Thursday, April 29, 2010

Essay about Television

Essay about Television

Televisions programming today can be a powerful influence in developing value systems and shaping behaviours of individuals. Television hooks people into the programs to believe that they are important and mean something. Television gives people the wrong impression about how life should be lived. The unrealistic of the programs creates a sense of lifestyle that the average viewer craves and desires for themselves. People should be taught the reality of television because television can affect the way people act, think and feel about different issues such as violence, education/morality and gender/racial stereotypes. When children especially watch television they see ‘made up families' and how they deal with their different problems as a result children assume that this is how their life should be. Some children desire for a sense of acceptance and they find that acceptance from television. It can be comforting for some to step into another world and get out of their own busy lives. In the article "An Attack on TV", by Jeffrey Schrank, television is described as an addictive medium that has negative effects on people. The opinion of the article by Jeffrey Schrank, "An Attack on TV", is a in agreement with the article on the terms that it is addictive and destructive to oneself.

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The amount of television that one individual consumes in one day has increased greatly. Television is addictive, yet one does not understand what addicts them. Soap Opera's are the most addictive television programs that are broadcasted. "Many people watch television simply because they are addictive to the tube" (Schrank 1). People are under the impression that they are obsessed with the show yet in reality they are just obsessed with the television itself. Many times people do not watch television because a certain show is on they will watch others at the same time and become more addicted (1). In a way human beings are being controlled by the people who are behind the programming of television and the production of the shows. There are some to believe that a withdrawal from television can become an illness in which is referred to as ‘Abstinence Syndrome' (1). If a withdrawal is present usually individuals will increase the daily dose of the television in their lives. When an addiction is presence the individual emotional self becomes involved as well and individuals become consumed in the unrealistic of the actual television. People experience deep emotions in front the television screen (1). "We watch television in order to be manipulated into feelings"(1). The feelings that one individual feels when watching television are real, only the television stimulus is lacking a third dimension (2). When one becomes addicted to anything they become obsessed with the addiction and therefore do things that they would not normally do in certain situations and sometimes risk their lives. Yet risking their lives is a bit extreme for television addictions, people do stupid things that are unnecessary in their lives. As a result the addiction of television exists in today's society and therefore I agree with the article "Attack on TV" by Jeffrey Schrank.

In addition to being addictive to individuals, television is destructive. It can be destructive in many different ways depending on the person who is being affected. Television can create an image that one wants to portray, therefore they change their own personalities into the one on the television. Sometimes it can change one for the best yet in other cases for the worse. If one always watches violence and sees how one acts when their violent, the viewer believes to get what they want they have to be violent and use physical force. Television can be destructive to ones emotional self by revealing feelings that the viewers have not yet experienced and would not want to experience at the specific time in their lives. "Television encourages habitual viewers to avoid responsibility for their own recreation and feelings of aliveness" (2). People will procrastinate or put off what they need to do in order to watch television. Most children and preteens come home from school and sit in front of the television for hours instead of working on their homework first to get their responsibilities out of the way then to relax and watch television. This habit is destructive because it causes individuals to put their desires first before what needs to get done. This is one of the most dominant problem in today's society. There are other aspects of televisions destructive nature on individuals such as how a person feels during or after watching television. "76 percent agreed that TV makes them feel tired, 75 precent agreed that it makes them eat more, and 56 percent claimed that TV causes them to sleep more" (2). Watching television can cause a person to do things subconsciously that they not normally would do at the certain time or place. Many people relate watching television and eating as one. When someone is sitting in front of the television they tend to get a snack during the commercials. As a result the negative effects of television on today's society is that is destructive towards the health, personality and emotional self of individuals.

In the article " An Attack on TV", by Jeffrey Schrank, television is described as an addictive medium that has many negative effects on people. I agree with the article "An Attack on TV", on the terms that it is addictive and destructive towards oneself. Television being addictive, is simple the constant need and desire to watch television. When one is in need of something they will do anything to get it and in return can end up damaging themselves. People are under the impression that they are obsessed with the show yet in reality they are just obsessed with the television itself. Many times people do not watch television because a certain show is on they will watch others at the same time and become more addicted.

Television in being destructive can take people away from their daily routines and make television what their whole life revolves around. Television can be destructive to ones emotional self by revealing feelings that the viewers have not yet experienced. In some cases an individual will become so attached to a show that their cares of other things in their life will come second to the television show they are obsessed with. People will procrastinate with what they need to do in order to watch television. Overall television can be referred to as a addictive agent in our lives that is not necessarily needed.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Essay about Success

Essay about Success

I once read a book about three women who grew up together as children. They separated after high school, each choosing their own paths in life. One got married and became a housewife, one became a doctor, and one decided to join the Peace Corps. Each woman had found her own niche in life and was happy. They each, in their own eyes, had what is called, success.

Success means achievement, accomplishment, victory, and triumph. The dictionary states that success is “The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted; the gaining of fame or prosperity” (The n.pag.) and “The favorable or prosperous termination of anything attempted; the attainment of a proposed object; prosperous issue” (Hypertext Webster Gateway n.pag.). These are just dictionary definitions, though. One needs examples and instances in order to fully understand the meaning of success.

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Over the years, many people have viewed success as the gaining of fame and fortune. While this is true, success encompasses all kinds of prosperity. Fame and fortune is just one form. The reason why most people view fame and fortune as the prototype of success is because these two things usually come to people who have worked long and hard. For the most part, in order to be and feel successful, one needs to have worked at it. Bob Brown once declared, “Behind every successful man there's a lot of unsuccessful years” (Cyber Quotations n.pag.). Colin Powell also stated, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, learning from failure” (Cyber Quotations n.pag.). Success is something that usually takes a lot of effort to get, but is worth it in the end.

Success is also something that is viewed differently in the eyes of everyone. This is because success means doing what you have always wanted to do, being where you have always wanted to be. If a man’s goal in life is to eventually get married to a good wife and have many happy children, and he accomplishes that, then he could view himself as having success. Success basically means being happy with what you are doing in life. John R. Amos’s statement supports this idea, “It's simply a matter of doing what you do best and not worrying about what the other fellow is going to do” (Cyber Quotations n.pag.). Just as in the book I read mentioned above; each woman was successful, even though they all had done something entirely different with their lives.

Sometimes, success can be experienced after the accomplishment of just a short-term goal. For example, one can feel success after completing a small project at work or school. A person’s life is usually full of many little successes. Success ranges from getting an A on a test or paper to graduating from high school to becoming the CEO of a major company. From little to large, success can come in any size.

In a nutshell, success occurs in many forms and has many meanings. It includes being happy with yourself and being where you want to be in life. It also typically means finishing something that you have worked hard at. In brief, success is happiness and prosperousness that comes after putting forth some form of effort.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Future of Management Essay

Future of Management Essay

Management has been around for a long time and there have been many different styles of management created over the years. There a many different functions of management. There are two different aspects of management there is a manager and a leader. Leadership plays an important role in management it provides the structure for management.

The future of management is far beyond anything we would have expected years ago. Management meaning the conducting or supervising of something. Conducting management means giving direction, management has no set direction because it changes with each individual and how they choose to lead. The future of management will be no different, as many different leadership styles will arrive in the management world. Why will there be so many different styles in the future? One reason is each leader brings there on since of style on how they want to conduct there business or organization. The future of management is far beyond anything we would have expected years ago.

There are two new tools to management that will keep growing with the future of management. One tool is technology a manner of accomplishing a task especially using technical processes, methods, or knowledge. The other tool is control, which give managers the power or authority to guide or manage. The two tools together are reasons why the future of management will continue to grow. Managers will use technology and their control to lead people in the future.

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Leadership will play a key role to the future if we do not have good leaders. Our future in management will not move forward to the 21st century. We need leaders who have vision and care for the organizations as if it was their own.

The four functions of management will play have a tremendous impact or managers and their leadership capabilities. Planning will be something most managers who think quickly on their feet do not do. Skipping the planning stage may hurt them in the future. Organizing is a major function of management, being organized shows you are serious about your position. Leaders who prepared are ready for any situation that comes their way and have the answer to all the questions. Why are they ready because they have done the planning stage of management? The function of controlling in management requires not only management skills by the manager, but leaders and managers are required to possess social and psychological knowledge of how to deal with groups and individuals within the organization. Controlling includes effective communication among the members of the organization. In controlling, attitudes, perceptions, and motivations of individuals are taken into account by the manager in order to motivate the members to work efficiently and get the work done. Meanwhile, human resources, interpersonal relations, and group dynamics are also concepts that need to be understood by the manager so that if problems or conflicts ever arise within the organization, then the manager can effectively formulate or come up with a solution that will resolve the conflict. Controlling is best applied in decision-making processes, such as negotiations between personnel and administration regarding a new policy that will be implemented or proposed to the organization.

There are at least two distinct groups of managers that will be affected by this change. Many of us BC (before computers) managers may only plan to work for 10 to 15 additional years, but we will face a lot of change during that time, especially if we have failed to stay somewhat abreast of the changes that are occurring in information use and flow. The probability that someone else will select the dates of our retirement will also go up as we move forward in time (McManus 2003).

The second group will be the AC (after computers) managers. They like seeing this shift occur, as they are put off by the waste they perceive in the way people do things in their company. Credibility is the first thing that suffers when BC and AC managers interact if both groups are not on the same level technologically. We will need to manage this generation gap over the next five to 10 years if we want to have cohesive management teams (McManus 2003).

All the changes will affect many people in the future; the managers who use technology are not fazed by the change. Leaders who are set and their ways and do not adapt well to change never want to see what lies ahead for the future of management. In order to be a successful manager in the future Management will have to choose true leaders to lead their organizations. People who want to have a future in management and have what it takes to be a leader.

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Sample Essay on Smoking

Example Essay on Smoking

The medical research turns against smoking and refers to the dangers. However the rising consumption shows that more people begin with smoking. Therefore is to be examined in the following, the effects of smoking and what speaks for and against smoking. Many smokers have the opinion that the smoking of cigarettes has a lot of positive effects. The most important thing for them is the joy of smoking. They enjoy the taste. Also most of them smoke only a certain cigarette mark, which tastes particularly good to them. Another point is that it is easier to get to know other people if one smokes as if one doesn’t. Because a smoker can simply ask other smokers for a cigarette or for a lighter. That is not so simple with nonsmokers. Furthermore many smokers think that smoking helps to relax. The daily stress at work, trouble with the fellow men and overcrowded department stores affect humans very unpleasantly so they need compensation. In these situations the cigarette is like a release for smokers and strange enough they see it as a possibility of breathing deeply finally.

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The reason for this is the Nicotine temporarily stimulates the nervous system. For example to an exam they feel less nervous, if they smoke a cigarette. Because it helps to concentrate on other things than the exam. Another positive effect is that smoking supports thinking. Many smokers say that they can concentrate best with a cigarette.

There is also a biochemical explanation, which means that nicotine in low dosages improves the attention and the memory. Besides the positive effects there are also negative effects of smoking. Not only nonsmokers say that smoking is a bad and expensive habit. Cigarettes are expensive. Today they cost 3 Euro. If you smoke one package per day so in 10 years nearly 10950 Euro would go into smoke. More over the pollution and destruction of the environment is a negative effect. Cigarette butts and cigarette packets cause litter. Many of these end up adding litter to the streets, dirtying floors and damaging furniture. Another example for this argument is that smoking is linked to accidental damage and loss of life through fire.

Tobacco contains additives to keep the cigarette alight - this increases the risk of fire.

Some fires are started by children playing with matches or lighters which have been left around by smokers. Throwing away a lighted cigarette or match near a forest can be very dangerous. A forest fire destroys everything in its path. Because young trees are destroyed along with older trees the damage is long-lasting and expensive. Besides cigarettes are wrapped in paper and are sold in packets. They use large amounts of paper and therefore a lot of trees. Cutting down trees is one of the biggest threats to our environment. Tree roots bind the soil together. The leaves draw moisture into the air. When the trees are cut down, rainfall is reduced and erosion of the soil is increased. This can leave a bare landscape where nothing useful can be grown. A further, still larger disadvantage is the endangerment of the health. Smoking causes many different types of cancer. Including lung, oral, and kidney cancers. Smoking also causes chronic bronchitis, and many types of breathing disorders. In addition smokers have impaired senses, and impaired wound healing. Smoking also causes lack of blood flowing through the body. This causes your arms and legs not to circulate properly. Sometimes this leads to amputation.

For women, smoking has unique risks. Women over 35 who smoke and use oral contraceptives are in a high-risk group for heart attack, stroke, and blood clots of the legs. They are also most likely to have a miscarriage or a lower birth-weight baby. Most importantly, smoking not only harms your health but of those around you.

Babies and children raised in a home where there is smoking have more ears infections, colds, bronchitis, and other respiratory problems than children from non-smoking families do. Smoke can also cause eye irritation, headaches and dizziness.

The worst problem is the addiction because that is the reason why smokers often can’t stop smoking. Nicotine, in fact, affects the same areas of the brain as these drugs and has similar effects. Nicotine is also similar to heroin or cocaine in that the body eventually develops a tolerance to them and requires more amounts of the substance to maintain the effects. This tolerance and inherent addiction is what makes stopping smoking so difficult. In conclusion there are some positive effects of smoking especially for smoker. However there are more stronger negative effects for smokers and the nonsmokers and the environment. That is why smoking is becoming less socially acceptable now than in the past. Most workplaces have some types of restrictions, and some employers prefer to hire non-smokers.

Landlords, also, may choose not to rent to smokers. Public buildings, concerts, even sporting events are largely smoke-free. And eventually all public places may be if smokers resist their addiction and if the tobacco industries don’t prevent this trend.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Essay on Torture

Essay on Torture

Michael Levin presents us with a rather interesting argument. According to Mr. Levin torturing is permissible when millions of lives are in danger. He states, to be morally correct torturing a criminal or terrorist to get the necessary information, and is often the only way to help prevent more innocent lives from being in danger. He does in fact realize, that torture is somewhat brutal. In his essay he tries to give some examples as to when we might decide to use torture. His examples however, prove to be unconstitutional, unreliable. Therefore, torture as a means of justification is not acceptable. I believe that torture makes a huge whole in our constitution there for it’s wrong.

Justifying torture becomes impossible. Any way designed to justify its use is when certain assumptions are generally made. The bomber scenario described used in Levin’s essay is an excellent example. Do we or do we not torture the terrorist? In this instance, it seems that the life of one person can’t outweigh the lives of millions of people. Yet even in this extreme situation, consider what is assumed. First, one assumes that the bomb actually exists. Perhaps it does not—is there any irrefutable evidence to prove that it does? Without clear proof that lives are actually in danger, torture is an unjustifiable affront to the rights of the suspected terrorist.

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Secondly, it is assumed that we have the right person in custody. What if the authorities arrested the wrong person? Perhaps he’s confessed, but can one be sure the confession was genuine? Maybe he’s insane—or maybe he wants to give his group credit for the bombing—even at risk of his own torture and death.

Thirdly, one assumes that torture will lead to the disarmament of the bomb. This cannot be certain by any means; what if the terrorist cannot disarm the bomb? What if he does not know its location? What if he is resistant enough to torture so that, in the two hours before the explosion, no useful information can be gleaned? Practically, can one even hope to that a man ready to die for his believes is going to give up this information up?

In conclusion, I do not believe using torture is a viable mean. It is barbaric and unconstitutional, even if, someone may be coursed into using it to get what he or she wants. But in those cases I believe it is our own instinct that drives us and not our right state of mind. Torturing a person is unconstitutional but to understand why it is, just imagine being in their shoes.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Essay on Fast Food

Essay on Fast Food

Fast food chains have taken over America, but this is not a good thing. Obesity has become one of the biggest problems the United States of America. Anywhere from 25 – 30% of children, and 50% of adults are obese. Where does this obesity come from? Fast food chains with processed foods, “mystery meats”, and “sugar shocked” pops are major contributors to this widespread problem of obesity. What about this food is so bad for us? It is the trans fats that are in tasty products straight from our favorite fast food chains. This world has a rising amount of the popular fast food restaurants, which contain foods packed with trans fats, and do not contain enough essential fatty acids (EFA’s). The rising popularity of fast food chains, and percentage of obese people needs to be stopped.

The Fast food industry has had a tremendous outbreak of popularity since they first came into existence. In the course of two years 25,000 fast food restaurants were built. That is an amazing number. McDonalds itself spends over half a BILLION dollars a year promoting their “culture” of eating. No company could have that much advertising money unless it was extremely popular. That is where our problem starts. The popularity of fast food has come from being a small problem to being a worldwide problem. No matter what continent you are on chances are you will find at least 1 fast food restaurant because of the never fading popularity of fast food.

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Many studies have been performed having to do with McDonalds because of how popular it is. Most people would probably guess that almost everyone knows what Christianity is. However, McDonalds is more widely known. In a study done with children, the researchers found that the Golden Arch, found on McDonalds signs, was more recognized then the Christian cross. McDonalds has also created a mascot. His name is Ronald McDonald. I would be very surprised if I walked into a room of 20 American children and found that none of them know whom Ronald McDonald is or what the Golden Arch symbolizes. 96% of children know who Ronald McDonald is. That SECONDS him to Santa Clause whether they believe in him or not. McDonalds is known to most every American child.

Kids today eat too much as it is, and a lot of what they eat isn’t healthy. The large amount of advertisement from McDonalds contributes to this. If children know so much about McDonalds, you would guess that they would have eaten there. Surveys that have been taken say that most people eat McDonalds at least once a month. A study that was performed said that immigrant children coming to America, even with all their poverty and lack of good health care, are healthier then the everyday American child. Instead of eating processed foods, they eat more fruits, vegetables, and grains. Of course over time, every immigrant child will be sucked up into the contagious American way, and develop our unhealthy eating habits. The amount of obese children has increased by 50% in the last 20 years.

Almost everyone knows that fast food is bad for you. With the media highlighting every bad thing in the world it is hard to not know that. Most of us do not realize that it is not only bad for our health, but a threat to it as well. Some may know about the calories in it, which in just one meal can be enough for the day. Some obesity. Very few may even know about the bad meat. So they think I wont eat the hamburger, I’ll have French fries instead. I know I used to think that, but the French fries are worse, because of the “partially hydrogenated” oils they are cooked in. Amazing isn’t it? There is virtually no way to make fast food good for you.

Ok, now I would guess your wondering what in the food is bad for you, so I will tell you that it is the trans fats. To most of you that word probably means nothing. It didn’t mean anything to me before I found out what it is. There are two types of fats: Trans fats and the essential fatty acids. The essential part of “essential fatty acids” implies that you need them. Trans fats are the bad fats. A lot of this information has been centered on McDonalds because McDonalds is the largest source of these fatal fats. Now, I know you can tell me well they changed their fries to being “cholesterol free”, but in the reality of that, in terms of your health, that means nothing. The cholesterol rating has nothing to do with whether or not they are good for you. It is all about what they are cooked in: the oils. Oils are “partially hydrogenated”. This tells us that they contain these potent Fatty acids. Most of us don’t know what “partially hydrogenated” means. That’s why we allow this to pass when we are reading labels. Trans fats are in many things whether we know that they are there or not.

What are trans fats? Trans fats were made in 1911 when Procter and Gamble made Crisco. Saying that something is “partially hydrogenated” means that hydrogen was added to a polyunsaturated fat. Manufacturers did this to increase the shelf life of their products. When you do this the fat becomes more solidified allowing it to keep longer. However, it also keeps longer in our bodies. This causes blockages in our arteries. These blockages can eventually lead to heart attacks and various other things. Trans fats are really bad, solid fats that can seriously harm us.

Most children do not get enough EFA’s, essential fatty acids. These acids help us in so many ways. They are the fat that we need to live on. They are necessary for hemoglobin production, circulation, cell membrane, immune function, and brain development. Lacking them can cause heart, mental, skin, and other disorders. This shows that it is “essential” to have essential fatty acids. EFA’s are important to us because they keep us living and if children are lacking them it will lead to big problems.

Trans fats are in almost everything you can buy at fast food restaurants making them highly dangerous. We all need to do something to help this. This world has a rising amount of the popular fast food restaurants, which contain foods packed with trans fats, and do not contain enough essential fatty acids (EFA’s). The popularity of fast food restaurants many never change. Therefore we should attempt to make our fast food restaurants healthier. That doesn’t mean make the French fries cholesterol free! That means change how things are cooked and what they are cooked in. By changing what they are cooked in we can get rid of many of the trans fats, and possibly add some EFA’s. In that way we would make the food healthier decreasing obesity levels, and hopefully change the amounts of trans fats in most foods. Trans fats are virtually taking over not only the fast food restaurants, but also the world.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Essay on Nutrition

Essay on Nutrition

Nutrition is the science that investigates the relationship between physiological function and the essential elements of the food we eat. Ms. Braun discussed two issues that were interesting to me; the types of food we eat and chronic diseases and other diseases.

Nutrients are very important in everyone lives. Eating the types of food that is right for the body will help later in the future. The body needs energy to function, anything a person does, mostly require energy, so have the right calorie balance is very important. Studies have found that female bodies are required to have 1,600-2,400 calories a day and men 2,300-2,700 calories a day. Many foods that are required to eat are base on a pyramid. The food pyramid consist of bread, cereal, rice, and pasta group on the bottom of the pyramid. It is recommended that we eat whole grains such as pasta, whole grain rice, cereal. They contain nutrients such as vitamin B, vitamin E, fiber, and iron. And people should eat 6-11 servings of whole grains per day. Next, are fruits and vegetables. They consist of complex and simple carbohydrates. I think this group is the main group people should focus on because they are very beneficial. They contain nutrients such as vitamin C, fiber, iron, calcium, and potassium. It is recommended for people to eat 5-11 servings a day. For vegetables, we could eat cook or chopped raw vegetables, raw leafy vegetables, or vegetable juice. For fruits, we could eat a whole piece of fruit, canned, chopped, or cooked fruit, or drink a cup a fruit juice. Next group are meat and dairy. Meat are not necessary, and that is where some proteins come from. Proteins can be found in beef, fish, vegetarian beans, nuts, soy products. People should consume 2-3 servings a day. In dairy products, they are simple carbohydrates, and contain nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin D, protein, iron and calcium. And suggested servings are 2-3 servings a day. Meat and dairy are high in saturated fat and cholesterol, so its recommended to less of it. Lastly, on the top of the pyramid, people should consume less fat and sugar. They just add calories, they are not sources of nutrients.

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Nutrition are the essentials in living a healthy life. Everyone need to eat, there are so many types of food, so choosing the right types of food is very important. Understanding what kinds of food to eat will help me live a healthy life now and in the future. Eating the right food on a daily basis, is going to help me eat healthy. Having enough nutrients is very important because some of the food you eat can affect your health, prevent you from having diseases. Recently, I have been trying to watch out for what I eat. I try to eat a balance meal, but sometime I miss a group. I always eat fruits, but I am low in vegetables. I go to the gym almost 2-4 a week, if I have time.

The second issue she brought up was chronic diseases and other diseases; heart disease, stroke, and cancer: prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, etc. Many foods that we eat help lower the risk of these diseases. Heart disease is the most leading cause of death and Cancer is the second leading cause of death. Food that contain fiber will lower your risk of colon cancer, intestinal cancer and heart disease. Food such as tomato, watermelon, and pink grapefruit lowers the risk of prostate cancer, and other diseases and whole foods lower the risk of chronic disease. There are food that lower your risk of diseases, but there are also food that put people on high risk, like red meat, it higher the risk of colon cancer. Mostly food high in fat is bad news and it puts you in a higher risk, so people should consume healthy foo and watch what they eat.

Chronic diseases and other diseases are not fun to have, so learning about what types of food to watch out for and need is very important. Having a healthful lifestyle is being disease free and a health body. I know I eat a variety of food, but sometime I eat too much or too little of the food I need and don’t need, but I’m hoping I am not in a high risk for anything. I think of myself as being healthy, but I’m not sure. I will try to eat food that are beneficial to me, so I could live a healthful life and grow up disease free.

I would definitely recommend this speaker and topic for future classes because it is necessary to reach out to people of how it is important to eat the right food. Ms. Braun was a good presenter, but I think there should of been more examples of real-life stories, or she should talk to the class, make it interactive, but overall, she presented a well organized presentation.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Essay on Soccer

Essay on Soccer

Soccer is over 2,000 years old. In ancient China, soccer was called 'tsu chu', meaning "to kick the ball with the feet". The Chinese used a leather ball and had goal posts 30 feet high. The Romans called soccer 'harpastum'. In eleventh century England, two villages would play against each other; up to 500 people would be on each team. The game would begin at the mid-point between two villages. Instead of a ball, the players hit a human skull; they later used an inflated animal bladder. The game ended when a team hit the center point of the opposing village.

Today, a soccer team consists of eleven members: eight offensive and three defensive players. The offensive players are outside and inside right forward, center forward, outside and inside left forward, right halfback, left halfback, and center halfback. The defensive positions are goalie, right fullback, and left fullback. The responsilbility of the offensive players is to score goals, while the defensive players are to keep the other team from scoring any goals.

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Soccer rules are different from other sports rules. One rule that has stayed the same since soccer began is only the goalie may touch the ball with his hands. Players are not allowed to trip, hold, shove, push, kick or strike any other player on the field. When players break these rules, the other team gets the ball and may be given a free shot to earn a goal.

Each team may have eleven players on the field at the same time. The player's should be dressed in shorts, shirts, stockings, and cleats. If both teams agree, tennis shoes may be worn instead of cleats. Shin guards are optional.

Players wear the same uniforms as their teammates. The goalie must wear a different color jersey, so he can be indentified as the goalie. Sometimes the team will wear matching socks or stockings, but this is not required. Some people think the selection of socks is difficult, but they're incorrect; as long as the stockings selected match the uniform and are comfortable, they're fine.

Good soccer shoes should be lightwieght, flexible, padded, and allow the player to make sharp pivots. Soccer shoes are called cleats because they have rubber or metal screws on the bottom of them. The cleats allow the players to make sharp turns without slipping.

Shin guards offer leg protection. Today, there are two styles of shin guards: plastic-cased shin guards that are worn under the socks and socks that have shin guards sewn into them.

Goalies wear knee pads, elbow pads and depending on league rules, helmets. They also wear sliding pads on their legs, long sleeved shirts, and long pants. They all wear gloves. Male goalies wear plastic protective cups and athletic supporters.

The soccer ball is made of rubber or leather. Sizes range from size 3 to 5. Players who are ages 6-11 usually use the size 4 balls; older players and professional athletes use the size 5 balls. The cost of a soccer ball begins at ten dollars and increases, depending on what the ball is made of and whether or not there are professional soccer player autographs on the ball.

Prior to playing a soccer game, players warm-up. Warming-up wakes up a player's muscles and gets them ready to play soccer. A couple of the warm-up stretches are the pretzel and the butterfly. Running laps is another warm-up exercise. A popular stretch that works the hamstring is to bend the leg at the knee and hold it up to the backside for a count of ten.

The length of a soccer game varies, depending on players ages. An adult game is made-up of two 45-minute halves. Before the game, the referee calls each team captain to the center of the field . A coin is tossed; the captain that wins the coin toss can either choose to receive the ball or select his team's side of the field. At kick-off, the team not receiving the ball must be ten yards away from the ball. The objective of the game is to move the ball down the field and score goals by kicking the ball through the opponent's net. When the game ends, the team with the most goals wins. Every time one team scores, the other team receieves a kickoff. As with other sports, there are some very specific procedures. In soccer, these are called 'starts and restarts' and are all related to where players are on the field in relation to where the ball is.

Since the eleventh century, soccer has come a long way. Soccer is played in over 150 countries; in the United States, more young people play soccer than little league baseball. Soccer has grown to be one of the greatest sports in the world.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Literary Essay on The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

From the beginning of the civilization on earth, people have many different superstitions, or beliefs about life. People believe if they were to do certain things, they would have good luck. Some of these superstitions go on for such long periods of time and people do them so often that they become traditions or rituals. Also, people who conform to old rituals and traditions often lose their minds and commit vicious actions against others out of tradition. For instance, some Hindu communities used to immolate a virgin to satisfy Goddess Kali from their beliefs that this sacrifice would bring luck and prosperity for them. In her short story, "The Lottery", Shirley Jackson is trying to point out that kind of evidences which people do in the name of tradition or ritual by describing a small town where the people have been taught to believe that in order for their crop to be abundant for the year, some individual have to be sacrificed.

The ritualistic characteristics of the lottery reveal through evidences like town people’s commentary on the traditional and modern ways of holding the lottery as well as observation of this gear’s proceedings. In the very beginning of the story, we see people of a small town gathers in the central square on June 27th to celebrate the annual lottery, right before the crop season. Among them there is much excitement and interest as the rituals of the event proceed. Every year the villagers take each persons name, make them to draw slips of paper from the black box. The person, who gets the paper with the mark on in, wins the lottery and gets stoned to death. They justify this dangerous ritual from the belief that “Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon” which means if they have a lottery before cropping season they will have a good season. This is one of those beliefs, or superstitions, they have that makes to think that their luck is going to become good.

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According to old man Warner, who has been attending the lottery for seventy-seven years, villagers would be ‘crazy’ to give up the lottery. When Mr. Adam told old man Warner that the north village was talking about giving up the lottery, old man Warner snorted, “Pack of crazy fools. Listening to young folks, nothing’s good for them.” He then warned the villagers that their work ethics would be destroyed as soon as they gave up the lottery. He commented negative about the people who were talking to give up the lottery that “next thing you know, they'll be wanting to go back to living in caves, nobody work any more, live that way for a while”. Thus, the belief of disrupting the corn season by giving up the lottery and the fear of getting chosen for the lottery made the people of the town to destroy each other instead of working together to destroy the tradition.

As Tessie Hutchinson is getting stoned, someone from her community puts a stone in her son's hand. Even the closest family member participates in the horror. "The children had stones already, and someone gave little Davey Hutchinson a few pebbles." (Jackson, The Lottery page 297) This action shows how tradition is being passed on literally from generation to generation. This stoning is the way that the people of the community act out their fear of being singled out, separated from the herd, being the one stoned. In other words, the tradition is so powerful and it has existed so long that no one will challenge it because they fear to change.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

History Essay on Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Essay Example

It was the day that was described as “a day of infamy,” a day that will be in the history of the United States for years to come. It was a day that that the United States not only found out that a nation might win a battle, but a rude awakening of a nation losing a war. It was a surprise attack, an attack that occurred at a time when+ the United States was least expecting it. It was a slap in the face. In my opinion being the strongest country defiantly had its fair share of disadvantages. In my perception it was a day that will live in my dreams for the rest of my life. At 7:55 on December 7th 1941, Japanese military forces at Pearl Harbor attacked the United States of America.

Clubs, parties, and charity dances were the atmosphere that surrounded the naval base that Saturday night. My husband and I took a walk to admire the precious island we have been living on for almost 25 years. As we gazed across the sparking blue water we had notices the reflection of the thousands of ship lights that laid on the still water of the Harbor. On the farthest end of the Harbor that large base was located. Seeing the glare from the hundred American fighter planes made my husband think of what a perfect target they would make. That Saturday night, December 6th was the last night the United States of America held their head high, ignoring all other “weak” countries. The day has some, the morning of December 7th 1941. It was a hazy, mild morning. Not many clouds in the sky made the ships and planes shine like they were a day old. Looking over the base was absolutely breathtaking. Many of the men are doing their usual duties, as it was a normal, ordinary day in Pearl Harbor.

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Many of the fighters were spending their morning sleeping, eating breakfast, or even preparing to go ashore for some last minute Christmas shopping. My husband and I were relaxing on the sunny docks watching our neighbors train carefully. I couldn’t help overhearing the general say something about an unfamiliar group of aircrafts that are well on their way over the Pearl Harbor base. Shortly after hearing this my husband rushed to the base. He had been working as a private for the whole community. He phoned the air-warning center in Honolulu as fast as he could. The lieutenant quickly informs me that the blip on the headquarters radar was just an American B-17 bombers returning from the mainland. “We didn’t even have time to react to such a relief.” As my husband began to set the phone back down an awful, overwhelming fear came over me. Loud, shrilling aircrafts surrounded the entire island. “These planes are to low, something cannot be right,” my husband screamed. I hurried to the window to see that these “American B-17 bombers” were really Japanese military planes led by commander Admiral Chuichi Nagumo. Within seconds, the Sunday morning that was once a gorgeous scene, quickly transformed into a dreadful disaster. Explosives and torpedoes were being dropped on our American ships, and were destroying the Pearl Harbor that we once knew for 25 years. “Real planes, real bombs, this is no drill,” was cried from the P.A. system. The screeching sounds of these American ships being blown up, quickly woke all the soldiers up, and made them realize that there base needed help. I watched in the window crying, helpless, not knowing what to do. The overwhelming scream for help was heard for miles. I ran as fast as my legs would bring me to the nurse hospitality stations near by. I helped drag wounded men and women in to get them as much help as they needed. Supplies were running low, and the capacity of the hospital area couldn’t possibly fit the amount of casualties that were wounded during this unforgettable war. It was real, it was really happening. Looking at Pearl Harbor made me weak. It made me feel like our country was nothing. How could the Japanese do this to us? Seeing your neighbors, best friends, and companions that you have known for years, running around looking for love ones is the most depressing sight I have ever experienced.

Pearl Harbor was one of the worst attacks in WW II. Over 2,388 people were killed, and almost 2,000 wounded. The sights and sounds will stay with the people who have survived it throughout their lives. Me, however will remember that America fought back, they fought for everything that America stands for. A memorial, called the Arizona stands till this day remembering everyone who fought long and hard for our country. On December 8th 1941 President Roosevelt addressed Congress stating that December 7th 1941 was a date “which will live in infamy.” He was right, Pearl Harbor will never be forgotten, and we till this day honor the courageous men who risked their lives for the American People.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Essay on Lowering the Legal Drinking Age

Essay on Lowering the Drinking Age

As we are all aware of, the United States of America has ruled that the legal drinking age is twenty-one. Many citizens, including myself, believe this to be preposterous. We all have our reasons for believing which side of the line is best, and this essay includes mine.

I know that some of you may believe that twenty-one is a suitable and responsible age. Some of you may even go so far as to say that it should be set higher than that. A few individuals I know would say that the way “kids” act today has determined their fate to have to wait several years after becoming an “adult” to purchase alcohol legally. While I understand that some members in my age group have shown their ludicrous ways, the majority of us are going to college trying to make something of ourselves. But that shouldn’t prevent us from having a little life experience along the way.

In 1984, the United States government ruled that the states would either change their minimum legal drinking age to twenty-one, or the highway departments would suffer cuts in budgets. Since then, many people have argued for or against this act, but the battle still continues.

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Even professors are adamantly involved in trying to get the age lowered. Dr. Ruth Engs, Professor of Applied Health Sciences at Indiana University states, “Currently, we prohibit 20-year-olds from sipping champagne at their own weddings (Engs and Hanson 1)!” A wedding is a time of celebration. Shouldn’t a bride and groom who were considered old and mature enough to get married be considered as such to consume an alcoholic beverage or two?

In the United States, one is considered an adult at the age of eighteen. Those persons are allowed to be eligible to vote, purchase tobacco products, get into dances or clubs, and most importantly, able to fight and die for their country’s cause. If one is considered responsible enough to fight for the U.S. government, then how is one not responsible enough to be able to decide whether or not we want to consume alcoholic beverages?

Jeff Rainforth, a man running for U.S. Congress, stated that if the minimum legal drinking age was not changed, he was going to propose that those turning eighteen joining the armed forces could still join, but they would not be allowed to fight in combat until reaching twenty-one. He claims that it is easier sometimes for a person to obtain drugs than it is for them to purchase a single can of beer (Rainforth 1). So you see, there are far worse things to consume than alcohol. Would you rather your kids be out drinking—not much, just a sip or two—or would you rather them be out smoking marijuana or much more dangerous drugs? Rainforth also mentioned that “either a person has the ability to make rational life decisions at age 18 or a person has the ability to make rational life decisions at age 21. It cannot be both ways (Rainforth 1).”

At the age of 18 all persons are charged as adults for crimes committed, and can receive either the death penalty or life imprisonment as punishment. The Califonia State Supreme Court recently gave prosecutors the authority to charge minors as young as 14 as adults for crimes committed (Rainforth 2). If you spend the rest of your life in jail from such a young age having been charged as an “adult,” then you should be able to drink any beverage of your choosing.

In America, a citizen is claimed to have all of these rights. An American citizen is supposed to be able to make their own life choices and decisions. If this is the case, then why can’t an American citizen choose to drink alcohol after they have reached adulthood? Citizens in other countries are able to make their own alcohol consumption decisions at the time of being able to walk! China, Jamaica, and Sweden are a few of these listed countries. Both of our bordering countries and our allies are allowed to drink at age eighteen. In England, if you’re in a restaurant, you can even purchase and drink alcohol at age sixteen (Legal Drinking Age 1). So why does America choose to be the only one left out in the cold by putting off the age to twenty-one?

Even though the legal drinking age is twenty-one, a majority of the people under this age consume alcohol. A great deal of these law-breakers consume alcohol irresponsibly because they perceive it as rebelling against authority. Since the age was raised, many young adults have drunk more abusively than in the past. Like national Prohibition, it was been counter-productive. Raising the drinking age brought about more problems than it solved (Engs and Hanson 2).

My final reason for why we should lower the drinking age is a person can purchase a firearm upon turning eighteen years of age. What is wrong with this picture? A person can blow someone’s head off and then be tried as an adult for it, but he/she is not allowed to buy alcohol on their own? I believe that shooting someone is far worse than drinking a little beer or liquor at a time of his/her choosing.

If changing the age to eighteen isn’t suitable, there are other solutions. Either way, young adults are going to find their own ways to get the “forbidden fruit.” The government could allow the individual states to decide their own minimum drinking age—much like they did with tattoos and piercings. Maybe we could be like sophisticated and notable England and allow those under age to consume alcohol in restaurants. Business and economic levels might even increase after incorporating this idea.

In conclusion, America should consider repealing the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984 or at least choosing another alternative. Prohibition didn’t work, and it doesn’t look like this idea of the U.S. government enforcing this act on its younger citizens is going to work very well either. If significant results were being shown and could be proven, then I and others would not have a problem with it. It would just be something to have to deal with in life. But the fact is, it’s not making an impact! Not being able to drink at your own wedding reception, but being allowed to get killed in a war is just ridiculous.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Essay on Road Safety

Essay on Road Safety

Road accidents have been and will continue to be one of the greatest health hazards. Statistically, it has been shown that the number of death and injuries due to road accidents has been steadily increased within the past five years. In 2002, drivers accounted for 32% of persons killed in Trinidad and Tobago. Fatalities and injuries within the past two years have exceeded other years by a vast number. It has now reached a grand total of 199 in 2002, significantly greater than its total, five or six years ago.

Why must road accidents in Trinidad be considered a norm? There are many causes of road accidents but, personally, I think the most important factor which contributes to road accidents is the irresponsibility of the drivers. Driving an automobile is a privilege, which many people succeed to abuse. Anything that may impair one’s ability to make wise decisions should never be mixed with driving. This is when a driver should practice “social responsibility.”

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Drivers must at all times, abide by the safety regulations of the road and most importantly stick to the speed limits or stick to a speed which will allow one to stop within a safe distance. Drivers must, most importantly, take responsibility for themselves at all times. By this I mean, they must know that they should not drive if they feel tired, sick, drunk or upset. They must also ensure that the appropriate eye wear or hearing aid be worn if necessary. Patience is a quality in which drivers must exercise. They must be cautious especially on wet roads, pedestrian crossings and junctions.

Typical examples of drivers practicing unsafe habits are, drivers who cut people off in traffic or attempt to run out the amber traffic light. Another example of this occurs when drivers don’t give the right of way to anyone especially when coming when coming onto highways or going around a round-about or even by giving the pedestrians the right of way at a pedestrian crossing. All of these things contribute to a driver’s “social responsibility.

Driver distraction and inattention are important driving safety issues. Within the past five years, the use of in-vehicle technologies for example the cell phone and the pager, became more popular. The cell phone, primarily, causes a concern about a concomitant increase in driver distraction. Billboards and artifacts from roadsides also contribute greatly to the distraction.

Drivers however are not the only ones to be blamed. Pedestrians have traditionally accounted for many deaths on the road. During the past five years, pedestrians have accounted for at least 30% of road accidents. Pedestrians must, at all times, walk on walkways and cross the main roads and highways with extreme caution always giving the right of way to cars approaching.

Even if a driver is responsible and cautious, who is to blame if an accident still occurs? Drivers cannot drive safely in unsafe conditions. Another factor which contributes to road accidents is the condition of the roads and infrastructure of the country. The government should ensure that there is adequate maintenance of our infrastructure. Impediments on roads cause drivers to lose control over their vehicles and force drivers to make illegal moves.

It should also be ensured, by the government, that the roads of a country are well lighted in the night. Some drivers are unable to see oncoming vehicles in time and thus collide causing death or injury. Areas of congestion are also a common location for road injuries. Even though, patience in traffic plays the major role in preventing road accidents in traffic, another role should be played by the government, in preventing excessive traffic. It is a known fact that officials in the Licensing Office take bribes from students who want to obtain their license faster. These bribes must be stopped . No amount of money is worth a life!

There are many solutions to the problems stated earlier. Firstly and most importantly, the driver’s attitude has to change. The driver should always be patient, responsible and cautious. He should ensure that all the fittings in the car be in such a manner as not to cause or to be likely to cause, danger to any person in the vehicle or on the public road. In other words, he should always have “social responsibility.”

Secondly, the government is in charge of making a country a safe place to drive in. The government should ensure that there is proper maintenance of infrastructure. Should impediments such as pot holes, branches etc be removed, roads will be made safer to a significant degree. Maintenance of infrastructure should also include properly functioning lights on roadways for night drivers and properly maintained street signs and traffic directing arrows. To reduce accidents due to speeding, there should be more effective mechanisms to detect speed for example hidden cameras at traffic lights and radar systems.

It should be made mandatory that all drivers in Trinidad and Tobago take courses on defensive driving. There should be more police on the road during the night taking random breathalyzer tests to determine if the drivers are intoxicated. Billboards and other artifacts must be removed from major roads to reduce driver distraction. The use of cell phones while driving should be banned for this, primarily contributes to driver distraction. In order to avoid excessive traffic congestion, the government should make the highways wider for many accidents are caused in the build up of traffic.

The most effective solutions to road safety related problems integrate the driver, the vehicle, the road and environmental considerations. Improvements in road safety can best be achieved through consultation and co operation with specific levels of government, industry and the public. All users of the transportation system must share responsibility for safety. Recently, road accidents have increased drastically and should be really considered a major health hazard of today.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Essay on Jealousy

Essay on Jealousy

Jealousy is defined as an envious or bitter attitude. Many people experience it every day, but not many stop to actually analyze it and consider the effects of it on their outlooks on life. Hence, jealousy starts out as a small “nagging” feeling, but as it grow.

The most common impression of jealousy is a negative one. That idea is because jealousy is a complex emotion that can be detrimental in many ways. Jealousy can hurt one if it is taken too seriously. Often, jealousy is casually shrugged off. However, if it persists, jealousy can break a person down. Jealousy can even cause negative results such as making a person hurt someone else.

A multifaceted emotion, jealousy is also potentially favorable. Jealousy can cause one to strive to be better. One can be motivated by the need to become better. Envy for someone else can be a good thing. Therefore, jealousy is also a positive emotion.

Finally, jealousy can be a neutral and ineffective emotion. Many people who experience jealousy choose to live with it and not do anything about it. These people are not affected by jealousy, positively or negatively. They simply ignore the emotion and continue to live on with their lives. In this case, jealousy is neither harmful nor helpful.

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Therefore, jealousy is an amalgamated emotion. It can be useful, harmful, or useless. Not many people think of jealousy as such a deep emotion. If they did, jealousy would no longer be considered only a negative emotion. Jealousy is defined as an envious or bitter attitude. Many people experience it every day, but not many stop to actually analyze it and consider the effects of it on their outlooks on life.

Hence, jealousy starts out as a small “nagging” feeling, but as it grow. The most common impression of jealousy is a negative one. That idea is because jealousy is a complex emotion that can be detrimental in many ways. Jealousy can hurt one if it is taken too seriously. Often, jealousy is casually shrugged off. However, if it persists, jealousy can break a person down. Jealousy can even cause negative results such as making a person hurt someone else.

A multifaceted emotion, jealousy is also potentially favorable. Jealousy can cause one to strive to be better. One can be motivated by the need to become better. Envy for someone else can be a good thing. Therefore, jealousy is also a positive emotion.

Finally, jealousy can be a neutral and ineffective emotion. Many people who experience jealousy choose to live with it and not do anything about it. These people are not affected by jealousy, positively or negatively. They simply ignore the emotion and continue to live on with their lives. In this case, jealousy is neither harmful nor helpful.

Therefore, jealousy is an amalgamated emotion. It can be useful, harmful, or useless. Not many people think of jealousy as such a deep emotion. If they did, jealousy would no longer be considered only a negative emotion.

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Example Essay on Cosmetic Surgery

We’ve all heard the saying beauty is pain. But what do they really mean by the word pain? Maybe it’s the physical kind that’s caused by fixing that bump on your nose, or maybe it’s the pain of paying $3,000 to have the perfect eyelids. Today, the price of beauty in our society is higher than ever, and many people are turning to cosmetic surgery to fit in. Cosmetic surgery is quickly becoming the new trend not just with women, but with men, teenagers, children, and even animals. Today, we’re here to learn about the types of cosmetic surgery, the financial and emotional costs of it, and the consequences that come along with it.

There seems to be a type of cosmetic surgery for every person out there. There’s an otoplasty operation for a person with ears like Dumbo, or a rhinoplasty for a person with nose like a ski slope. There are cheek implants, chin implants, thigh lifts, arm lifts, and even a gynecomastia, a male breast reduction. The most popular types or surgery among men tend to be fat injections and lip augmentations. For women, its blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgeries, and rhinoplasty, or nose jobs, that tend to be the most common, while teenage girls undergo the most breast augmentations. The list of surgeries goes on and on. The world of cosmetic surgery is a growing business, adding new operations all the time. The facial plastic surgery website, last accessed Nov. 6, 2003, says that almost one third of patients have previously undergone facial cosmetic surgery and almost half have had multiple procedures in one year. If cosmetic surgery has already become this addictive, imagine what is might be like fifty years from now.

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Now let’s talk about what it costs to be beautiful by today’s standards. Not only is there a financial cost, but also an emotional. The price range can very greatly depending on the doctor you use. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons Website, last accessed Nov. 6, 2003, states that in general, facelifts, abdominoplasty, and breast reductions are the most expensive surgeries costing $4,500 each. While the least expensive surgeries are usually cheek and chin implants at $2,000 each. As we can see, cosmetic surgery is a good way to loose your money fast. It can easily be compared to gambling. Once you start, it’s hard to stop, and before you know it all your money is gone and you’re back where you started. There is also an emotional cost that comes along with cosmetic surgery. People can become dissatisfied with their results. Then another surgery is needed to fix the previous one, and then another to fix that one. Before you know it, you’ve become addicted to cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately, with the prices the way they are and the high standards of beauty, it is easier than one may think to loose your money because of cosmetic surgery.

Finally, we will talk about the consequences. It is obvious that any surgery will have some kind of aftermath. However, the consequences of cosmetic surgery are different than those of most other surgeries. The amount of complications is numerous. The recovery times from cosmetic surgeries are usually longer than most other operations. For someone who receives an abdominoplasty it would take the two days before they could slowly start to walk, about 14 days before they could return to a desk job, 14 days before they could have any aerobic activity, and at least one month before weight lifting or playing sports. Another factor of the recovery process is the bruising, swelling, and scarring. The bruising and swelling fade rather quickly. However, scarring is different. It usually takes about 6-18 months for scars to reduce, and there will always be a permanent mark. Scars can stretch or become infected and cause major complications. Silicon poisoning is the most common problem in implant operations. It is caused by the implant breaking, allowing the silicon to spread to other parts of the body and cause infections. The American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons’ state in their 1994 book, A guide to Cosmetic Surgery, that the only way to permanently remove silicon is by cutting it out, which is usually very painful and can sometimes be impossible. Deep vein thrombosis is another problem concerning cosmetic surgery. This is a problem in patients who receive different types of leg surgeries. It is the result of blood clotting in the deep veins of the calf. If the clot becomes dislodged and moves to the lungs, it can become very dangerous. Both silicon poisoning and deep vein thrombosis can be fatal.

As we can see, the price of beauty is higher than ever. With cosmetic surgery as a growing trend, the standard of beauty is at a new level. Today, we have learned about the financial and emotional costs of cosmetic surgery. We also talked about the different types of surgeries and their consequences after surgery. Now that we know a little more about beauty in our society, we can safely say that beauty really is pain.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Essay on Growing Up

Essay on Growing Up

"Grow Up"! This is a comment often used when a person is acting immaturely or if someone thinks you are not acting your true age. It of course is not possible to grow up any faster, but many people consider themselves as being "grown up" or more mature than others.

The stages of growing up are separated into different categories of the following a baby, infant, child, teenager and an adult. The first obviously being a baby, however as no one can really remember themselves being a baby it can sometimes be hard to explain what it is really like.

The only way people know how babies act is by watching other ones and this is how we learn about their behaviour. When a baby is born it is completely helpless and relies on its mother to care for it. During this process mothers form very strong bonds with their child and so starts one of the most important relation ships of growing up which is between parents and their children.

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Now as the baby gets older it starts to learn new skills such as being able to talk and walk. Being able to communicate with others is a very important skill of growing up and it is all learnt from your parents from the vocabulary used to the accent it is spoken with. Now that the baby can talk the next step of growing up is its behaviour and this comes from the child’s up bringing whether it is active, grumpy, happy or lazy. These factors depend on whether your parents are strict or soft and also sometimes the economic factors. All of these personality traits are carried on through into later life and forms the person that you are and makes you unique.

The second stage of growing up is being an infant, which generally ranges from the age of two to the age of four. Sometimes referred to as “The terrible twos” being an infant is a whole new part of growing up as you become ever more dependent and now can communicate well with your parents. Whether you want a toy you have seen or something to eat, as you can now try and persuade your Mum and Dad to get it. I personally find some young children irritating as they cry if they do not get their own way but when I say this, my Dad tells me “ you were once one of them at that age”.

At the age of five infants have now turned into children and the first day of school has arrived. This is a topic that often crops up in conversations as for many children there first day of school is very frightening as it will be the first time they have left the security of their parents and are in a strange new environment. However I still remember my first day at school although I did not cry it was still daunting experience. Leaving the arms of my Mum in my new itchy school uniform I walked to the classroom door and went inside to see other children the same age as me all looking just as uncomfortable and sacred. After few days I settled in and started to enjoy the experience of learning and I am now in fifth year studying for my highers.

A teenager, when you hear that word what is the first thing that pops into your head? Is it spotty children who listen to loud music and are rebelling against their parent? That to many people is what it is as teenagers are often put in to stereotypical groups which I personally find unfair as I myself do not fall into that category like many other teenagers in the same position as me.

Being a teenager is not all fun though as they have to carry many responsibilities and are being put under an ever-increasing pressure. Especially form parents as I very well know after being told repeatedly to go and study or go and do your homework. As I am in fifth year this year I have my highers to contend with so it is thee most important year of my school career as it deciphers what university I will be going into or what job I want to do. Not only is that the only pressure teenagers are under there is also peer pressure which to can make life difficult.

But finally you have left school and have turned eighteen, which means you can legally drink and at seventeen you can learn how to drive which means only one thing and that is that you are now an adult. This does not mean that you have stopped growing up as you still learn and mature as your life continues but mostly that is it. So now with your qualifications you can hopefully get a good job and the world is now your oyster.

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Reflective Essay on Volunteering

Volunteering has changed my life forever. I have often heard people talk about the benefits of volunteering, of it being a way to reach out and touch the lives of others in a positive way. But I didn’t fully understand the impact of that claim until I started to volunteer myself. I started volunteering in my last year of high school so that I would have something to add to my university applications. At first, I would just be a helping hand in local community events, such as bake sales and food drives. But then, I was asked to help organize an after-school program for children. This changed my life forever.

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Everyday after school, children from the local community would arrive at the mosque where volunteers like myself would plan activities for them until they were ready to be picked up by their parents. For the most part these children came from low-income families, whose parents could not afford expensive day care facilities. We would help the children with their homework, take them to the park, and organize various games for them. The kids responded well to the program, and slowly I started to develop a bond with them. The more I worked with them, the more I realized how much I loved them. Many of these kids did not have the luxury of taking swimming, soccer or karate lessons like other children their age; and because I knew that myself and another volunteer were fully accredited lifeguards, while two other volunteers played on their university soccer teams, I initiated a plan. I would teach the kids how to swim, while the others would help them form a mini soccer league.

But little did I know that while I was teaching these kids how to swim, they would also be teaching me things. Every time a child was scared to get into the water, they taught me patience. Every time, a child got scared and held on to me, it taught me that they depended on me, that I was important in their life, and every time they accomplished a task with success it gave me a sense of accomplishment. But most importantly, they taught me to give.

Volunteering my time to teach swimming lessons was the best thing I have ever done in my life. It taught me that money will never be my motivation for working, that motivation for me will only come when I know I can make a difference in another person’s life.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Essay on Heart of Darkness

Essay on Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness is a novel addressing the issue of colonialism. The degradation of white colonists is represented through their barbaric implications towards the Blacks. Symbolism plays a major role in explicating imperialistic movements and also the exploration of the psychological mind. The darkness of the human mind is revealed by the morbid and dark imageries presented throughout the narrative. Moreover, the journey into the heart of Congo itself is a major connotation of the narrator's experience through the impenetrable ambiguity.

The main character, Marlow, explores the ambivalence of dehumanization through the acts of colonization. Europeans who migrate to the Dark Continent in search of prosperity and wealth ally with selfishness and greed to obtain the ultimate goal.

Their greed has led them to believe their superiority among the Blacks, which result in their brutal oppression over their supposed inferiors. This is a description of the grotesque mentality of White supremacy while in the deeds of colonization.

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The White men's illusion of control has led them to the loss of humanization. This violence is represented by the chained blacks that are "in all attitudes of pain, abandonment, and despair" (1969). The oppressed are forced to work and exhaust all their energy to the advantage of the White population, in both physical and psychological extremes. Moreover, the description Marlow gives the savages precisely denotes a kind of animal instinct, rather than human characteristics. However, throughout the course of the narrative, at the same time that White men are trying to civilize the Blacks, the Blacks, in return, teach the White colonists to becoming more and more barbaric.

For example, when Marlow first encounters the Blacks withering away in chains, the restraints resemble the damage that Whites have caused among the slaves. Moreover, when Marlow sees that one of the Blacks carries a piece of fine wool around his neck, he cannot help but give the slave a biscuit from his pocket. "I found nothing else to do but to offer him one of my good Swede's ship's biscuits" had tied a bit of white worsted round his neck - why? Was it a badge - an ornament - a charm - a propitiatory act" (1969)? Here, it symbolizes the white man's obligation to continue the teaching of the Black's inferiority or becoming second class "whites". At the same time, Blacks are forced to distance themselves away from their nature and their true self in admitting the White's culture.

On the other hand, the Whites are transformed into savages by the natives because the Blacks expose the colonists into the nature, the Whites become influenced by their surroundings; thus resulting in the assimilation of their own selves with the wilderness, bringing out their uncivilized and barbaric side within their psychological minds. The scene where the hut bursts into flames and the man attempting to cease the fire with "a tin pail in his hand, dipped about a quart of water and tore back again. I noticed there was a hole in the bottom of his pail" (1974). To cease the fire with a broken pail is as futile as the useless resistance Whites have against becoming barbaric. The only revenge they can perform is to blame one of the slaves for the deed that the darkness has done to them.

The form of violence can also be presented as an act of racism. The White men's racism toward the inferior group allows them to show aggression in order to gain power. However, this can be explained by the vulnerability of the White men toward the natives where in order to work under such a condition, they have to differentiate themselves and gain control over the colony in the need to conceal their fear. For instance, when the people gather to extinguish the fire, "black figures strolled about listlessly, pouring water on the glow; the beaten nigger groaned somewhere. "What a row the brute makes!" said the indefatigable man. "Serve him right. Transgression, punishment, bang! Pitiless, pitiless. That's the only way. This will prevent all conflagrations for the Future" (1976). Here, it seems as though the White men fear the power of these savages, so in order for them to keep the natives under control, they use aggression to achieve the goal. Therefore, within their own sense of racism, there implies a sense of fear and pettiness that they have towards this vast uncultivated space.

Moreover, the racism that is portrayed in this story is the way different people of different color skin act toward colonization. Blacks are represented as evil, dark, and solemn gloom. White people, on the other hand, are angelic and miraculous. When Marlow sees the accountant who is uncontaminated by the environment, he "shook hands with this miracle" (1969). The accountant has been in Africa for three years and his behavior and fashion are still favorable in Europe, which provides the evidence that he must be educated and therefore mentally sane. Here, Civility is also distinguished by color where being White denotes a person's sanity and Black carries animal characteristics. However, no matter how close a person is to being white, the person is still identified as uncivilized by the White colonists.

However, the White man's civility presented in the wilderness allows the whites to alienate each other from trying to steal their wealth. As a result, they've become more selfish and thirsty for ivory, which blinds their innocence and allows them to risk their lives in the vast emptiness. Marlow, however, doesn't want to be involved with this type of greed. Rather, he sees it as a journey to find his true self. He says, "I don't like work - no man does but I like what is in the work the chance to find yourself. Your own reality" (1978). While traveling up the river, he sees an untouched land which symbolizes the untracked part within the psychological mind. The forest seems impenetrable, similar to the inner chambers of the human mind. "It was the stillness of an implacable force brooding over an inscrutable intention. It looked at you with a vengeful aspect" (1982). As Marlow travels deeper and deeper into the womb of the darkness, his fear grows stronger because of the overwhelming feeling of unknowingness within himself consuming his civilized mind, stripping him of his self-awareness.

The untamed part of Marlow's heart can be translated by the description of the forests he has encountered throughout his travel. "Trees, trees, millions of trees, massive, immense, running up high" It made you feel very small, very lost, and yet it was not altogether depressing, that feeling" (1983). He cannot associate with his inner self because it's almost inhuman and unearthly. However, even though he resists the immense uncertainty as well as he can, he is slowly influenced by this dark immobility. As a result, he loses himself and begins to think himself as an untamed soul or a barbarian.

However, he is startled to awaken from his inner self when he finds a book with European writings. He touched the book as if it can revive him back to his original self. "The simple old sailor, with his talk of chains and purchases, made me forget the jungle and the pilgrims in a delicious sensation of having come upon something unmistakably real. Such a book being here was wonderful enough" (1985). Marlow sees the handwriting of the white language, he feels as though he is caressed by an angel to give him energy to move out of the hopelessness. Since he is already so distant away from his "White" self, seeing something so familiar reminds him of the righteousness of the White's modern philosophy; where there is a way to work around everything instead of being consumed by it. Moreover, the dark emblems of the darkness make amends within Marlow's mind about colonization, where the imperialistic thoughts should be prohibited because the land is so inhabited and overwhelming that White man's intrusion is almost insignificant and useless; the nature can easily consume them and turn civilization into savagery.

Upon arrival of the inner station, the house is not lined with a fence; rather, the heads on stakes display took the place of the barrier. Marlow becomes acquainted with the owner of the book. He reminds Marlow of himself when he first begin to explore the river. "His very existence was improbable, inexplicable, and altogether bewildering. He was an insoluble problem. It was inconceivable how he existed, how he had succeeded in getting so far, how he had managed to remain - why he did not instantly disappear" (1998). Marlow and the young man both seek enlightenment and exploration. However, only the young Russian can keep his cheery spirit, while Marlow has lost a part of himself in the wilderness. Moreover, both persons are admirers of Kurtz. Here, there are three characters denoting the three outcomes for going into the darkness. The young man is the innocent mind of the colonists when they first seek wealth. Marlow represents the colonist first becoming acquainted with the inhabited land. Depending on the reaction of the person, he/she can either become like the manager, who is blinded by greed, or become like Kurtz.

Kurtz is the final stage of a White person being consumed by the nature. Throughout the story, Kurtz has always been a character of words; he is not an actual character until the end. He is praised to be the top agent for the English company because of his ability to gather the most ivory. Moreover, Kurtz is also a brilliant writer, painter, poet, orator, musician, and politician. The reason for his arrival to the Congo is the make better lives for the Africans. However, upon his arrival, he realizes the dark truth that lies ahead within the jungle, wherefore he is to make a decision of staying sane or being consumed by the darkness.

At first, Kurtz "had apparently intended to return himself, but after coming three hundred miles, had suddenly decided to go back" (1980-81). He struggles to leave himself from darkness, however, he finally gives in and crosses over in realization of the dark truth. Kurtz is a very complicated character. He steals ivory from the local tribal villages, digging lands for this material. His charms have persuaded the natives to helping him acquiring the ivory from Mother Nature. Moreover, they worship Kurtz as a God. "When next day we left at noon, the crowd, covered the slope with a mass of naked, bronzed bodiesЕthey faced the river, stamped their feet, nodded their horned heads, swayed their scarlet bodies" (2008). When Kurtz is leaving for civilization, the natives rush out from the bushes to bid him farewell. Similarly, as much as the natives love Kurtz, Kurtz believes that his stay in the wilderness is for the good of the Africans. He has a great deal of plans that will help improve the African societies, wherefore the land has to be stripped from its ivory. Nonetheless, His dark character is poisoning him. "I said to myself, "He can't walk - he is crawling on all-fours" (2006). When Marlow finally meets with Kurtz, he is no longer human-like.

Marlow's main purpose is to bring Kurtz back to the European Company. When he sees Kurtz, he believes Kurtz has turned almost evil. He is described as "as though an animated image of death carved out of old ivory" (2002). Symbolically, ivory is the source to all evil and greed, wherefore Marlow is hinting at the sanity of Kurtz's psychological condition. Even though Marlow has a deep desire in conversing with him, it disappears when he sees the animal characteristics within Kurtz. He is deeply persuaded that Kurtz has been absorbed into the darkness where he can only live in the wilderness to survive. However, in order to help Kurtz from becoming "utterly lost," Marlow is determined to force him onto the steamboat and back to the company (2007).

Symbolically, Kurtz is a character created by Conrad to introduce a contradiction in colonialism. Again, the character serves the purpose to prove the vulnerability of the colonists; where the Dark Continent is too impenetrable and if one attempts to penetrate such lands, his outcome will become like Kurtz. There also denotes a psychological translation of Kurtz. Being introduced the inner self, if one is to be influenced by it, he/she will not be able to leave the world of misery. Also, with fear as one of the major agents of the inner mind, it is almost too tempting to intrude within those dark chambers because adventure and fear often intertwines with each other. Even though it seems tolerable to be within that state of darkness at first, the overwhelming pressure of evilness will eventually suffocate the mind. Therefore, the personТs consciousness will disappear and becomes a puppet for the darkness.

Kurtz is an important character because he links the Whites to the Blacks, and also his traits have allowed people to realize the fear within colonization and the darkness within one's heart. Heart of Darkness is an anti-colonialism novel which presents the power of the Dark Continent, where White colonists will not survive on his/her own. Also, the most potent imagery within the story may be Kurtz's station, where the fence is no longer needed to contain civilization. Moreover, the surrounding itself denotes a very natural, savage environment, where even the air is saturated with barbaric implements. Despite the greed and selfishness of the White colonists, the inner chamber seems to denote a ground for new discoveries where the Blacks and Whites can join forces to achieve the ultimate goal in acquiring wealth.

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