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History Essay on Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Essay Example

It was the day that was described as “a day of infamy,” a day that will be in the history of the United States for years to come. It was a day that that the United States not only found out that a nation might win a battle, but a rude awakening of a nation losing a war. It was a surprise attack, an attack that occurred at a time when+ the United States was least expecting it. It was a slap in the face. In my opinion being the strongest country defiantly had its fair share of disadvantages. In my perception it was a day that will live in my dreams for the rest of my life. At 7:55 on December 7th 1941, Japanese military forces at Pearl Harbor attacked the United States of America.

Clubs, parties, and charity dances were the atmosphere that surrounded the naval base that Saturday night. My husband and I took a walk to admire the precious island we have been living on for almost 25 years. As we gazed across the sparking blue water we had notices the reflection of the thousands of ship lights that laid on the still water of the Harbor. On the farthest end of the Harbor that large base was located. Seeing the glare from the hundred American fighter planes made my husband think of what a perfect target they would make. That Saturday night, December 6th was the last night the United States of America held their head high, ignoring all other “weak” countries. The day has some, the morning of December 7th 1941. It was a hazy, mild morning. Not many clouds in the sky made the ships and planes shine like they were a day old. Looking over the base was absolutely breathtaking. Many of the men are doing their usual duties, as it was a normal, ordinary day in Pearl Harbor.

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Many of the fighters were spending their morning sleeping, eating breakfast, or even preparing to go ashore for some last minute Christmas shopping. My husband and I were relaxing on the sunny docks watching our neighbors train carefully. I couldn’t help overhearing the general say something about an unfamiliar group of aircrafts that are well on their way over the Pearl Harbor base. Shortly after hearing this my husband rushed to the base. He had been working as a private for the whole community. He phoned the air-warning center in Honolulu as fast as he could. The lieutenant quickly informs me that the blip on the headquarters radar was just an American B-17 bombers returning from the mainland. “We didn’t even have time to react to such a relief.” As my husband began to set the phone back down an awful, overwhelming fear came over me. Loud, shrilling aircrafts surrounded the entire island. “These planes are to low, something cannot be right,” my husband screamed. I hurried to the window to see that these “American B-17 bombers” were really Japanese military planes led by commander Admiral Chuichi Nagumo. Within seconds, the Sunday morning that was once a gorgeous scene, quickly transformed into a dreadful disaster. Explosives and torpedoes were being dropped on our American ships, and were destroying the Pearl Harbor that we once knew for 25 years. “Real planes, real bombs, this is no drill,” was cried from the P.A. system. The screeching sounds of these American ships being blown up, quickly woke all the soldiers up, and made them realize that there base needed help. I watched in the window crying, helpless, not knowing what to do. The overwhelming scream for help was heard for miles. I ran as fast as my legs would bring me to the nurse hospitality stations near by. I helped drag wounded men and women in to get them as much help as they needed. Supplies were running low, and the capacity of the hospital area couldn’t possibly fit the amount of casualties that were wounded during this unforgettable war. It was real, it was really happening. Looking at Pearl Harbor made me weak. It made me feel like our country was nothing. How could the Japanese do this to us? Seeing your neighbors, best friends, and companions that you have known for years, running around looking for love ones is the most depressing sight I have ever experienced.

Pearl Harbor was one of the worst attacks in WW II. Over 2,388 people were killed, and almost 2,000 wounded. The sights and sounds will stay with the people who have survived it throughout their lives. Me, however will remember that America fought back, they fought for everything that America stands for. A memorial, called the Arizona stands till this day remembering everyone who fought long and hard for our country. On December 8th 1941 President Roosevelt addressed Congress stating that December 7th 1941 was a date “which will live in infamy.” He was right, Pearl Harbor will never be forgotten, and we till this day honor the courageous men who risked their lives for the American People.

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