. It is a film about real life people in real life situations. It is a glimpse at a man's struggle to come to terms with the fact that he has ruined his life, and a journey as he attempts to bring closure to his relationship with friends.

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Hangman's Curse Essay

Hangman's Curse Essay

The book I reed was called Hangman's Curse The Veritas Project volume one. This novel was written by Frank Peretti, he has as written the visitation, this present darkness, and the Cooper Kids series. There are many characters in this book like Elisha. She is the daughter of Nate and Sarah also a sister to Elijah. Ms Wythen one of two principals at the school, Tom Gessner was the other one. Carrillo was the security officer in the school when they hired him they received two metal detectors as well. There is also Todd Kramer, Doug Anderson, Jim Boltz, Leonard Bynes, and Amy these people all were victims to a sad, mad student. There was Sawna Miller a student meant to be hurt but wasn't instead Amy was chosen. And we can't forget Able Frye the school ghost. There was also Ian Snyder, and his friends/ followers who believed he could control Able.

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Elisha was not described much but I do Know she is skinny, she and he brother. Their dogs name was Mr. Maxwell he was a golden retriever. Ian was a Goth like outcast. Carrillo I imagined a large man with a stare that said death in every look to intimidate kids. Todd, Doug, and Jim were all athletes so I saw them as people who hung out with the cheerleaders. The perfect muscular men. Nate spring field was the only one described, he was described as a sheriff in an old western movie.

I see the whole Springfield family as a family were there was not much time to cry because they worked as a family doing undercover work. Ian was one who you could tell hated his parents and would never speak them with out putting some kind of hex on them. Ms. Wythen as a strict old woman who doesn't respect students as high as she should.

The first thing that occurs in this book is a drug bust. Elisha and Elijah befriend a boy named Marv. Who is working for a man in the city. Marvs job was to buy drugs and sell down town. Elisha and Elijah were there under cover. Nate and Sarah Springfield there parents, and police were waiting, listening to the conversations waiting till they pulled out drugs. The Springfield's always worked together as a family. They were a part of an under ground society that work in joint with the police. They were all about the truth. They were all strong Christians.

They were called into the school to do some undercover work. There was something messing with the students that the metal detectors did not find. It was believed to be a ghost, Able Frye. Ian Snyder believed he could control this ghost, but instead the ghost controlled Ian. Ian never wanted any one to die just to go crazy. The people he wanted o go crazy did and all went to the hospital. The only one that went crazy and shortly died was Amy who was a mistake. One of Ian's friends or follower wanted the ghost to get Sawna Miller.

Elisha, Elijah, their parents, and two teachers were in a part of the school referred to as the forbidden hallway. The legend was that a student hung him self in this hallway. Well they were hearing what they described as the perfect ghost sound. They tracked this sound to the old basement, were only Eilisha and Elijah could enter. They found five sets of footprints and they lead to an area with horrible drawings and Able Frye written backwards. Elijah who had become friends with Ian knew that the bottom of Ian's shoes matched the imprint made in the dust.

In each of the victims locker there was straw with the ends of them were clogged with sugar. Inside were remains of a spider, brown recluse. Or that's what they thought in actuality it was an African spotted wolf. A spider related to the brown recluse and if they mate together they make a breed called the brown spotted hybrid. These multiply by the thousands in just two days and make a victim ultimately go crazy and die.

If you are wondering were Able Frye came from then because there was no ghost. It was a ship that had the same spiders and caused the shipmates to go crazy. One of Ian's followers had painted a picture of Able Fray and everyone had seen it so the spider's venom caused them to have hallucinations and they would see Able Frye. The people who were sick from the venom all received a shot called AT490 that saved their lives.

The conflicts in this story were man verses man but also man verses nature. Man verses man because Ian and His friends were al ways made fun of. And man verses nature because the spiders. This books point of view was narrative it was a nararator that did not talk to the people but knew everything and could tell about the moods between people.

I thought this novel was the best I have reed. I have not reed a lot because I lose interest fast but this book kept me sucked in through the whole thing. It did not have a climax that only lasted a bout a paragraph then go into how they solved it was on going it was about seven or eight chapters. One thing I disliked was how the beginning started with a drug bust. It had nothing to do with the rest of the book. If anyone was looking for a good book to read one were they couldn't put it down I would have to say it would be this one. I would rate this novel a ten. I learned a lot from it and also enjoyed it and I do not enjoy reading so that must say something!

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Party Time Essay

Party Time Essay

"Oh my god, I am so drunk", I hear someone shout out above the crowd. I stop for a second and think to myself. "Wait a second, why am I drinking?" my friend comes up and hands me a beer and says, "Hey wimp drink up!" So I figure, hey why not. Two o'clock roles around and I am feeling like I drank myself stupid, which I have. All of a sudden I realize I have my dad's truck, and he needs it in about three hours. So little time, what am I going to do? Here are some easy steps to sober up quickly, that even a drunk can follow.

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First, I know I am hungry, so go get some food dummy! Food is the first thing I need to think of. As someone starts drinking, the food in their stomach begins to absorb the alcohol. When the food has become saturated, the body then begins to absorb the alcohol, hence the feeling of drunkenness. Therefore when I have eaten a lot it takes me a long time to get drunk. I need to get food in me to soak up the alcohol, like a sponge. I look through the fridge trying to find leftovers, hoping to find anything to eat. I know I need to eat until I am full, so next I move on to the pantry. I am looking for chips, pretzels, anything. If there is no luck in the pantry, I try to find some bread and some P.B. and J. I can always make sandwiches. Because I'm drunk whatever I'm going to eat must be easy to make, and quick, for I am very impatient. Oh yeah, and no cooking required, I don't want to hurt myself, or anyone else for that matter. If the house has been raided, and all else fails, I can find a ride to Denny's. Denny's is the home of the extremely tired or the extremely wasted. At this point money means nothing, because I need to sober and get that truck home safely. I need a whole bunch of food, and need to chow.

The next thing I need to think of is water. Water is equally as important as food, but food always sounds good. When people are drunk, they usually don't want to drink anything at that point, but I know if I'm going to save my tail, I need water. I get a cup and position myself in front of the sink. Even though ice water is more appealing, ice is bad news when I'm drunk. One time I had a glass of ice water, and I wasn't paying attention. I swallowed a whole ice cube, and nearly choked to death. The rule is one glass of water for every beer or shot that night, so I start drinking. After a while I start to get tired of drinking, but force myself to keep going. If I don't get that truck home I'm a dead man.

Here is the most important part of this process. I have to keep a level head. Am I still drunk; if the answer is yes, I have two choices. One is to just forget it; I'm not going home. I will face my dad tomorrow, just call him now and let him know I'm not coming home. The other choice is to find two sober people I trust. One of them can driver me and the truck back to my place, and of course, if one of them is a pretty lady, she can stay the night. The other person can pick the first one up. If I am not drunk, I have two choices. The first is to risk it and drive myself home, but this is very dangerous. I never drive home alone if I have been drinking. The other choice is to find a sober driver, and ask them to follow me home. They can't do much, other than to keep me alert to my driving skills. After all of the trouble I need to get the truck home, so I make it happen.

If I have followed these steps, I should make it home safe every time. Well, sure enough, I have made it home, and with the truck in one piece. This was a very bad experience for me; I swear to myself that it will never happen again. Drinking and driving is very stupid and very dangerous. Many people die from drinking and driving, or they kill someone else. Next time I go to a party, I will make sure I don't drink, not even a sip. I will make sure I'm never in that situation again. Don't drink and drive.

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Remembrance of Things Past Essay

Essay on "Remembrance of Things Past"

Marcel Proust is considered by many to be the greatest French novelist of the twentieth century. He discovered a world through his creative exploration of his memory. Marcel Proust was born on July 10, 1871 to a wealthy middle-class Parisian family. His father was a well-known doctor and his mother was a highly educated woman. Marcel was deeply devoted to his mother (Maynard, 2675).

Remembrance of Things Past is a story Proust wrote based on his own childhood. The first part of Remembrance of Thins Past is the Swann's Way Overture. This introduction immediately takes us into the intense and slightly strange world of the narrator. Everything is expressed as a reminiscence of the past. These thoughts are not presented in chronological order, but instead as the memories occur to the narrator, Marcel. Very little actually happens in this section. Instead, most of the section is taken up with Marcel's described memories and his thoughts and reflections about the people he meets and the things that happen to him.

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Marcel tells the story of his childhood in the French countryside from the perspective of his old age, as he looks back on his youth. As a child, he is somewhat sickly and nervous, always needing the company of his mother. Marcel remembers that whenever he visited his grandparent's house in the French village of Combray, his insomnia would keep him up all night long. In order to make him feel better, the young Marcel is given a lantern which projects pictures from children's stories onto his bedroom walls. Marcel begins to fear bedtime more because he now cannot recognize his room. His only source of comfort is the goodnight kiss his mother gives him each night, even though he knows that his father disapproves of this ritual and that his mother secretly hopes that he will grow out of it. Marcel comes to depend on these kisses to comfort and calm him.

One night, when Marcel's father does not let him kiss his mother on the cheek, Marcel decides to revolt. He has Francoise (the maid) take his mother, who is entertaining a family friend Swann, a note begging her to come see him in his room. At first his mother refuses, but once Swann has gone and she sees how miserable Marcel is, she decides to spend the night in his room. He is shocked when his father urges her to stay in Marcel's room. Even though Marcel feels victorious at first, he soon realizes that winning his mother's presence provided his family with acknowledgment that he suffers from a nervous ailment. His guilt makes him cry even more and his mother had to struggle to keep back her own tears. To calm Marcel's nerves, his mother offers to read him a book "Look, since you can't sleep, and Mamma can't either, we mustn't go on in this stupid way; we must do something; I'll get one of your books" (Proust, 2707).

An important theme emerges in this section which is Marcel's emotional attitude toward his mother. Marcel looks to her for guidance, sympathy, and love, but when he receives these comforts, he feels guilty about not being more independent. He experiences this guilt by envisioning the effects that his need for his mother has on her. As Proust writes, "I ought to have been happy; I was not. It struck me that my mother had just made a first concession which must have been painful to her" (2706). As a result, their relationship is tainted by Marcel's belief that he is always causing her some sort of grief.

Marcel's desire for his mother's goodnight kiss anticipates one of the novel's major themes - the romantic desire of men for women. Marcel's desire for his mother is not strictly romantic, but it does suggest that men's desire for women is a key part of their lives. Often times the reason for this desire is to gain approval and affection from their beloved. Marcel feels at ease when he is in the presence of his mother.

In Remembrance of Things Past, Marcel Proust used his childhood in order to show how his youth affected the rest of his life. His thoughts are displayed as memories through the narrators mind. Marcel's longing for comfort and consolation from his mother occupy much of the story. When Marcel finally gets what he wants, he is overcome by guilt and his lack of independence.

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Book Analysis Essay Help

Book Analysis Essay Help

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Short Essay on Pablo Picasso

Essay on Picasso

Picasso was one of the most famous, influential and productive artists of the XX century. He created thousands of paintings, prints, sculptures and ceramics during his seventy-five year career.

Pablo Picasso born October 25, 1881, to Jose Ruiz Blasco and Maria Picasso. He acquired his mother's name because he thought it was more unusual. Picasso was born and lived in Malaga, Spain until he was ten years old. Malaga is a city in southern Spain on the of the Mediterranean. He had two siblings, Lola, who was born in 1884, and Concepcion, who was born in 1887. Because Picasso's family was poor, they moved to La Corua, Galicia so that Pablo's father, who is a drawing and painting teacher, could acquire a better job.

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Picasso's artist career started very early. All of his paintings represent a certain period of his life. In Picasso's "Blue Period" (which is from 1900 to 1904) his paintings are characterized by many shades of blue to show the melancholy of his subjects (and his own). The people he painted seem poor and starved. Many people think the mood of these Blue Period paintings was caused by his friend's death, who was named Casaemas. An example of a painting from the Blue Period is The Old Guitarist.

Picasso also had a Rose Period, which is characterized by paintings that had shades of pink and gray. Many of his subjects in these paintings were circus attractions such as acrobats, clowns, and circus families.

Picasso married with his wife Olga in 1918, and they lived in Paris where Picasso became involved in sculpture. In 1936 he painted his most famous painting, Guernica, in order to respond to the Spanish Civil War. In the 1940's Picasso became involved in communism. He married again to other woman, Jaqueline Roque, and they moved to Mougins, France. Here he produced more works of art until he died in 1973.

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Essay on Mother

Essay on Mother

One of the Holland's best-known novelists, Hannes Meinkema published her first collection of short stories, The Moon eater, in 1974. The following short story, My Mother's Name, first appeared in this collection which portrays women's lives through the eyes of women writers from nine different countries. The situation that she has highlighted in the story reflects her personal life, the divorce of her parents and the arrival of an outsider. This situation offers identical possibilities of despair or contentment.

This story highlights the conflict between a daughter and her mother (Lisbeth). It visualizes the various scenarios, which the daughter and the mother face after the divorce. This divorce completely shattered Lisbeth's personality and left her daughter hopeless. Lisbeth always knew the way everything was ought to be done but after divorce she became entirely unsure about herself. This incident hit her so badly that she got comprehended from doing anything. She stopped taking her daily meals properly and in result she started to loose her weight drastically. On the other hand, her daughter was in no different situation than hers; she was going through the same trauma as her mother. She forgot how to enjoy her life and this resulted in loss of concentration in her studies.

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Four years passed by in the same manner. The daughter loved her mother more than anything in the world. Her real life was at home, where she and her mother did all the work together. Both were trying to make their life better. Everything started to go wrong when Lisbeth acquired a new friend, Gerrit. Her daughter was fourteen then. Gerrit completely changed Lisbeth's life and her bond with her daughter. Slowly and gradually, Lisbeth stopped sharing her feelings with her daughter. In result, Lisbeth and her daughter started to draw away from each other. Her daughter got jealous upon hearing the news that Gerrit is coming to live with them. She started to hate her mother. She hated her mother because she was the one who brought Gerrit in to the house. She thought that by bringing him into the house, Lisbeth betrayed her. After some time, she realized that she would not achieve anything but sorrow by being jealous. This situation was not easy to co-op with but she still tried her best to change herself.

One day, she and Gerrit were home alone while Lisbeth was at a meeting. She decided to do her homework downstairs. Also, she wanted to have some contact between her and Gerrit. While she was studying, Gerrit started talking to her. After a while, he asked her to join him in having a drink. Gerrit gave her three glass of whisky and started asking her personal questions about her relationships. Gerrit took "full advantage" of the situation while she was drunk. She came to realize what had happened to her in the morning but it was too late. She didn't know how to tell her mother that her boyfriend (Gerrit) had sex with her.

After some time, she managed to gather some courage and told her mom about what had happened. Upon hearing this news, Lisbeth became quite upset. She relieved some of Lisbeth's tension by letting her know that they have used the preventative. Later, the daughter heard Gerrit and Lisbeth arguing. This reminded her of the old days, when Lisbeth used to have arguments with her father. Eventually, Gerrit left the house. After Gerrit's exit from their lives, things were not the same. Lisbeth quit talking to her daughter. Her daughter blamed herself for ruining her mother's life. So, she decided to talk to her mother about all this mess. She started to cry as she asked her mother the reason of being mad. Lisbeth apologized to her and everything became the same as it used to be.

Hannes Meinkema story effectively develops the theme of misery and degraded state of a child after the separation of the parents. Also, she tells the readers how an outsider can create havoc on a relationship.

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Essay on Knowledge is Power

Essay on Knowledge is Power

The word knowledge or someone who is knowledgeable can mean a variety of things depending on what context they are used. Generally knowledge is considered as a strong tool to have. There is a famous saying that goes something like knowledge is power.

When Sophocles wrote Oedipus, Greece was going through a period of great discovery and enlightenment. Incredibly large steps forward were being made in the fields of mathematics, philosophy and science. This lead to curiosity and forcing the people of Greece to look at the world in a different way. However, others may argue that too much knowledge is a dangerous thing, or as another famous saying goes "ignorance is bliss." Throughout history people have been purged and executed as a result of knowing too much. In the case of Oedipus, we learn how his downfall was a result of his knowing what he should not have.

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As mentioned earlier, knowledge can signify a number of things depending on the particular context. In order to understand that too much is a dangerous thing for Oedipus, we need to know that the knowledge Oedipus is searching for is himself - a quest for self-discovery. That being the discovery of his real parents and the secret of his birth. Although we all know the legend of Oedipus and his atrocious acts, he would have been perfectly content with himself had he not known the truth about his parents and his birth.

This leads us to question how Oedipus obtains this self-knowledge. Oedipus is an intellectually strong character with an inquisitive mind. We see this through his ability to destroy the Sphinx in solving her riddle. We also see that he has a thirst for the truth through persisting to find the person who is "polluting" Thebes. It is this persistence for the truth that is one of the main factors as to how he discovered the guilty person, or himself. At any time Oedipus could have halted his search and accepted the stories that were being told to him. From the very beginning, from when he was told by a drunken man that his adopted parents were not his biological parents through to Jocasta attempting to persuade him that the prophecy was not true, Oedipus insisted on finding out the truth for himself. This persistence for the truth was a very detrimental flaw of Oedipus.

Oedipus blindness throughout his search was another factor that accounted for his downfall. His blindness to see the future, that being he is the guilty person, his blindness to kill a man when a prophecy foreshadowed it and his blindness in marrying a woman who is old enough to be his mother, knowing again the prophecy. Oedipus even goes as far as mudslinging Teiresias, the blind oracle, for his physical blinded ness when he accuses Oedipus of being the man who kills his father and marries his mother. However it is Teiresias who can see clearly Oedipus downfall and Oedipus who is blind to it. Oedipus later severing out his eyes is a testament to his inability to see.

Knowing now that the knowledge Oedipus seeks is about himself, how is it that this knowledge is dangerous? Firstly the knowledge that his parents in Corinth are not his real parents causes Oedipus to flea the village and en route to Thebes, he kills a man at a place where three roads meet. Then once King of Thebes, through solving the riddle of the Sphinx, marries a woman who could be his mother. At this point there are no consequences of his actions until a plague threatens to kill everybody of Thebes. In calling Teiresias to help sort out the disaster, Teiresias suggests that Oedipus is the one causing the plague. This knowledge causes outrage and an outburst not only towards Teiresias but Creon, a long-time friend and brother of Jocasta. This is dangerous, as Teiresias is known to be a divine being; a human version of Apollo and Creon is an influential, trusted figure of Thebes.

However it is the discovery of his real parents and the secret of his birth that have the direst consequences. On learning of these two facts Oedipus denounces himself as utterly foul, bringing shame upon himself and his family. So much so that Jocasta takes her own life. Shortly after Oedipus gauges out his eyes and is stripped of his children and banished from Thebes. We see at this point that the dangerous thing was himself, or the entire knowledge of himself.

The question still remains however, as to how much knowledge is dangerous to Oedipus. It is true that even if Oedipus unlocked the secret that Laius was his biological father, had he not known that Jocasta was his mother, Oedipus downfall would have been a lot less severe, maybe even non-existent. There are many hypotheticals we could conjure in order to prove that had Oedipus not been knowledgeable to one aspect of his past, he would have remained King and kept his dignity intact. However we know that this could not have been possible, through no work of the gods, but due to Oedipus flaws and his own blindness.

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Essay on Taxi Driver Movie

Essay on Taxi Driver Movie

I am very glad that I have the opportunity to take Cinema as part of my block program. I find the class very interesting, as we are learning new terms and ways of analyzing different categories of films. I enjoy watching movies and the class helps me to change the way I interpret the meaning of the content and the form.

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The first movie that was shown to us is, "Taxi Driver", directed by Martin Scorsese. The genre of this film lies between a thriller and a drama. Robert DeNiro plays the lonely character, Travis Bickle, an emotionally unstable former Vietnam War veteran. As an insomniac, he works nights as a taxi driver. Throughout the film, we see that Travis is isolated from the world as he examines the streets of New York City, as a corrupt place filled with garbage. Travis tries to connect with Betsy, a young woman working for a presidential candidate. Travis decides to take her to see a porno movie, in which Betsy walks out of the movie theater in disgust. This shows that it is hard for Travis to connect with a human being. Travis becomes enraged with anger after Betsey refuses to return any of his phone calls. He retreats into his war-mode when resorting to violence in order to rid the city of its garbage. Travis decides to focus his attention on a twelve-year old prostitute named Iris. He wants to help her flee her pimp, and all the other dangers around her. After extensive training, Travis pretends to visit Iris in the brothel, and murders everyone, including Sport. Although Travis thinks he is helping Iris, she did not want him to do what he had done because she is content with her lifestyle. At the end of the movie, Travis is considered a hero in the media and he receives a thank-you note from Iris parents. Betsy even returns to Travis to talk about his heroic deed, although Travis seems to have moved on with his life.

Throughout the movie, Taxi Driver, cinematography techniques played a key role in the form of the movie. During the taxi scenes, Scorsese used cinematic mise en scene, displaying Travis eyes, in extreme close-up shots. This focused on the mysteriousness and darkness that surrounded Travis rearview mirror and his eyes. Hair and make- up also had a big impact on the movie. After Betsy turned down Travis, his physical war-mode transformation, which included his jacket and Mohawk hairstyle, showed that Travis was a changed person. An additional technique was the shooting scene, which was also very important. It had low-key lighting, giving the building a hazy feeling. After the crime was committed, a high-angle shot was panned over the city, portraying the huge effect it had among bystanders.

Overall, the movie seemed very confusing to me until I had gone over the events in my mind. Travis character was very complex and it was difficult to understand his actions. I sympathize with Travis as he tried to connect with Betsy and more so when he seemed to lose it all at the end of the movie. I was not sure how to interpret the ending. It seemed as if the ending represents what could have because I thought he died after the shooting. It seems that Travis did survive and the movie's ending returns to a calm atmosphere once again just like its opening. All together, I thought the movie was enjoyable.

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Essay on Going to the Movies

5-Paragraph Essay on Going to the Movies

I love watching movies like most people do. But is going to the movies better than renting movies? I prefer renting movies and watching them at home. Going to the movies is a never-ending hassle because of the parking, prices and uncomfortable atmosphere.

The whole process of parking is frustrating. Once you get to the movies you have to drive around the parking lot slowly looking for parking. Not to mention you have to look out for people or kids walking. Then you have those drivers eager to find parking spaces.

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Once that is all over with you have to stand in along line waiting to buy tickets. Hoping they won't sellout of the movie you want to see. The cost of the tickets today is unbelievable. Now there are different prices for different age groups. You have the senior citizens, student, adult and children prices. To me that don't make any sense, you get the same seats and watch the same movie it should cost the same. After buying the ticket now you get to wait in another line to buy snacks. The costs of the snacks are also the same as the tickets.

The movie theater is so dark. It takes forever to look for a seat. Once the movie starts you have to watch all those unnecessary previews. It is really frustrating when you have to take a restroom break or another snack break. Leaving the theater and coming back to a dark, quiet room makes it harder to find your seat and by the time you find it you've missed an important part of the movie. Now the movie doesn't make any sense. The seats are so uncomfortable and usually have gum or spelled popcorn on them. The floors are sticky from the spelled drinks that where never cleaned up.

On the other hand, when you rent a movie it is so much easier. When you go to either Blockbuster or Hollywood you can drive up to a front parking spot. There is no need for you to drive around the parking lot watching out for pedestrians, or other drivers not paying attention just try to find a parking spot.

Inside there aren't any long lines. So there is no need to worry about selling out of the movie you want to see. A good aspect about renting movies is that they always have like six or seven of the same movies, so it is unlikely for them to run out. The prices are reasonable. The prices of the movies are about $2.99 no matter what age group you fall in. Only spending $2.99 you can also buy snacks, which will equal to the amount of one ticket.

While watching the movie at home, you can fast forward all those boring previews. And the best thing about that is when you need a restroom breaks or snack break you can pause the movie. That means you will not miss any of the movie. At home you can either lie on the bed or on the couch. You will be comfortable throughout the whole movie and you don't have to worry about sitting down on gum or slipping while walking to you seat.

Going to the movies is a never-ending hassle because of the parking, prices and uncomfortable atmosphere. By renting movies there is no dealing with all the frustration of going to the movie theater.

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Cholesterol Essay

Cholesterol Essay

Lipids, Carbohydrates, and Proteins are macromolecules in the human body that aid vital body functions like digestion, producing hormones, and building new cells. With these molecules aiding the body as they are it would seem that our bodies could not get enough of these molecules, but like most everything else in the world, to much of a good thing can be deadly. The intake of macromolecules is no exception to the prior theory; the over-consumption of lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins can cause major health problems in the fragile balance of the human body.

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Lipids can cause some of the worst health problems. A derivative of a lipid in particular causes most cardiovascular diseases throughout the United States. Cholesterol comes from foods derived from animal products and can also be acquired from the intake of saturated fats. Cholesterol in the body is measured by the amount High Density Lipoprotein (HDL), Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL), and Triglycerides. HDL is what they call "good cholesterol", the higher the level of HDL in the body the better. LDL is called "bad cholesterol" because it is the left over cholesterol that the body does not use after the digestion of food. LDL is circulated throughout the bloodstream until it is needed, unfortunately this cholesterol can collect on the walls of arteries and cause blockage in or around the heart. Triglycerides, the form in which fat is transported through the body, has not been confirmed alone in causing heart disease, but people with high triglycerides typically have high LDL and low HDL.

In the case of Mr. Estel, being in his twenties, he should have a total cholesterol count of two hundred with the amount of HDL being forty or above and the amount of LDL being one hundred and thirty to one hundred or below, and his triglycerides should be below two hundred to be at a healthy level for his age. Mr. Estel's does have a total cholesterol count below two hundred but not by much and his HDL's are almost to the point of being to low. Mr. Estel's triglycerides and LDL's are both low enough to be considered health but with his total cholesterol and HDL's at the level they are at he should be doing something to improve those numbers. To improve his stats he needs to reduce the amount of his cholesterol and saturated fat intake, increase his fiber intake, and exercise regularly. He may also want to speak with his doctor about the possibility of taking cholesterol-reducing drugs.

In the United States high cholesterol has become a problem for over one hundred million people. It would not be that hard for all of those people to lower their cholesterol if they would just learn a little bit about all the macromolecules including the category under which cholesterol falls. Macromolecules are essential to life but may also be the cause to an untimely death.

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Essay on My Utopia

Essay on My Utopia

I'm pretty sure that mankind will die out very soon!
Therefore I'm gonna leave a diary for somebody to find and maybe understand why we have done this to our earth.

At present we live in the year 2189. The world seems to be devastated, to be exact nearly destroyed. On the whole it started with the overpopulation in Asia, especially China and spread in the course of the years in all continents. The people were forced to live together in small apartments and food uses to get scarce since those times.

Moreover the unemployment rose more and more and poor people had no other way than living on the streets. For that reason diseases distributed under the lower class and couldn't be healed because of a lack of money.

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By the way I am Alicia, 15 years old and live in New York City. I often got told about the situation a couple of years ago, when I was little, and I always thought it couldn't get worse in the future, but now, 20 years later, I know it can.

Back to the story I want to tell you something about the third world war, which started five years ago because of the shortage of food and drinking-water. The diseases, which first attacked only the poor people spread in the whole country and infected everyone, who came in contact with a sick person. Unfortunately it couldn't be produced enough medication and a lot of people and animals died on the disease or in a fight about food. This is exactly the situation where I am now. My parents died a few weeks ago because they stole some water from a sea for us and got caught. The policeman shot both of them because this is one of the worst criminal offences and water needs to be paid for a lot of money, which we didn't have. Apart from that I am living with my six-years-old brother Kevin together in a small cabin outside the city, where an old man died and left behind some cans of food and bottles of water.

Incidentally there is inflation and buying a bread means to have millions of dollars, which almost nobody can afford. Additionally it is not worth it to work because nobody can earn as much as he needs and this is why the whole way of life consists of finding food and water and killing persons who have it. Furthermore the hole in the ozone layer grows from day to day and pollutes our air. Plants and animals seem to die out and trees do not have the chance to produce fresh oxygen.

Everybody has as much fear as I have. Since a few days we do not have anything to eat left and my brother and I do think to leave our home for the first time in our lives to find a better place somewhere else. Besides the newscaster tells the population that our sun is going to burn out in the next years, although nobody knows how much time we have left. The temperature goes up each week a little bit and that in winter! We are sweating every night because we do not have enough money for the air-conditionar and my nerves are on edge all the time. Sometimes I do believe it would be better if the earth would not exist anymore, but probably it won't take much tim anyway.

Two hours later after Alicia put her diary away, she wakes up and starts looking for her young brother, who must have left the cabin when she slept. Therefore she gets nervous and determines to search for him, but as soon as she opens the door a mass of men, women and children run into the direction of the mayor's house with many weapons in their hands. The sorrow about Kevin is so great, so that she presses herself into the mass and is on the lookout for him. At the same moment a lot of men already attack the mayor's house and try to find some bread and water in there and suddenly Alicia sight her brother hiding behind a garbage can and eating a small piece of bread.

Consequently Alicia is so happy as she hasn't before since a long time, but when she walks up to him he starts running away because he doesn't think to share the bread with his sister, which shows the despair of the people. All of a sudden a lot of policemen shoot into the crowd to get them away from the mayor's house and hit Alicia, who falls to bottom.

Only three minutes later she dies on the street and the story finishes here.

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Essay on Roald Dahl

Essay on Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl was an extraordinary man. He lived an amazing yet triadic life. This life influence and inspired him to be the terrific author that he was. He was the type of man who could have let life just swallow him up, but he was stronger than that. He used each experience in his life and made it count for something. His writing served as an escape to many of his problems. Because of this talent many people especially children have been greatly influenced.

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Roald Dahl was born on September 13, 1916 in Llandoff, South Wales. His childhood was full of sorrow and loss. He father, Harold, died when Roald was only three years old. In that same year his sister Astri died as well. Roald was left with his mother, Sophie who also cared for two step children and her own four which included Roald. Roald was Sophie's only son. As a young child he enjoyed stories and books. He had a very creative imagination and would entertain all of his sisters with his stories about trolls and other things. As for schooling, Roald attended Llandoff Cathedral School between the ages seven and nine. All that seems to recoloect about this time was that he would always take trips to the sweet shop for his constant craving for chocolte and other candy. At age nine he arrived to St. Peters Prep School in Weston-Super Mave. This was a very traumatizing time for Roald. He suffered from a bad case of homesickness. He remembers having to deal with a mean headmistress type of woman. At age thirteen, Dahl began at Rempton School. He was involved with a few athletic activities but he stilled appeared to be unhappy. The only positive thing he could remember about Rempton was that it was very close to one of England's best chocolate factories. Then, when he turned eighteen he joined the Public Schools Exploring Society's Expedition to Newfoundland. At this time he was working at Shell Oil as a salesman. At age twenty-three he signed up with the Royal Air force in Nairobi where he was accepted as a pilot officer. During this time he had experienced many close call and injuries. When he arrived back home in 1942 he ran into C.S. Forester. He was the author of Captain Hornblower. Forester was interested in speaking with Dahl about his experience at war. He took Dahl out for lunch and interviewed him. He was so impressed by Dahl's words that when he published "Shot Down Over Libya", he didn't even change Dahl's words. This is when Roald Dahl's career began.

Roald Dahl wrote two autobiographies, seventeen children's books, two novels, three poetry books, twenty-six short stories, eight screenplays, and six miscellaneous books. His two autobiographies included, Boys-Tales of Childhood and Going Solo. His children's books consisted of; The BFG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, Danny, the Champion of the World, The Enormous Crocodile, Esio Trot, Fantastic Mr. Fox, George's Marvelous Medicine, The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me, The Gremlins, James and the Giant Peach, The Magic Finger, The MinPins Matilda, The Twits, The Vicar of Nibbleswicke, and The Witches. Each one of these stories was inspired by something that occurred in Dahl's life. For example, when he attended Llandoff Cathedral School he always remembered the sweet store he used to go to. He always found happiness in candy and chocolate. Also when he was nine years old and he attended Rempton he would always go to the famous chocolate factory close by. He loved all the different kinds of candy and chocolates they had. Both of these instances are what created the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Then there was the time when he attended St. Peters Prep School and he had a headmistress who he feared, which is where he got the idea of "The Trunchbull" in the book Matilda. In his later years during his time in the Royal Air Force, he was inspired to right his autobiography, Going Solo. All of these experiences influenced his wonderful pieces of work. His two novels were My Uncle Oswald and Sometime Never. Dahl's poetry included; Dirty Beasts, Revolting Rhymes, and Rhyme Stew. He had also had so many terrific short stories for children. Some of them were; A, Sweet Mystery of Life, The Best of Roald Dahl, Kiss Kiss, The Umbrella Man and Other Stories, Over to You, and so many more.

Throughout all this time of writing admired stories and books, Dahl's life continued to experience tragedy and loss. He married actress Patricia Neal on July 2nd of 1953. They had five children together. Unfortunately his bad luck of loss was passed down to his own family. Their oldest daughter, Olivia died of a bad case of the measles. Then their four-month-old son, Theo was brain damaged after a bad road accident. When you think that he has experienced enough sadness it gets worse. His love, Patricia, got severely ill and was having a serious streak of strokes. She was pregnant at the time and he knew that the chance of losing her was very large. He decided to take serious action to help her. He refused to let her leave him. During this heartache Dahl's mother dies on November 17. He then gets his neighbors on a program to keep Pat motivated and alive. His plan worked and she and the baby survived. It was a breakthrough for Roald. As all these events were happening he continues to publish books after book. It was his way of release. Although he had gone through so much with Pat they eventually got divorced. He then married Felicity Crossland. A few years passed and he died. Roald Dahl died of a rare blood disorder on November 23, 1990 at age 74.

Roald Dahl was and still is greatly admired, especially by children. He has a very unique approach to children. He gets children to use their imaginations. He also uses realistic situations that kids may relate to. For example, in Matilda he had a young girl who has parents that didn't pay much attention to her or display any love at all. She had a teacher, Ms. Honey, who made her feel loved and appreciated. Then Dahl brings in the creativity and imagination when he gives Matilda magical powers. She uses these powers and gets back the evil Ms. Truchbull (the evil headmistress) and all the other people that make her feel bad. Dahl definitely hits all the main points of a good book. He has humor, realistic scenarios, imagination, creativity, love, friendship, and suspense. Many of his books have these characteristics about them. These things are what make his books so fun for children to read. You will find yourself laughing, crying, furious; it's a great thing when an author can really get his readers to feel emotions while reading.

Roald Dahl was a very unique admirable man. Although he is not here today, his words will be read forever. He life was full of pain and sorrow. But, he found his peace in writing. He wrote novels for adults, poems, miscellaneous books, and children's books and novels that are still appreciated to this very day. All of his experiences in life served as inspirations for his pieces. He took characters from his own personal relationships and placed then into the story lines of his own books. Everything he did had a special meaning to him. He has touched many people out there and should serve as a good example. As bad as things may get in life one must continue to live and find that on thing that will give you peace of mind.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Argumentative Essay on Prostitution

Essay: Prostitution Should Not Be Legalized

I've paid for sex. I've traded expensive dinners for sex. I've sprung for nights on the town for sex. I've given gifts for sex. I even once wrote a term paper for sex (she got an "A" and I had a fine time, so I'd call that a fair exchange). But had I ever just coughed up cold hard cash for sex, I would have tripped over a legal line that violates the law in most U.S. jurisdictions. It's ridiculous that the U.S. regulates this victimless crime.

The reasons why prostitution remains illegal in so many places generally boils down to two arguments: Prostitution sets the wrong tone for society, and it degrades the people who peddle the favors.

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The first argument can be described as the "conservative" one, and it is held by folks who despise sex outside of marriage. They see commercial sex as a threat to the institution of marriage, which is supposed to be the backbone of society -- a conservative society, of course. The second argument is the "liberal" one, and is usually intended to apply only to women, not men, who solicit their favors on the open market.

There are, of course, abuses in prostitution. Prohibitionists on the left wing "whoop and holler" about women being pressed into service as sexual slaves around the world, brutalized, and exploited. Right-wingers, on the other hand, add to their moralistic arguments with public-health warnings about sexually transmitted diseases - a stronger argument than the "sanctity of marriage" in the age of AIDS.

But, if anything, both of these arguments are stronger cases for legalization than against. An above-ground hooker is a worker in yet one more legal trade. Beating or abusing an above-ground hooker is much the same as kidnapping a man and forcing him to be a bank clerk or walking into a bar and punching a waitress - the perpetrator can expect serious legal consequences. But, when the trade is illegal, it's going to attract the same sort of bruisers who dominate all sectors of the underworld, and a hooker isn't likely to risk her freedom to call the cops on an abusive john or brutal pimp.

Likewise, a legal prostitute, whether an employee or entrepreneur, is likely to have health coverage and a public profile that encourages healthy practices as a "competitive advantage." To maintain good health, a legal hooker is likely to have a greater willingness to visit doctors for regular checkups. Simply put, the difference between legal and illegal prostitution is the difference between the corner pharmacy and the corner drug dealer.

Prostitutes will argue that they are fully aware of what they're doing and just want to be left alone to do their business and make a living face the ultimate insult. They're told that their first-hand experience automatically makes them victims who are unfit to judge their own experiences. That basically amounts to a bunch of self-appointed "elites" patting the hookers on the back and saying, "there, there, we know your lives better than you do." It's also a way for people who claim to be defending the oppressed to ignore people who have first-hand knowledge of prostitution. Moralistic prohibitionists have no need of such a tactic, since they regard prostitutes as the definition of social evil.

So, in the eyes of the conservative prohibitionists, people who peddle sex for money are corrupters of society's morals; in the eyes of liberal prohibitionists, prostitutes (women prostitutes, anyway) who assert the right to exercise their trade are too ignorant to realize that they're being abused and betraying their gender. Those two things are quite a burden to bear for folks who are just trading pleasure for rent money. Just thinking about it gets me all wound up. And I can think of just the thing to release the tension - anybody need a term paper written?

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