Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How to Write an Essay in MLA Format

How to Write an Essay in MLA Format

Nowadays there are two the most widespread and common writing styles. They are APA and MLA. If you are studying at the college or taking any additional classes you can face with a problem of writing an essay in MLA format.

In order to write your assignments without additional troubles with formatting you should know both of them well. Usually this is a problem of the first years students. When you will be more experienced in writing, probably you will be able to keep in mind all that crazy number of rules. But now we offer you to stop loosing your time and find MLA format essay writing help.

Every day thousands of students ask themselves “how to write an essay in MLA format”. For sure, some of those MLA essay guidelines and tips in the web can help but you will not create really worthwhile paper before you gained some experience.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

How to Write an Essay in APA Format

How to Write an Essay in APA Format

APA format is one of the most widespread standard of writing in almost every college or university. For freshmen who only entered their institutions, format and APA style essay writing is going to be the worst thing that happen on the first year.

Writing an essay in APA requires from student a lot of rules to follow, that usually very difficult to keep in mind. You should strictly hold to 1 inch margins on the top, bottom, right and left side.

Every part of your paper has some new requirements starting from title page and ending the bibliography. If you have not much time to learn all that tones of rules and your deadline is coming closer, than our custom writing company offers you professional APA essay writing help.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Essay on Yesterday

Essay on Yesterday

It was an average day after school. Classes ere boring during school, so I needed something, anything to excite me. A certain aroma of newly blossomed flowers is in the air. The trees were spreading there joy all over the many yards. The birds were singing. The dogs were barking. The neighborhood kids were all participating in a game of Frisbee. An old lady sat on her porch an drank tea, while she watched her husband and grandson play checkers. Then it appeared as if the wind began to blow. Time seem to be of no essence. As the evening sun rays bounced off of the pavement, she appeared. One could hardly see her. As she got closer, my heart began to pound, beating faster and faster with anticipation. Shocking as it may seem, she entered my yard.

She was covered in gold. The gold was glowing as the sun's ray's reflected off of her. All eyes were on her. She didn't have to do nothing. Her looks said it all. I wanted her. In time I would have her. I touched her gently. Then I began to run my ands all over her. Her surface was as smooth as silk. She was kind of warm. I couldn't resist the temptation. I jumped right in, head first, not caring who were watching. I was all smiles. She smelled so good. I asked my mom for her name. She said Betsy. I looked at my mom curiously and replied, "Wasn't that the name of our old car."

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We jumped in as if there were no tomorrow. I guess I know how to push the right buttons, because she began to sing to me, clearly with a wonderful pitch. She did whatever I wanted her to do. The car drove so quietly. As far as I was concerned, people were all lined up along the road as if we were in a parade. Betsy was more than a car, she was a work of art, crafted with precision the first cars owner must have treated her like a queen She was clean and sweet. She now belonged to me and I guess the rest of my family.

It wouldn't be too long before our relationship would stand the test of time. I received my first freedom with her as a teenager. It was she that performed so well as I got my license. She was the orchestra and I was the leader. At times, Betsy was stubborn. She just wouldn't perform up to par.

Now look at her, father time has taken it's toll on her. The car is a dinosaur compared to the younger, swifter cars. The car's graceful motion has been replaced by a limp. Her smooth, silky, golden surface has had its share of knocks and bruises. A band-aid couldn't cure but only treat the various ailments. The quiet sound she made as she passed by others of her kind is now a roar of anger. It sounds like she has a cold, along with sinus congestion. Betsy no longer smells like fragrance of poupouri but instead smell like grease from body shops. There use to be a time when it didn't cost very much to satisfy her thirst but now she behaves like an alcoholic. She insist of having the finest and most expensive beverage offered. If not, she doesn't feel so good.

As I look at her, I have mixed feelings. On one hand, she was my ticket to all of the nearby activities. On the other have, I had my first encounter with the law.

At least I don't have to share her with anyone else. She's all mine. Who was it that said "never judge a book by its cover" or "it's not what's on the outside but what's on the inside?" Whoever said these things doesn't have to see a dinosaur parked next to a new specie. There was once a time when people thought New Yorker was inscribed on the car because it was from New York. May be it's time to retire here. If I traded her in, I may get seven hundred dollars. I don't think I will. Nowadays, they give Betsy and others a face lift that would remind you of yesterday. May be that's what I'll do.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Essay on Hunchbacks

Essay on Hunchbacks

Water pollution is a problem that is often overlooked and ignored. Many people do not realize the effect it has on the environment. Humans cannot use polluted water for drinking or recreational activities, but it can kill water life. Often times the water source may even seem clean. The effects can take years to notice as well and are not always immediate.

Industries are known for water pollution. They like to pollute and throw trash in the water. Industries also dump waste into our water. People should be angry about this.

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People should start recycling more. This would help out the water pollution level. We should be angry about the lack of recycling and hunchbacks. Hunchbacks are becoming very rare in this age of glory. In January of 2003, only two hundred and seven hunchbacks were counted.

Five Facts about Hunchbacks:

  1. Hunchbacks are herbivores; they eat only grains, rice, and certain vegetation.
  2. Hunchbacks are, indeed, true democrats.
  3. Hunchbacks are entirely non-violent; even their wars are fought without violence, but with long debates and even the publishing of novels.
  4. Hunchbacks exhibit sleek, black capes.
  5. Hunchbacks are never late.

Never before had I witnessed anything of the like. The hunchbacks are an enigma. I simply could not comprehend them at first. They stood roughly four and a half feet in height and weighed, perhaps, around one hundred and seventy pounds. The arms and hands of a hunchback were massive. In ceremonies, I witnessed firsthand, a grown hunchback pound giant stones to mere dust. Yet, the hunchbacks are the most peaceful and thoughtful creatures ever to exist.

Mercer, the wisest hunchback, led the great tribe. He was also in charge of The Hunchback Science Team of Research, which researched many incredible things. This team found out how many pennies it takes to stack to the moon, bread has less potential chemical energy than wood, and that a river will never flow uphill. Mercer also cared for me when I became ill during my stay with the tribe. He is, perchance, one of the best hunchbacks to live.

I discovered as well that the hunchbacks are the possibly the greatest musicians in the known universe. They play complex instruments made of wood, twine, coal, stone, and even glass. Magnificent symphonies were composed and played for me on my arrival. The sound was breath taking; if I could describe it, I would say it sounded kind of like a fire engine pulling hundreds of spoons across a lake. The siren would be blaring, but it would not sound like a siren. I would describe it more of an instrument type noise.

Through hunchback folklore, I did stumble across the darker side of the hunchbacks. They, like humans, have participated in wars. Though the hunchbacks do this non-violently, it is a war nonetheless. I read of the hunchbacks and their debate wars. Hunchbacks of opposing factions lined on opposite ends of the village square. The rules were shouted and the debating started. Each side thoroughly gave their reasons on why they believed their side was correct and then listened carefully in turn. This debating lasted nearly twenty-eight years in which several novels were published and then debated over. These were dark days.

I have yet to study these humble creatures for countless more hours. Perhaps then, I will begin to understand more. The hunchbacks have taught me so much already and their knowledge is immeasurable. The race of hunchbacks will dwell forever.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Essay on WalMart Marketing Strategy

WalMart Marketing Essay

Using WalMart's world fame to expand European and Asian markets. The integration of EU countries represents a very good opportunity, because it will provide a huge market. The rapid growth of Asian economy will create substantial demands. WalMart's reputation of high quality with lowest prices will gain it the identification from these markets.

Exert buying power to achieve cost leadership. The large purchasing amount makes WalMart become the cost lead in America through the successful "Buy American" program. The next program might be "Buy Asian", because Asian produced goods are no longer considered low process but poor quality. It is high quality but low prices now.

Do main the on-line retailing through advanced IT and full range categories. On line shopping will be the next hot trend of the world, and WalMart should use its advanced IT system and everything offering selling notion to consolidate its #1 position of on-line retailer.

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Using strong image and cost advantages to prevent possible competitors moving into the Asian market.

The #1 world discount retailer and its sophisticate value-chain system as well as the huge buying power will make other competitors to think carefully before they enter the Asian market.

Establish joint ventures in foreign markets. That will give WalMart several advantages:

  • To know other's culture better;
  • To deal with foreign governments effectively;
  • To get more benefits from the foreign government through the foreign parties;
  • To manage foreign staff efficiently
Give staff more benefits depending on the growth of WalMart (e.g. share option) to soothe labor troubles.

To offer employees the share option may be a good way to redeem their low income. That will also encourage staff morale to work hard towards the aim of sustainable growth of WalMart. Because the more profitable the company is, the higher the stock price will be.

Using cost leader position to gain market share from other competitors. WalMart is usually able to under price its competitors about 15%, and thus it is a powerful weapon to from the market share from competitors who have already occupied the market, even though WalMart entered into the market late (e.g. Asian).

Adapt the superior value chain system in European and Asian market. Although the American style value chain does not fit these two markets, it is still hopefully to form an improved value chain based on the adjusting the old system to adapt the new situations.
Marketing Strategies:

  1. Win foreign markets by through study of local culture, demands etc. It is true that in one country different areas have various cultures. Thus, knowing the customers well is the key.
  2. Improve the employer-employees relationship. It is not only a "work and pay" relationship, but also a mutually developing relationship.
  3. Good cooperation and c communication with foreign government. It is the government who sets the rules, so a mutually trusting and beneficial relationship is always helpful.
  4. Reconstruct the too aggressive image and to be a contributor if local communities. Having the experience of WalMart killing local retailers, some people fear WalMart becoming the "sole rule setter" in the local communities. It is the time for WalMart to change the negative influence. It needs to be more like a contributor rather than an invader to the local communities - WalMart brings people more benefits than harm.

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