Monday, May 25, 2015

We Live in Deeds, not in Years Essay

Everyone wants to live a long life but very few people understand the meaning of their life.

Obviously, when one lives more than hundred years, it does not mean that his life is full of bright moments and sense. Many people live, study, work and do nothing special. When they die, nobody notices it except of their close friends and relatives. The main reason of this sad fact is that they lived in years but not in deeds.

There are people who lived only eighteen or thirty years but everyone knows them. Naturally, such people are famous artists, scientists, politicians or activists who contributed to their country, field of study or to mankind in the whole. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Essay on Origin and Diversity of Life

Physicists, biologists, genetics, other scientists, men of religion debate about the origins and diversity of life on Earth, the evolution of man. However, this dispute is not resulting in some sort of consensus, the theory that would not contradict known scientific and explain puzzling phenomena and religious ideas. Under the current model, there is no coherent picture of the universe; there is no driving force behind the development of evolutionary diversity of the living world and modern man.

Representatives of religion insist on the version of human creation and diversity of life on Earth in its present form. Archaeological finds do not confirm this fact. However, science, in turn, cannot understand anything they say.

Modern scholars do not accept Darwin's hypothesis, and that the diversity of the living world, the driving force of evolution is a blind mutation accident. Random mutation, merciless natural selection-and so on repeatedly until formation of humans, the diversity of life and species. Similarly, as a man not being able to play chess beats the world champion with random moves. This example of the meaningless randomness does not hold water. Rather the contrary - everything in nature has a reason!