Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Essay: Personality Development through Sports

The role of sports in the modern society becomes increasingly important by the day. The issues brought up to the daylight by this complex activity are in the focus of various medical, pedagogical, psychological, sociological, philosophical, and economical studies. The impact sports have on our society is recognized on the national level with top politicians participating in the opening of the grand sports events. In this context, it is very important for modern athletes to be worthy role models representing the wide range of humanistic ideas and universal moral values.

The physical culture and sports are a separate kind of the human activity, the significance of which varies in very wide brackets. They actively influence the public order, evolution of the public relationship. However, that is not what is the most important. The most important aspect of the issue is its ability to directly affect the formation of personality. That is why sports helps educate a harmonious personality in an individual.

A physical training has a unique ability to successfully resolve the problem of balancing biological, social, and spiritual beginnings in human. It can become an effective tool helping us to overcome the gap existing in the children’s mind, the gap between the social norms and personal behavior.

Virtually all sports can be a positive tool in the case of the personality education, taking into account a possibility of their influence on the morality, intellect, character, and the ability to apparently affect other facets of human life, such as social status and public image.

The very process of a regular sportive education implies the training of not only certain physical skills but also some mental abilities, properties, and personal qualities. Self-improvement, great physical and psychological stress, the struggle for the better performance, for the victory is another specific factor. Sportive training aimed at results implies stress that is more intensive than the one we encounter in our daily activity. It should be noticed, however, that the reasonable and systematic usage of such a stress in sports leads to the overcompensation - a process when our body adapts to the stress. Which, without any doubt, has a mighty positive effect as it helps the athlete to strengthen his physique and, consequently, better his results.

Consistent deliberate overcoming the stress provoked by the regular sportive activity as well as fighting the exhaustion and pain, controlling temper, making fast and hard decision definitely strengthens the athlete’s will, self-confidence, the ability to be productive in the extreme environment, which are the well -known factors affecting the formation of personality.

This is as well acquiring some capabilities that are directly applied in the process of physical activity, such as strategic thinking, the ability to predict the outcome of the step the athlete is about to take, etc., or those with the undirected application. Physical activity in sports in the broader sense is an effective instrument of the personal development for a human being, an effective way to keep and strengthen one's health, as well as a field of social endeavors allowing people who could not find their place in the society in any other way to accomplish that through sports.

Improving in sports, the person improves many sides of the personality. A successful athlete is successful not strictly in terms of sportive performance but as well as a person whose sportive activity helps him or her normalize other types of their daily activity, as being the most coherent and effective and, thus, playing leading role in the person's self-identity.

Moreover, education through sports builds up your personality by helping you acquire such valuable qualities as a sense of purpose, tenacity, stamina, courage and vigor, leadership role and self-sufficiency, calm and temperance.

That is why sportive activity in the best way urges the development of so-called volitional powers and formation of the character of the person, influences the development of the personality features which to the great extent determine efficiency, fruitfulness, and value of the personal contribution to the society.

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