Friday, June 9, 2017

Essay: How Psychology is Applicable to Everyday Life

Today, there is hardly a man who did not hear or know what psychology is. And there are no doubts about the benefits this science gives us. Psychotherapy, individual or in groups and books on practical psychology for the widest audience are very popular in the modern society. It gives the impression that the universal solution for the mental problems is finally there! You only have to know the basic rules according to which the science works and your success and happiness are granted.

I dare to believe that it is not quite right. Or, say, I just do not believe in the universal solutions. Still, the significance of psychology is hard to overestimate.

Each of us is a little of a psychologist in our everyday life. Deliberately or not, most of us skillfully manipulate their closest environment practicing on the others' weaknesses, such as the sense of guilt or provoking pity or compassion, the desire to dominate or to feel safe. It is really a shame if it is all there is to it.