Thursday, December 18, 2014

Essay on Role of Doctor in Society

Doctor is a person who dedicates his knowledge and skills for the prevention and treatment of diseases, maintain and enhance human health.

Doctors were always in demand and appreciated by society. So many people are seeking a medical education, which is why competition in Medical Schools is very high, while studying medicine is not so easy, and the number of years required to become a fully trained doctor is more than in other professions. However, that does not stop modern students, and crowds of them again and again are trying to conquer the door of receiving commissions.

The doctor has traditionally enjoyed a special status in any society, and there are high ethical and legal requirements. It is believed that a "real" doctor should be a role model for the general public not only in the matters of health (do not smoke, do not drink alcoholic beverages, to keep an active life style, eat right), but also morality. It is believed that the doctor should be fully committed to Medicine, compassionate, humble, and sober in assessments of his needs, to exercise the force of spirit and determination in difficult life situations.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Essay on Evolution of Money

For starters, let's figure out, what is money? This is a special kind of commodity, which plays the role of a general equivalent, and has specific functions: means of payment, the accumulation, circulation, the measure of value.

Prerequisites for money were trade relationship between humans based on barter. At this point, people have started to realize the inconvenience associated with this system, it was expressed in the absence of a specific equivalent, which could be a fixed cost of goods allowing the deal between buyer and seller.

It is impossible to say exactly when the first money was used or officially adopted. One of the most ancient mentions about dates back for 4500 years and comes from a place located in the modern State of Iraq. It talks about the silver, as a due measure of payment. Money looked differently at different times.

Stone money, in the form of a disk, was used on the island of Yap (the Pacific Ocean) to pay for the litigation and the public expenditures. Among them were these giants up to 4 m in diameter.

Money-axes were used by native Americans in Mexico, they were kind of small axes made of copper. In addition to this money, the Indians also used cocoa beans for payment.

Ethiopian salt sticks from salt deposits were used as money until the 1920’s in Ethiopia.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Essay on Biological Cycles

Many natural biological processes are cycles; this means that different state of the body alternate with sufficiently clear frequency. The simple examples of quick cycles are breathing or heartbeating when the periods of muscle contraction are alternated with the periods of muscle relaxation. The other vital cycle, such as the alternation of wakefulness and sleeping, are the short-term periods with approximately 24 hours cycle. If a biological cycle is a tides dependent, they are called tidal, it has cycle of 12.4 or 24.8 hours longevity. The period of lunar biological cycles corresponds to the length of the lunar month.

Biological cycles are interesting because in many cases they are independent from ambient conditions. Such cycles are called endogenous, i.e., "coming from the inside": though usually they are correlated with the rhythmic changes in the external environment, such as the alternation of day and night, they cannot be considered as a direct response to these changes.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Essay on Stratosphere

The stratosphere (from LAT. Stratum: layer) is a layer of the atmosphere that is located at a height from 11 to 50 km. There is a little decrease of the temperature at the heights from 11 to 25 km (the lower part of the stratosphere) and an increase of it in the layer of 25-40 km from -56.5 to 0.8°C (the top layer of the stratosphere or the inversion field ). At the altitude of 40 km, the temperature value is about 273°K (almost 0° by Celsius), the temperature remains constant up to the height of about 55 km. This area of constant temperature is called the stratopause and is the boundary between the stratosphere and mesosphere. The density of air in the stratosphere is hundreds times less than at the sea level.

It is in the stratosphere, where the ozone layer is located (at the height from 15-20 km to 55-60 km) that specifies the upper limit of the life in the biosphere. Ozone (O3) is generated during photochemical reactions most intensely at the altitude of about 30 km. At the normal pressure, the total mass of O3 would be a layer with thickness of 1.7-4.0 mm, but that is enough to absorb ultraviolet radiation from the Sun harmful for the life form. Destruction of O3 occurs when it reacts with free radicals, NO, Halogen containing compounds (including freon).

In the stratosphere, most of the short-wave part of the ultraviolet radiation (180-200 nm) and short-wave energy transformation occurs. Under the influence of these rays, magnetic fields are changing and there is the molecule decay and ionization, de novo synthesis of gases and other chemical compounds. These processes can be observed in the form of Northern Lights and other glows.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Essay on Advantages of Living in a Big City

Despite the claims that living in a big city is much more expensive than in small towns or suburbs, the migration of the population from the sparsely populated towns to the metropolitan areas is growing. The massive exodus of the population to the large cities, which began back in over a hundred years ago, continues. This applies especially to young people. This trend may be due to the search for a better life. What are the advantages of living in a big city that attract people so much that they are ready to leave their home and enjoy the suspense and the frantic pace of life, the glittering lights of mega-cities?

Some people move to a big city for the sake of the benefits of modern civilization and the entertainment industry, like shows, entertainment centers and restaurants, which, it must be recognized, there are a lot in the major cities. However, some people are searching for more important cultural heritage.

For some it is an opportunity to leave their conservative families and to live full life and create something bigger that what they have seen before in their small town.

It is widely known that in big cities there are the best and most prestigious educational institutions. 

Many people come to the big city to enroll in College, where they will find a shelter, where they will be able to fully discover and realize their abilities, which is the most important thing is that they will be able to receive quality education that will give them better chances for the successful future.

It is much harder to find a high paying and interesting work in province than in the big city. The local population and entrepreneurs of the large cities are also see their benefits in this:  the employer has a choice to hire relatively cheap labor, in the person of "a guest workers" from less developed countries or smaller nearby settlements.

The main advantages of living in the big city are the opportunities and prospects the city offers to the newcomers. Still more wannabes from the province go to conquer New York, London, or Paris. They believe that it is in these cities, they will be able to fulfill their dreams, realize their potential, and achieve general acceptance or find a high-paying job they were dreaming of. It is not surprising that a huge amount of show-business stars, politicians, and artists are not natives of the big city and came from the province. However, let’s face it, the more the city, the more difficult to achieve some mind-blowing heights. Big cities can be conquered only by the most dedicated, talented, hard-working and strong personalities.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Essay on Role of Youth in National Development

Today the key role of youth and students in national development becomes more obvious.

We must regard every individual representative of young people as the real acting person of the social and innovative development of not only a certain region, hometown, or village, but also society and state on the whole. In fact, modern youth represent a generation on which depends the future of the country and which by definition advantageously differs from other groups of population by health, intellectual activity, and mobility level.

In the last decade a change in attitude toward young people is noticeable, it is increasingly often considered as an active participant of social transformations (actor), rather than just as a group, causing public anxiety and violating the generally accepted rules. It is happening partly due to the efforts by the nongovernment youth organizations all around the world (especially, the human rights movements) and to the change of social quality of the young generation, partly, because of the problem of the global aging of the planet population.

It is interesting to look at the going changes through the prism of the human potential development conception, introduced by the UN development program as the series of instrument analyzing the level of human development in countries and global regions. According to the data collected in 1999 and published in the last report on human resource development in 2001, the special attention in modern society is dedicated to the role of NT from the point of view of expansion of possibilities for the country population, presenting the range of various choices, available in everyday life.

Meaningfulness of the development from position of young people also does not cause doubts. It can even be seen in the circumstance that the report made a special accent regarding the young generation. The analysis of its values and priorities, socio-economic position, as well as the qualities of education and health allow better to foresee future progress trends. The questions of strategic importance is division of responsibility between generations, balance of roles, leadership and power, the responsibility by the youth for the development of new directions, for example, mastering highly technological industries.

The processes of globalization differently influenced the generations. Social time is perceived as broken on short segments (projects) requiring from a man, before all young, maximal mobilization of available resources and then rapid passing to new project. Middle and senior generations are forced to accept the new understanding of time. New reality of globalization does not give an opportunity to build plans on the distant future. Today's young people notedly differ from senior generations in their ability to adapt to any social changes.

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Essay on Importance of Computer Education

Careful analysis of current tendencies in education shows that computer education is an important ingredient for success today. Computer education is an attribute, organically inherent to the civilized society, pursuing the satisfaction of its informative needs for seamless operation of its vital functions.

The importance of computer education is directly related to the development in the computing engineering, telecommunications, and artificial intelligence.

In the materials, published by the Center of informatics of UNESCO, dedicated to the system of advanced education, computer education is presently defined as fundamental discipline having three basic directions:
  • theoretical informatics;
  • technical informatics;
  • social informatics.
At the end of the ХХ of century, our society was often named informative, and changes in it were denoted as informative revolution. Due to fast development of computer technology, the things only yesterday we could not believe can exist, become reality: today, people all over the world have access to the most various information in any point of planet; they can share information with each other and even communicate in real-time mode.

There is an impression that to live means to have right information. However, to do this, you need to know the rules of navigation in this enormous ocean of information and to possess certain skills to be able to find exactly what you need. The level of computer skills in a modern man is determined by many by criteria: first of all by his ability to determine own need in information, then, ability to find a reliable source of the relevant information and to use, ability to effectively search, estimate, use the information and to create new.

Unfortunately, the level of computer education in most countries is equal subzero. From one side, it is explained by insufficient introduction of information technology in all spheres of our life, and from the other, by the absence of the system of training of literate consumers of information. The special anxiety is caused by this problem in regard to young generation.

For young people, computer education gives an access to information, and thus, to knowledge. It gives span-new opportunities for acquiring professional skills and for work. Therefore, the formation of informative culture in growing generations is a very important task. First of all for schools, which is often the first and only institution to teach the students some basic computer skills.

Today in connection with the accelerated processes of society informatization, the education system faces a new aim, which is to make a student a user, able to adequate estimate the requirements of modern informative society. Computer education is a new requirement for a successful person, who wants to always be in the front line of science and technology.

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Michael Schumacher Essay

Michael Schumacher is the real legend of the Formula One world. His name is known in the whole world, and his driving style already a long ago became a visual aid for millions of motor races fans in all corners of our planet. Enormous amount of titles, records and personal victories made Schumacher a living icon of the sport. But do we really need to talk about the well-known fact of Michael's biography and the chronicle of his career? Probably, not. For this reason in this essay on Michael Schumacher I will try to focus on the unknown episodes of the champion's life and tell about Schumacher, foremost, as about a simple man.

The legendary Formula pilot was born in the small German town of Hurth, on the third January, 1969. His mother was a housewife, and a father worked as a simple mason. For this reason, no one who knew Michael as a child could hardly suppose that little Mike will become one of the greatest racing drivers in the world. Maybe, only his father could have a thought about it: Rolf Schumacher was always a big fan of motor races. In 1974, he built for Michael a go-kart on the basis of the most ordinary lawn mower.

At the age of fourteen Michael Schumacher got his first racing driver license that allowed him to compete in various official competitions. After only three years, Michael won a few prestige championships both in Germany and abroad. Among the most impressive, it is possible to name his victories in Formula Konig and German Formula Three. In addition, Junior Schumacher was part of the Mercedes competing in the world championship on car racing endurance.

Appearance of Michael in the Formula One to a great extent was a chance. In 1991, the Jordan Team first pilot went to jail for a casual fight with a taxi-driver. This episode became an unpleasant surprise for the proprietor of the team Eddie Jordan that r forced to search the replacement for the drop-out pilot in the emergency order.

In his debut race, young racing driver came seventh to the finish, which was a remarkable result for comparatively slow Jordan Team. After such an impressive debut, the representatives of Benetton did not fail to entice Michael under their banners. So already next year Schumacher became a pilot for the Benetton-Ford team.

In his first race for the team, the young pilot beat his team partner, former world champion Nelson Piquet and finished fifth. In 1992, Schumacher won his first race.

During his career, Schumacher has won seven titles of the world champion and two two times the vice-champion in the world series. Five champion titles were conquered by the Michael in a row.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Women as Morally Suspect Essay

This essay paper will analyze the films "Baby Face" and "Double Indemnity" in terms of their message and story line in relation to the morality of women. Given that women’s sexuality is often linked to immorality, since it can be used as a tool to weaken and control men, the appropriate roles for women are those demanding self-sacrifice in the name of romantic love, such as wives and mothers. However, in the aforementioned films women are represented in their seducers’ roles.

In ‘Baby Face,’ Lily Powers is portrayed as the ultimate symbol of female destructive sexuality. 

From the very beginning of the film, her immorality is established as she is forced to sleep with her father’s clients. However, this also suggests that she is a victim of circumstances rather than in intentional seducer and power-seeker. Her first application of her female charms occurs when she has to make up to a railroad worker for trying to escape from her little town and miserable life on a freight train. In New York, she is able to get employment and make her way up the career ladder by sleeping with the right people. Yet such a behavior on the part of a female character inevitable leads to tragedy in classic cinema. When Ned Stevens kills himself and his potential father-in-law after discovering the Lily is involved with the latter, Lily’s downfall is foreshadowed.

After marrying Courtland Trenholm, Lily does not give up her ways and is reluctant to help her husband when he gets in trouble; instead, she decides to run away with all his presents. However, she discovers that she loves him, but it is too late, since Courtland has shot himself in his office. Thus, the film is a story of redemption and transformation of a seducer into a loving and caring wife. Since this transformation happened too late, Lily is punished for her immorality. At the same time, Courtland is said to have good chances of survival. This plot development represents hope that even a deeply immoral woman can turn into a caring and sacrificial being and be rewarded for that instead of being punished by her dangerous sexuality.

In the second film, ‘Double Indemnity,’ the representation of a female using her sexuality as the means for achieving material gains is also connected with the portrayal of femmes fatale as immoral and dangerous. Phyllis seduces Neff into killing her husband and using ‘double indemnity’ provision in his life insurance policy to get double the amount of compensation. Apart from using her sexuality as a weapon, she is unfaithful, just like Lily, and flirts with her stepdaughter’s boyfriend. Phyllis has no sympathy for anyone, not even Neff, as she confesses after shooting Neff. Yet there is also an element of redemption involved: when wounded Neff asks her to shoot him to death, she is unable to fire the gun because she discovers feelings for Neff. Yet it is already too late, and the seducer has to be punished: Neff does not believe her words and shoots Phyllis.

It is possible to conclude that both films establish a narrative of female sexuality as dangerous and devastating, especially when employed for speculative gain. While seducers can discover love deep in their hearts, it is usually too late to avert tragic consequences.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Critical Thinking Essay Example

Using the categories “True”, “Good” and “Beautiful” in Critical Thinking
Critical thinking is our way to analyze information, ideas and opinions in a rational way, defining them clearly and making conclusions. The result can be a new understanding of an issue and may lead to creative ideas or to asking further questions about something we see or hear.

This process of evaluation should be based on structured methods. Those methods, whether scientific or not, are heavily based on putting the existing information in its right context. Not every new piece of information demands a new review and analysis. Thinking independently and critically means, in fact, to continue the work and thinking of others.

We do it by making judgements in a way of categorization, meaning organizing the information we get into groups and evaluating it according to the group and the relations with other groups. For example, two well-proved evidences from two separate sciences can be combined together to help us observe one’s assumption or judgment.

These groups can be divided to objective and subjective categories. As we discuss below, objective categories are fact-based and are the building blocks for healthy scientific thinking, while subjective categories are more open to personal tastes, preferences and believes, which are legitimate even if they cannot be immediately proved. They can never be ignored or disrespected because logical thinking must also take speculations into account, although attention must be put to understand such viewpoints as non-factual. 

The ability to distinguish between subjective and objective information is not an easy task, as some writers use manipulative language to present their subjective opinions as facts. As always in critical thinking, learning how to ask the right questions is the key to make rational judgments.

Objective categories: the “True” and the “False”
Objective judgement is based on evaluating a statement of opinion according to its factual basis. The essential measurement here is the speaker’s ability to prove his claim beyond reasonable doubt by providing sound evidences. 

Our task as thinkers is to examine the proofs and to conclude whether the claim is true or false; if there are evidences that contradict the statement, it might be that the claim is simply false according to our judgement or prior knowledge. 

Hence, the key issue here is to look beyond the simple statement and look closely at the nature and reliability of the proofs that support it. Evidences that can be generally regarded as good proof are based on some degree of methodology. These are, for example, experiments, statistical data, analogies and proven examples that the issue exists in reality. Experts’ opinions may also serve as proofs, although the obvious question here is what makes someone an expert and what we should do when two experts disagree with each other. In such cases when an opinion is open to debate, we better not see the opinion as fact or as a clear support to a fact. 

However, a good critical thinker must always remember that even well-proven empirical data might be proved in the future as false or some other findings may show the complete opposite.

Subjective categories: the “Good”, the “Bad”, the “Beautiful” and the “Ugly”
As critical thinkers, we are also allowed to accept and express opinions which are not proved, therefore are neither true nor false. Remember that every experiment is based on assumptions; someone would say: “I think that X is true, and therefore I am going to test it now”. 

Subjective categories try to label ideas in other ways than “true” or “false”. They are characterized by adjectives of tastes and beliefs, such as “good”, “beautiful”, “dangerous”, “best” and so on. When we see such adjectives, the statement should be regarded as subjective, especially when accompanied by phrases like “I believe that...”, “I see X as...” etc. 

As mentioned before, many writers and speakers tend to present their opinions are facts in order to convince others. One must remember that subjective opinions often remain so even when the speaker uses some logical arguments or information that appears to be factual base. This is happening because the interpretation he or she has given to the facts; obviously, someone else may draw other conclusions from the same facts.

Distinguishing objective and subjective categories
In order to know the difference between the two categories, one must ask several critical questions, such as:
  • Who is the writer?
  • How does the writer justify his views?
  • Why he wrote the argument? What is the writer trying to achieve?
  • What sources writer has used to prove his point?
In conclusion, a major step in critical thinking is evaluating others’ opinions and judgements. Since these opinions are an essential basis for the thinker, they should not be ignored but be brought to a rational and careful examination and then they can be used for developing our own ideas. 

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Student Involvement Importance Essay

To satisfy my aspiration for success, I chose to continue my education. Having seen the Website of London Business School I knew it would be my first choice. I feel thrilled to have a chance to be enrolled in a program that could allow me to focus on my interest in business as well as provide me with the career possibilities and exposure to resources, which I do not presently possess. Moreover, I relate to the fact that student involvement is very important at the London Business School. I strongly consider that a school may not only be represented by the professors working for it, but it should be represented by the student body that is eager to put all the efforts into making studying experience at London Business School unforgettable.

Over the course of my life I have obtained a valuable experience in the field of entrepreneurship. At the beginning of my career I accepted a position at a big construction company in Dubai. Working at that company I had a chance to participate in the implementation of big construction projects, including Jumeirah Beach Residence. Later I headed back to India and started my own construction business. At that point I had a chance to use my experience of working in a team to create my own team, in which all the members would work for the sake of common goals. The experience of working in diverse teams I have obtained was essential when I undertook shaping the corporate identity and drawing the mission and vision of my own company.

Being myself an entrepreneur, I find it essential to help out and obtain help and advice from other entrepreneurs, thus, for couple of years already I am a member of Tie that is a non-profit global network of Indian entrepreneurs. Furthermore, recently I have joined the “Alive” – a non-governmental organization in Kannur that works towards insuring that the vulnerable communities all over the world fully enjoy their human rights and live dignified lives.

It is obvious that exceptional student involvement at the London Business School adds up immensely to the unique environment the school offers. Should you accept me to be part of your school, it would be my pleasure to bring the skills and experiences I possess to London Business School and put them to the disposal of your extra-curricular clubs or campus community events. As my experience may show you, I would be mostly interested to be involved in the entrepreneurship clubs, as well as to join the activities of clubs working with human rights implementation all over the world. I am certain that the experience I possess in the above fields would contribute to the work of these clubs and help those who may need this help.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Essay about Agrium and PotashCorp

Agrium Inc. and Potash Corporation are the Canadian companies dealing with production of nutrients and fertilizers in a number of countries in and outside of North America (Atrium Inc., 2011; PotashCorp, 2011). BHP Billiton, an Australian company with head offices in Australia and Great Britain, is a global company managing the world’s natural resources (BHP Billiton, 2011). The first two companies can be identified as direct competitors to each other because of the type of their operations, while the third one deals in the adjacent sphere and has similar scale and value chain.

Agrium Inc. is a full-cycle producer of agricultural products involved in all steps of production beginning with raw material collection and ending with the distribution the products to all continents (Agrium Inc., 2011). Its strategy is based on investing in the top brands in the portfolio, which allows the company to grow and succeed, working in economy pricing segments for the reason of affordability to the end customers, and global presence helping to sustain the business worldwide.

PotashCorp is known for the production of three primary crop nutrients, which are distributed in the areas of their highest demand – in the developing countries with considerably large population like China, India, Brazil, etc. The strategy of the company lies in the connection of the production sites to the marketplace and supporting the main operations with adjacent businesses allowing maintaining leadership in the areas of business activity. The company also keeps in touch with global trends and evaluates the feedback from the customers as the primary source of business information (PotashCorp, 2011).

BHP Billiton offers a high range of affordable products and services in 25 countries dealing with mining and extraction of natural and energetic resources. Being an international merger of two companies in the adjacent fields, BHP Billiton covered a huge market share in the sector groups of metals, coal, petroleum and precious materials.

The company is also known for its takeovers, and the aforementioned PotashCorp could become a part of BHP Billiton in 2010 as well (“BHP Billiton Launches Hostile Bid”, 2010).

Arguments and debates arose around this issue because historically PotashCorp was an important part of regional community and the one to obtain subsidies from the Canadian government at the times when the industry emerged. Therefore, the acquisition was an unsuccessful business transaction for BHP Billiton and did not take place because PotashCorp was undervalued. By acquiring PotashCorp, one of the leading companies in the industry, BHP Billiton was planning to expand into the new attractive segment of market benefiting from global presence. According to BBC News Business (“BHP Billiton Launches”, 2011), the market of nutrients and fertilizers will be growing for at least a couple of decades in both developed and developing countries, and that is how the interest of BHP Billiton in PotashCorp is explained.

At the same time, Agrium, a recognized enterprise in the native country of Canada (Agrium Inc., 2011), has made around 10 acquisitions of Asian and Australian companies in same and similar industries in the past years improving its competitiveness in the world market and proving the effectiveness of the strategy (Pugh, 2010).

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Chemical Pollution Essay

Biosphere is a part of the planet, which includes the totality of living beings, in which there is a possibility of permanent life. Today, the largest changes in the biosphere are made ​​by man. Now we realize that any human activity affects the environment and the deterioration of the biosphere is dangerous for all living creatures, including human beings.

Chemical pollution is the most common pollution caused by substances that are used in industry and agriculture.

The main sources of chemical pollution and their effects on human health:

  1. thermal power stations (dust, ash, mercury, nitrogen oxides) - cause poisoning, respiratory diseases,
  2. production of basic metals (oxides of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia) - causes destruction of the respiratory tract, nervous system, the hematopoietic system, lung cancer,  
  3. motor vehicles (lead, carbon oxides) - cause decreased immunity, loss of endocrine and respiratory systems of the brain;
  4. textile industry (cotton dust) - causes bronchitis, lung disease,
  5. production of rubber (carbon black, organic solvents) - causes cancer, arrhythmia, diseases of the nervous system;
  6. nitrates - in the human body, they are converted into toxic substances - nitrite, resulting in methemoglobinemia.

Thus, chemical pollution is the cause of the growth of cancer by 3.5%, hypertension - by 5.3%, respiratory diseases - by 15%, bronchial asthma - by 7.5%. By their harmful effects on human health all chemicals are divided into 4 hazard class: extremely hazardous (heavy metals, certain medications), very dangerous (antibiotics, acid) dangerous (household chemicals, detergents); relatively dangerous.

So, the chemicals, polluting the environment, are very diverse. Depending on their nature, concentration, time of the human body exposure, they can cause a variety of adverse effects: dizziness, nausea, sore throat, cough. Ingestion of high concentrations of toxic substances can lead to loss of consciousness, acute poisoning and death. Effects of substances on the human body may be divided into blood poisoning (carbon kerosene, heavy metals); nerve poisoning (alcohol, drugs); renal and hepatic poisoning (heavy metals); heart; gastrointestinal.

So, we can conclude that chemical pollution is a very serious problem that became part of our life because there is a link between pollution and diseases. Environmental pollution affects human health. Our health is 30% dependent on the state of the environment. The problem has become social. Again and again we hear about the danger to the environment, but still many of us consider it to be an unpleasant, but inevitable product of civilization, and believe that we will have time to cope with all the difficulties to identify. However, human impact on the environment has taken alarming proportions. To radically improve the situation, will need targeted and thoughtful action. Responsible and effective policy towards the environment will be possible only if we accumulate reliable data on the current state of the environment, evidence-based knowledge about the interaction of important environmental factors, if we develop new methods to reduce and prevent the harm caused by human nature.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hazard Mitigation and Vulnerability Essay

Gender Chapter
Gender refers to a person’s position and role in society based on their biological wiring, roles acquired through socialization, and the scope of relations in society. In most societies, gender is viewed as a master status. Gender plays a vital role in determining various responsibilities ascribed to men and women in society. By and large, gender denotes roles that are attached to either being male or female. Sex is used in reference to biological characteristics that classify a person as either being male or female. Sexuality refers to the feelings that arise from the ability to desire sex. Gender relations play an immeasurable role in determining gender prospects in society. It determines opportunities available and the chance for achievement.

In disaster situations, women experience hurdles that are peculiar to them. For example, women in most cultures have limited access to mainstream media. In case of an emergency alert, women are less likely to access information than men. In most cultures, women have limited access to internet. 

This effectively isolates them from alerts preceding a disaster. During disasters, gender relations affect both sexes in various ways. For example, women are quick to act but cultural stereotyping limits them in the realm of decision -making. This means that women cannot make important decisions for the family in case a disaster occurs. On the other hand, men are unavailable during disasters.

Gender is strongly related to other social factors relating to disaster management. Women are unable to act decisively since most of them lack economic control. For example, women may lack money to fuel vehicles to assist in easy mobility and evacuation. Men resist evacuation so as to cushion property from looters. This places them in great danger. This means that gender is a relevant factor in disaster vulnerability. During disasters, men and women are vulnerable in different ways. In disaster management, gender mainstreaming is very important. For example, working in partnership with women groups empowers women in disaster situations. This can also be achieved through risk mapping with due cognizance to gender.

Health Chapter
Good health is a basic human right and a leading concern for all human beings. Health means more than the mere absence of illness. It is a relevant aspect in relation to disaster management. Health is relative to other factors such as gender, chronological age, and social role in society. Health is a very relevant area of study in relation to vulnerability. During disasters, health condition plays a major role in determining vulnerability of segments in the general population. As a matter of fact, ill-health exposes people to danger in times of disaster. Disease can also be a causative agent in a disaster. The state of health facilities plays a key role in examining the vulnerability of people in the crisis zone.

There are certain terminologies relevant to disaster management. One such terminology relates is health disparities. These are the inequalities related to health of the population. They have a direct bearing on the vulnerability of individuals. Health ecology explores the connection between the affected individual and their surroundings. However, it is important to ensure that the population enjoys good health during and after a disaster. This should be undertaken cautiously considering that health can trigger a disaster through spreading of diseases.

Management of health during emergencies is a key area in disaster management. This can be made achievable by integrating health systems. This promotes co-ordination and unison in managing a disaster. This saves time, money, and lives. A good health system plays a key role in promoting resilience during a disaster. Stakeholders in the health sector can play a major role in getting out to the persons during and after a disaster. This can be achieved by creating avenues through which people can access information relating to disaster management and safety. Such outreach should also cater for the period after a disaster. This will go a long way in reducing trauma and any related effects of a disaster.
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Monday, September 8, 2014

Essay on iPhone vs BlackBerry

For quite sometime I could not decide what phone to chose iPhone or BlackBerry. Then I have an opportunity to use them both for a couple of month and made my conclusions, which I'd to talk to you about.

As a rule, the first superficial impression of the smartphone is composed at a time when we first see the device, take it in your hand, feel the quality of its build, its weight and dimensions, location of mechanical keys and other things like that. However, the most telling factor in the initial assessment of the gadget is the quality of the display and what it shows.

The initial impression of both devices and their tactile feedback is great. Despite the fact that their dimensions are slightly different, you have similar feelings during the first acquaintance with these phones. You clearly feel that one and the other gadget is very high quality, presentable and expensive.

The BlackBerry smartphone design has a certain, more restrained business style, and the iPhone appearance has a more neutral traits, but this does not prevent them to create a common, similar pleasant experience from use.

On the technical characteristics of the display, it is worth noting that those of BlackBerry is somewhat preferable, but in reality there in not so much of a difference, at least not noticeable. 

Perhaps, videos and photos look more clearly on the BlackBerry phone but this requires a very close look to see.

So, my conclusions: iPhone is not suitable as a working phone, iPhone is perfect for Internet and multimedia applications.

In matters of convenience, organizing contacts, making calls, often use of email and SMS service BlackBerry was out of competition. Its battery lived up to 30% longer due to the fact that it was cleared of multimedia tasks and there is no reason to use Wi-Fi.

So the iPhone and BlackBerry turned out to be an ideal couple for me. Using multiple devices at the same time become normal for me long time ago. Usually, however, the second device was any outdated device, but now, having tried Apple & BB, I found a new ideal.

Naturally, each of the aforementioned devices has advantages and undelivered. It is also absolutely clear that almost all the fans or users of one or another manufacturer will reduce defects and exaggerate the virtues of their favorite devices. However, if you look at things objectively, you would have to acknowledge that both devices are very worthy.

They have a beautiful design and excellent hardware specifications. And if Apple smartphone at the moment has a greater number of applications, the device from the BlackBerry can boast unique services companies, such as BB Hub, BB Flow, the ability to run Android software, more powerful processor, plenty of memory, in some aspects the best screen.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Critical Essay on Catcher in the Rye

The Catcher in the Rye is a novel of the US writer J. D. Salinger, which was written in 1951. The writer worked on this book during World War 2 and the novel is supposed to be the centre of Salinger’s prose.  

The Catcher in the Rye occupies the 15th place in the list of the books of all times. The narration is carried out by the main character of the novel Holden Caulfield, who describes the realities of the US life and the problems of the modern structure of social relations in quite a controversial form. The novel has always been very popular, especially among the youth, who treated the content close to heart comparing them with Holden Caulfield.

The novel had an extremely important influence on the culture of the second half of the 20th century but was understood in the different way. The ones thought that it embodied nihilistic ideas, the others believed that it included purely humanistic ideas. The Catcher in the Rye was one the novels which got their popularity and international fame just after publication. The novel is known to have a scandalous reputation connected with the murder of John Lennon. The copy of the book was found in the murderer’s hands and he claimed that he had found the idea of committing a crime of the pages of the book. The book is very expressive and describes the personal tragedy of the teenager who wants to become a rebel being dissatisfied with the current structure of the human society, its values and the principle of its functioning.

The Catcher in the Rye is a famous novel which has conquered the respect and attention of the young people all over the world. The student is able to prepare a critical essay which would analyze the novel from all sides in the most objective way, because the student’s duty is to find the strong and weak sides of The Catcher in the Rye, its plot, characters, ideas and their explanation. One should observe the novel scrupulously in order to evaluate its importance for the world literature and its influence on the culture and the young people of the 20th century.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

American Born Chinese Essay

American Born Chinese is a book I have just read and I liked it a lot.

The book tells three parallel stories. One about a Chinese immigrant in America, another about an American boy who is visited on holiday by his cousin. The two stories are supplemented by recreating the legend of the Monkey King.

In a story, the character Jin Wang, who came from China to live in the United States, is experiencing a period of adaptation to the new reality, as the countries are of the two very different cultures. He lives in isolation and is subjected to ignorance, even being rejected by her schoolmates, notably by Peter Garbinsky due to attitudes of prejudice against the culture of the country from which immigrated. 

After some time, a teenager, falls in love with Amelia Harris. To get her to feel something for him, he changes his behavior and his appearance by adjusting the haircut. 

Wei-Chen helps her do her homework. Later Jin manages to convince her to go out together, to the movies, but nothing happens at the meeting.

After some adventures, one night going to sleep, he asks to become an American type. The next morning, the desire was fulfilled, getting the new name of Danny.

In another story from the book, the American student receives a visit from cousin Chin-Kee, who represents the worst of stereotypes of Chinese people. Every year, the visit of Chin-Kee cause embarrassment to Danny.

And to tie these two narratives, the author reinvents an ancient Chinese legend: in the hands of Gene Luen Yang, the traditional story of the Monkey King who, when rejected by the gods, decides to renege nature itself and become a man.

The story begins when the Monkey King was rejected on the feast of the gods, so he beat them all and then returned enraged to his home in the "Mountain of Flowers and Fruits". The next day, he made ​​a law that all monkeys had to wear shoes and he was on his own training to have all four major disciplines of invulnerability and the four major disciplines of physical form. When he left, he was convicted of invading the sky and was sentenced to the death penalty, but as he had already achieved major powers of Kung Fu, he changed his name to The Great Sage. He went to everyone who sentenced him to beat them, so they called Tze-Yo-Tzuh to contain the monkey king. The king was challenging him, but always lost until Tze imprison the king of low stones.

Wong-Lai-Tsao was a monk who was chosen to go to the king, with three disciples. Upon arriving to the king they were arguing because the king could not leave the lot, then came two demons and seriously injured a monk. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Injustice of the Chinese Exclusion Act Essay

In the mid-19th century, the Chinese joined other nations in migrating to America in search of gold. 

However, the gold rush season was short-lived and they started looking for other things to do. Therefore, most of them joined the local workforces and sought for a livelihood like everyone else. Soon, there were many Chinese moving to the country in search of employment. Their increasing presence in the country did not go unnoticed. It was then that a lawyer named H. N. Clement went before a senate committee and announced the evil invasion from the Chinese people. Soon, an investigation began with a calculated intention of portraying the Chinese people negatively to the public. The hatred that they intended caught on fast. In 1882, congress made it into law that all Chinese laborers seeking citizenship by naturalization were barred from the country for ten years. The exclusion however did not apply to students, teachers, travellers, and diplomats. This law became the legal means by which Chinese were barred from migrating or becoming citizens in the US. This law was one of the most unjust laws ever passed in the US, and it had numerous negative consequences.

Looking back in the history of America, it is almost impossible to believe that a law like the Chinese exclusion Act ever existed. However, the evidence of the far-reaching effects of this law is still evident to date. This law was the first of its kind to impose immigration restriction based on race and class. In addition to the suffering and persecution that the Chinese faced before the passing of the law, they faced close to six decades of immigration restriction. The effects of the restrictions also started being felt by other immigrant groups. Due to the success of the law, there was a major shift in the design of the American law towards immigration in general. The exclusion law set precedents in various aspects such as naturalization, documentation, surveillance, and deportation of immigrants. The law changed the American immigration policy to date.

The gatekeeping policy
The use of the term gatekeeping in discourse relating to immigration issue is not new. However, people do not take time to consider the source of this term. There is clear indication that the gatekeeping tradition in American started with the Exclusion Act. Before the closing of the borders to the Chinese, there had been talk of closing the ‘American Gates’ to outsiders. The first of these people became the Chinese. To justify their actions, the idea of exclusion was built on racial prejudice. The Chinese were considered to be inferior due to their culture, labor, gender and relations. Closing the border offered the chance to protect the country from further intrusion by dangerous immigrants. The lawmakers felt that it was within their rights to close their borders to any nation or race they so wished. The racial connotations hidden in law were made clear when Clement, the lawyer pushing the exclusion, declared that America as a nation had the right to declare to the half-civilized Asian subjects not to come. Such a statement is not information founded on concern but rather hatred and disregard for a given race. If a lawyer like clement would use such strong racial language, then was no justice that could be found in passing such laws. That was basis upon which the Supreme Court described the multitude of Chinese people coming to the US as a hoard of dangerous people capable of threatening the country’s peace and security. These were the words that the nation’s highest court used in passing the Exclusion Act.

The racial prejudice against Chinese was now strongly founded on federal law. The basis was the protection of national sovereignty from ruin by a dangerous race. Since that time, the laws of immigration are created based on race, ethnicity, gender, morality, health, political affiliation among other issues. Depending on the period, all these reason have been used as the basis for excluding immigrants from the country. They have even been used in work places to keep immigrants from competing with white workers. That also meant that immigrants were monitored closely for diseases, and moral issues. Laws relating to morality described people with certain moral issue as having constitutional psychopathic inferiority. The fact that racial exclusions were founded on law, gave America the legal framework to close out certain groups of immigrants. This position is a sharp contrast to the popular view of America as a nation built by immigrants. The feeling that it is a land of promise for immigrants from many other nations lacks a basis in this case. The law and specifically the Exclusion Act institutionalized racism. That is why to date, Asian immigrants tell their story based on the limiting American democracy. The gates against immigrants established in 1882 were later extended to other immigrant groups in varying degrees.

The Establishment of Legal Racism
The exclusion of the Chinese people from immigrating to the US created an avenue through which other immigrants could also be restricted. After the Exclusion Act was passed, the call to keep other groups away from the country soon followed. A good example was the call to bar contract workers from other nations from coming to the country. The Exclusion Act was just the beginning of many other such acts that followed soon after. The Foran Act of 1885, for example bared any immigrant contract workers from coming into the country. The Page Act of 1875 bared women perceived to be immoral. Later, in 1903, the Immigration Act barred all prostitutes from moving into the country. The means of establishing this was by barring any unaccompanied woman of any age from admission into the country. The nativity rhetoric was used to create most of these laws. For example, there were claims that immigrants from Eastern and Southern Europe had higher birth rates than the natives. Based on this, allowing more immigrants from this region was viewed as race suicide towards Anglo-Americans. The exclusion of Chinese became the basis of measuring how acceptable an immigrant group was. That meant that the Chinese was the worst group there could be among all other immigrant races. Among all the other issues used to bar immigrants from the country, race has played the biggest role to date.

Immigrants from Europe were also barred to a certain degree, although their whiteness made them acceptable. Other races such as Italians were described as ‘guinea’ and immigrants from Slovakia ‘hunky’. The Asian or Mexican races were the most racialized based on their yellowness. In the case of African American’s, though considered the most inferior, they could not be returned to Africa. They were brought in as slaves and they had to be kept as such. That is one reason why the Jim Crow and Segregation laws were established to ensure the African Americans were kept where they belonged. The Chinese were viewed as a complete opposite of Americans. It was not uncommon to compare Asians to the blacks.

It is still hard for historians of American immigration to compare Asian experiences to the European experiences. The Exclusion of Chinese was the beginning of tougher laws and negative attitudes directed towards other Asian groups. After the passage of the Exclusion Act, Americans from many parts of the country became increasingly concerned about other Asian groups coming into the country. They called the government to protect their country and keep it for the white natives. For example, there was increased fear of the Japanese immigrants since they were quite successful and hard working. Unlike the Chinese, they started families, settled, and developed fast. This only renewed the fear that the Chinese had raised before them. It was only a matter of time before restrictions against them would be instituted. Headlines in newspapers across the country announced that a new wave of Asian immigrants was taking the place of the Chinese before them. The descriptions given about the Japanese made them appear even more dangerous than the Chinese. They were seen as unscrupulous, tricky, aggressive, and even warlike. These descriptions were similar to those given to the Chinese only a few years before. It was not hard to tell what these views would result into in the near future. One of the charismatic leaders of the white workmen, Denis Kearney, claimed that the Japanese were flocking the country in their numbers to take up the gaps created by the Chinese. He claimed that it was time to declare that the Japanese must go. At the time, it was common for politicians to run for elective positions under the slogans of Asian exclusion. Ironically, the slogans they had used to declare the Chinese a threat now changed to accommodate the new Japanese threat. They now called for the exclusion of the Asians. For example, a group that initially called itself Japanese-Korean Exclusion League changed its name to the Asian Exclusion League. The restructuring was for purposes of fighting a new threat creeping into the country.

The Hindus were soon enjoined to the group of those who should be expelled from the country. They were described as the worst type of immigrant groups. There were even worse descriptions such as emaciated, sickly, cheap, dirty, and diseased. Those who pushed for their exclusion claimed that such people had no right whatsoever to become citizens. Another group that soon became the target of the exclusionists was the Mexicans. Also seen as racial inferiors, many felt that they would soon replace white farm laborers. It is easy to see how all these racial prejudices relate back to the Chinese exclusion. The exclusion Act laid the ground for injustice, hatred, and disregard of other races. Although the white supremacists were also immigrants from Europe, they felt that they owned the rights of nativity. Allowing other races that were inferior to infiltrate the country was exposing the white race to pollution. It is now clear that the Exclusion Act is one of the most unjust laws ever made in the United States.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Essay on Should We Be Happy with What we Have

Should we be happy with what we have? It is a very common but not less actual question. I would like to present a few arguments to support this sentence.

Excessive possession and consumption of material benefits harms to the improvement of our soul. 
Gluttony, self-seeking, money-grubbing are manifestations of our lower nature, leading to the poverty of our soul. Luxury is an ugliness created by irrepressible selfishness and indulgences to own weaknesses. Spiritual emptiness man tries to fill with material benefits and amenities, seeking external pleasures.

When wanting more, we overload ourselves with useless, unnecessary things.
It is necessary to distinguish between something we really need (livelihoods) and the things that are not important for our life. All things in large quantities become redundant.

In life there are things necessary, without them it is difficult to live, and the things that we constantly need. 

And there are some things superfluous, without which a person can easily manage and live, without even noticing.

Compare bread, candy, chewing gum, knife, dish, cup of coffee; paper, toy, pencil sharpener; bed and carpet; apartment and garage.

Must be able to be happy with what we have.
It is easier to be satisfied with a little than to pursue more. Increased demands do not lead to good, they are pushing for action in the name of selfish desires and counter environmental resistance develops and tempers overly negative characteristics and traits of the person. We have to be able to restrain ourselves, and not to indulge ourselves. People often want to think about something they do not have. They feel that they miss something, they can not calm down, all the time they want some more.

We have to learn to appreciate what we have now, and think less about what we do not. If you think that you do not have much, it is useful to think about how homeless people, who live in basements, in the cold and hunger. Then you will understand who is really in need, and will be able to tell the real need from apparent.

A certain shortage is good for our soul. Lack of knowledge and the mind is worse than a lack of money.
Our lives have meaning, if we are able to be happy with what we have. We often imagine ourselves in other circumstances and in another place, compare our live with that of another person, do not notice the good things that we have in our lives and start to think that it has no meaning. We has only to look at our life from a different angle, and it seems quite different - bright, colorful and joyful. The only question is whether we are able to consider. Think about the words of a wise man: "Two women looked through the prison window. 

One saw mud, the other stars. "But the choice is always up to us - to see in this life meaningless dirt or admire the stars!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Essay on Belief in God

Belief in God is deeply rooted in my homeland. Many great men of our country were believers, and it helped them to bring great benefit to the maximum of the fatherland. Faith allows ordinary people to survive in times of ordeal when neither reason nor progress can not help the person. Faith makes our souls kind and clean.     
When it becomes hard, when darkness looms, when temptations attack us, when idleness, satiety and parasitism became the most important things for us, we can get the impulse of life only through faith in God.     
Everything connected with believe in God pleases my soul - this splendor golden-domed churches, and the solemnity of worship, and great beauty icons.     

People at all times concerned with the question of meaning of life and the mystery of death. Christian faith answers these questions clearly and completely. Religious people know that death in the form as it is presented by soulless people does not exist. Death looks terrible from the outside only. Death is actually a tranquility, a new birth into eternity. By faith an guardian angel is given by God to every soul. Many people have experienced the intercession of their guardian angels. Everyone can remember a time in their life when they saw a manifestation of a higher power.     

I believe also because faith is the source of love. In our society there is no embittered believer. Those who believe radiate goodness and light. Faith is also the key to family happiness. Pious marriage is primarily a spiritual union of two hearts in the Lord, and the family is in itself a church, the way assigned to certain people from above. We all know that very often marriages that are not blessed by God disintegrate. This says that people are connected not in God, but in sin.   
No one on earth is immune from mistakes and temptations, but here your faith comes to the rescue. It indicates a person who has committed a tragic mistake, the path to repentance. Nothing but repentance frees our soul from the severity and suffering for fatal errors.    

As a believer, I am spirituality concerned about the problems of our society. I sometimes wonder if our homeland do not return back into the past, in the words of the poet Alexander Bloch, into the past of "the gendarmes in hoods? At such moments of doubt I reach my soul to God. I learn from him forgiveness and serving others, the true patterns of repentance and love.    

I am proud of my faith, because it is the source of grace. I'm sure everyone embittered, confused for some reason is seeking light, goodness and participation. I can tell these people: "You say that there is nothing to rejoice about, life is hard and heavy, full of hardship and other troubles, and there is a lot of hate in it and too little of good? But do not you know that the church these days opens shelters for street children. Every morning before the children wake up, some good people get up who teach, feed, heal, guard and pray in the chapel for these orphans, pray for the enlightenment of their light of grace, for guidance in love and faith.
"And I pray too every day, 'Lord, protect us all ..."

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Essay about GoPro cameras

SWOT Analysis of Woodman Labs
The main strength of Woodman Labs is the quality of the product. The GoPro cameras are high definition with high pixels. Furthermore, the device has options of slow motion, panoramic view and burst speeds. The camera is also quite durable with shock and water resistant features. The camera is easily mountable and portable, making it easy to use and convenient. Furthermore, the strength of Woodman Labs is the GoPro brand name. This name has become a globally recognized brand.

The main weakness of the device is the price. It costs approximately 400 dollars, which is quite high. It also faces stiff competition from competing products in the market. Additionally, it is a luxury item since it is additional to the mobile phone cameras which limit the market.

The main opportunity that it has is in the use of sports and news coverage. The camera is quite durable and can be used in almost any type of environment. This makes it a good option for coverage of sporting and news events.

The main threat is competitors who have cheaper products that are reducing Woodman Labs’ market share. 

The availability of substitute products such as mobile phones with high end cameras also limits the growth of the company.

The possible uses of GoPro are many. One of the main areas is government forces. The government can use GoPro in military and security agencies to monitor the action that they take. The ease in mounting on the helmets of people allows supervisors to review the actions that took place in military events. This can also be used to assess shootings involving police to limit innocent civilian deaths.

Future strategies
The future strategies that can be used include the company liaising with mobile phone companies to create a hardy mobile phone that can be sold together with the camera. This will increase the market that the company can access by adding the mobile phone industry. Consequently, it will involve modifying the device to reduce the size in order to make it less bulky.

Recently, Foxcom investment bought a share of Woodman Labs. This partnership seeks to improve the overall performance of GoPro cameras in the market. The GoPro brand has grown considerably, and there is a need to add quality devices that can be used. This can be done by broadening the product to deal with certain niche markets such as surgery recording and space exploration. Contracts with medical bodies and military agencies are important in ensuring that the company is able to acquire a market share in these niche industries. At the moment, extreme sports seem to be the main market for GoPro cameras. Maximizing on the current extreme sport opportunity will ensure the company maintains or adds its market share. 

Furthermore, investing in entry into niche markets offers an opportunity for Woodland Labs to expand the current market and increase growth.

Woodman Labs changed the camera making industry with the GoPro range of cameras. The increasing popularity among extreme sportsmen and adventurers shows the potential of growth. The GoPro cameras can be used by a wide variety of people such as military personnel and doctors, and this presents an opportunity for the company to specialize in these niche markets. This is an opportunity for increased growth for Woodman Labs and an opportunity to improve the GoPro Brand. The only thing that can threaten the consistent growth of the products is increased competition from viral products.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Essay on The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe

The Tell-Tale Heart is a horror story by the American writer Edgar Allan Poe written in 1843. It was first published in the Boston-based magazine 'The Pioneer'. The story, which is being counted among the Gothic literature, was reprinted many times and served as the basis for various radio, film and television shows.

The main character, also the narrator, lives with an old man who has a lazy eye, which leads him to madness. 

He describes himself on several occasions, as someone who is mentally perfectly normal, but has very keen senses. He is so tormented by the image of the lazy eye that he tries to kill the old man. Every night it takes him an hour to open the door of the old man bedroom as gently as possible, but when he sees the old man sleep with both eyes closed, he stops his assassination plans and goes back. One evening, however, when he returns again, his lantern throws light directly to the open eye of the old man. At the same time insists hearing a dull sound, which he interprets as the heartbeat of the old man. The sound seems to grow stronger and stronger. Fearing that the neighbors will hear the sound, he finally kills the old man.

Then again he tries to prove it by explaining how carefully he made the old man’s body disappear. He chops it into pieces and hiding the parts under the wooden floor of the house. Shortly afterwards, the police, alerted by neighbors, comes, but nothing is found. Even it seems that the perpetrator will go unpunished. But then again he hears the beating of a heart, getting harder and harder and harder. Convinced that he hears the heart of the old man knocking under the floor, he, distraught, confesses the murder and tells the police where he hid the body.

The story is a paradigm for suspense in the literature: the reader knows from the start that the narrator is going to kill the old man. The whole suspense depends on the how. With his constant protestations that he was entirely reasonable, the narrator only makes a reader to consider him completely insane. The goal to kill a man solely because of a small physical anomaly is so irrational that even his most appropriate explanation is irrational. Poe proves to be a master of concealment: Not a word he says, standing in what actual relationship of the perpetrator and his victim are. But where even a younger man living with an elderly together are as closely as these two? 

The association that this is a conflict between father and son is by no means far-fetched. Marie Bonaparte supported the theory that in his story Poe executes his hatred foster father, John Allan. The love and hate at the same time have the double bind situation comes along with their development of a schizophrenia-promoting violence in expressed this text:

I knew what the old man felt, and pitied him. Although I chuckled at heart.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Battle of Antietam Essay

The Battle of Antietam is usually divided into three smaller decisions that all together constitute the great battle. The battle began with the Yankees about 3:00 in the morning on Sept. 17, when from across the river a furious artillery bombardment of Confederates left flank began. 07:00 Yankees General Joseph Hooker with arm right flank, constituted by his own two corps and supported by other divisions, advanced through the North Woods, and on through the Corn Field, where General Stonewall Jackson corps awaited the attack. The battle raged back and forth until John Bell Hood's two Confederate brigades by a fierce counterattack managed to fend off the Blue offensive. These were, in turn, in part, back when the Union XII Corps in May Gen. Joseph K. Mansfield fielded the counterattack.

Mansfield himself was killed in the attack. In an effort to give Mansfield's troops some respite attacked in May Gen. John Sedgwick with his troops advanced into The West Woods without having recognized it properly. As a result, Sedgwick ended up under heavy fire from three directions and at only twenty minutes, he lost all of his 2200 man. At nine o'clock in the morning fighting on this route slowed down.

Historians assume that the largest concentration of killed and injured on this day occurred during the fighting around The West Woods and The Corn Field where the aggregate losses amounted to approx. 10,000 killed.

After that the battle shifted its position to the Confederate center. This had, under Major General James Longstreet, taken the position along with and in a natural levee in an eroded road, locally known as "the sunken road." North State General French with his two divisions desperately tried oust the Yanks from their excellent defensive position but without result. The battle raged from nine o'clock to one in the afternoon, when around 5600 dead and wounded lay in front and along the 800 meter long eroded road. Then came "the sunken road" generally to be known as "Bloody Lane." Around 13 o'clock there was a misunderstanding among Confederates and command withdrew a regiment from the battle line. General confusion arose and the Yanks were forced to abandon their positions whereby blue coats could conquer the road.

Then the combat shifted again to the third scene. Further south McClellan had given General Ambrose Burnside orders for his army's corps of 12,000 soldiers cross the river and roll up the enemy's right flank. Burnside, later severely criticized for this, took the order literally and made several fruitless attempts to make use of the four-meter narrow bridge that crossed the river. This despite the fact that the river at this place was very shallow and could easily be crossed by wading troops.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Essay on Daedalus and Icarus

Ancient Greek myths have long attracted the attention of artists, poets, sculptors. A myth of the greatest Athenian architect and artist Daedalus, who was kept by King Minos on the island of Crete, can be regarded as one of the most famous. Many beautiful sculptures and paintings were created by Daedalus, he even built the Minotaur maze until he developed the most, as it seemed, reliable and sure way to save himself and save his young son Icarus. Of wax and feathers Daedalus fashioned two pairs of wings that can lift into the air one adult and one little boy. Daedalus told Icarus to stay close, not going down to the sea waves and not rising to the sun. But not for long young Icarus strictly followed his father.
Delighted with the beauty and shinning of the sun, he rose higher than Daedalus allowed him. 

Sunshine melted the wax and disintegrated wings could no longer carry the boy. He fell into the sea. 

The inconsolable father tried in vain to find his son among the raging waves. The freedom was too costly for Daedalus, however, no matter how sorry he was about his decision, it was too late to change anything.

Never again Daedalus raised to the sky and destroyed his wings - the old dream of people to fly. It seems to me that the great artist deceived himself, because the wings were not to blame for what happened. Be attentive Daedalus, just look closely at the little boy - trouble would not have happened. That's the lesson I got reading this tragic myth.

Myths are a treasure trove of original spiritual people experience, legends, which reflected the ideas of our ancestors about the world. Therefore, interest in them never waned. Such myths exist in many nation, but particularly popular in the world are the myths and legends of ancient Greece. The ancient Greeks were active, energetic people who tried to explain the appearance of life on the planet Earth, to interpret natural phenomena, determine the individual's place in the world.

The myth of Daedalus and Icarus originated in Athens - center of trade, crafts, art, and science in ancient Greece. Daedalus was "the greatest painter, sculptor and architect of Athens." He invented many useful tools and, according to legend,  he was taught the blacksmithing by goddess Athena. 

Glory of Daedalus spread very widely. It is said that he carved out of pure white marble statues such marvelous that they seemed to be alive, but his greatest achievement was not constructed buildings, not his magnificent statues, but the wings.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Critical Essay on Daddy by Sylvia Plath

Daddy is one of the most well-known poems written by the US writer Sylvia Plath. The poem was written in 1962 and published one year later. The majority of the critics think that the poem is extremely expressive, deep and symbolic. Some experts treat Daddy as one of the most successful poems on the 20th century due to the depth of its ideas and the possibility of the effective psychological analysis of the text. Of course, some experts interpret the poem in the wrong way imagining the problems which do not exist in Daddy. The majority of writers think that Plath expressed her inner anxiety and disappointment with the relations with the father, who died very early when the author was a little girl. This anger because of the unfair fate could provoke the comparison of the father with a Nazi who took the active part in Holocaust. The experts have different points of view concerning the reason of the father’s image as a Nazi. For example, some say that the relations between the father and the daughter resembled Holocaust, because the father behaved like a Nazi towards his Jewish daughter. Of course, this deep poem can be analyzed from the point of view of the German psychologist Sigmund Freud, who always connected the family conflicts between a father and a daughter with phallic images. Sylvia Plath managed to create an interesting for the interpreting poem, which embraces the knowledge on psychology, symbolism and other spheres of the human life.

Daddy by Sylvia Plath is a famous poem which provokes profound research and controversial ideas in the process of the analysis of the poem and the student is able to share his own understanding on the text and its interpreting. The student should read Daddy attentively and try to catch the main idea and problem of the text in order to be able to discuss it efficiently. One is expected to observe the poem from all sides, starting from the technical organization, rhymes, the length of lines, rhythm, etc and finishing with the deep philosophic ideas touching upon the meaning of the text and the explanation of the symbols and motives of writing. The young professional can evaluate the importance of the poem for the world literature and support his point of view with the evidence.

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