Monday, December 11, 2017

Ethical Problems in Organizations

We live in a very globalized society today, and the effects of globalization are widely observed in our daily life especially if to refer to material goods. We export olive oil from Spain and Italy, buy electronics manufactured in China, Japan, and South East Asia, purchase clothes of different brands which are being produced anywhere in the globe.

Globalization gave unlimited opportunities for transnational companies today: they can locate their production forces in third world developing countries to get extra profits from small wages and small taxes. But together with extra benefits, such unequal commodity distribution creates a lot of additional problems of ethical character. They are typical for human resource management of third world countries or developing countries, especially countries of Pacific region where principles of democracy are often not realized in practice even in western companies as most of the personnel are natives.

International Business Law Essay

As globalization accelerates its pace, many companies face the drastic need to pay increased attention to global aspects of their business. Along with economic trends and cross-cultural competence, this also means the need to be proficient in international business law. A company that deals in foreign as well as domestic operations can utilize many pieces of knowledge about this domain.

In particular, knowledge of the forms of International Business is useful to someone who considers a partnership with a foreign business entity or is eager to enhance current relationships. This experience is valuable even if the company does not venture beyond the local market since it most probably has to compete with, buy from or sell to businesses that represent the international trade in its various forms.

A business executive also has to be aware of various trade regulations concerning exporting, importing, and global sourcing. In the age of the WTO and gradual movement toward free trade, with fewer and fewer government restrictions in place, the situation in the worldwide market has a direct influence on the one in the domestic market. Everyone interested in understanding the case of other businesses in virtually every industry has to read on international licensing agreements and trade controls.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Essay on Famous Personality

"I am by nature a perfectionist, and I seem to have trouble allowing anything to go through in a half-perfect condition. So if I made any mistake, it was in working too hard and in doing too much of it with my own hands." 
-- Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes is one of the strangest and most extraordinary personalities of the XX century.

Those, who know at least some facts from his biography could not help being impressed by his achievements and impressive turns of his precious (in many meanings of this word) life.

Many researchers spent a considerable amount of time trying to solve the mysteries that surrounded Howard Hughes’ destiny. Regarding personality studies, he was a real boon for the psychological researchers. Even Dr. Raymond Fowler, then President of the American Psychological Association and chair of the Psychology Department at the University of Alabama, made a psychological study of Howard Hughes after his death in 1976. The findings, though sometimes controversial are undoubted of great importance and interest for those, who believe in the interrelation of the personality and forces that influence its development. In psychology, personality means a collection of emotional, thought and behavioral patterns unique to a person.

Essay: Why People Avoid Conflicts

Seek first to understand, then to be understood.
Steven Covey

Conflicts occur when people can’t find consensus and disagree over the issues, which have an important meaning for them. As a result, people feel nervous and unkind to each other. Conflicts create tension and disagreement between two persons or group of people. Conflicts disturb us when we have a conflict with someone our emotional and even physical state is unstable. If the conflict is very serious and protracted, we constantly feel bad, and it can cause problems with our health and in some cases even lead to depression or mental disorder. As we can see, conflicts can have serious consequences that can bring harm to both - our opponents and us. So it’s necessary to avoid conflicts and to decide problems in a friendly and calm atmosphere. In a conflictive situation, only one side can be a winner, and the other side is an outsider and, as a rule, both sides are not satisfied with the conflict resolving. Conflicts at the workplace reduce productivity level, cause mental, psychical and physical disorders. Unfortunately, directors and managers of the companies spend too much effort trying to increase productivity level but very often forget that friendly and supportive atmosphere and absence of conflicts can become much more effective than any innovative technologies of production. There are several consequences the conflict can have on an individual. The most common effect caused by the conflict can be the following: not achieving a common aim, winning at all costs, discounting the good aspects of opponent’s point of view, bad state of the “loser” and his demoralization.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Symbols in 'Snow' by Ann Beattie Essay

To start with, I’d like to say few words about Ann Beattie’s works and style of writing. Ann Beattie enlarged American literature by writing seven novels and seven collections of short stories. Allegories and unique symbols make her works sensitive and touching. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand what symbols mean. But when you do realize that the impression is unforgettable, after her first publications, critics started to argue whether Beattie was stronger in novels or short stories.

But all critics came to a conclusion, that first of all Beattie had an impressive unique style, which corresponded to tastes of various readers. Critics say Beattie has a remarkable talent. Her works are right for life and the most perceptive after Salinger’s. Her stories are read and studied as classics. She is called a new voice in American fiction. Her works depict truths about contemporary life of her generation. In one of the interviews, Ann Beattie mentioned that readers and authors look differently at the same stories. For her success in writing, it is first of all clarity and vividness of depiction.

The Development of Art Essay

The Influence of the Social, Political, or Economic Conditions on the Development of Art
Art and culture cannot exist separately from the society. They both belong to people and are produced by them, and that is why they usually become a reflection of political, social and economic changes in the society. If we study and compare the art of different periods of our history, we will notice that technique always corresponds to other fields of human life. Each global political, social or economic change has always provoked the development of new trends in art and culture. Art does not exist separately as it still belongs to people, who make the part of the society. That’s why whatever an artist expresses through his works, he voluntary or involuntary illuminates the tendencies of the society he lives in.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Excellent Interpersonal Communication

Julia Morstyn is my high school friend. I think her to be an excellent interpersonal communicator based on my observations of her interactions with people of different ages and backgrounds. With almost everybody, she is likely to establish a friendly contact within minutes. She smiles a lot to people she sees for the first time, and somehow they tend to respond to her in a fairly friendly and welcoming manner themselves.

However, Julia is not just good with those she meets – she is also respected and well-liked by most people whom she has known for a long time. Most students in our class were happy to seek her approval in everything they do. When they had a problem or disagreement with someone, Julia was often the one to confide in and consult. I believe she has an amazing capacity for sympathy and understanding, and with this quality she has friendship with many people who honor the chance to be her friend.

Comparison Essay: The Fish and Traveling Through the Dark

The first thing that catches the attention when reading both of the poems is the commonness of their topic. Having different endings both poems present a poetic hero who faced the choice of what to do with the animal. In my opinion the both of the authors demonstrated the situation when a human being was superior to another living creature and life or death of that creature was in the persons hand. It seams that this situation is able to demonstrate the character of the person in the best way. At the same time the stories are rather different.

'Traveling through the dark'
In Stafford's "Traveling through the Dark" the author tells the story of a man who was driving his car on the narrow mountain road and saw a deer who became a victim of the unfortunate accident. He knew that it was best to drop be body into the river since it could have caused more victims due to the narrowness of the road.

It is usually best to roll them into the canyon:
that road is narrow; to swerve might make more dead.

However, examining the body he found that the deer was pregnant and that the fawn was still alive. While the mother was dead and almost cold it was hard to think of the way how to help that poor creature.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Free Essay on Phytochemicals

Phytochemical is a more recent term that came into use instead of term nutraceutical that was first implied by Stephen de Felice who was the director of New York’s Foundation for Innovation in Medicine. However, the term phytonutrient would describe the essence of the element best.

Phytochemicals are the elements that are responsible for the taste (for example bitterness), color (red color of tomatoes, paper) and other features of fruits and vegetables. But their importance for a human body is as significant as for the plants. The consumption of those elements plays a vital role in human health, ability to fight diseases and length of life.

According to the Morton, 1993 studies are showing that as we move away from the diet of our ancestors, we succumb to “modern” diseases. Evidence of this can be seen in societies such as the centenarian tribes that live in remote villages in the Andes Mountains and who still embrace traditional dietary practices. These people have been reported to live extraordinarily long lives that are free of such illnesses as cancer, heart disease, and arthritis.

Essay: What is an American?

Since the discovery of America, this continent became an attractive place to live for all immigrants coming mostly from Europe. Everybody wanted to know what America was like and why all people felt happy there. French immigrant named Hector St. John de Crevecoeur tried to describe America in the way how it was in the 18th century. He, as well as other immigrants, came in search of a better life, which was conditioned on economic well-being. According to historical evidence, Hector de Crevecoeur went to the USA around the 1760s and acquired his naturalization papers in 1765.

It is believed that during this period he wrote “Letters from an American Farmer,” which became a rather famous piece of literature to read about early America and Americans. In the book Crevecoeur describes the land, the climate and the nature of America, saying that it is very diverse. The same he says about the people, noting that they are “as different as their climates” [1]. Indeed, people who were coming to inhabit the country, which would become the most powerful in the world, were of a different nationality, but their goals were similar. Some immigrants came in search of a place where they can freely practice their religion, others were trying to escape military conflicts or legal prosecutions in their countries, some people were so poor and due to the lack of a job they experienced they would sell everything in their home country to come to America in order to start up a new life. The “land of freedom” – this is how the USA was called by many immigrants coming from England, Scotland, France, Sweden, Germany and other countries. They created a new nationality of people, and started to call themselves as “Americans”.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Humanity in Culture Essay

1. The crisis of leadership. The subject of leadership has many times aroused in numerous ancient books. The following are the most demonstrative examples of leadership crisis.

Moses, the main Bible hero, was chosen by God to take Hebrews from Egypt. Most of the people trusted and followed him. However, after many days of traveling being chased by Pharaoh Army Hebrew people disappointed in Moses and fell into despair.

The severe leadership crisis may also come from family members. It happened to Creon, an ancient king of Thebes, who led his sons, daughters, and wife to murders and suicides.

Odysseus, another ancient hero, was one of the well-known literature leaders. However, he also suffered from a crisis of leadership when his sailors disobeyed him after years of sailing and fell asleep at the island of Lotus-Eaters.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Cultural Background Essay

Everyone should be given a chance to show at least something of their personality and the kind of person they are before such conclusions are reached, and it is never right to pass judgment by racism and, as the saying goes, "judge a book by its cover." These associations based on sight alone also go far beyond clothing and outward appearance. Because someone is of an individual race, they could be considered to be stupid or lazy, and someone of a different race might be regarded as to be better than them for something as simple as a job application.

The decision in that situation and others similar to it are far too easily made regarding a person’s racial background. Perhaps a competent employee of a certain skin color or ethnicity, seeking to work his way up in a corporation or business would be less likely to receive the promotions and position advancements he deserves because of a boss he works under who harbors racist opinions against people of other races or cultures.

Thus his movement up that particular ladder of success would be slower than he has a right for it to be, simply because of his race. This should in no way be considered a way of forming ideas about people. Having a biased opinion a certain type of people is only a display of rash ignorance and is something that should be avoided at all times. The formation of an idea about someone based on skin color or racial background, as in the examples above, is by far the worse form of racism.

Response to An Article Essay

The article and the conclusions made by the authors were rather informative, though some of the results stated in conclusion appeared to be surprising and unexplained. The authors did not give a clear explanation concerning what causes robust stress response expressed by hatchlings in the areas visited by tourists, and why young chicks perceive the presence of humans when adults show little response to them in tourist areas. The results of the case have implications for further research, as the topic corresponds with the general topic of the impact of anthropogenic disturbances on wildlife, and its ability to adapt to it. It is now obvious that seabirds in undisturbed areas react on humans differently than in tourist-visited areas. However, the differences have also been noticed in different age groups of penguins living in the same area. The authors emphasized the need to conduct further research to identify the factors, which might be stressful to organisms, meaning the interaction with human beings. The article provides the readers with statistical material as well as new results of the research; however, it does not explain the obtained results. That’s why it doesn’t help to advance theory in this particular area.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Article Critique: Social Work in Canada

As a detox worker, I recognize that clients are accessing the unit come in on a voluntary basis, and we follow the intake process. During this process, we gather relevant information such as substances use history and last date used or this method can be called conducting a psychosocial assessment. This intake process provides workers and nurses critical information in ways to help these individuals become well. From this point, the clients restore to health from five to fifteen days depending on protocols used. Before clients leave, we work on a recovery plan which goes through areas that clients may need assistance in such as a safe place to live or alcohol and drug counseling. This overview of my learning points out the sign as a new social service worker knowing the different steps and approaches to suggest clients valuable help. As the article points out assessment and planning involve the worker using many different skills acquired through learning including validating feelings, interview questioning, paraphrasing, and clarification to name a few.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

“The Case for Torture” Persuasive Essay

Evaluating the Argument "The Case for Torture"
Critical thinking is one of the best logical studies that lets the people analyze and evaluate the level of logical strength of information. As for each one of us is surrounded by numerous units of information that we receive every day it is the subject of great importance to be able to recognize the degree of validity of this information. The early logical studies of ancient times founded by Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle were the first sciences used to analyze and evaluate the information. Nowadays the critical thinking teaching is widely used for this purpose.

In the present paper I will make an attempt to logically analyze and evaluate a particular argument stated within an article “The Case for Torture” by Michael Levin. Michael Levin is a well-known philosophy professor in the City College of New York. He is known not only for his teaching but as well for his writings. Levin is the author of a great number of critical articles and stories where he expresses his point of view. In his acute writings the author discusses politically incorrect items oftentimes.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Comparison Essay on "Mean Time" and "Anne Hathaway"

The attempt to investigate the meaning of the poem reveals not just the soul of the writer and the matters he wanted to deliver, but also expands frames of awakening, allowing to perceive the essence of creation with its primitive charm. Profound poem analysis requires research, curiosity, and imagination. I am going to mix up those three components together trying to understand what is familiar and what is not in two poems written by Carol Ann Duffy “Mean Time” and “Anne Hathaway.”

Anne Hathaway was a wife of William Shakespeare. The poem “Anne Hathaway” is written in sonnet form. The main image in the poem is the bed. It is the bed where Anne and Shakespeare slept together. The whole poem is penetrated with tenderness to the man and his creative work. This poem is very inspiring and not a single allusion of the sorrow. It is all about love, passion, and admiration for Shakespeare’s poetical genius.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Do Exotic Dance Clubs Really Cause Higher Crime Rates?

Exotic dancing ("strip clubs") is a visible, profitable and growing form of adult entertainment in the United States (Frank, 2003). Despite their popularity, these establishments have extremely bad image, much worse than many other forms of legal adult entertainment such as casinos and male magazines. One particular example is the almost immediate association between strip clubs and criminal activity. However, as discussed in this paper, the relations between strip clubs and higher crime rates are not based on hard evidence, and are arguably even utterly incorrect.

The adult entertainment industry faces legal restrictions, which pose more limitations on such establishments than others. For example, many cities, counties and states prohibit running a sex-related “adult” business within certain proximity from e.g. schools, churches or even residence houses, assuming negative secondary effects on the surrounding neighborhood (Linz, Land, Williams, Ezell, & Paul, 2004). However, more than a few indications show that these restrictions on one’s freedom to do business are not based on any sufficient knowledge, and thus do not serve any greater public interest.

The Digestion Process of a Ham Sandwich with Milk

The human digestion system is comprised of several organs, which carry on the process of intake of nutritional substances, digesting them, absorbing them into the body and expelling the unneeded parts. In order to better understand the workings of the system, we shall overview the digestion process of a small meal, which includes meat (ham), wheat (bread), fat (mayonnaise), vegetables and milk (about 87% water). The process is described according to its natural order, from the mouth to the anus:

  1. The substances are brought into the mouth, where they are chewed and added saliva – an enzyme, which is produced by the salivary glands and speeds up the absorption of the food.
  2. After the initial swallowing process in the mouth, the food or liquid is pushed into the esophagus, a tube that connects the throat with the stomach and has many muscles, which push the food downward. 
  3. Before the esophagus reaches the stomach, it must pass the esophageal sphincter, a ring muscle that allows food to pass when it is not contracted. 
  4. In the stomach, the substances are mixed, being added with more digestive juices and are pushed slowly into the small intestine. The length of stay in the stomach differs between the different materials: carbohydrates (from the bread and the ham) will be transported faster than the proteins, while the fat is expected to remain for the longest time.  
  5. The small intestine is responsible for most of the absorption process. It uses different enzymes for every type of nutrient, which are capable of absorbing the needed molecules and break down the molecules that the body does not need (known as fibers). These enzymes are produced in several organs, including the liver and the pancreas.  
  6. After the digestion process, the nutrients are absorbed through the intestinal walls to the rest of the body. The undigested substances, waste and old cells are pushed into the colon, and from there they are eventually pushed out by a bowel movement and though the anus.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Family Entrepreneurship Management Essay


The term family business is often accompanied by varying definitions that indicate it to be an ambiguous concept. The most common variables that indicate family involvement in a business are ownership and management. The presence of one, the other, or both variables is what many academics and researchers agree constitutes a family business. Miller & Rice (1967) state that family involvement is what makes a family business, while most researchers, such as Handler (1989), agree that involvement must include ownership and management. Others like Churchill and Hatten (1987) claim that the criterion of a family successor must be present in order to qualify a business as a family business. Over the years, many other definitions have arisen, all of which give varying importance to the aforementioned principle (Chua, Chrisman, & Sharma, 1999). The following paragraphs will utilize this definition in exploration of the organizational structure, family issues, and protection plans via succession and estate planning that are essential for any family run business.

The Inner Battle Between Good and Evil

The story of "Young Goodman Brown" is one of many intertwining themes, such as good vs. evil, morality vs. temptation, and appearance vs. reality. The use of characters as symbols and symbols such as the serpent-like staff and Faith's pink ribbon help develop these themes, while maintaining the mood of the story. Author Nathaniel Hawthorne uses a combination of imagery and style to create a dark tone, which is suitable for a story of the triumph of evil over good. This particular analysis of the story will focus on the literary tools the author uses to further the primary theme of good vs. evil and relate this theme to the other themes in the story.

The theme of good vs. evil can be related to the characters that provide the biggest influence on the protagonist, as well as a correlating Christianity vs. Satanism theme. When Goodman Brown gets to his initial destination he remarks that he was late because "Faith kept [him] back a while […]", referring literally to his wife. Nevertheless, the deeper meaning suggests that his faith in himself and his faith in doing good is what made it hard for him to go on with this evil endeavor. Faith's nightmares foreshadow the events that will soon thereafter transpire. The beloved wife cries “A lone woman is troubled with such dreams and such thoughts that she's afeard of herself sometimes. Pray tarry with me this night, dear husband, of all nights in the year”, hinting to the reader that tonight is going to be an exceptional night. The third character introduced in this story is Goodman Brown's snake-like staff-bearing fellow traveller. This character can be perceived as the total opposite of Goodman's wife, with the two characters representing the opposite ends of the moral spectrum. The use of a black snake in this situation can be paralleled to the story of Eve, the snake, and the forbidden fruit. The author mentions that the fellow traveller seemed like he knew the world. It is said that the forbidden fruit in the biblical story represents knowledge, which breeds evil through curiosity. While he acts as a part of Goodman's conscience, the old fellow traveller also furthers the story line. The intention here is to use the characters in this story as a microcosm of the inner battle human kind faces and the author executes this very well.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Essay: Global Concern over Global Interactions

With the globalization and internationalization of social and economic spheres of life, people began to recognize the obvious benefits and disadvantages of global interactions. Taking into consideration the expansion of multinational corporations into the new markets, creation of joint ventures between industrial enterprises in different countries and the modern trend of global sourcing, one should recognize the inevitability of cross-cultural occurrences that take place all over the world nowadays.

Ontario EcoSchools named this recent phenomenon a global collaborative approach. However, people still tend to address national governments in the problems that are associated with environmental issues, Kenyon discovers. Supposedly, national governments are not the key contributors to the issues of global economic and environmental concern, that’s why it would be more reasonable to examine precisely how global business interactions can trigger environmental problems.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Capital Investment Analysis Essay

Capital investment analysis is generally referred to as analysis of investment alternatives. Capital investment analysis is tightly connected with capital investment decisions that contain the purchase of different items for business, such as machinery, equipment, land, buildings, etc. These decisions are the most important that can be undertaken by the manager, as they often involve large amount of money and will influence business activity during several future years. Even though that influence can be positive and increase business profit, this would occur in future, and the investments are to be made immediately.

Business manager cannot foresee the future, however they have the opportunity to estimate all investment alternatives the best they can. Gathering data and information – is the most essential thing in capital investment analysis.

Selection of the investments that are supposed to improve the financial performance of business contain two tasks: analysis of economic profitability and financial feasibility. Economic profitability will reveal whether the investment alternative is economically profitable. But being economically profitable, the investments may not be financially feasible, or in other words, there may not be sufficient cash flow to make necessary interest and principal payments. Therefore, business manager should fulfill both analyses before making the final decision of accepting or rejecting particular investment alternative.

Risk Management Essay

In most situations, uncertainty is an indicator of risk, which inevitably can lead to damage, loss or events that might be detrimental to a company. in most cases, companies will seek ventures that are low risk in order to minimize their potential of loss, which will lead to greater profitability. (Oracle Corporation, 2008) In the development of a new product, Research and Development, R&D, is a crucial step. Its work can be very rewarding for the company if everything is done right and the product does well on the sales floor. There are, however, a few drawbacks to R&D which can sometimes even cripple a company financially. The R&D process is very time consuming not to mention the exuberant costs associated with it. to forecast some of its expenses for R&D, the company needs risk logs, whereby all the risks associated with the process, whether financial or other are discussed. The risk log should include all that can go wrong, and what are the contingency plans that can divert the process back on to the right track. With cases where a company must hire subcontractors, whereupon, they must invest their own money in R&D as sole-source, long-term contract holders, the situation can go either way. On the one hand, the company has someone taking the financial burden off of their hands which can give the company maneuvering room to invest in other projects. On the other hand, however, one can never tell how well the R&D will be conducted, as well as delay and budgetary overruns on the part of the company. If the product is successful, then the contractors responsible will cover some of the company's R&D costs. Yet, it’s also possible that the project will not be as successful as some had hoped, and in this case the subcontractors might not be able to help the company cover its financial risk, which in the end can be disastrous for it.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Essay: Woman's Work by Julia Alvarez

"A woman's work is never done".
(An old proverb)

"Woman's work" by Julia Alvarez opens the subject of the domestic role of women in family life. The author tells the story of her mother’s obsessive housekeeping that influenced the speaker’s future life. Julia Alvarez (or the speaker) depicts and criticizes her mother’s active domestic role but admits it has influenced her becoming a “woman working at home” herself.

The daughter, the protagonist and the speaker of the poem, starts with a rhetoric question: “Who says a woman's work isn't high art?” This was probably one of her mother’s favorite phrases while the latter performed her domestic chores:

Who says a woman's work isn't high art?
She'd challenge as she scrubbed the bathroom tiles.
Keep house as if the address were your heart.

The last line of the first stanza addresses the speaker’s father or talks about the whole family, whose hearts embody the address of the house her mother cared for so much (emphasizing that the mother’s care and love was embodied in the housekeeping chores).

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

History 202 Essay Sample

1. The period of reconstruction was the time from 1865 till 1877, characterized by readjustment which came after the Civil War. The Civil War resulted in ruining the South. The economics and social order of the country was based on slavery, and after it was ruined, there were no variants of another order to replace it. The 11 Confederate states still needed their governments in order to get their positions in the Union. The restoration was begun by President Lincoln before the end of the war. His task was to create a strong Republican party in the South, the first steps were to issue “a proclamation of amnesty and reconstruction for those areas of the Confederacy occupied by Union armies” (3). With the help of these documents all Confederates got the right to swear to support the Constitution and the Union. Lincoln received little support from congress in this matter and he put veto on their Wade-Davis Bill and wanted to fulfill his own plan. However at the end of the war, the representatives from Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee and Virginia were not accepted by Congress and didn’t get the places of Senators.

Andrew Johnson supported at the beginning the punishment of rebellious regions. He “disenfranchised all former military and civil officers of the Confederacy and all those who owned property worth $20,000 or more and made their estates liable to confiscation.” (3). The main goal was to take the political control from aristocrats in South and give it to the smaller farmers. In the year 1965 Johnson started to fulfil his plan. The Thirteenth Amendment was supposed to provide complete freedom for black people, but in reality the control of white over them was not destroyed. In the year 1867, Congress issued the Reconstruction Act, which was followed by three more acts, The South was divided into five military regions with army commanders.

Importance of Human Resource Management Essay

One can not overstate the importance of Human Resource Management in an organization. In the last decades the world’s business is following the vision that any organization is, primarily, just a group of people working towards a particular goal. Therefore, an understanding of the fact that Human Resource Management deals with the very core aspect of any organization rose significantly.

According to traditional view, Human Resource Management involves all activities associated with the recruitment, selection, performance and management of the company’s employees, while putting emphasis on the human side of business. Dealing with such a complex organizational element as “the person”, Human Resources Management involves a variety of different inter-related psychological and socio-cultural issues, going far beyond just the basic activities listed above. That is why HRM is often defined as “a distinctive approach to employment management which seeks to achieve competitive advantage through the strategic deployment of a highly committed and capable workforce, using an integrated array of cultural, structural and personal techniques”.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Essay on Economic Restructuring

I would like to start by saying that the book Nickel and Dimed was written by Barbara Ehrenreich and was created from the perspective of the undercover journalist who would investigate the impact of the 1996 welfare reforms on the working poor class in the USA. The book describes the events that took place between the spring of 1998 and the summer of 2000. Ehrenreich would undertake a practical approach to evaluating the impact of the welfare on common people, so she would take only $1000 with her, leave her home and the middle-class life and with her car tried to spend a few months working in low paid jobs assuming the low-income status.

Ehrenreich would travel from Florida to Maine to Minnesota and assumed various jobs. Her investigation would prove that with her qualities, car and initial savings of $1000 she was unable to achieve any sustainable lifestyle and thus would ultimately fail in her life if continued for an extended time period.

Patriarchal Society Essay

In a patriarchal society the bonds and limitations were quite clear: a woman has “sacred duties” to her husband and children. Anything that goes beyond these bounds is prohibited and shameful.

Henrik Ibsen’s play “A doll’s house” is a worthy illustration of what it is for a woman to live in a “man’s world”, and what could come of it. In this context, the comparison of Marge Piercy’s poem “A work of artifice” and Henrik Ibsen’s play “A Doll’s house” is quite relevant and sound, for it depicts the gender roles in a patriarchal society. If we draw a parallel between these two literary works, it would be clear that the bonsai tree, in a way, symbolizes Nora Helmer’s character, and her husband, Torvald Helmer is a gardener. The allusion is clear, though the essence of the ideas and conditions is not similar in all ways.

Ibsen in his play compares Nora to a doll, and her life and entourage also seem to be toy. In “A doll’s house”, Nora’s character and essence are gradually discovered, and all that the thoughts the audience has collected along the play, are summed up in the end of the play, during her final conversation with Torvald. The link between the characters of “A work of artifice” and “A Doll’s house” is most clearly seen in the similarity of the gardener and Torvald Helmer.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Lombroso's Theory Essay

An adherent of Lombroso’s theory would make quite offensive to some groups of people policy recommendations with regards to crime. It is apparent that supporter of Lombroso’s ideas would initiate crime policies like the ones suggested by Canadian professor Rushton: they would try to link crime with race. (Rushton, 1987) Racial explanations of differences in crime rates are of course hardly new; many criminologists will read Professor Rushton’s statements with a sense of déjà vu.

The attempt to relate crime and race clearly echoes the writings of Cesare Lombroso, both in method and conclusion. Ironically, given Rushton’s research focusing on the head-sizes of different races, Lombroso was also preoccupied with the study of offenders’ skulls. His primary research tool was a craniometer. In his instructions regarding the physical examination of criminals, Lombroso notes: “careful examination of this part (the skull) is of the utmost importance” (Lombroso, 1968).

Failure to distinguish a causal from an associative relationship permeates Lombroso’s writings. For example, in the chapter devoted to racial influences on crime in his major work, he makes statements such as the following: “I have found that in the departments where dark hair predominates the figures for murder reach 12.6%, while the light haired departments give only 6.3%” (Lombroso, 1968).

The reader should not interpret this as an example of mere muddleheaded empiricism on Lombroso’s part, the product of unscientific but benign inquisitiveness. Lombroso’s biological theory has a danger common to all such theories -- it led him to misinterpret data and to write statements that are shocking even to today’s reader, inured to racialism by the events of the 20th century. For example, Lombroso notes that gypsies are: “the living example of a whole race of criminals and have all the passions and all the vices of criminals.” (Lombroso, 1968) He then accuses them of all manner of vice, including cannibalism.

The tendency of craniometricians and criminal anthropologists to fit any finding into their explanatory models of crime is shown by their reactions to “anomalies” in brain size: “The large size of many criminal brains was a constant source of bother to craniometricians and criminal anthropologists. Broca (the famous French craniometrician) tended to dismiss it with his claim that sudden death by execution precluded the diminution that long bouts of disease produced in many honest men. (Haskell, 1993).

Broca also argued that brain size increased with the advancement of European civilization. When he found that the brain size of people buried in common graves in the 18th century was, on the average, larger than those buried in the 19th century, he argued that the earlier sample included higher status individuals (Haskell, 1993).

There are some important lessons to be learned from research on race and crime. First, it is clear that the news media are particularly sensitized to controversial research. Most empirical work in criminology is at once more substantive and less controversial. Accordingly, it escapes the attention of the news media and thereafter the public. Second, the importance of addressing the methodological shortcomings of a genetic explanation of crime cannot be over-stated. Although Professor Rushton has steered clear of speculating about the policy implications of a theory linking race and crime, Lombroso was not so reticent.

In his work we find the following: “When we realize that there exist beings, born criminals, who reproduce the instincts common to the wildest savages and . . . are destined by nature to injure others . . . we feel justified in demanding their extermination (Lombroso, 1968).

People who accept the view that variations in crime rates reflect genetic factors may also embrace an underlying message about crime prevention. There is an unmistakable message conveyed by a view asserting a race-crime relationship predicated on genetic differences. Social programs aim to eradicate educational, social, and economic inequities. These efforts can only be undermined by statements stressing the importance of genetic factors in determining criminality.

The real issue is whether we regard the evidence on the persistence of family problems and the continuity of troubling behavior from childhood to adult life as indicative of predispositions that are largely unrelated to their social context and that we are virtually powerless to alter. For many conservative writers, the dark conclusion to be dawn from this evidence is that there are sharp limits to what we can do for either troubled children or the troubled adults they often become. That conclusion lends support to the ever more intensive search for new methods of screening and incapacitation and to the simultaneous neglect of policies to reduce economic and racial disadvantage.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Uses of Statistical Information Paper

In the contemporary world information plays increasingly more important role, but it is particularly important in military actions and database. Obviously, statistical information is one of the key points of military success of a state, an army or even a particular military combat unit. In such a situation the statistical information gathered may be crucial for the success, especially in the situation when technologies achieved unparalleled results and the more information is known about a combat military unit the less chances for success it has and in contrast the more information this unit possesses about the enemy the more chances to succeed it has. In such a situation it is very important to clearly understand what types of statistical information is needed for a military combat unit in order to achieve its goals.

First of all, a few words should be said about theoretical approaches to gathering statistical information, among which may be named such approaches as Bayesian statistics, Dempster-Shafer, fuzzy logic, rule-based inference, rough set theory, statistical capacity theory. These theories and theoretical approaches may vary but there are some key elements each approach has to take into consideration. Notably it is of paramount importance to gather statistical information in order to make it systematic and unified and consequently easy to use in case of a military combat unit has to undertake some actions. In order to achieve such a result, it is necessary to provide good and comprehensible data presentation, than data have to be encoded and transmitted. The next step implies pooling of diverse data into a coherent picture, and finally measurement of the informativeness of both data and fusion system. In such a way statistical information undergoes four basic stages.

How Classical Conditioning Procedures Help to Potty Train Toddlers

My observation of particular learning process (toddler’s potty training) was supported by a diverse theoretical knowledge about classical conditioning procedures. I was able to observe ‘potty training’ activities initiated both by parents and child care professionals. The majority of professionals believe that children's toilet training should be initiated after 24 months of age, while the majority of parents believe training should begin before 24 months. This parental practice is of concern in light of conviction that most children do not fall within the readiness parameters until 24 months of age.

The best example of how classical conditioning can be applied to potty training toddlers is bedwetting alarm – a device that senses wetness and starts to ring if the child urinates in the bed. The child wakes up, and thus perceives that alarm is bad, attributing this meaning to going to toilet in bed. In order to strengthen the effects of the classical conditioning, a child should be explained that the alarm is used to help them wake up when they need to go to toilet.

Some parents and professionals may not be waiting for children to achieve a sufficient level of maturity before training. Initially, the large discrepancy between parent and professional beliefs seemed alarming. Yet, some evidence suggests that the gap between actual parent and professional practices may not be as great. When parents were asked how they trained their children, their responses were more similar to the professionals'.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Forensic Psychologists and their Role in Child Custody Decisions

People started to talk about forensic psychology in the 21st century as soon as the testimonies of psychologists were used in courts in order to help the juries to come to the correct conclusion and come out with the clear verdict. Psychologists do contribute to identifying competence to standard trial, work with criminal profiling and play a great role in child custody cases.

Child custody disputes are rather sophisticated as the main decision concerns either removing or not the child from his/her home and from parents. Certainly there have to be provided a lot of evidences, like mental illness of a parent, lack of necessary care for child and so on. In order to collect all the necessary information, interviews, standardized tests, observations of interactions between parent and child are used. Usually such kinds of trials are emotionally hard.

Indian Philosophy of Jainism

Jainism, stemming from a succession of 24 Jinas (“conquerors”) is now a religious belief with followers constituting a minority in modern India and scattered patches in the United States, Europe, East Asia and other places. This religion is notable for its ascetic tradition (Shraman) and a set of specific religious beliefs and concepts, originating out of both Hinduism and Buddhism. Through self-control and abstention, Jains (followers of Jainism) seek to achieve moksha, liberation from the rebirth cycle. Like most religions, Jainism is grounded in a set of philosophical concepts that form a coherent whole and provide a normative framework for the behaviour of Jains.

1. Reincarnation, Moksha and Self-Control
The fundamental idea that underlies Jaina epistemiology is that “human beings are in a position to be omniscient and that this view is based on the teaching of omniscient beings who have taught the basic ideas after having become enlightened through a strict ascetic discipline” (Soni 2000:369). The omniscient beings are described as "Jinas" (“conquerors”), and their list ends with Pārśva and Buddha’s contemporary Mahāvīra. The teaching of Jinas is supposed to be authoritative to all other Jaina believers and is taken as the foundation for any concepts in ontology, epistemiology, or ethics. Jinas are also called Tīrthaṃkaras ("ford-makers"), with the metaphor alluding to the Jinas helping unite the two sides of the life’s stream, the mundane and the godly one.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Essay: Social Psychology in the Media

One of the most recent and important events in the media is certainly the issue of abuse, family/dating violence and rape. I personally see these events as oftentimes discussed in mass media and for this reason will use them in this essay. Having searched the articles database I found some of them that all depict the following topics.

One of the most important elements in the articles related to violence and abuse was the statistic represented by five key points to consider when working with school age children. One learnt that witnessing domestic violence by children typically means that domestic violence will pass from one generation to another. I learnt the sad statistics of abused females in US high schools and those who knew at least one person abused by her sexual partner. Here writers strive to associate the reader with the other victims of domestic violence or rape, the psychological technique initiated to create emotional bondage with the read information.

Homodiegetic Narration

The first-person narration of “The Collector” by John Fowles and “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley is one of the features that make these stories so outstanding. It is about having a chance of looking into the brains of the protagonists, and trying to see the complete picture of what happened.

Both stories are not traditional in the manner of the text construction. Both Fowles and Shelley use uncommon schemes: he, using both protagonists to tell the story from their perspective, one after another, as if summing it all up, and she, using a story-within-a-story (sort of “wrapped” into it).

The “Collector” reveals the characters of two main characters, who tell the same story in a row, so that the reader could see what really happened, and was they felt about it. Frederick (though he preferred to be called Ferdinand, but was called Caliban anyway) Clegg’s part of the kidnapping and the life of Miranda in the sellar of his detached house is quite sketchy, if the reader reads the whole story. He is the one to explain all the initial causes and intentions, he is the only one to reveal his own way of thinking and feeling. Miranda’s point of view rarely coincides with what he thinks, but that’s what makes the picture more complete. Both of them are homodiegetic narrators, for they are not only telling the story, they are a part of it, the main part.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Essay on Setting Up a Company in Colombia

Whenever organizing a new company it’s necessary to consider all factors that might influence work of a future company, it’s important to think over every small detail in order for everything to go exactly the way in which it was planned. Our goal is to set up a wholesaling company selling textiles to small Colombian companies. To do that we’ll buy raw materials from Indian company and than distribute it in Colombia. To reach success we’ll have to develop our own strategy of business. The first stage of the future strategy will be of course getting to know about the country and its peculiarities.

Country factors
As it has been mentioned before, first of all it’s necessary to get to know about the country. To begin with we’ll speak about some basic facts of the country. Colombia or the Republic of Columbia is situated in northwestern part of South America, which became independent in 1810. It’s a republic with three separate branches of power. The population of Colombia is 42,954,279 people. Speaking about economy of the country, it’s necessary to say that this country has never been characterized as a country with stable economy. Periods of growth were always replaced by periods of decline. At the moment the economic situation of Colombia is improving due to strict governmental control of state budget and export increase. By the way Colombia was always famous for export of coffee, gold, bananas, coal, and petroleum. In general the economic situation of Colombia started to improve in 1993, because at that time industrial and agricultural sector of economy demonstrated increase in production. In 2001 GDP averaged about $87 billion, while in 2005 it was $303.1 billion. The increase in economy was caused by several reasons, among which are growing prices for coffee and international investments of the USA.

Now let’s say a couple of words about culture of Colombia. The official language of Colombia is Spanish. As for religion the majority of the population of Colombia are Roman Catholic (about 90%), the rest are Protestants (10%). Speaking about education in Colombia, it’s necessary to note that 92.5% of population are literate people. This figure has grown from 88% in 1987. There are several reason of increasing number of literate people, such as urbanization of the country, increasing funding of government and others. Social structure of population is represented by four classes, such as upper class -5%, middle class-20%, lower class-50% and the masses- 25%. This structure was given according to statistics in 1980. In 2001 estimated 59% of the population were below poverty line. Classes in Colombia are determined by life-style, occupation, income and education. And people are very much concerned to what class they belong.

What Makes Us Different?

There is no distinct definition of human yet. Usually it is defined through inexplicable terms or through negation. This happens because there are still a lot of doubts concerning this topic and there is no definite answer to the question about the peculiar qualities and characteristics, which distinguish human creatures from all the others. When we think about characteristics which distinguish us from animals intelligence is the first thing which comes to our mind. This characteristic doesn’t stand critics if we study the problem deeper. There are retarded people with very low IQ level but they are not less humans than those with high results on IQ tests. From the other side there are animals, like whales, dolphins and chimpanzees, for example, who have high IQ but this doesn’t approach them to humans. There are many other proves, which show that it’s not intelligence, which differentiates us from other creatures. Those, who call environment among the main reasons, which help to form unique human characteristics, are right only partially. It’s a proven fact that environment plays an extremely important role in forming the human identity of the person. Parents and surrounding give children basic knowledge about the world and models of behavior. But from the other side, the series of experiments when different animals were grown up in the same environment as humans show that these conditions were not enough to make them humans. Till recently scientists claimed that humans had a unique structure of the brain and no other animals possessed it but latest researches proved vice verse. There are animals that have brain even bigger than humans do and there are so many characteristics of human brain, which are alike with the ones of the animals that it’s impossible to consider brain structure to be the main distinguishing feature of humanness. Memory and attention also can not be exceptional human characteristics as they are peculiar to many kinds of animals. Behavior and even social behavior also isn’t the prerogative of the men only.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Intensive Supervision Essay

It is believed that the providing of the increased supervision for serious offenders can both relieve the prison overcrowding and decrease the risks of the second offend in community. Intensive supervision includes the increased contracts with the offender, random urinalysis, home electronic monitoring, treatment agency follow ups, employment and home visits. The purpose of this supervision is to rehabilitate the high risk offenders such as community correction’s graduates, predatory sex offenders and hate group members and minimize the risk of their second offense in the community – not giving them the second chance.

Intermediate Punishments
Intermediate punishments were introduced as the form of intermediate sanctions which is more severe than traditional probation but less restrictive than incarceration. Initially, intermediate punishment were introduced as the mean to deal with the prison overcrowding, however, today intermediate punishments are used for those offenders who are due to their modest threat to society should not be in the prison. Intermediate punishments play an important rehabilitation role which is more valuable than the prison diversion and cost savings.

A Time to Kill Essay

The movie is a screen version of the novel by John Grisham that came on screen seven years after the book was published. The plot follows the novel pretty strictly, however, still contains some new characters and additional ideas.

A Time to Kill is the story of the father of 10-year-old black girl that was beaten and raped by two rednecks. Both abusers were caught and stood in were to stand in front of the court that was likely to find them not guilty. Instead of sitting and waiting for the court decision the Viet veteran takes his M 16 and executes his own justice by gunning down both of the abusers in front of dozens of people right in the court building.

Being arrested he chooses white lower who starts his defense trying to prove that the double murder was the result of temporary madness. However, it is Carl Lee Hailey (the father) who makes jury unlikely to believe that it is really so.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Project Management Essay Sample

GM Locomotive should have provided for certain required things in order for the project to be success instead of failure. Making sure the right talent and knowledge is available is crucial to the effort and to assure the best possible outcome to the project. There are many other factors that could have affected the success or failure of GM Locomotive project. Some of these are the understanding of the data itself within the existing environment, definitions of data elements and how they are used.

Documentation of the existing system must be available, researched and understood by system analysts, as well as other project members such as the business analysts. The project must also be well organized. The systems, if more than one is affected, must be identified and made ready for the migration effort. This involves identifying the systems, current operating software, types of data storage systems, such as flat files or relational database structures.

Evolution of Russian Architecture

One should start by saying that Russia over the period from XVIII to the XX century would feature distinct architects who were supported by certain Russian monarchs. As a result Russia, and primarily the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg were incorporate numerous design styles that would range from Baroque to neoclassical, to neo-Byzantine to traditional Russian styles. In the following essay I will speak about some of the historical timelines and the development of certain architectural trends, their evolution, major architects and the major masterpieces of that time. Numerous educated findings together with my personal opinion will be presented on the matter.

In 1721, the Russian tsar, Peter I of Russia (Peter the Great) would choose to move the capital of Russia from Moscow to St.Petersburg so that it lies in the close proximity to the western Europe, namely Holland, which Peter liked the most. St. Petersburg would be built and designed by Peter in the unique Dutch style called Petrine baroque. The major architectural masterpieces of that time were the monuments called Peter and Paul Cathedral, Menshikov Palace and the Menshikov Tower (Brumfield, 2001, p. 250).

Russian Genre Painting Essay

At first it should be said that the 19th century Russian art constituted a part of the world art and culture and it absorbed recent trends that were particularly popular in the world in that epoch. In such a way the current situation in the world art and culture had a significant impact on the development of art in Russia. Like many artists in different countries of the world Russian painters had their own organization and many of them were the members of Academy of Arts in ST. Petersburg, founded in 1757. The Academy played a key role in the development of many artists and shaped their styles, especially classicist that was extremely popular in Europe in those days.

Speaking about the legacy of outstanding Russian artists of the 19th century, it is necessary to point out that it is characterized by such works as: “The Portrait of Maria Pototskaya; Her Sister Sophia and Ten-years-old Ethiopian Girl” (1835-1836) created in romantic style by Orest Kiprensky, the portraits of prince Oleander Mechchersky (1849) and Semion Lichonin (1841) by Karl Brullov. These portraits are characterized by great emotional power and skillfully reveal model’s soul.

One of the most outstanding Russian painters of the mid-19th century, Pavel Fedotov created the tragic picture “The Gamblers” (1852), which is considered to be one of the best works characterizing natural school of painting of that epoch. The works of Nicolai Ge (The Portrait of A. Herzen – 1867) are typical for the late 19th century. The canvas of Vasily Perov, “God’s Fool” (1875-1879) shows a long figure in the snow. This work reveals great emotional power and vitality. Illya Repin plays a noble part in the Russian painting too. Among his most famous works may be named “Head of a Peasant” (1880-1883), the dramatic image of Gogol’s character in “Notes of a Mad Man”, “Poprishchin” (1882), and “St. Nicolaus of Myra Delivers the Three Innocent Men” (1889). This painting is characterized by sincerity shows people sentenced to death. Particularly interesting seems to be the work of Victor Vasnetsov “Three Tsarevnas of the Underground Kingdom” (1884) that produce great impression due to its brightly colors. This painting, being created on a theme from a Russian fairy-tale, is among the more significant and characteristic of his works.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Essay about Emotional Pain

From the standpoint of the medical science, pain is feedback from a highly organized excitatory system to the exciters that can be dangerous to our health. That means that with all seemingly negative impact, suffering is indispensable for the healthy functioning of our body. At least, that is what concerns physical pain.

Can we say the same about emotional pain? Is it as indispensable for the personal development of physical pain is vital for our survival, or it would be better to get rid of it once and for all?

On the one hand, emotional pain is not directly related to the organic or physical disorders. It is a kind of psychological stress depending on the personal attitude, values, and perception of the environment. In other words, the reasons causing such an acute emotional discomfort can vary according to personality.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Essay: How Psychology is Applicable to Everyday Life

Today, there is hardly a man who did not hear or know what psychology is. And there are no doubts about the benefits this science gives us. Psychotherapy, individual or in groups and books on practical psychology for the widest audience are very popular in the modern society. It gives the impression that the universal solution for the mental problems is finally there! You only have to know the basic rules according to which the science works and your success and happiness are granted.

I dare to believe that it is not quite right. Or, say, I just do not believe in the universal solutions. Still, the significance of psychology is hard to overestimate.

Each of us is a little of a psychologist in our everyday life. Deliberately or not, most of us skillfully manipulate their closest environment practicing on the others' weaknesses, such as the sense of guilt or provoking pity or compassion, the desire to dominate or to feel safe. It is really a shame if it is all there is to it.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Essay on Parents Role in Child Development

Parents indisputably play a significant role in the upbringing of a child. They are the first teaching their baby how to interact with the environment. However, this interaction with the outside world is established long before the baby is born. The contact is not created by itself. It is the parents who help the child to form its attitude towards the world. It is on them what child's environment would be: hostile or helping. A little person will learn about the world with trust if its parents' lessons to him will be emotionally warm and supportive.

These are also parents who are the most responsible for the formation of the child's personality. They are their child's first teachers and educators. That is why their first and foremost task is to make the child feel confident about being loved and cared, as it is a vital necessity for a baby to feel parental love. 

During the initial stage of a child's life, the parental love means a guarantee of the stability and protection, later — emotional support. However, the parental love is not the only condition required for a successful upbringing of a child; the parent must also be forgiving enough to accept the child's weaknesses and high points equally. It does not matter how many children there are in a family, one or several, parents must always find a way to keep in touch, to understand and eagerly observe the changes the children experience during their personal development. Parents have to play an active role in the life of their children, to be first to share the joy and console the grief.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Essay: Personality Development through Sports

The role of sports in the modern society becomes increasingly important by the day. The issues brought up to the daylight by this complex activity are in the focus of various medical, pedagogical, psychological, sociological, philosophical, and economical studies. The impact sports have on our society is recognized on the national level with top politicians participating in the opening of the grand sports events. In this context, it is very important for modern athletes to be worthy role models representing the wide range of humanistic ideas and universal moral values.

The physical culture and sports are a separate kind of the human activity, the significance of which varies in very wide brackets. They actively influence the public order, evolution of the public relationship. However, that is not what is the most important. The most important aspect of the issue is its ability to directly affect the formation of personality. That is why sports helps educate a harmonious personality in an individual.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Essay on Why Nutrition is Important

We are what we are eating. It is an old saying which tells it all – our nutrition is the next most important thing to the air we breathe and the water we drink. The last two arguments are the ones going without saying, as we know it beyond the shadow of a doubt that polluted air or poor water can be as bad for our health as some broadly known toxic chemicals. However, it is not the case with our nutrition. Many people not quite yet understand the significance of what we are taking in on the daily basis. Not only in terms of the food chemical composure, but also as a correct, balanced system of life support.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Reflective Essay: Life is Too Short

Life is too short... I think every single human being on this earth had this thought or will have it someday in the future. Why this thought bothers us so often? Is it the fear of death that keeps us unrested or is it something else?

When you are young time moves slow and you think that you are going to live forever. Your knowledge about the world is narrow and inflexible. It seems to you that you know everything but life is straight and easy, even boring sometimes. You cannot foresee what will happen to you next couple of days based on today’s events. In fact, you don’t need it; your ability to analyze your past is also no too great, your day is too long and is a life in itself. But as you grow up, your abilities to process data are stronger, the information flow increases and your capability to perceive is enough to bring a whole lot of fun in your life.