Monday, September 8, 2014

Essay on iPhone vs BlackBerry

For quite sometime I could not decide what phone to chose iPhone or BlackBerry. Then I have an opportunity to use them both for a couple of month and made my conclusions, which I'd to talk to you about.

As a rule, the first superficial impression of the smartphone is composed at a time when we first see the device, take it in your hand, feel the quality of its build, its weight and dimensions, location of mechanical keys and other things like that. However, the most telling factor in the initial assessment of the gadget is the quality of the display and what it shows.

The initial impression of both devices and their tactile feedback is great. Despite the fact that their dimensions are slightly different, you have similar feelings during the first acquaintance with these phones. You clearly feel that one and the other gadget is very high quality, presentable and expensive.

The BlackBerry smartphone design has a certain, more restrained business style, and the iPhone appearance has a more neutral traits, but this does not prevent them to create a common, similar pleasant experience from use.

On the technical characteristics of the display, it is worth noting that those of BlackBerry is somewhat preferable, but in reality there in not so much of a difference, at least not noticeable. 

Perhaps, videos and photos look more clearly on the BlackBerry phone but this requires a very close look to see.

So, my conclusions: iPhone is not suitable as a working phone, iPhone is perfect for Internet and multimedia applications.

In matters of convenience, organizing contacts, making calls, often use of email and SMS service BlackBerry was out of competition. Its battery lived up to 30% longer due to the fact that it was cleared of multimedia tasks and there is no reason to use Wi-Fi.

So the iPhone and BlackBerry turned out to be an ideal couple for me. Using multiple devices at the same time become normal for me long time ago. Usually, however, the second device was any outdated device, but now, having tried Apple & BB, I found a new ideal.

Naturally, each of the aforementioned devices has advantages and undelivered. It is also absolutely clear that almost all the fans or users of one or another manufacturer will reduce defects and exaggerate the virtues of their favorite devices. However, if you look at things objectively, you would have to acknowledge that both devices are very worthy.

They have a beautiful design and excellent hardware specifications. And if Apple smartphone at the moment has a greater number of applications, the device from the BlackBerry can boast unique services companies, such as BB Hub, BB Flow, the ability to run Android software, more powerful processor, plenty of memory, in some aspects the best screen.

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