Monday, December 11, 2017

Ethical Problems in Organizations

We live in a very globalized society today, and the effects of globalization are widely observed in our daily life especially if to refer to material goods. We export olive oil from Spain and Italy, buy electronics manufactured in China, Japan, and South East Asia, purchase clothes of different brands which are being produced anywhere in the globe.

Globalization gave unlimited opportunities for transnational companies today: they can locate their production forces in third world developing countries to get extra profits from small wages and small taxes. But together with extra benefits, such unequal commodity distribution creates a lot of additional problems of ethical character. They are typical for human resource management of third world countries or developing countries, especially countries of Pacific region where principles of democracy are often not realized in practice even in western companies as most of the personnel are natives.

International Business Law Essay

As globalization accelerates its pace, many companies face the drastic need to pay increased attention to global aspects of their business. Along with economic trends and cross-cultural competence, this also means the need to be proficient in international business law. A company that deals in foreign as well as domestic operations can utilize many pieces of knowledge about this domain.

In particular, knowledge of the forms of International Business is useful to someone who considers a partnership with a foreign business entity or is eager to enhance current relationships. This experience is valuable even if the company does not venture beyond the local market since it most probably has to compete with, buy from or sell to businesses that represent the international trade in its various forms.

A business executive also has to be aware of various trade regulations concerning exporting, importing, and global sourcing. In the age of the WTO and gradual movement toward free trade, with fewer and fewer government restrictions in place, the situation in the worldwide market has a direct influence on the one in the domestic market. Everyone interested in understanding the case of other businesses in virtually every industry has to read on international licensing agreements and trade controls.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Essay on Famous Personality

"I am by nature a perfectionist, and I seem to have trouble allowing anything to go through in a half-perfect condition. So if I made any mistake, it was in working too hard and in doing too much of it with my own hands." 
-- Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes is one of the strangest and most extraordinary personalities of the XX century.

Those, who know at least some facts from his biography could not help being impressed by his achievements and impressive turns of his precious (in many meanings of this word) life.

Many researchers spent a considerable amount of time trying to solve the mysteries that surrounded Howard Hughes’ destiny. Regarding personality studies, he was a real boon for the psychological researchers. Even Dr. Raymond Fowler, then President of the American Psychological Association and chair of the Psychology Department at the University of Alabama, made a psychological study of Howard Hughes after his death in 1976. The findings, though sometimes controversial are undoubted of great importance and interest for those, who believe in the interrelation of the personality and forces that influence its development. In psychology, personality means a collection of emotional, thought and behavioral patterns unique to a person.

Essay: Why People Avoid Conflicts

Seek first to understand, then to be understood.
Steven Covey

Conflicts occur when people can’t find consensus and disagree over the issues, which have an important meaning for them. As a result, people feel nervous and unkind to each other. Conflicts create tension and disagreement between two persons or group of people. Conflicts disturb us when we have a conflict with someone our emotional and even physical state is unstable. If the conflict is very serious and protracted, we constantly feel bad, and it can cause problems with our health and in some cases even lead to depression or mental disorder. As we can see, conflicts can have serious consequences that can bring harm to both - our opponents and us. So it’s necessary to avoid conflicts and to decide problems in a friendly and calm atmosphere. In a conflictive situation, only one side can be a winner, and the other side is an outsider and, as a rule, both sides are not satisfied with the conflict resolving. Conflicts at the workplace reduce productivity level, cause mental, psychical and physical disorders. Unfortunately, directors and managers of the companies spend too much effort trying to increase productivity level but very often forget that friendly and supportive atmosphere and absence of conflicts can become much more effective than any innovative technologies of production. There are several consequences the conflict can have on an individual. The most common effect caused by the conflict can be the following: not achieving a common aim, winning at all costs, discounting the good aspects of opponent’s point of view, bad state of the “loser” and his demoralization.