Thursday, April 8, 2010

Essay on God is Our Creator

Essay on God is Our Creator

God is the creator of the whole universe and we are just his creations. eventhough he is our creator he did not create us to be his puppets. He gifted us with a free will, giving us an option to live in a way that we chose. It is his greatest desire that we, being the children of God, walk in a way that is pleasing in His sight but he does not impose it on us for he is a gracious and a compassionate God ,slow to anger and aboundiing in love.

As King David sings in psalms"Lord, there is no good thing apart fom you" , we do not have anything to boast in our lives because it is God who is in control of our lives. if God is not the captain of our ship then we cannot be sure wether we will reach the shore safely. If God is with us then there is no need of fear, for it is He who will carry us.

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How do we know that God is with us? In the Gospel ofJohn chapter 1:1 it says " In the begginning was the Word and the Word wad with God and the Word was God".It is by reading the word that we have communion with our Lord. It is a daily communion for the Lord delights in our companionship. Just like He delighted in having communion with Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, even today He is looking for such people with whom He can commune.God will talk to our hearts clearly and boldly from His heart. we have to just sit quietly at his presence and leave all the cares of this world behind.

Today we are living in a world where there is no time to think about God. We live because there is breath in us but we donot pause to think for a moment who gave us this breath that keeps us alive. We have no purpose, no goal in life. It is time we take a respite from all the things in this world that keeps us so busy and think of the good Lord who formed us. It is time that we turn to Him and aknowledge him in our lives. Let us do so.

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