Saturday, October 21, 2017

Comparison Essay on "Mean Time" and "Anne Hathaway"

The attempt to investigate the meaning of the poem reveals not just the soul of the writer and the matters he wanted to deliver, but also expands frames of awakening, allowing to perceive the essence of creation with its primitive charm. Profound poem analysis requires research, curiosity, and imagination. I am going to mix up those three components together trying to understand what is familiar and what is not in two poems written by Carol Ann Duffy “Mean Time” and “Anne Hathaway.”

Anne Hathaway was a wife of William Shakespeare. The poem “Anne Hathaway” is written in sonnet form. The main image in the poem is the bed. It is the bed where Anne and Shakespeare slept together. The whole poem is penetrated with tenderness to the man and his creative work. This poem is very inspiring and not a single allusion of the sorrow. It is all about love, passion, and admiration for Shakespeare’s poetical genius.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Do Exotic Dance Clubs Really Cause Higher Crime Rates?

Exotic dancing ("strip clubs") is a visible, profitable and growing form of adult entertainment in the United States (Frank, 2003). Despite their popularity, these establishments have extremely bad image, much worse than many other forms of legal adult entertainment such as casinos and male magazines. One particular example is the almost immediate association between strip clubs and criminal activity. However, as discussed in this paper, the relations between strip clubs and higher crime rates are not based on hard evidence, and are arguably even utterly incorrect.

The adult entertainment industry faces legal restrictions, which pose more limitations on such establishments than others. For example, many cities, counties and states prohibit running a sex-related “adult” business within certain proximity from e.g. schools, churches or even residence houses, assuming negative secondary effects on the surrounding neighborhood (Linz, Land, Williams, Ezell, & Paul, 2004). However, more than a few indications show that these restrictions on one’s freedom to do business are not based on any sufficient knowledge, and thus do not serve any greater public interest.

The Digestion Process of a Ham Sandwich with Milk

The human digestion system is comprised of several organs, which carry on the process of intake of nutritional substances, digesting them, absorbing them into the body and expelling the unneeded parts. In order to better understand the workings of the system, we shall overview the digestion process of a small meal, which includes meat (ham), wheat (bread), fat (mayonnaise), vegetables and milk (about 87% water). The process is described according to its natural order, from the mouth to the anus:

  1. The substances are brought into the mouth, where they are chewed and added saliva – an enzyme, which is produced by the salivary glands and speeds up the absorption of the food.
  2. After the initial swallowing process in the mouth, the food or liquid is pushed into the esophagus, a tube that connects the throat with the stomach and has many muscles, which push the food downward. 
  3. Before the esophagus reaches the stomach, it must pass the esophageal sphincter, a ring muscle that allows food to pass when it is not contracted. 
  4. In the stomach, the substances are mixed, being added with more digestive juices and are pushed slowly into the small intestine. The length of stay in the stomach differs between the different materials: carbohydrates (from the bread and the ham) will be transported faster than the proteins, while the fat is expected to remain for the longest time.  
  5. The small intestine is responsible for most of the absorption process. It uses different enzymes for every type of nutrient, which are capable of absorbing the needed molecules and break down the molecules that the body does not need (known as fibers). These enzymes are produced in several organs, including the liver and the pancreas.  
  6. After the digestion process, the nutrients are absorbed through the intestinal walls to the rest of the body. The undigested substances, waste and old cells are pushed into the colon, and from there they are eventually pushed out by a bowel movement and though the anus.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Family Entrepreneurship Management Essay


The term family business is often accompanied by varying definitions that indicate it to be an ambiguous concept. The most common variables that indicate family involvement in a business are ownership and management. The presence of one, the other, or both variables is what many academics and researchers agree constitutes a family business. Miller & Rice (1967) state that family involvement is what makes a family business, while most researchers, such as Handler (1989), agree that involvement must include ownership and management. Others like Churchill and Hatten (1987) claim that the criterion of a family successor must be present in order to qualify a business as a family business. Over the years, many other definitions have arisen, all of which give varying importance to the aforementioned principle (Chua, Chrisman, & Sharma, 1999). The following paragraphs will utilize this definition in exploration of the organizational structure, family issues, and protection plans via succession and estate planning that are essential for any family run business.

The Inner Battle Between Good and Evil

The story of "Young Goodman Brown" is one of many intertwining themes, such as good vs. evil, morality vs. temptation, and appearance vs. reality. The use of characters as symbols and symbols such as the serpent-like staff and Faith's pink ribbon help develop these themes, while maintaining the mood of the story. Author Nathaniel Hawthorne uses a combination of imagery and style to create a dark tone, which is suitable for a story of the triumph of evil over good. This particular analysis of the story will focus on the literary tools the author uses to further the primary theme of good vs. evil and relate this theme to the other themes in the story.

The theme of good vs. evil can be related to the characters that provide the biggest influence on the protagonist, as well as a correlating Christianity vs. Satanism theme. When Goodman Brown gets to his initial destination he remarks that he was late because "Faith kept [him] back a while […]", referring literally to his wife. Nevertheless, the deeper meaning suggests that his faith in himself and his faith in doing good is what made it hard for him to go on with this evil endeavor. Faith's nightmares foreshadow the events that will soon thereafter transpire. The beloved wife cries “A lone woman is troubled with such dreams and such thoughts that she's afeard of herself sometimes. Pray tarry with me this night, dear husband, of all nights in the year”, hinting to the reader that tonight is going to be an exceptional night. The third character introduced in this story is Goodman Brown's snake-like staff-bearing fellow traveller. This character can be perceived as the total opposite of Goodman's wife, with the two characters representing the opposite ends of the moral spectrum. The use of a black snake in this situation can be paralleled to the story of Eve, the snake, and the forbidden fruit. The author mentions that the fellow traveller seemed like he knew the world. It is said that the forbidden fruit in the biblical story represents knowledge, which breeds evil through curiosity. While he acts as a part of Goodman's conscience, the old fellow traveller also furthers the story line. The intention here is to use the characters in this story as a microcosm of the inner battle human kind faces and the author executes this very well.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Essay: Global Concern over Global Interactions

With the globalization and internationalization of social and economic spheres of life, people began to recognize the obvious benefits and disadvantages of global interactions. Taking into consideration the expansion of multinational corporations into the new markets, creation of joint ventures between industrial enterprises in different countries and the modern trend of global sourcing, one should recognize the inevitability of cross-cultural occurrences that take place all over the world nowadays.

Ontario EcoSchools named this recent phenomenon a global collaborative approach. However, people still tend to address national governments in the problems that are associated with environmental issues, Kenyon discovers. Supposedly, national governments are not the key contributors to the issues of global economic and environmental concern, that’s why it would be more reasonable to examine precisely how global business interactions can trigger environmental problems.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Capital Investment Analysis Essay

Capital investment analysis is generally referred to as analysis of investment alternatives. Capital investment analysis is tightly connected with capital investment decisions that contain the purchase of different items for business, such as machinery, equipment, land, buildings, etc. These decisions are the most important that can be undertaken by the manager, as they often involve large amount of money and will influence business activity during several future years. Even though that influence can be positive and increase business profit, this would occur in future, and the investments are to be made immediately.

Business manager cannot foresee the future, however they have the opportunity to estimate all investment alternatives the best they can. Gathering data and information – is the most essential thing in capital investment analysis.

Selection of the investments that are supposed to improve the financial performance of business contain two tasks: analysis of economic profitability and financial feasibility. Economic profitability will reveal whether the investment alternative is economically profitable. But being economically profitable, the investments may not be financially feasible, or in other words, there may not be sufficient cash flow to make necessary interest and principal payments. Therefore, business manager should fulfill both analyses before making the final decision of accepting or rejecting particular investment alternative.

Risk Management Essay

In most situations, uncertainty is an indicator of risk, which inevitably can lead to damage, loss or events that might be detrimental to a company. in most cases, companies will seek ventures that are low risk in order to minimize their potential of loss, which will lead to greater profitability. (Oracle Corporation, 2008) In the development of a new product, Research and Development, R&D, is a crucial step. Its work can be very rewarding for the company if everything is done right and the product does well on the sales floor. There are, however, a few drawbacks to R&D which can sometimes even cripple a company financially. The R&D process is very time consuming not to mention the exuberant costs associated with it. to forecast some of its expenses for R&D, the company needs risk logs, whereby all the risks associated with the process, whether financial or other are discussed. The risk log should include all that can go wrong, and what are the contingency plans that can divert the process back on to the right track. With cases where a company must hire subcontractors, whereupon, they must invest their own money in R&D as sole-source, long-term contract holders, the situation can go either way. On the one hand, the company has someone taking the financial burden off of their hands which can give the company maneuvering room to invest in other projects. On the other hand, however, one can never tell how well the R&D will be conducted, as well as delay and budgetary overruns on the part of the company. If the product is successful, then the contractors responsible will cover some of the company's R&D costs. Yet, it’s also possible that the project will not be as successful as some had hoped, and in this case the subcontractors might not be able to help the company cover its financial risk, which in the end can be disastrous for it.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Essay: Woman's Work by Julia Alvarez

"A woman's work is never done".
(An old proverb)

"Woman's work" by Julia Alvarez opens the subject of the domestic role of women in family life. The author tells the story of her mother’s obsessive housekeeping that influenced the speaker’s future life. Julia Alvarez (or the speaker) depicts and criticizes her mother’s active domestic role but admits it has influenced her becoming a “woman working at home” herself.

The daughter, the protagonist and the speaker of the poem, starts with a rhetoric question: “Who says a woman's work isn't high art?” This was probably one of her mother’s favorite phrases while the latter performed her domestic chores:

Who says a woman's work isn't high art?
She'd challenge as she scrubbed the bathroom tiles.
Keep house as if the address were your heart.

The last line of the first stanza addresses the speaker’s father or talks about the whole family, whose hearts embody the address of the house her mother cared for so much (emphasizing that the mother’s care and love was embodied in the housekeeping chores).

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

History 202 Essay Sample

1. The period of reconstruction was the time from 1865 till 1877, characterized by readjustment which came after the Civil War. The Civil War resulted in ruining the South. The economics and social order of the country was based on slavery, and after it was ruined, there were no variants of another order to replace it. The 11 Confederate states still needed their governments in order to get their positions in the Union. The restoration was begun by President Lincoln before the end of the war. His task was to create a strong Republican party in the South, the first steps were to issue “a proclamation of amnesty and reconstruction for those areas of the Confederacy occupied by Union armies” (3). With the help of these documents all Confederates got the right to swear to support the Constitution and the Union. Lincoln received little support from congress in this matter and he put veto on their Wade-Davis Bill and wanted to fulfill his own plan. However at the end of the war, the representatives from Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee and Virginia were not accepted by Congress and didn’t get the places of Senators.

Andrew Johnson supported at the beginning the punishment of rebellious regions. He “disenfranchised all former military and civil officers of the Confederacy and all those who owned property worth $20,000 or more and made their estates liable to confiscation.” (3). The main goal was to take the political control from aristocrats in South and give it to the smaller farmers. In the year 1965 Johnson started to fulfil his plan. The Thirteenth Amendment was supposed to provide complete freedom for black people, but in reality the control of white over them was not destroyed. In the year 1867, Congress issued the Reconstruction Act, which was followed by three more acts, The South was divided into five military regions with army commanders.

Importance of Human Resource Management Essay

One can not overstate the importance of Human Resource Management in an organization. In the last decades the world’s business is following the vision that any organization is, primarily, just a group of people working towards a particular goal. Therefore, an understanding of the fact that Human Resource Management deals with the very core aspect of any organization rose significantly.

According to traditional view, Human Resource Management involves all activities associated with the recruitment, selection, performance and management of the company’s employees, while putting emphasis on the human side of business. Dealing with such a complex organizational element as “the person”, Human Resources Management involves a variety of different inter-related psychological and socio-cultural issues, going far beyond just the basic activities listed above. That is why HRM is often defined as “a distinctive approach to employment management which seeks to achieve competitive advantage through the strategic deployment of a highly committed and capable workforce, using an integrated array of cultural, structural and personal techniques”.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Essay on Economic Restructuring

I would like to start by saying that the book Nickel and Dimed was written by Barbara Ehrenreich and was created from the perspective of the undercover journalist who would investigate the impact of the 1996 welfare reforms on the working poor class in the USA. The book describes the events that took place between the spring of 1998 and the summer of 2000. Ehrenreich would undertake a practical approach to evaluating the impact of the welfare on common people, so she would take only $1000 with her, leave her home and the middle-class life and with her car tried to spend a few months working in low paid jobs assuming the low-income status.

Ehrenreich would travel from Florida to Maine to Minnesota and assumed various jobs. Her investigation would prove that with her qualities, car and initial savings of $1000 she was unable to achieve any sustainable lifestyle and thus would ultimately fail in her life if continued for an extended time period.

Patriarchal Society Essay

In a patriarchal society the bonds and limitations were quite clear: a woman has “sacred duties” to her husband and children. Anything that goes beyond these bounds is prohibited and shameful.

Henrik Ibsen’s play “A doll’s house” is a worthy illustration of what it is for a woman to live in a “man’s world”, and what could come of it. In this context, the comparison of Marge Piercy’s poem “A work of artifice” and Henrik Ibsen’s play “A Doll’s house” is quite relevant and sound, for it depicts the gender roles in a patriarchal society. If we draw a parallel between these two literary works, it would be clear that the bonsai tree, in a way, symbolizes Nora Helmer’s character, and her husband, Torvald Helmer is a gardener. The allusion is clear, though the essence of the ideas and conditions is not similar in all ways.

Ibsen in his play compares Nora to a doll, and her life and entourage also seem to be toy. In “A doll’s house”, Nora’s character and essence are gradually discovered, and all that the thoughts the audience has collected along the play, are summed up in the end of the play, during her final conversation with Torvald. The link between the characters of “A work of artifice” and “A Doll’s house” is most clearly seen in the similarity of the gardener and Torvald Helmer.