Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Habit is Second Nature essay

As the saying goes, habit is second nature. Habits are very strong. It is quite difficult to get rid of the way of thinking, actions and deeds that have become usual, and they may override person’s will.

The proverb has a book origin. It was first found in Rhetoric by Aristotle: "The habit is becoming a natural property." In the composition of Cicero "On the limits of good and evil," this Greek saying is translated to Latin: habit is like a second nature. Augustine and Macrobius expressed this idea even shorter: habit is second nature. In his Essais, the French philosopher Montaigne seemed to return to the saying its "natural" meaning (in Latin habit means nature): "The habit is second nature, and it is in power." Often, this expression is used in the original Latin: Consuetude estaltera natura.

And what are habits?

Man is born with the already laid down therein inclinations. We are not talking about those natural inclinations, with which we are born and which are our natural essence, working in us at the level of instincts. There are also tendencies, which are disclosed as we develop, leaving the subconscious and surfacing in our minds, so that we suddenly begin to desire something, feel or think something new.

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However, in addition to the original, instinctual nature, there another, which is called the "second nature." And it is acquired by habit.

Natural, initial inclinations continue to work in us, but on top of them we build our second nature. And this second nature is usually much stronger and more clearly manifested, because in this I have the support of society.

Therefore, it all depends on the environment. What we do with the help of education? All education is the creation of the second nature. The society instill man habits of all sorts so that his behavior become more convenient.

And this applies to a lot of things: how we use the bathroom, toilet, as we sleep – all this we were taught and we are used to it and can no longer behave differently.

God forbid, something happened to the man, he broke his leg and was forced to change usual routine. It is extremely hard. And this is only his second acquired nature: his habits dictate him his will.

We say: it refers to the mentality. But what is the mentality? Take any child – you put it in an environment and it becomes its part. And this environment will be his second nature, which would be extraordinarily difficult to change. It will remain in the child forever, and on top of it? The child would have to put other various layers.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Essay on NAEYC Code of Ethics

The NAEYC code of ethics was created with intention to improve the well-being of all young children, with emphasis on the quality of education and the development of services for children from birth to 8 years. NAYEC wants to become a high-performance and comprehensive organization working in this direction.

Organized in 1926, NAYEC is the largest organization in the world, representing young children.

Almost 90 000 members, more than 300 local, regional and state affiliates, as well as a cooperating with a large number of like-minded organizations. The association is a leading publisher of educational resources, including books, videos, and posters for those who are interested in knowledge about early childhood education. Its studies on the formation of young children are published quarterly to help the NAYEC members and professionals working in the field of recent research to be aware of the ideas that they can use in their daily work. "Supporting teachers by strengthening families" is a program of the NAYEC Charitable Foundation, designed to prevent child abuse, child neglect, promoting healthy social and emotional development.

The program helps teachers of young children to better communicate with their families on these important issues. "The training program for school reading" is a program designed to mobilize resources and intellectual abilities that determine children's readiness for school, as a priority. The NAYEC conferences are widely recognized as important venues of all who are concerned with early childhood education and young children. The annual conference brings together 25,000 participants and provides a valuable opportunity for professional growth. National Institute for Early Childhood participates in the conference. The programs for teachers training, higher education and advanced education professionals working with young children, must be accredited by the National Association. 

For this NAYEC working together with the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Every spring NAYEC is sponsoring the baby week.

By this activity, NAYEC is trying to focus public attention on the importance of education for children at a younger age.

The education and development of young children is one of the most important tasks of our society. People, who chose to become teachers, have to take all responsibility and follow the NAEYC code of ethics to be worthy representatives of their profession.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Essay on Dachau Concentration Camp

Dachau was the first concentration camp in Nazi Germany. It was established in March 1933 on the outskirts of Dachau (17 km from Munich). During the entire period of the camp existence, there were imprisoned 250 thousand people from 24 countries, about 70 thousand were brutally tortured or killed, 140 thousand transferred to other concentration camps, 30 thousand survived until liberation. It is known that in Dachau the prisoners were subjected to illegal "medical experiments." During the 2nd World War 1939-45 camp had about 125 branches and so-called external commands for military enterprises in Southern Germany and Austria. It Dachau, there was an underground organization of prisoners led by international committee, which started an uprising 28 April 1945, the day before the arrival of the Americans, disrupting the Nazi plan to destroy the surviving prisoners. In 1960, a memorial to the victims of Dachau was erected.

Dachau concentration camp was the only one that existed during the twelve-year period of National Socialist dictatorship. During this time, the quantity and composition of the camp inmates varied as thoroughly as the conditions of their life and chances of their survival.

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In the period of time between the opening of the camp March 22, 1933 and the anschluss of Austria in February 1938 Dachau held only German citizens. Primarily they were political opponents of the National Socialists, but as well camp contained Jehovah's Witnesses who refused military service, Jews, "lazy" (who refuse to work), and offenders sentenced to punishment in penal or exemplary prison, Gypsies, like Jews who were considered racially inferior, homosexuals and others who for various reasons did not fit to the Social racist national Socialist concept of "national society."

In early 1938, along with the Austrian prisoners, the first no German prisoners came to Dachau. Among them, along with Jews, there were many prominent politicians of different political persuasions. After the pogrom of November 9, 1938, titled Crystal Night, more than 11,000 Jews from Germany and Austria were sent to Dachau. Most of them were released in a few weeks with the order to leave Germany and their property was looted. By 1938, the number of prisoners per year had ranged between 2000 and 2500. In 1938, after the Anschluss of Austria, their number was increased to 6000 and the arrival of the Jews after the Crystal Night December 1, 1938 - to 14,232. Before the Second World War in Dachau were killed about 500 prisoners.

From late September 1939 to February 1940 for training front-line SS Division "Totenkopf," the camp was cleared of prisoners who were moved to the camps Mauthausen, Buchenwald, and Flospsenburh. This ends prewar history of the camp as an instrument of state terror that was originaly used solely against the German political foes, and then against all "non-compliant."

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Essay on Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941) was an Indian writer, poet, composer, artist, and social activist. His works greatly influenced the literature and music of Bengal. He became the first non-European who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature (1913). Translations of his poetry were regarded as spiritual literature and together with his charisma, created an image of the prophet Tagore in the West.

Rabindranath Tagore was born on May 6, 1861 in Kolkata in a wealthy family. Tagore’s parents had fourteen children, of which he was the youngest.

He began to write poetry at the age of eight. He received a good education: he studied at Eastern Seminary in Calcutta, in the normal school and the Bengal Academy.

In 1873, together with his father, Tagore traveled to the north of India, which gave him the idea of ​​the wealth of centuries-old Indian culture. In 1878, Tagore published his first poem titled "History of the poet." In the same year, Tagore went to London to study law at University College.

In 1890, he became manager of the family estate in East Bengal. The main theme of poems written by Tagore in the period from 1890 to 1891 years was the landscapes and traditions of rural life.

In 1891, Tagore moved to the family estate near Calcutta, where, along with five like-minded persons, he opened a school. To raise money for the school, he was forced to sell the copyright to his works.

The first decade of the 20th century for Tagore was overshadowed by personal loss - the death of his wife in 1902, one of the daughters in 1903 and the youngest son in 1907.

In 1912, in London Tagore’s works were published in author translations into English, after which it came to prominence in the UK and the U.S.

In 1913, Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel Prize for Literature. He gave the prize money to his school, which later became the first university with free training in India.

In the following years, he made ​​numerous trips to the USA, South America, Europe, and the Middle East. Tagore received honorary degrees from four Indian universities and an honorary doctorate from Oxford University. Rabindranath Tagore is the author of anthems of India and Bangladesh.

In 1915, Tagore was bestowed the title of knight, which he refused in 1919 after the shooting of civilians in Amritsar. In 1921, together with the British agronomist and economist Leonard Elmhirst, Rabindranath founded in Surule Institute for the reconstruction of agriculture, later renamed in Shriniketan (Resident Welfare).

The last four years of his life were darken by chronic pain and two long periods of illness. After a long illness, Rabindranath Tagore died on August 7, 1941 at the estate Jorasanko.

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Monday, November 4, 2013

College Students Smoking Behavior and Stress Management

The relationship between college students smoking behavior and stress management, as well as interpersonal support management are one of the major aspects that concerns most students in many colleges and universities. There is a perception among many university students in regard to the relation between stress and smoking habits. Studies suggest that, most of the students will in a way learn to deal with the stress factors that are related to college life, or will use smoking as an escape or stress reliever. There are also other perceptions of other individuals that give a better understanding of the issue of smoking in college campuses. 

Despite the widespread recognition of the subsequently serious public health, consequences of the use of tobacco, the research on smoking cigarettes among college students appears to be sparse, and, therefore, determinant of the trend of smoking among college students are largely unknown. Roles of theoretically derived psychosocial, as well as behavioral protective factors and risk factors, regard involvement among college students. Consequently, years that students spent in institutions provide a chief opportunity in assessing the protective, as well as risk factors associated with the likelihood of smoking among students.

Development in the recent years, in social and development psychological, and also behavioral epidemiology, has subsequently contributed to the ever growing interests in the protective and risks factors role of influencing the involvement of young people in such risky behaviors like smoking, problem drinking, and use of illicit drugs. In this case, a theory based protection, and approach has significantly proved quite useful in accounting for the involvement of adolescents in problem behavior, as well as health behaviors in sample students, in post high schools across United States.

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Apparently, it has been found that coping with stress in most cases, will include engaging in various negative behaviors like smoking, alcohol consumption, use of drugs, poor nutrition, physical inactivity, increased caffeine intake and sleep deprivation among others. It is stated that most of these behaviors are majorly associated with depression, in addition to possible suicidal thoughts. It is alleged that most people who are found to be depressed often sleep less, have poorer diets, have less exercises, use alcohol and most alarming and smoke more. People will use other drugs as one of the most common aspects in universities and colleges across the United States, with smoking being highly rated among students.  Although the use of cigarettes is a quite common trend among student in colleges, as well as universities in the U.S, their effects in regard to their studies, and relation to negative behavior on depression, are not quite certain.

However, some will definitely choose to cope with stressors, majorly through positive behaviors like exercise and physical activity, addressing of proper nutrition, practicing positive thinking, spiritual methods, acquiring of adequate amounts of sleep and mediation among others. This is a trend that is not very much common among college students, and thus, in most cases; it will be quite difficult to engage in such healthy activities. 

Getting involved in practices that involve the use of drugs such as cigarettes and alcohol will be an easier option. It is due to this reason that most students in Schools across the United States have a higher probability of engaging themselves into smoking than doing health activities. In addition, cigarettes are less demanding in terms of their costs and availability, plus ease of usage as compared to other drugs, which may be used for the perceived purposes of reducing stress.  
It is essential to understand that there are different forms of stressors that are evidently present in most college students across the United States. These forms of stressors are subsequently at different stages of lives of students in colleges and are quite inconsistent and nerve-racking. Most of them are high level stresses that definitely account for students undergoing what is referred to as university transition. This is usually common among freshmen, who after graduating from high school move away from their homes into a relatively different zone that may be as comfortable at the first stages. Trying to incorporate a new way of life in a totally new environment, may be tough for many students, therefore, contributing to stress among some students. Studies reveal that stress develop during the transition as some of the student try to adjust and incorporate into the new situations, as well as adapting to the new college environment. 

Ostensibly, another aspect that brings the relation between smoking and stress among university students is the high expectations that parents have on their sons and daughters, upon their entry into college education.

Most students who do not perform in accordance to their parents’ expectations, they usually develop stress, prompting to the use of drugs such as cigarettes and alcohol among others. The university faculty, as well is stated to contribute to these stress related behaviors as students are expected to relatively perform well with no chance of failures in their systems. The kind of pressure that is put to these students in the university education attribute to the common behavior of smoking among university students across the United States. On top of that, there is pressure for some students to get a job to meet their financial purposes.

Social pressure is another aspect that contributes to stress among students as some of them they try to fit in everything in college. Most students may not have adequate finances to meet demands of particular campus lifestyles, and, therefore, element that attributes to stress among these students. As a remedy to the stress, most of these students turn into smoking, attributing to the ever increasing cases of smoking among college students. The kind of friends people make while in college, somewhat determine the kind of alternatives one uses to reduce stress, and thus, in this case, it has been a common believe that smoking aids in stress reduction. This is majorly the main reason why many students have embraced the smoking trend as a way of relieving stress while in college.

In conclusion, most of the students in universities across the United States afterward get involved in smoking behaviors, as a way of relieving their stress without considering the impact of smoking on their health. It is quite alarming that most of these students, have embraced the common perception that smoking relieves stress, which is not always the truth. Health an expert indeed, asserts that smoking does not help in reducing stress, but on the contrary, it is in a way increases someone’s stress. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Essay: Gender Segregation in Schools

Essay on Gender Segregation in Schools

Gender segregation in schools is a practice in which students of both sexes are taught in separate training units or even in different schools or other educational institutions. Most often it is a this way is implemented with intention to improve the process of education.

Gender segregation in schools existed under the form of single-sex education in all European countries in the nineteenth - early twentieth century. This approach is explained very simply: according to the then popular theory of separate spheres, society meant different roles for men and women. The boys were getting ready for the public sphere: politics, business, management, the girls were destined for the sphere of private life, the role of the "mother and housekeeper." Naturally, the program of girls' schools and gymnasiums were significantly different from that of men, because it was believed that the role of wife and mother did not demand a large amount of knowledge. In addition, at the time there was serious prejudice to the level of development of women's intelligence, which was considered by far the weaker comparing to that of a male. The level of mental development the woman was believed to be that of adolescent males of 14-15 years of age. The consequence of this situation was the emergence of the movement for women's right to education, which has achieved the admission of women to the "male professions" and to the universities, and the change the girls’ training program at schools and gymnasiums.

However, the experience many schools and colleges shows that it is in the classroom, especially in those where teachers use innovative methods, boys and girls learn to work together to solve problems and make decisions, understand and respect the characteristics of the thinking and perception of the opposite sex. This approach proved to be effective later in life when yesterday students of both gender begin to work in a mixed team.

The practice of additional classes for the gender issues consideration is also regarded as very effective, as it helps to develop communication skills determining future working relationship and ability to be more flexible.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Health Behavior Essay

Bright, S. J. et al. (2008). Cigarette smoking among young adults: Integrated adolescent cognitive egocentrism with the trans-theoretical model. Australian Journal of Psychology, 60, (1), 18-25. Retrieved from EBSCO. dcec-4bf4-b3bc-60a8b4b8d17f%40sessionmgr113&vid=1&hid=112

According to this source, one of the mostly used behavioral models in assisting cigarette smokers, and especially the adolescents and young people to quit smoking is the trans-theoretical model. This model has five stages, which include pre-contemplation stage, contemplation stage, preparation stage, action stage and the maintenance stage. The most important groups among these five groups are the pre-contemplation stage and the contemplation stage. In the pre-contemplation stage, the smokers do not feel as if they are doing anything wrong. However, this changes as individuals enter the contemplations stage, where they start experiencing cognitive dissonance. According to this study, the use of trans-theoretical model may be inappropriate because, it exhibits inefficiencies when it is applied.

Girma, E. et al. (2010). Cigarette smokers’ intention to quit smoking in Dire Dawa town Ethiopia: an assessment using the trans-theoretical model. BMC Public Health, 10, (2010), 320-326. Retrieved from EBSCO. f4b1-4958-a233-f3f33943c50b%40sessionmgr110&vid=1&hid=112

In this source, the trans-theoretical model is applied in assessing cigarette smokers’ intention to quit smoking. The study was conducted in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia, and it involved 384 current cigarette smokers. Data was collected using a questionnaire, and was further analyzed using SPSS package. The results indicated that most of the smokers were actually intending to stop smoking. At the same time, the smokers who did not intend to stop smoking indicated a very high dependence on nicotine, as well as self-efficacy. Additionally, the results also showed that the advantages of smoking were decreasing as disadvantages increased in all stages. This implies that there is a need for medical personnel to use stage based interventions in assisting the patients to move from one stage to another in the trans-theoretical model.

Carnes, M. et al. (2005). Diversity in academic medicine: The stages of change model. Journal of women’s health, 14, (6), 471-475. Retrieved from EBSCO. 1378-4710-94ff-37ca32e46a05%40sessionmgr112&vid=1&hid=112G

Cultural diversity and gender equality have not been taken seriously in the medical field for a number of years. These are critical issues, which must be addressed appropriately for the medical field to perform and operate efficiently. The best way to ensure this is through the application of trans-theoretical model. Even though nicotine is very addictive, a great number of people have been able to overcome their smoking habits through the application of the trans-theoretical model. Because of this reason, many public places including offices are now smoking free zones. Academic medicine played a very critical role towards this new trend. It should also play the same role in addressing these issues.

Prochaska, J. J. et al. (2007). Medical Students’ use of the stages of change model in tobacco cessation counseling. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 22, (2), 223-227. Retrieved from

The trans-theoretical model has been adopted in the majority of medical facilities and institutions for assisting in tobacco cessation. According to a research that was done on 147 medical students, in order to assess their preparation level for providing stage based interventions in treating cigarette smokers, it was evident that medical students are able to match their counseling strategies to a patient’s stage of change. However, they require more training in order to be able to assist their patients appropriately.

Balbach, E. D. (2008). How the health belief model helps the tobacco industry: individuals, choice and information. Tobacco Control, 15, (4), iv37-iv43. Retrieved from

This source is a research, which aims to determine how tobacco industry executives use concepts of choice and information as well as make a consideration on how these concepts relate to health behavioral change theoretical models. The findings of this research indicated that the tobacco industry executives used these two terms inappropriately and in a cunning way, through which, they were able to shift the responsibility and the blame to the consumer. In doing so, they relied on individual rational choice theories, which lay emphasis on autonomous decision-making. However, the tobacco industry should stop using these theories and adopt models that require it to participate in assisting its customers to stop smoking in a genuine way.

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Essay on Making Mistakes

It is normal for one to make a mistake. Throughout my life I have made several mistakes, some I regret more than others. Even though I have my regrets, I have learnt profound lessons from those mistakes I made. I have become a better person through overcoming the consequences of my mistakes. 

My biggest regret in life is running away from home when I was sixteen. For some reason, I was feeling angry at my parents and my adolescent thinking saw the only solution was to run away from home. I left school behind even though I was about to sit for a crucial exam that would be instrumental in my college application. I did odd jobs to find some food and did not have proper shelter during the period I was away from home. After a few weeks, I had enough and I returned home to my parents. 

Even though life slowly got back to normal, I had missed my exams, and I had to redo an entire grade. If I had not run away from home, I could have gotten into college with all my friends instead of being left in high school. I am now a well-mannered student and live by the rules.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Essay on Obesity in Adolescence in the United States

Obesity in Adolescence in the United States

Obesity in adolescence in the United States has increased tremendously in the last three decades. Adolescence is an important stage in the growth and development process because it forms the bridge between childhood and adulthood. About 30 percent of adolescents are obese despite the fact that obesity is an easily diagnosable condition.

There is a difference between overweight and obesity. Overweight refers to excess body mass index as defined by the ratio of the height to bone, fat, muscle, and water. Obesity refers specifically to excess body fat. Both, however, result from a caloric imbalance; the calories expended are too few for those consumed.

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Obesity in adolescence can be related to a genetic line of obesity, lack of physical exercise, behavioral factors such as overeating or poor eating habits, low self-esteem, medications, depression, or even medical illnesses. These factors are often compounded for each individual adolescent and should be treated or at least diagnosed to effectively treat the condition. Genetically, for example, the child of an obese parent is 50 percent likely to be obese or overweight (Guo and Chumlea, 147). This increases to 80 percent probability if both parents are obese or overweight.

Studies by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) indicate that deaths related to unhealthy weight gain amount to over 300, 000 annually (Daniels, Arnett, Eckel, 111). Its social costs are estimated at $100 billion in the United States alone. To further compound the problem, obese adolescents have a higher chance of becoming obese adults unless the condition is treated.

The onset of obesity in adolescence is likely to be in childhood. The excess body fat poses short-term and long-term effects. Short term effects include increased chances of getting cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol; prediabetes that is indicated by high blood glucose levels; sleep apnea; socialization and psychological problems; and joint and bone problems (Dietz, 856). Long-term effects include the likelihood that the individuals will be obese in their adulthood. This places them at an even higher risk of adult health problems. Obesity and overweight have also been associated with other disorders and conditions such as many types of cancer.

There are many ways to manage obesity depending on the identified factors for the individual teen.

The most generic ways to manage the condition include controlling calorie consumption, increasing physical activity, seeking psychological support such as from a support group, changing eating habits, and entering into a weight-management program (Daniels, Arnett, Eckel, 111). All these solutions are dependent on the willpower of the individual adolescent to maintain a healthy body.

Obesity is a complex problem whose solutions require a multifactor approach. It can only be effectively handled by approaching the issue from different social unit levels, beginning with individuals, families, and policymakers. As a national health issue, obesity among adolescents affects more than just the individuals it inflicts. It lowers the effectiveness of the national health system and increases the economic and sociological burden of the medical system on society. For most adolescents, obesity is a lifelong sentence. Most of them try different ways of losing the extra body fat but fall back into their old eating and exercising habits. The only permanent solution is thus a high discipline in calorie consumption by limiting oneself to healthy foods and exercising as regularly as possible.
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Monday, September 30, 2013

Digital Demonstration Tool essay

Digital Demonstration Tool

Geometry in 3 dimensional solids and other related geometric shapes is critical as it requires integration of well coordinated tools to guarantee students’ understanding.

This digital demonstration tool has a digital tool from which students should be taught to select a given computerized shape or solid by name or image after which their various properties will appear and a visual demonstration of properties e.g. phases will keep running on the main screen.

Apart from the digital tool (the main part of this demonstration tool), charts are also incorporated to aid in further learning and to demonstrate understanding.

The teacher must ensure students understand details about analysis, description and classification of various geometric structures and shapes as well as their geographic properties.

This understanding will be tested by students using charts on the walls of the classroom to respond to questions from the teacher by drawing shapes and nets of various solids that have been studied and analyzed using the digital tool.

It is therefore important that the students be taught how to use this digital tool to generate various geometrical shapes and nets after which they can apply the concepts on charts.

The digital tool
Students understand better when they learn from images (geometrical shapes and other related shapes and their respective nets) that have been developed, designed and stored in a computer.

Projectors can be used and adjusted for a better view for all students without having to attend to every student individually.

The tool  is digitally set and reset and the demonstration tool is structured to show images of the solids and other parts are indicated with direction  for clicking upon which information sought about the solid will be displayed e.g. their nets or number of vertices, sides, faces, bases and congruent dimensions they have.

The digital tool continued
The information generated using a computer is accurate and  the angles of shapes are exact thus images  developed are easier to relate to and understand.

The tool allows for changes to be made as the teacher wishes for better understanding of the students and teacher’s explanation of various concepts.

Through this tool, a net can be digitally developed to enhance the students’ 3 dimensional understanding of every solid.

Charts form the secondary part of this demonstration tool for purposes of  knowledge reinforcement and practice.

Students understand better by observing and referring to geometrical shapes and their nets on charts that constantly stay on the wall.

As they learn and understand the various concepts better, they can develop newer shapes by analyzing the ones on the charts with the aid of the digital tool after which they will classify the new shapes indicating their various properties e.g. angles, faces, vertices and sides.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

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"Sayonara" and Asian Women Essay

Sayonara Movie Essay

Sayonara was directed in 1957. This Hollywood film is another attempt of the foreign directors to depict the Asian identity from a new and unique perspective. In this film, a brave and handsome Marlon Brando performed a role of the Air Force officer, whose main intention was to protect the American national interests in the occupied Japan. He was in love with the Japanese woman. Racial tolerance and romantic representation of Asian women is the main message of this film. Shanghai Express (1932) talks about power separation between Asian men and women. As a rule, Asian males were dominant, but the main character of this film showed that she was able to fight for herself and she represented not only some hints at beautiful appearance, but also at her inner power and strength. Chang is a strong officer and he is not afraid of life challenges, but he does not intend to violate the rights of a woman. A tender woman prevents his attempts of sexual harassment at once.

Joshua Lang, who was the director of Sayonara, showed his social and racial tolerance to the Asian women too. Still, there were some hints at Asian women's subjection to white males, their weakness and helplessness in the face of these courageous officers. During the times of the Korean War, the director shows that everything was romantic and tragic in the relationship between two international lovers. This film provides the audience with some plot ideas of love affairs on the Korean occupied lands. It seems that her nature is dissolving in this white brave man. His physical dominance is metaphorically compared with the national dominance of the Americans on the occupied lands of Japan.

There is no doubt that Asian women have been often depicted in terms of an ideological paradigm, which is comprehensible for the audience from different nations. Interracial romance employs the idea about a subjective nature of the Oriental woman and her readiness to get involved in the intimate relations with white males, especially with the American ones. In some cases, like in Shanghai Express, Oriental women were depicted as mighty creatures, ready to fight for their rights and able to resist to Asian men’s dominance.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Essay on Physical Exercises

Physical Exercise Instructions Essay

Riding the stationary cycle for 30 minutes is a good but not enough. More activities that are physical are required to achieve physical fitness. Increasing time on the cardio machines to 45 minutes is a step towards the right direction. However, other physical activities can be done even at home. For instance, you can begin a walking group with other people for encouragement. This is a very easy way of keeping physically fit. You can also ride a bike or use a mower to mow your lawns. In addition, you can also use NSCA video exercise tips to perform the exercises while at home. While going to work, you can alight from a bus early and either walk or skate the rest of the distance.

 Karen you can engage in some plays that can enhance you fitness levels. For instance, you can begin swimming which is one of the best ways of keeping fit or take up dancing or yoga sessions. To improve your upper body strength, you can play wheelchair sports or hand cycling. Any of these physical exercises can help you be physical fit.

There are many ways of improving your upper body strength either at home or at a gym. This is something that is not instantaneous but gradual. You should begin by performing pushups daily. Begin by determining how many pushups you can comfortably do every day and then complete that amount each morning after waking up. After one week, you should increase the number of pushups you do by double. These pushups will strengthen your triceps and chest muscles as you will begin seeing the results after two weeks.

Performing bench press exercises will also improve your upper body strength.  The bench press exercises should be done using dumbbells. You can use a declined, flat or an inclined bench to perform the exercise. Divide the bench press weight into two while using the dumbbells to determine the weights to lift. To improve your chest muscles, you should vary the bench lifts using the bench at different heights by lowering or raising the bench. You can also improve on your triceps by either bench press or curls. The most simple of building the triceps is either by laying or sitting while performing the triceps extensions.

Lower body strength is also very useful in walking and running since it helps one to improve their endurance levels. The easiest way of doing this is performing squats especially the one legged squats. You should begin doing this every morning after determining the number you can perform.

You can also use weight machine to strengthen your thigh muscles. Place your leg inside the machine while your other leg at the foot rest. Push the weights more than 10 times. This helps to strengthen the outer thigh muscles. To build the inner thigh muscles spread your legs by placing your leg on the outside of the machine while the other at the foot rest. Pull the weight by bringing your legs together between 10 to 12 times.

Alternatively, you can use your weights to build your calf muscles. Stand on a raised surface with the ball of your foot in position while the heel of the foot on the edge.
Lift the other foot over the floor and push your body up and down using the planted foot. You can also use your free weights by standing on a level surface with your shoulder weights balanced using your hands. Then rise up and down on your toes. Do this around 10 times daily.

In the gym, you can use a weight machine to improve your thighs and hamstrings.  Place your legs behind the bar of the leg extension machine at the front of the ankles. Push against the weight of the machine until your legs are fully extended.

Perform these exercises equally both the upper body and lower body exercises for two weeks without fail and you will begin to see the results.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

E-Government Service Essay

The impact of national culture on using E-government service

Banks, J.A., Banks, & McGee, C. A. (1989). In their book “Multicultural education.” Define culture as the values, interpretations, symbols and perspectives that differentiate one group of people from another. It is the intangible aspects of human society. People from the same culture interpret thins in similar ways.
The United Nations ( defines E-government (AOEMA report) as the utilization of the internet and World Wide Web for passing on government information and services to the citizens of a given country.

There are certain theories that are purported to explain the reasons for diversity in culture, they include:
a) Schwartz’s Cultural Values Orientations:
Schwartz uses a multidimensional scaling procedure in analyzing different cultures. He uses seven value types in his analysis and these can be summarized in to three dimensions namely: Embededness verses Autonomy, Hierarchy verses Egalitarianism and Mastery verses Harmony.

b) Trompenaars & Hampden-Turner’s Cultural Model:
Trompenaars & Hampden-Turner’s cultural model explains cultural differences in terms of the challenges that are faced in social communities. This theory is different from Hofstede’s in that Hofstede defines culture in terms of one’s psycho emotion while Trompenaars & Hampden-Turner make their approach be based on challenges that one face. They show that one is not aware of their socialization. They see culture as the different ways in which people solve their problems which enables them to survive.

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c) Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions:
Hofstedes cultural theory expresses culture to be influenced by:

  • Individualism-collectivism; this explains how one perceives themselves as an individual an as being part of a group. This theory is the most studied and is the most complex.
  • Masculinity-femininity: this describes the Importance of a cultures achievement versus considerations of relationships. Achievement is characterized by Success, having an assertive character and acquisition of money and power. Relationship is characterized by Equality of genders and the community caring for those that are disadvantaged and harmony.
  • Power distance: this is characterized by ones acceptance of persons of different power. Those with high power distance accept the position, the follow authority, are concentrated and follow hierarchy of power; those of low power distance generally avoid concentration of authority, are decentralized and consist of few layers in management.
  • Uncertainty avoidance: this shows how different cultures react to uncertain events. Those with low uncertainty avoidance easily embrace uncertain and unpredictable events are less likely to adhere to rules and hierarchies, consider risk taking to be a desirable trait. Those cultures that have high uncertainty avoidance are greatly threatened by any ambiguity, generally prefer stable and predictable situations and greatly rely on rules.

Merchant (2007) stated that many IT researchers have greatly relied Hofstede’s cultural theory when conducting their research on the impact of cultural dimensions on technology. Hofstede’s dimensions have been widely used when measuring work- related cultural influences. Hofstede has previously researched cultural dimensions at IBM sites in over 40 countries. He asked different employees about their general preferences.

Shivraj Kanungo (The George Washington University, USA) and Vikas Jain (The University of Tampa, USA) in their book “Organizational Culture and E-Government Performance: An Empirical Study”, show that the government sector is generally different from the private sector in all countries of the world. This is because of cultural differences between the two sectors. The government is mostly characterized by being rigid and following hierarchy system of management. The government is usually believed to resist changes and does not easily embrace changes in technology. Shivraj Kanungo and Vikas Jain conducted a study on E- government and found that the government institutions that embraced E- government had different cultural traits to than those that did not. The results also showed differences in hierarchy and power tendencies.

Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions are the best when it comes to analyzing the impact of culture on e- government services. This is because the theory is based on the psychological traits that affect one.
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"Ways to the Centre" Essay

The author takes the reader into and unimaginable point of correction. The paper shows utmost respect to women. It starts with a full account of women, and their belief. Women ought to comprehend sleeping as a stranger’s type. The thematic nature of the book itself is energy is intricate. 

The author uses various devices to ensure that his masterpiece remains relevant as feasible. The intent of this masterpiece is to get the motive behind his "Ways of the centre". The paper also seeks to attain the logic behind writing such a unique masterpiece on “Religion”.

The book takes both actual and prospective perspectives. The author decides to take readers to a journey of political oblivion. He deciphers the content of the subject matter. This connection is exceedingly outstanding. He addresses the book with enviable expertise. “Ways to the centre” takes a confident leap by committing himself to handle the situation. He takes about religion different parts of the world by giving succinct accounts on how people react to religious issues.

He discovers that religious beliefs have taken centre stage as people try to choose an objective thought. These would be imperative in handling the formative years in remembrance to the fallen iconic stars. The paper talks about the history of religion. It enumerates how the believers of the formative years interacted with each other. For instance, it gives an account of what ensued in Mesopotamia. These were among the first places where region found its hub. Human beings are social beings; therefore, they engaged the people. The issue of acquiring that parcel number. These details are usually imperative.

This chapter gets into explaining the intricacies behind religion as a discipline. The chapter goes ahead and explains on the relationship between supernatural forces and human beings. These relationships are held by several other factors that are of irrelevance now. Religion is not supposed to enslave people but instead, people should gain in diverse ways. He unravels a number of facts that are laced with specks of humor. This style of writing makes sure that potential readers ought not to be aware of everything b that happens at the backstage, make up artistes.

Religion is the predominant factor in the entire book. Religious studies were valued from time immemorial. Someone would like the book on his or her first flip through the pages. The mastery of the English language is flawless. That point salvages the situation in diverse ways.

The traditional religious set ups were extremely modest and played a significant role in ensuring that. The book also tends to highlight the effects of modernization of churches. He argues that the modernization of the church will continue to have diverse effects. He highlights the dress code as one of the failures of the church. He says openly that the church is undergoing an exceedingly crucial metamorphosis. If the challenges are not handled in good time, then they might end up staying unassuming. The author tries to handle the diversity of the religions has their faces pegged to certain rules and regulation.

“Ways to the centre” tries to take the real meaning of the book’s title as they are. He takes an initiative to synchronize all the possible facets of religion. In so doing, he talks of the point of congruence of all the religions across the planet. He reiterates that almost all religions subscribe to a supernatural force. This point is undoubtedly apt and prompt. The book gives a sneak peek into the forms of religion that dominate the face of the planet.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Essay on Technological Revolution

Technological revolution is the introduction of new technologies and machines into the definite spheres of human life which have such a great impact that change the motion and quality of life to some extent. There have been several technological revolutions which changed people’s life. For example, the first Industrial revolution replaced handwork with the machines and plants and factories were equipped with the machines which did much work automatically and started to produce goods much quicker. Evidently, there was a negative side – the raise of the rates of unemployment. Many people lost their job, because many operations are conducted by machines. Employers started to produce more and pay for the work less, so the production became cheaper and more people became able to purchase it bringing profit for businessmen.

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Another bright example of technological revolution is the invention of printing. Printing enabled even poor people to afford a book, so this revolution can be considered the first step of the improvement of human knowledge and general intelligence of the humanity. The technological revolution of the latest period is the invention of the Internet, which changed human life greatly. The web has not just given access to the information of all kinds but reorganized every sphere of human life considerably. For example, due to the Internet it is possible to study, work and entertain. The global business is concentrated in the web, as it is cheaper for companies to create a website and demonstrate their goods and services there, then to rent a place for a store and pay for energy and salary for the staff working there.

Technological revolutions change the quality and rhythm of life but one should not think only about their positive sides, as there are many serious disadvantages, like risks and sacrifice, which follow every revolution. A well-organized essay is expected to be interesting, contain up-to-date information and scrupulous analysis of the suggested problem. On the other hand a student is not supposed to present a 100% objective paper, because an essay is a presentation of his own opinion, his attitude and vision of the problem. Nevertheless, he should support every thought with reliable evidence from the high-quality books or periodicals.

The process of essay writing can not be described as the easy one, because every essay requires a proper structure and the right manner of writing. Sometimes students take advantage of free example essays on technological revolutions to see how a successful paper can be written. Experienced writers often share their wise ideas in their free sample essays on technological revolution and give students a good chance to complete high-quality original essays themselves on the basis of their models.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Marriage and Psychological Instability Essay

Disorders occur in virtually all types of people. The trigger of disorder usually becomes something that an individual wants to forget or escape from. “In the Lake of the House” by Tim O'Brien and “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins, both characters, even though they belong to different genders and represent different roles within society and marriage, have severe psychological disorders.
“In the Lake of the Woods” is a brilliant and provocative meta fictional mystery. The novel starts with the John Wade's retreat with his wife Kathy to the Lake of the Woods in far north Minnesota. The year portrayed is 1986. The novel combines the fictional story of John Wade with material from the factual source and the author's own footnoted comments and his personal opinion. John losses in the Minnesota Senate election because of his mysterious past that he tried to hide and run away from. He is trying hard to hold his marriage and himself together but the problems of his past and what he did trouble him deeply. The structure of the novel is unusual, as in the first chapter the author reveals that Kathy will disappear. Rather than to tell a story of the couple's life, the author explores the hypothesis. When Kathy is not found, Wade joins the search about four weeks later but with the only reason – to disappear himself, therefore making it impossible to solve the mystery of both of their disappearances. (O'Brien )
“The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins is a story where the misunderstanding between a wife and a husband dominates as the red thread in the story. Charlotte Perkins develops the drama out of simple depression that most of women have. However, by having a doctor husband this woman end being locked up in the house, where she is left completely for herself. Moreover, she is being threatened by her husband to be sent to the professional facility where she will get special care. Charlotte Perkins demonstrates how desperate a woman can be when she is completely abandoned. At some point of her life, the yellow wallpaper dominates her imagination.
Psychological disorders disrupt people's lives, especially the families of those who suffer from it. Both stories reveal the characters with certain psychological disorders. Two common things that both stories have are the marriage problems and the psychological disorder of one of the characters. Moreover, in “The Lake of the Woods”, the psychological disorder of John is a cause of his dysfunctional marriage, when in “The Yellow Wallpaper” it is vice verse. In Perkins' story, Jennie becomes insane because of her dysfunctional marriage, when her husband John does not get her psychological conditions and does really nothing to help her. (Gilman )
John Wade was severely damaged by his past. The first aspect that the author tried to tell about John's psychological disorder roots is his childhood. Tim O’Brien uses a unique structure of his novel, as he discloses the crime at first and only then investigates what might happen to Kathy. O’Brien never mentioned that John is a murder, however, he started giving examples of his insanity, which was very visible for his wife. In addition, the author makes it very clear that Kathy cheated on John, but once again, never tells the reader that John could have killed her because of rage. He posts John as a man who lived in a shadow of his past, trying very hard to hide it and forget it. But his past always echoed on his marriage, which made it very clear when describing his sleepwalking problems. John was lost, as when Kathy found out about Vietnam and his past he replies, “Everything is true. Everything is not true”. Tim O'Brien has always insisted on the spectral quality of the things that happened in Vietnam. His main suggestion was that seeing was never equal to proof, as the eyes can lie by not showing the reality. When he comes to the Lake in the Woods, he is ruined, disturbed and lonely. (O'Brien )
Both authors describe how their psychological disorders affect their characters. “In the Lake of the Woods” the author tells about the problem of sleepwalking and disrupted sleeping at night that deeply affects the marriage of the main character. Charlotte Perkins illustrates how bad the character of Jennie gets at the end of the story, when she feels completely alone. She starts having hallucinations and her minds compares herself to the image on the wallpaper that she is trying to protect from anyone else, because she is afraid that she will loose it too, just like she lost society, communication, husband and real life.(Gilman )
Traumatic experiences wound marriage. John yearns for unconditional love and acknowledgment. The way O’Brien tells the story is interesting, as even at the end of the book the reader cannot understand if John decided to simply disappear or he acknowledged that he murdered his wife and committed suicide himself. O’Brien uses this story to demonstrate how people get affected by trauma in their lives, as it resembles a house with many rooms. Every trauma can be locked in one of such rooms in order to hide it.  He had mood swings, he could wake up in the middle of the night strangling his wife or even sleep walk. Tim O'Brien never reveal what happened to Kathy, but he says: “There were times when John Wade wanted to open up Kathy's belly and crawl inside and stay there forever”. Kathy became for him that mirror he always imagined in his mind where he could become invisible. He wanted to dissolve in Kathy, love her and live a happy life never reminding himself of his past. Kathy was adulterous and when John's inner personality, the one that tried to hide all sins from his past, could not handle being humiliated, he killed her in the state of sleepwalking. After “waking up” from his traumatic state, he realized of what he did and could not live with it any longer.(O'Brien )
Dysfunctional marriage causes psychological disorders. Charlotte Perkins uses symbolism in her story by comparing the picture Jennie sees on the wallpaper to herself. Perkins illustrates abandoned woman completely on herself by giving her everything that is empty. The author is sure that if John, Jennie’s husband would react differently on her conditions, she would be cured.  Jennie thinks“I sometimes fancy that in my condition if I had less opposition and more society and stimulus”. By saying that the author expects John to be more supportive and do not simply leave his wife in an empty house, but support her and give her the cure by taking care of her and socializing with her.  In “The Yellow Wallpaper” the dysfunctional not supportive marriage makes Jennie to completely loose her mind. (Gilman )
Both John Wade and Jennie have psychological disorders, however, triggered by different circumstances and effecting different spheres of life. Both stories incorporate the idea of dysfunctional. Both stories tell about different madness and different causes that became the triggers of psychological disorders of main characters. However, in one story marriage causes psychological instability and in the other one, it gets affected by the psychological disorder. These stories reveal the unspoken ideas about marriage and the secret's of people's real thoughts. In addition, they might be reflecting on psychological disorders that make people have several personalities because of escaping the reality they live in.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Essay on the Principle of Population

An Essay on the Principle of Population is a great book by Thomas Malthus written in the end of the 18th century. The book is one of the first attempts to analyze the factors which influence the development of human society and every country. The author tries to present the structure of the society and the role of an individual for the whole humanity. Thomas Malthus analyzes the ideas and books of the greatest scholars and philosophers of his time including Charles Darwin, who offered a sensible idea about the evolution of biological species. Malthus analyzed Darwin’s ideas and tried to prove that human society develops according to the similar principles. The author discusses various aspects of human civilization. first of all he analyzes the problem of natural resources and food. He claims that the growth of population is dangerous because the planet can not produce enough food for great amount of people. Malthus analyzed the reasons of wealth and poverty; tries to present similarities between poor countries and find the solution to the problem of poverty. Then, he analyzes the ideas of different scholars and writers concerning the ideal society and he calls their ideas Utopian and tries to create his own concept of such a society.

The book by Thomas Malthus became one of the most influential books of his time at once, because he analyzed important and controversial problems. When a students has to prepare an essay about the book, he has to read it attentively to realize the problems analyzed there, its theme and topics. Such book are very difficult for understanding, because the work is not a fiction but a great set of wise thoughts and concepts. 

Students will surely need to take advantage of critics which analyze the entire book and describe its points in detail for good understanding. A student has to build the essay according to the strict structure and a detailed outline will be helpful to organize thoughts in a good way. A student is expected to measure the value of An Essay on the Principle of Population for the world literature, the development of social studies and philosophy.

Essay writing on such a serious book is quite a complicated process and students surely waste their nerves ans spend too much time to understand the book and to organize the essay correctly. Free sample essays on the principle of population prepared by the professional writers can be called a good help for students who require profound writing assistance and data for the analysis. Due to free example essays on the principle of population one can see the model of structure, format, manner of writing and composition of a good essay which can attract attention of the professor and award a student with high grades.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Essay on Smartphones

Essay on Smartphones

The use of Smartphones in Australia has been increasing exponentially in recent years.  The popularity of Smartphones in Australia can be related to the capability of Smartphones to act as communication devices and for other uses.  Just like ordinary phones, Smartphones enable communication despite the communicating parties being very far away from each other. In Business, Smartphones are widely used to communicate with business partners. 

Smartphones are also widely used to in various stages of business transactions including ordering, purchasing and selling. Smartphones enable business travelers to book and confirm flights whenever they are saving them from the inconvenience of queuing.
For other users Smartphones are an entertainment tool. Today’s range of Smartphones comes equipped with thousands of applications to entertain their users. Users can play advanced computer games on their Smartphones, watch and download movies, listen to stored music or opt for radio stations. Equipped with superior capabilities to access the internet, Smartphones are used for searching for information on almost every aspect of life. With a Smartphone a user can read news online on what interests them be it politics, sports or entertainment news.  Smartphones also provide valuable sources of information for consumers who are seeking to make a purchase decision.
With these superior capabilities Smartphones are expected to keep dominating the mobile phone market for many years to come. In coming years the Smartphone is expected to become the most preferred device for navigating in unfamiliar places. Secondly, people are likely to integrate more aspects of their lives with Smartphones including security where one can watch their homes using CCTV surveillance. The capabilities of Smartphones may also see them replace some of current technologies as they take over their roles. 

Devices such as mobile MP3 players and gaming consoles will be under serious threat from the increasing popularity of the Smartphone.
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Monday, January 21, 2013

Essay on Predatory Crimes

A predatory crime is defined as “an act that causes a victim to suffer loss of property or physical harm.” (1).  This is in contrast to the other three broad categories of crime: illegal service crimes, public disorder crimes and crimes of negligence. Predatory crimes are, perhaps, the most famous crimes of the category – they make all of the loudest headlines. Murder, manslaughter, rape, kidnapping, first-degree burglary and white-collar crime all fall into this category. These are the crimes people try to ward against most. However, all too often, their attempts are unsuccessful because people have a somewhat warped idea of what is truly dangerous, so they defend themselves against things and prevent circumstances that aren’t nearly as dangerous as what they face every day. One of the most famous scares, for instance, is the serial killer scare. 

People are afraid of someone who will slaughter them for no reason whatsoever, just because the killer’s warped psychology requires it of him – I believe that the illogicality takes a major part in this idea being as frightening as it is to the masses – however, they forget that 80% minimum of predatory crimes are committed by someone the person knows. So parents might forbid their daughter to walk alone at night in a public place, however, allow her to stay out with a date she’s met only a few weeks back – the second  being, in theory, more dangerous. In this paper, I’ll start with general recommendations about the prevention of predatory crime on a personal level, and then list four particular contexts, giving specific tips on how to handle them.

A number of things must be remembered when facing predatory crime in general. The first thing is to know the facts. Many of the stereotypes associated with predatory crimes are simply false, such as the one listed above. A list of factors to be taken account when dealing with predatory crimes would have made a paper on its own, so I shall only say that they must be known. Second is to minimize the risk. This can be done in a number of ways – avoiding places which are likely to be dangerous, being aware of how well you know your acquaintances, being prepared for assault at all times. Third is to keep a cool head in any circumstances – and that includes knowing when to act. It is often recommended that submitting in any circumstances is best. 

This is simply not true – in some cases, such as when resistance of the victim is unexpected by the offender – this raises one’s chance of being seriously harmed greatly. Risk, naturally, must be taken into account when calculating this – statistics show that those resisting actively take more damage in general, but are less likely to be grievously harmed. This rate differs for different kinds of crime, however, and the specific nature of the crime must be taken into account here – which I shall now move on to, discussing rape, kidnapping, assault and first-degree burglary.

Rape is one of the greatest criminal scares of all time. Indeed, what can be more frightening than the violation not just of a person’s body, but also of his or her mind? Rape is a crime of violence, an outlet for anger – not for sexual release. And it is usually committed by someone the victim knows – in 84% of the cases, in fact. Rape is one of those cases where resistance is not futile – the more a person actively resists, the less likely she is to get raped. However, rape can involve not only violence, but psychological pressure, as well (a threat, for instance). This also constitutes as rape, and makes men possible victims. Acting in unexpected ways can also aid the victim. A well-known urban legend says that one woman scared away a would-be rapist by screaming “Hooray!” at him. Every joke has a bit of a joke in it, but this is a good example. Rapists look for victims – they do not usually look for a challenge.

Kidnapping is a predatory crime that is a completely different story. This is a crime which is often joked about in the form of a hoax – or warned about in this manner. As the name shows, it’s most famous for the abduction of children - however, even adults can be kidnapped. To avoid kidnapping, one should at least not make common knowledge one’s usual routes and places where one goes (4). Varying one’s routine helps, and makes it much more difficult for a kidnapper. Active resistance can help in the very beginning, while you are being taken, as per assault – however, if already kidnapped, the best way to go is to play it submissive – unless in danger of being killed – until a chance to escape presents itself.

Dealing with assault is, again, different. Once again, key is avoidance of possible situations. A white person strolling around in Harlem at three in the morning is all too likely to be assaulted, for instance. Risk minimized, resistance severely depends on the victim’s and the attacker’s physical condition. Still, the best way to go about it is to, if possible, get away from the fight. Simply run. Throw the assaulters off your track, and then go for aid. The blunt truth is, it is not the assaulters who will have to heal the wounds and broken bones you might gain from fighting head on. Getting away and calling for aid is essential to a safe survival.

When faced with first-degree burglary – which, too, falls under the predatory crime category – is, once more, different. If one places oneself in the place of the burglar, one must understand that he is likely very much frightened. The law is on your side, and he has been caught in the act red-handed. He is likely panicked – and, if it’s first-degree, the “fight” part of the instinct has overwhelmed the “fright” part. However, this instinct can be turned around. A man in this condition can be easily frightened away or threatened, such as saying that someone else in the house has called the police or something of the sort. As usual, it is best to try not to get into a physical confrontation. Nevertheless, if a fight does ensue, you have one distinct advantage: you know the territory and he does not. If the victim utilizes in the correct manner, it is more than likely that the burglar will turn tail and run.

Thus we can see that the cases of predatory crime are very different. General prevention of such crimes on a personal level is very similar, boiling down to minimizing the risk by avoiding risky places and situations, utilizing common sense and keeping calm. However, when already in a situation that might be threatening to one’s health, the ways of proper conduct are very different, each meriting its own paper. It is difficult to work out one strategy for all predatory crimes. The one thing to be said for most of them is to try not to get oneself harmed – in many cases, it is better a living dog than a dead lion. It is braver in all respect of one to prevent a crime or come out of it alive than perpetuate a conflict.
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