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Essay on National Security

Essay on National Security

The question whether tradeoff for privacy is worth the loss of security and convenience is not without controversy. This paper will focus in detail on the limitations on privacy imposed for national security considerations. More specifically, this paper will evaluate the provisions of the U.S. Patriot Act that restrict citizens’ privacy.

The Act, passed after the 9/11 attacks, authorizes law enforcement agencies to gain access to private telephone, business and financial records without prior judicial approval in the cases of suspected terrorism and espionage.

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From one perspective, this is a reasonable restriction on privacy. Given that terrorism is an imminent threat to American homeland security, the state has the obligation to protect its citizens from this threat, even if it involves limiting their rights to a certain degree. Under the theory of the social contract, citizens agree to surrender a portion of their personal autonomy to the stare in return for law enforcement and other public services. Thus, the state has the right restrict certain rights on behalf of the citizens and acting in their interests.

The efficiency of the Patriot Act can be empirically proven by the fact that no major terrorist attack on the U.S. has happened after the 9/11. Another way to legitimize privacy restrictions imposed by the Patriot Act is by arguing that the Act targets specifically terrorists and criminals without having a significant impact on common citizens. Obviously, U.S. law enforcement agencies do not have the ability to monitor all correspondence and conversations, therefore they collect data only in cases when there are firm grounds to believe that a suspicious activity is taking place.

Law-obedient citizens are unlikely to be impacted by this Act in any direct way.

However, the opponents of the Patriot Act claim that it grants too much power to law enforcement agencies. It can be a beginning of a dangerous slippery slope that will eventually lead to the establishment of a 1984-like police state. A justice department audit has already revealed that the FBI is misusing the Act to secretly collect private information from citizens. The report concluded the following:

‘We believe the improper or illegal uses we found involve serious misuses of national security letter authorities’ (Guardian, 2007).

Another concern associated with governmental restrictions on privacy is connected with the possibility of data leakage. While this scenario can be regarded as highly improbable, a theoretical possibility of such a development should be acknowledged. Sensitive personal or financial information stored in governmental databases can be used against certain individuals or corporate groups. In a world where access to information and positive public image have become determinants of success, there is always a chance that a corrupt official is lured into selling such information, or hackers succeed in gaining unauthorized access to private data.

Therefore, it is possible to conclude that sometimes privacy can be compromised for the sake of security of convenience; however, a careful cost-benefit analysis should be done prior to the imposition of any limitations on privacy.
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My Future Occupation Essay

My Future Occupation Essay

When choosing the future occupation, I have taking into consideration several factors. They were both- subjective and objective. First of all, I was choosing an occupation that would match my internal beliefs and would highlight my best qualities. I have no doubts while choosing to become a Physician Assistant (PA), as when being called just an “assistant”, PA is a practicing professional, who fulfills his duties under supervision of a physician or a surgeon.

In general, PA’s duties may vary depending on training received, experience and the state laws, where he performs his duties, but as far as I understand, PA can perform up to 80% of physician’s duties. In some cases PA can do medical practice equally to a physician.

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What I like about this occupation, is that PA shares the responsibility with a doctor and assists him in everything. Sometimes it is impossible for a doctor to cope with everything. And I am exactly the type of personality that would perfectly fir this kind of work. I think that all occupation are equally important and it is not right to state that being a doctor is more important or better then being an assistant. I am sure that each person has his own choice depending on inner beliefs, knowledge and future expectations.

It is known that physician assistant (PA), as a profession appeared about forty years ago because of uneven distribution and even lack of physicians of primary care. And the first PAs were Navy corpsmen who were skilled in medicine as they were trained it to help during Vietnam War.

PAs are usually educated to provide a wide range of health care services: diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic. Ordinarily common duties are appointed by a physician and by State Law. They include: taking and studying medical histories, making diagnoses, examining patients, working with laboratory tests and x-rays and so on. PAs are enough independent in examining and treating diseases. As I had many experiences in health care and people support, I think that one of the main social tasks of a PA is to help patients and their families befittingly cope with different situations and feel confident about the issues they are dealing with. PAs can also be assigned to treat minor injuries, record patience notes and develop treatment plans. As PAs specialize in all the branches of modern medicine (Example: primary care medicine- family and internal medicine, pediatrics; surgery and its subdivisions) I can state that some duties are very specific for each branch. For example as far as I’m knowledgeable in this area PAs that specialize in surgery provide pre- and post-operative care and can even work as assistants during the major surgery.

That is why I want to impact to the present PAs’ practice and I am sure that all my efforts, knowledge, experience and strong desire will be very helpful in this occupation and will bring beneficial to me and my future patients.
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The Colour Purple and I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Essay

The Colour Purple and I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Essay

The aim of this paper is to compare great struggles women face in their lives as presented in ‘The Colour Purple’ by Alice Walker and ‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings’ by Maya Angelou. The terms of comparison will include the plot, the themes, the settings, and the language/symbolism used in the two novels.

While the novel are different in their form, ‘The Colour Purple’ written in the form of letters and ‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings’ being an autobiography, their thematic preoccupations are essentially very similar. The central issue addressed in both novels is the one of racial discrimination; coupled with sexism and poor social and economic conditions, it makes the lives of female characters of both novels almost intolerable. However, women in the novels find their own ways to consolidate their spiritual strength and go on with their life projects. Their ability to overcome the feeling of inferiority because of both gender and racial considerations made them stronger and more wholesome personalities. In ‘The Colour Purple,’ black women are never perceived as equals entitled to the same rights and liberties. Black women are abused in a variety of ways and constantly ridiculed. In ‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,’ episodes of racial when the protagonist encountered racial discrimination are depicted in great detail. A woman Maya works for call her ‘Mary’ for convenience. At a graduation ceremony, she learns that blacks are supposed to be either athletes or servants. When taken to a dentist, Maya hears him saying that ‘my policy is I’d rather stick my hand in a dog’s mouth than in a nigger’s’ (Angelou, 1997, p. 189).

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One of the themes explored in great depth in both novels is the issue of childhood rape. Such a traumatic experience at early age affects female emotional development in a profound way. In ‘The Colour Purple,’ Celie is sexually abused at the age of fourteen by a man she thinks is her father. Maya was even younger, only eight, when she was raped by her mother’s boyfriend, Mr. Freeman. It was a very traumatic experience for the girls that were unprepared for such a blatant manifestation of brutality from the side of older men, especially taking into account that these mean came from their closest surroundings. In ‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,’ the protagonist’s emotional suffering is deepened by the feeling of guilt as her molester stands before the court and is subsequently murdered by criminals suspected to have connections with Maya’s family.

Contrasting the two novels that both explore different aspects of objectification of women, ‘The Colour Purple’ delves into the practice of forced marriage that has wrecked fates of women for centuries. Alphonso marries Celie off to an older widower who already has several children. The fact that he is referred to as «Mr. ___» hints that any other male might have been in Celie husband’s place, and there is not even a sign of at least reciprocal sympathy in their relationship. In fact, Celie’s husband initially wanted to marry her younger sister, Nettie, and made advances to her forcing the girl to flee. Mr. ___ abuses Celie both physically and emotionally, so the girl’s spirit is broken. Her role is reduced to taking care of the house and rearing children that are not even her own.

However, both novels address the issue of resistance and endurance. In ‘The Colour Purple,’ Sofia can be regarded as a symbol of resistance. In defiance of the humiliating treatment by her husband and Mr. ___, she dares to resort to physical violence to defend her dignity. When she realizes that the situation cannot last any longer, she leaves and takes her children with her. However, Sophia also embodies the senseless of resistance in the world dominated by white males. When she aggressively declines the offer to work as a mayor wife’s maid and returns a slap, she is charged with hitting a white man, taken to prison, and sentenced to twelve years of work for the mayor. Maya’s and Celie’s stories are that of endurance. It takes time for Maya to learn how to stand up for herself, and Celie’s life is ‘undeniably horrible, but she perseveres, ostensibly because she has no idea that life can be different from what she’s known’ (Crispin, 2003, para. 3).

What gives the stories an optimistic color is the protagonists’ successful quest for emotional intimacy. Celie find a true friend when her husband’s lover, Shug, comes to live with them. Shug eventually takes Celie’s side and helps her to discover what happened to Celie’s sister, Nettie. Maya Angelou finds intimacy in the relations with her older brother who dares to stand up for her when she is offended and ridiculed. After the rape incident, she ceases to speak to anyone but her brother, so Bailey becomes the whole world for her.

One more interesting theme explored in ‘The Colour Purple’ is the one of female solidarity. It is first discussed when Mr. ______’s sister Kate shows sympathy for Celie and advices not to tolerate his brother’s abusive behavior. Another incident that addresses this issue takes place when Squek, Harpo’s new girlfriend, attempts to free Sophia from the prison, despite the fact that they lay claims to the same man. The theme is further developed as Celie, Shug, and Squeak all realize that they have suffered enough abuse from men and relocate to Tennessee. Given the support of her friends, the protagonist of ‘The Colour Purple’ starts a successful business and lifts herself out of poverty. This plot development suggests that women can be economically independent from men; it also precipitates the liberation of women that happened in the second half of the past century. Celie’s social position is further strengthened as she inherits the property of her stepfather.

Maya’s story is also the one of social and economic empowerment. In San Francisco, after living with other homeless children for a month, she takes up a job of a streetcar conductor to become the first black person in the city to have such public service job. Given economic security and a certain social position, she gains confidence in her future.

Another recurrent theme in both novels is the value of family. Neither of the protagonists experiences happy childhood in a functioning family environment. Maya and Bailey were forsaken by their parents at an early age and live with their grandmother (whom they call Momma) and their uncle.

The message both novel send is that any family arrangement, even a dysfunctional one, provides necessary support for the protagonists in times of crisis. At the end of ‘The Colour Purple,’ Celie forgives her husband and resolve the relationship. He is now willing to help Celie with her business. Furthermore, Sophia and Harpo marry again; Samuel and Nettie come to acknowledge their feelings towards each other and unite after Corrine’s passing away.

The value of motherhood is a theme closely associated with the previous one. Although parenthood seems to be a traumatic experience for the protagonists as Celie’s children are taken away from her upon birth and Maya is hardly physically and emotionally prepared to deliver a baby, they both come to admit their roles as mothers. Maya graduates from high school despite her pregnancy and finds confidence and inspiration in her new role. It takes years for Celie to discover that her children are actually alive. However, at the end of the story, she comes to see them again. In fact, Celie would have known about her sister and children’s conditions but for Mr. ___ hiding Nettie’s letter from her. This is another manifestation of grave human rights abuses black women had to suffer in those times since privacy of correspondence is among fundamental liberties. Celie also learns that Alfonso is her stepfather, while her biological father was murdered by a mob because of being too successful as for a black man.

While America is presented as a country where the rights of women and minorities are being constantly violated, ‘The Colour Purple’ points out that the situation of women in other regions of the world is equally miserable if not worse. Celie’s son falls in love and marries an Africa girl, Tashi, who has to suffer humiliating procedures of female genital mutilation and facial scarification.

The theme of lesbian love is explored in both novels, yet from different angles. Attraction to women is a natural thing for girls who feel threatened and forsaken in the male-dominated world. Relationships with people of their gender seem to offer them necessary comfort and consolation. Looking at the dynamics of relations between Celie and Shug, the protagonist of ‘The Colour Purple’ is astonished by how free and independent a woman can appear and is slightly afraid of Shug. Yet when Mr. ___’s lover sides with her and starts protecting her from Mr. ___’s abuse, she falls in love with the first person in the world to treat her with care. These feelings endure throughout the story, and when at the end of the story Shug decides to leave her for a young man, her spirit is nearly broken again.

The role played by Shug in ‘The Colour Purple’ is played by Mrs. Bertha Flowers in ‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings’ who helps Maya to open up to the world again and appreciate works of poetry and literature. Later in the adolescence, Maya also doubts her sexual orientation and thinks of herself as a hermaphrodite. Unlike Celie, she fails to accept her orientation and sleeps with a teenage boy to dispel her apprehensions.

As concerns the literature devices employed in the novels, both of them have a symbolic title. The title of ‘The Colour Purple’ is explained through Shug’s talk with Celie about faith and God when she tells that ‘it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it’ (Walker, 1990, p. 203).

Shug explains Celie that God also wants to be love, and that is the reason why he creates wonders that surround them. This episode strengthens Celie’s tumbling faith.

The title of Angelou’s novel is taken from the poem ‘Sympathy’ by Paul Laurence Dunbar:

‘The caged bird of her title symbolizes all black women who, despite great adversity and oppression, live with dignity and strength’ (Hagen, 2007, ‘Literary Qualities,’ para. 3).

Therefore, it is possible to conclude that the two novels explore a variety of similar themes, namely racial and gender discrimination, childhood rape, family and parenthood, lesbian love, and social and economic empowerment.
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E-Commerce Essay

E-Commerce Essay

Nowadays, e-commerce is rapidly progressing and it is considered to be one of the most perspective fields of the development of business in the contemporary economy. At the same time, often it is argued that the development of e-commerce is unjust and does not provide companies operating in this field with equal opportunities. However, in actuality, e-commerce is consistently more liberal and democratic and, therefore, open to free competition regardless the size of a company, though it is necessary to admit the fact that large companies can benefit from the popularity of its brand and the public approval they have already gained working in traditional markets.

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First of all, it should be said that e-commerce has emerged since the late 1990s when the dot-boom marked the rapid development of new technologies and virtualization of commerce through the wider use of Internet and new IT. At the same time, it should be said that the late 1990s were the period when small and unknown companies grew into giants which market value outweighed the market value of companies operating in conventional markets, without entering e-commerce. For instance, it is possible to name such company as Google, which market values is several times larger than the market value of such a large company as GM.

In such a way, it is possible to estimate that e-commerce and e-business became very lucrative, at least at the early stages of its development and small companies could compete effectively with large multinational corporations. However, in this regard, it is necessary to underline the fact that in the course of time the situation has started to change. At the beginning, e-commerce was not very popular or, to put it more precisely, it was not widely spread because technologies of early and mid-1990s could not provide customers with all the services as they can provide now. In fact, technologically, e-commerce was possible but its services were not widely available to many customers. This is why e-commerce was not considered by large companies as perspective.

Consequently, small companies could benefit from the lack of attention from the part of large companies and develop their own business. Gradually, as e-commerce progressed larger companies started to enter e-business and competition has increased. But still, small companies are not in the absolutely disadvantageous position since e-commerce often provides small companies with ample opportunities to enter free segments of markets through the introduction of some new service or products that put such companies in leading positions in their segment of the market. In such a situation, even a large company that has a popular brand will face serious difficulties in entering the segment of markets when small company or companies operate because customers have already got a positive experience of using services or buying products of the small companies. As a result, customers are simply unwilling to shift to a larger company simply because of its brand, while they cannot be absolutely sure that the large company that is successful in a conventional market will be equally successful in e-commerce because it is a technologically complicated field.

Thus, it is possible to conclude that e-commerce still provides small companies with opportunities to compete effectively with large companies because e-commerce is relatively new and markets are more open to enter than conventional markets. On the other hand, the position of larger companies grows stronger as e-commerce progresses and in the future e-commerce will resemble conventional commerce where large companies dominate.
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The Story of an Hour Essay

The Story of an Hour Essay

The narrative “The Story of an Hour” by the American writer Kate Chopin reflects the social position of women at the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth centuries. In that epoch, women were greatly oppressed by men. They were considered to be born only for marriage but they did not have any choice even in that sphere. Most marriages were contracted regarding financial perspectives of the future family. Sometimes marriages were just a good bargain of two heads of family, and while men had the opportunity to choose, women had to be mute. Besides, they were deprived of any rights, they had to submit to men and if they dared to resist, it was considered inconceivable.

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The main character of the story, Mrs. Millard, has a heart disease. Therefore, her relatives, sister Josephine and her husband’s friend Richard, do not know how to tell her the tragic news. Her husband Mr. Millard died in a train accident. When finally they find the appropriate words to inform Mrs. Millard, she locks herself up in her room and weeps. However, these tears are caused more by shock than by grief. To the readers’ astonishment soon she shows the feelings quite unexpected in that situation.

She is excited and we can even say happy. She feels free and independent. She sees life around her in an absolutely different way: “The delicious breath of rain was in the air. In the street below a peddler was crying his wares. The notes of a distant song which some one was singing reached her faintly, and countless sparrows were twittering in the eaves”(Chopin 127). We are shocked by such woman’s reaction and do not understand it. The author deliberately uses such imagery to convey the atmosphere reigning around her. To intensify the impression Kate Chopin uses the simile: “She carried herself unwittingly like a goddess of Victory” (Chopin 130). All these stylistic devices help readers to feel the contrast of the situation and the character’s reaction to it.

Mrs. Millard’s happiness is so strong that when she finds out that her husband is alive and sees him at home, her heart fails. The readers know the reason of her death while all the characters of the story think it is a huge shock and joy that killed her.

It surprises how Kate Chopin manages to convey the suffering of all women of that time in a short narrative that describes events of one hour. She presents great and vital problems of human relationship, particularly between a husband and a wife, by the example of a woman who lived under the total control of her husband and could feel free only after his death. Her excitement about her husband’s death makes us ponder over their relations – how much the woman should have been oppressed by her husband that his death became a happy event for her. The very title of the story highlights the idea that just one hour can change all life and even lead to death.

In my opinion, the main theme of Kate Chopin’s story is the impossibility of self-development for women who are under the overall control of their husbands. They are unable to change the situation and suffer silently. The tragedy of the particular situation emphasizes the horrible situation in the whole society of the nineteenth century.
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Single vs Married Essay

Single vs Married Essay

Every person faces a dilemma at some point of one’s life – whether to marry or not. There are numerous arguments that may be stated to support both points, however, the ultimate decision is made only once in a life time, after which it is rather hard to change anything. After long elaborations on whether I would rather be married or single, I have come to decision that marriage is not for me. It is better to be single, and there are numerous solid reasons for this, the most important ones being personal freedom, full decision making capacity and the ability to never think about someone else when considering the outcomes of one’s actions.

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Personal freedom is an important factor to consider when marriage becomes an option at some point of one’s life. When people are married, personal freedom may be sacrificed to have ‘good and stable marriage’. This is not a good option for people who value one’s free time, as well as all the options associated with being single. If one’s spouse does not want to engage in the same type of hobbies and activities (which is usually the case), some sort of compromise has to be figured out, which distracts from getting real fun from life.

Full decision making capacity is another important factor that has to be taken into account when one considers marriage. Being married usually means that all important decisions are made together, and some consideration is given to opinions of both spouses. However, there are people like me, who are not capable of letting someone decide for themselves, or even to participate in the decision making process. For such people, being single is the only available option, allowing them to have full scope of decision making capacities needed in one’s life. Such people cannot even imagine another person influencing their decisions, which means that marriage, even if the wedding has already taken place, would most probably result in fast divorce.

The ability to never think about someone else when considering the outcomes of one’s actions is somewhat related to both reasons already listed for being single. However, it is a crucial part of this decision that may be differentiated from all the other factors considered. Being single means that whatever a person chooses to do, he or she is well aware of the outcome and is ready to face all the consequences associated with such decision. When there is a spouse to be considered with this regards, this would usually mean that one’s consideration of the outcomes has to be corrected for someone else’s opinion, which is not a plausible option.

Being single is a better solution to one’s personal life cycle than getting married. There are numerous reasons proving this fact, among which the most crucial are personal freedom, full decision making capacity and the ability to never think about someone else when considering the outcomes of one’s actions. Married people do not possess the freedom necessary to live happy life, therefore, being single is a good option for people who want to have good memories in their old days.
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Essay on Boxing

Essay on Boxing

In two days the match begins. This will be the most important match for Jimmy, whose entire career as a boxer should be accomplished with this match and naturally, the victory is the only result he will accept. The result of this match is important not only for Jim but for his family as well, especially for his father who always guided Jim throughout his life and his professional career of a boxer. However, his father will not support him this day. In contrast he will hope that he will defeat Jim since it is he who is the opponent of his son.

In fact, Jim has been preparing for this match for a considerable period of time. Now he felt that he is in a good form, though many said that he should better retire, instead of continuing fighting, but Jim did not think so. He was just in his early twenties, to put it more precisely, he was twenty one. He was in a good form, a typical boxer with rippled muscles. He had strong hands and back, though his manager told him that he should work on his legs which were disproportionally developed compared to his torsos and, as the manager said, his legs were too weak for him to get through the twelve-round match. The situation was deteriorated by the trauma he has recently got. In fact, he broke his finger on the left hand a few months ago but, Jim believed that this would not bother him in the upcoming match. At any rate, it was not the most serious trauma he ever had and the evidence of his past traumas could be seen on his face covered with a couple of scars on his right eyebrow and left upper part of his forehead.

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Moreover, boxing was not the only thing he could do in this life. In fact, it was just a hobby, which though could interfere into his career as the US marine and, actually, his hobby was rather a response to the constant violence and humiliation Jim suffered from his father, who often beat him. His mother and younger sister were the only people who were really supportive and whom he could trust. He perfectly remembered tender hands of his mother when she hugged him after his father rage attack. His sister, Kelly, often took care after him when he was ill or when he got some injuries either from his peers or from his father. Jim knew that he could rely on Kelly whose kind, deep blue eyes, always calmed him down and when he looked in these he felt some inexplicable relief, he simply forgot about all the problems and physical sufferings.

Jim grew as a weak boy, his peers always humiliated him that eventually forced him to start training and boxing and later he joined the US marines where he felt at ease since there he knew that he will become a man. Since the first days in the US marines, Jim has admired with the order that dominated there. His day was strictly scheduled, he knew what he should do next minute, there was no disorder. Even people here seemed to be very attractive and neat. At the same time, he felt that he was one of the marines since he worn the same closes, had the same hear cut, and did the same things other marines did. In fact, he was a part of a team and that was the most important thing for him.

Even his personal life was secondary for him, while being a marine was much more important for Jim. His young wife, whom he married just a couple of months ago, did not really attract him. In fact, women were never interesting for Jim, instead, he was much more interested in his communication with other marines and the life with them was a kind of Eden where he could hide from the problems he used to face in the external world. At least, there was no abusive father who constantly oppressed him. In fact, his past was really pressing, his souvenirs and the conversation he was going to have with his father. This was probably the hardest thing to do but he could not hide his secret anymore from his father who always was the greatest authority to him. Since his childhood, his father dominated over Jim. He constantly told Jim that he is weak and unable to protect himself, “you fight like a girl” he often repeated to Jim as he had just started his career of a boxer.

As a result, he gradually distanced from his peers and he concentrated on the box solely to the extent that he spent the maturing period of his life working out with other boxers. At the same time, he had practically no friends who were not boxers while his relationships with women were mainly unsuccessful that soon became a subject of mocking over Jim among other boxers whom he knew and who knew him.

Gradually, he understood that relationships with women are not interesting for him, instead he would rather prefer to spend the rest of his life as the US marine he would even never married if his parents did not push him to this act. This is why now, when he looks at his wife, Marry, who is a really nice looking girl with long, dark, wavy hair, brown eyes, straight nose, and sensitive lips, is not interesting for him. “She looks like a toy” Jim often thought, even though there relationship had not lasted for more than half a year.

Now, Jim prepares himself of the fight with his own father to prove that he is worthy of respect. This evening, was the last before the fight and he decided that he needs to talk to his father to reveal the greatest secret he has recently discovered himself that he gay. It was a hard thing to do to confess his father that he was a gay. The ambiance was really gloomy the dark and empty gym that was about to be closed produced a depressing impression but he was committed to tell the truth.

When is father enters Jim grows nervous, his forehead is covered with drops of sweat. He attempts to prepare his father to what he is going to say but box is the only thing his father seems to willing to speak about. Eventually, Jim breaks out: “You know, father, I am not a toy you are preparing for a fight and there are more important things I wish talked to you about…” but his father interrupted his as usual “What can be more important?” and Jim brusquely answered: “I’m a gay, father, that’s it.” The answer really shocked the father, his seemed to be totally lost, his eyes were looking in nowhere and Jim realized that this was the greatest victory in his life, he finally defeated his father and now he was really ready for the victory in the match. Moreover, Jim realized that he defeated his father before the fight.
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Essay on Nike

Essay on Nike

When started watching the Nike commercial with Roger Federer and Tiger Woods starring, the first idea that came into my mind was that I am present at the play of the year. I felt myself a spectator that is experiencing a breathe-taking game. I didn’t even percept this as a commercial as I was totally involved with the game till the end, when I finally saw Nike’s “Just do it”.

The commercial begins with the preparation of players to the game. They are obviously very serious about it and may be even nervous. Each of them understands that his opponent is the best in his kind of sport. Tiger Woods begins, his ball from being a ball for golf transforms into being tennis ball and Roger Federer strikes it back.

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It is interesting that behind Roger we can see a lot of advertisements of such companies, as Garnier, KIA Motors, IBM, GE Money, Melbourne, and there is only Nike cap at Tiger’s head. This cannot be random coincidence I suppose. During the game Tiger seems to be calm and confident, and Roger impulsive and anxious. At the end Tiger wins at his own golf field.

One of the ideas that came into my mind after first watching the commercial, was that creators wanted to compare play of Roger Federer and Tiger Woods, and by the way, I have found many articles in Internet and even forums where all their tournaments, games, prizes, backgrounds were discussed, but to me that appeared meaningless to compare two players from different sports, of different age and backgrounds and paths. For me it was like comparing a car and a sewing machine. They are both good, they both are for definite purpose, they are both helpful and it is difficult to say what it better. For a seamstress it will be sewing machine and for a business man a car. So, I just wanted to emphasize that everything is relevant. And this commercial is not an exception.

It is difficult to distinguish what product is proposed here, as proposing just Nike sportswear and staff is too simple meaning for such a commercial. It is more like making Nike an undividable part of sport life; it is more way of life then just staff for sports.

To my opinion primary purpose of this commercial is to show that if such masters of sports wear Nike and if they had achieved such astonishing results in their sports career them nothing is impossible to common people. It is like- if you wear Nike, you can be closer to legends of golf and tennis, you can play as well as they do, and this is nothing to afraid of, and each person should strive for achieving better results in everything that he or she does. Probably some other purpose was to show that no matter what kind of sport are you with, you should always do your best and win. And that doesn’t matter if your opponent is best in the other kind of game, you should always show prominent results and play the best how you can.

As I have already noticed, Nike logo was with Tiger Woods, and Roger was a kind of supported with many other companies. If it was not an accident, it can be concluded, that if you are with Nike you always win without any supernatural efforts. Winning – is the nature of Nike.

It is very bright commercial from the point of view of beautiful performance. It is very interesting to follow the ball and players, changing golf and tennis fields, spectators who are anticipating for the result of the match. I was totally focused on the ball, which seemed to me the most important issue of the commercial. First it was for golf, then for tennis. With the same success it could be for playing football or basketball. For me, that meant that there is no difference about the game you are playing, staff can be changed just for your benefit and according to your personal preferences, but the thing that matters is your attitude, desire and professionalism that you impact to this ball with every new contact with it. For sure it is just an instrument for achieving outstanding results, a mean of understanding and grasping the meaning of a game and following the path towards victory.

Nike commercial evokes controversial feelings and emotions, as it is difficult to say at once what it is about. I watched it for about twenty times and each new time I noticed something new, some new details. May be in such a commercial each person can find his own meaning, but for me it was about passion to sports, passion to life and about victory without any obstacles. It was a lot about the reality of being a professional player, as we do not see their everyday trainings and do not see the way they became so crafty today. We see just a spectacular game and Nike that says that we should try and everything will be just as we dream.

It is also about the fact that we create our own reality. And if we would like a golf star play tennis with tennis star, we will manage to organize it. Nike will help us in it. Not literally, but it will show and lead us in the necessary direction, if we don’t believe in ourselves or are afraid of something. Everything is possible. We just have to try and know that we are created to fulfill some divine tasks and to win. Nobody was created to fail. If people fail in something, that doesn’t mean that they are bad or born losers, they just have chosen the wrong occupation. Therefore for me it was a deep meaning of listening to yourself, doing what your heart whispers you to do and going towards your goal for success and constant victories.

Speaking about the intended audience, I wanted to say that it should definitely be interested in sports. It can amateur or professional, but it should love sport with all heart and soul. As only in such case it will understand the whole meaning of the game, strain and joy from the victory.

As to words, there are just two phrases at the end: “Legends are among us. Just do it. Nike.” They are simultaneously simple and covering the whole meaning of the commercial. For people such players as Roger Federer and Tiger Woods are legends.

They have followed their games and performances on TV, and for sure there was a desire to be closer to them. We always want to be closer to stars, to have a piece of their success with ourselves, to gain a part of their victorious energy in order to understand their way to success. We all want to be successful, it is true, and we need a piece of knowledge to be used in our personal lives. Nike makes them closer. We can buy it and feel that legends preferred it as well. And may be it was not the whole secret, but the part of it. But still I thing that Nike wanted to show not the meaning of things, but meaning of our own strength towards personal goals. It is not just ‘wear Nike and you will become a prominent golf player’. Commercial emphasizes upon our own efforts, what we do now to become who we would like to be. It is about how we shape our reality today and what do we choose today to do. As each moment in our lives should be meaningful, as there is no part and no future, just present, And today we should do what we want to, and probably only in such case we would be able to achieve our own heights.

Nike appears to be not the ultimate goal, but the mean to achieve our objectives. It probably can help us, but the direction we choose by ourselves.

Speaking about the cultural aspect of the commercial, it is obvious that Americans are winners. American culture presumes everything to be the best; it is the nation of winners. It is like if doing something then does it the best way, or better not doing at all.

My personal attitude to this commercial is very positive. It is strong from the point of view of and idea, as well as of the brand positioning and spectacular performance. I am not a huge sportive fan, but I was fascinated by the passion and confidence those two players were involved in the game. They are both different from the point of view of personalities, but their common feature is that they are highly professional sportsman, whose lives are sports and they are truly dedicated to their chosen occupations. It is obvious that they do what they should do, as they are both winners. And I want to be as well, but through my heart only.
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McTeague Essay

Themes, Symbols and Characters in ‘McTeague’ By Frank Norris

The novel Mcteague written by Frank Norris and published in 1899 is a bright example of realism and naturalism in literature. Norris states in his book that all people are driven by their instincts and external forces. The author focuses on the relationship between his novel and naturalism, contemporary American values and real life situations. He presents us brutal, cruel world, in which every person is interested only in his profit. People live driven by their instincts and care only about their own profit.

The conflict between moral values and primitive instincts is one of the main internal conflicts of the book and we can see it in several characters. McTeague, the protagonist of the book is a perfect example of this conflict. He suffers from evil, which he finds inside of him and finally he looses this fight with this evil.

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The book shows how ideas of social Darwinism work in practice. The author describes the situation of the society after the Civil war, when scared people were haunted by the ideas about survival and luxurious life. “The horrible biases that came from the idea of a "survival of the fittest" philosophy were rampant in the period following the Civil War as well as throughout the next eighty years. In America the social evolution and superior species concepts were employed to explain the oppression of the middle and lower classes by rich capitalists and racial segregating and violence” (Bannister 116). Norris explores all these ideas and how they find realization in practice in his novel. McTeague and his wife Trina are thrown away from their house and McTeague looses his job because they can not be strong enough to win the competition in the capitalist society.

The theme of interaction between the people of different social classes is also very important in the novel. Though the entire novel we can see how different characters are preoccupied with their social position and try to reach higher social level by any means. Both, Trina and McTeague originate from lower class and both eagerly try to overcome this “born evil” during their entire lives. Trina is born in a poor emigrant family and despite she becomes an owner of a big fortune, this does not change her belonging to low social class. As for McTeague, he also originates from poor working class, where his father was “for thirteen days of each fortnight… a steady, hard-working shift-boss of the mine. Every other Sunday he became an irresponsible animal, a beast, a brute, crazy with alcoho.” (Norris 5). McTeague also makes an immense effort to stand above his origin and even manages to become a dentist, which is a sign of higher social belonging but finally society and his inner nature make all this effort vain. He has a profession of a dentist, but still behaves acts and thinks like he used to do in the past; following the way of life he was taught in his family.

He looses all and becomes the same person as he was born. “Neither Trina nor McTeague can actually raise themselves above the class in which they were born. Trina comes from the poor immigrant family, and she dies woman living in a hovel working as a scullery maid, even though she has more money than many wealthy business people of the day.” (Bower, 31)

McTeague’s ‘intelligent’ profession gives Trina hope that he will be able to get a higher social position and help her to achieve the same. She makes a mistake since she can not see an “animal in [a] man,” which makes a considerable part of his personality (Norris 21).

Greed and obsession with money is another important theme of the novel. The readers can see how money changes lives of the characters and destroys their personalities through the novel. Trina becomes greedy and haunted by the necessity to save money as soon as she wins the lottery. She can not overcome her born fear to die in poverty and finally ruins her life and looses everything, even her life. The author goes further than mere description of the effect greed has on the life of people. On the example of Trina and McTeague he shows how society creates such an environment, where people are driven by envy, fear, greed and competition. Norris does not put all the responsibility on his characters. He very vividly illustrates how society creates its members and the way they realize ideals of the society in their lives.

The novel is rich with symbolism. The author uses symbols as additional means to pass his message to the readers. The birds, which we meet often in the novel symbolize the main characters and often reflect their interaction. A cat, who tries to kill the birds, symbolizes Marcus, who tries to ruin their happiness. This takes place exactly when the letter, which ruins McTeague’s career, is read. The cage becomes a symbol of the trap the main characters find themselves put into. They can not cross strict boundaries and limitations put around them by the society. They are haunted by their instincts and finally become completely destroyed by these instincts and the environment. McTeague is left in the Death Valley in the end of the novel and the readers can very vividly see where his instincts and society have finally placed him. An ending of the novel becomes a very direct warning about the consequences of social Darwinism when applied in real life.
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Essay on Tap Water

Hazards of the tap water

Water plays an incredibly important role in our life and in our health. A person consists of water almost by 80 % and consumes every day more than three liters of liquid. Thus, the quality of water is significant for us. Americans get drinking water from different kinds of water bodies that are situated in the neighborhood. It is important what is situated near these reservoirs and if there are any threats of contamination of this water by chemicals and poisons. The procedure of purifying water is quite long and should be carefully followed. However, the problem of contaminated water is urgent nowadays; more and more people notice that tap water smells bad and has unpleasant taste.

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Having read the given report, I have made a conclusion that this problem assumes ever greater importance. Water smell and taste is no longer the greatest problem, health hazard is highlighted today. The most vulnerable groups of society, children and people with health problems drink this water, not knowing anything about the menace. It turns out that simple drinking water can cause not just stomach upset or disbacteriosis but such incurable and fatal illnesses as cancer. Effects caused by polluted water can be both acute and chronic. Instantaneous effect is possible after consumption of an extremely high quantity of contaminants. Chronic effects are visible after regular consuming of contaminants that are contained in water on so-called standard levels. People with weak immune system are especially subject to different viruses and bacteria that can be in the polluted water.

Unfortunately, authorities responsible for such issues are not concerned in solving these problems. People who try to sort it out face unwillingness to do anything, presented as lack of time or simple avoidance of any contact. Thus, we see that government is more interested in the present situation than in making changes for the public good. Moreover, it is evident that all responsible authorities persuade people that everything is fine and we can safely drink tap water. However, people continue to suffer in spite of assurance of scientists.

So, at the local level people can do little to improve the situation and very often they are unable to overcome the reluctance of authorities.

Therefore, I’m sure that all citizens should take the initiative and do their best to inform about the situation as many citizens as possible and, what is more important, to run to superior bodies for assistance. The most important thing is not to give up in this battle for own health. It is possible to write articles to newspapers and to draw in the mass media to have more influence on the government.

People should be well-informed about the activity of working nearby objects that might contaminate the water in rivers or lakes, supplying drinking water. In this case it is a factory that makes film. If the located factory really represents danger for health, it is necessary to press for its closure.

It goes without saying that in order to achieve results and to prove that water is contaminated and causes diseases, it is indispensable to be well-informed about the situation in details. People should gather all the information about permissible level of different substances and bacteria. To get such information they should learn materials of organizations, working on these issues, e.g. Environmental Protection Agency, and have an idea about all the rates and possible violations.

In the USA people should get special annual reports on the condition of water in their area from their water suppliers, people who are best of all informed about the situation with drink water. From such reports, even if they are brief, people can get the basic information that will substantially help them in future. Thus it is necessary to have as full picture of the circumstances as possible.

In general, water suppliers are highly responsible for informing people about the condition of tap water. However, sometimes they are not very careful and attentive to people. Though the USA is considered to have one of the most harmless water supplies in the world, the situation in the country with drinking water is quite unstable. It depends on the region, the condition of the reservoir, supplying water, and on the treatment that the water gets. Water should pass disinfection, filtering and different kinds of chemical treatment, depending on its original condition.

To make a conclusion, I’m inclined to believe nowadays the problem of tap water that brings us illnesses is extremely important and needs very careful examination.

People should be aware of the condition of their water if they want to be healthy and to protect their children from hazards, coming from drinking water. Otherwise, if to let the situation take its course, the consequences may be fatal.
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gimpel the Fool Essay

Gimpel the Fool Essay

Reading “Gimpel the Fool” was unexpectedly hard. From the very beginning I could not figure out the general idea, but when I came to the last paragraph I finally understood. It is really so, that the world is imaginary one, when people decide to remove themselves from the real one.

It is all about your attitude to environment, as in it we see direct reflection of our thoughts and deeds. And this is only our choice about our behavior, our perception of surrounding and our perception of us. People around can play games that they imagined for themselves and doing harm for themselves only, and only very morally and spiritually strong person will be able not to play the proposed role, not to change his own beliefs and just follow his own way.

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Gimple lived in a village, in which each person considered his duty to make a fool of him. His own heart was clear and open and he percepted the surrounding reality as it was. He believed every word people told him and he was honest primarily with himself. This is the key matter in our life- be in harmony with yourself, and no matter what is outside. People in the village thought that they were making fool of him and that made them laughing and giggling, but they didn’t understand that they themselves were fools.

Gimple always behaved like he considered he should. He honestly accepted Elka and her children. He loved children with all his heart and soul, as he truly believed they were his own. He never betrayed himself and didn’t allow betray him. His conscious was clear all his life and for him he lived with a loving honest wife and his own children, and if it was not really so, that didn’t matter to him.

It is better to live your own life honestly and at the end say, that you didn’t lie to yourself, then to do everything for people that they like you. All people are different and they play different roles. And if a person cannot find his real predestination in his life and tries to steal another person life, there is no sense of existence.

We all appeared in this world for definite purpose, for bringing happiness and joy, for creating some new things and implementing divine tasks. We are all primarily souls and only then men and women playing at the stage of life. It is our duty not to forget about our eternal provenance. We are, we were and we will be forever. And there is no sense in yielding to provocations and forgetting that we are already perfect and we can do whatever we want and change reality the way we want it to be. Everything is relative and dual in this world and we simply can choose the side we want to be on. If we want to believe and be open, we will be. If we want to live at someone else’s expense and ‘eating’ other people negative emotions, one day we can just disappear from the Earth and nobody will notice our absence, as we did nothing unique, we did what people did million of years before us, we were not creative and forgot about who we are and what are we created for.
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