Monday, May 26, 2014

Essay on Healthy School Lunches

School time is the real test for our kids. Especially for younger ones. You may already guess what we have in mind. Yes, today we will focus on healthy school lunches.

After three months of holidays, our offspring go into the strict confines of school rules, school discipline, and school dieting. And it's not so bad. The thing is that the dieting is not all good.  

The main problem is that we, parents, cannot control what our children are having for lunch in school. Let the matter take its course, we have no right. Otherwise, the child with the high-school diploma will receive a well-earned gastritis certificate.

Is a compromise possible? What should be the ideal diet of our student is not too difficult to understand. 

Obediently eating all the necessary products at the indicated doses, the child will grow up healthy and feel good, all the major systems of the body will develop as expected, and so on. But our life is far from ideal.

How can the frantic pace of life of our children combine with the care of their health in general and the right healthy diet of schoolchildren in particular? Of course to live and eat on schedule in modern conditions few people can. Compromise is possible, if the regime is perceived as the alternation of mental, physical activity and recreation. During period of exertion, diet must be fractional and food - easily digestible. A denser part of the diet, a hearty meal that delivers proteins and fats, and requires a long digestion, it is better to combine with a period shorter or longer leisure.

Lunch is the cornerstone. We have no right to miss it. There are many options, and the modern food industry readily comes to help parents.

Option one is, of course, various porriges. You can cook old fashioned porridge from cereals, and you can take ready-mix, just add some hot water and let it cook for 2-3 minutes.

Another option are muesli and various cereals. Unfortunately, this food is not always as useful as we like to think. According to various studies, cereals and muesli may contain sugar equal to more than a bar of chocolate, and more fat than in sausage. According to various reports, 75% of existing flakes and muesli (especially aimed at children) contain a lot of sugar. 20% flakes contain high levels of salt, and 7% of cereal - elevated level of saturated fat. That is, if you still intend to feed your child with it - choose the most simple flakes, without flavorings, and carefully read the information on the packaging.

The undisputed leader in the healthy effect on the body is deservedly oats. Oat products are rich in fiber, most of whom - soluble fiber - beta-glucan. It lowers the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. 

Carbohydrates contained in the products of oats regulate blood sugar. Oats also rich in protein, lots of minerals and vitamins B and E.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Essay on Should Juveniles Be Tried as Adults

Why should juveniles be tried as adults? This is a very complex question to answer, so we must consider closer the whole matter.

Juvenile delinquency is one of the most pressing social problems around the world. The growth of such crimes is characterized primarily to the developed countries. To the main causes of juvenile delinquency, Western experts include youth unemployment, lack of the social aspects for young people in the future, dissatisfaction about the modern way of governance.

Thus, according to the West German police, 14% of all arrested offenders in 1996 had not a permanent job. Among the perpetrators committed theft, unemployed amounted to fourth. They have committed 28% of crimes against persons, 34% of robberies.

Western experts expressed other opinions on the causes of the growth of juvenile delinquency. Thus, the head of the federal Bureau of Justice for Justice and Delinquency Prevention United States A. Regnery considers major causes of juvenile delinquency a family breakdown, child abuse, violation of the inalienable rights of children to receive education and training, living in normal conditions and, as a result, child run away from home. Examination of minors in Connecticut showed that 75% of the perpetrators of the most serious acts of violence were themselves abused by parents and others. Their share of the total number of persons who have committed violent crimes, was 33%.

Japanese experts assess the causes of the current wave of juvenile crime in the country in their own specific way. They believe that this increase in crime is due to the growth of wealth and its consequences - the stress associated with learning, lack of education in the family, breakdown of traditional family values, individualism.

It should be noted that a Japanese study also shows that juvenile offenders are often those who grew up without parents, as well as people from low-income families.

Serious problem for Japanese schools is a recognized lack of specialists in psychotherapy. It is believed to be a reason for the increase in violence against parents, teachers, and classmates.

So the jurisprudence of suspended sentence, which is currently being implemented for approximately half of all juveniles sentenced to imprisonment is widely used for juvenile. In addition, some of the offenders (20%) shall be exempt from criminal liability or punishment: the materials thereon or transferred to juvenile commission, or they are subject to compulsory education measures.

Thus, the real criminal penalties are executed for less than half of adolescents who commit criminal acts. Given that juveniles are not subjected to a number of sentences, and some (such as a fine, correctional labor) are used in a very limited manner, the main type of real (executable) punishment is imprisonment, which persons condemned as minors serving in juvenile correctional facilities.

If a teenager who commits an offense under the age of criminal responsibility, i.e., he was not yet 14 years old, the use of the criminal penalties is recognized as impractical, nevertheless, such teenagers, who need special education conditions, are sent to a special educational institution.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Training and Development / Budgeting and Productivity Essay

The most precious asset in an organization is its employees. They determine the success or breakdown in the organization. The personnel theory involves actions carried out by human resources managers in ensuring success in the organization. Organizations have a responsibility of assisting employees adapt to change. This has resulted to strategic training, as well as development activities, which must be planned for the organization to succeed in attaining its goals. Budgeting is crucial in ensuring high productivity in the organization. This study will focus on training, development, budgeting and productivity in achieving organizational goals.

Training and Development
The demand from the organizations is changing as a new generation takes charge. As the demand keeps on changing, organizations should execute training and development activities to ensure that employees have the required skills, knowledge and abilities to tackle the new challenges (Pynes 2009, 309). Sometimes, employees have the skills and knowledge to undertake a given job, but are not motivated to demonstrate their aptitude. Training and development plans endeavor to increase the individual’s competence necessary to handle a given task. 
The training process should be well planned to incorporate all what employees need to achieve organizational goals. The training process involves developing objectives, set of courses, determining methodologies to use, delivering training and evaluating training ((Pynes 2009, 311). An organization should evaluate its training methods to ensure that they achieve the required objectives. Evaluation allows for feedback, as well as to determine whether the training is beneficial to the organization or not. 
It is quite essential to understand the personnel practices, as they assist in the management of employees. The personnel, or human resources, ensure that recruitment and training is carried in the appropriate manner, since the quality of employees determines the success of the organization. Training involves gaining of knowledge and skills that assist employees in career development and growth of the organization. Training should be continuous, as it is vital in acquiring new knowledge and management skills. 

Budgeting and Productivity
Organization’s budgeting and productivity is linked to the performance of employees in the organization. Organizational development allows employees to make organizational change while training increases employees knowledge and skills to handle their duties with ease. Emergencies in the organization can create hazards and, consequently, reduce the productivity of employees. Effective preparation for emergency in the organization is vital in responding to an emergency. Being prepared before any emergency is crucial in ensuring that everyone has the necessary equipment, in addition to the information on how to handle emergencies. Employees should be encouraged to identify safety and health problems for the well-being of the organization (Jackson, et al. 2009, 483). Employees should always be aware that their organization has an appropriate health and safety plan to guarantee their safety. 
It is the responsibility of a human resources manager to ensure that the organization operates within its budgeted resources. The personnel should ensure that labor costs are kept relatively low to avoid making losses during difficult economic times (Jackson, et al. 2009, 360). Keeping wages low should not mean paying the employees meager salaries, but making sure that they get incentives and other benefits beyond their basic pay. This would motivate employees to work hard. Employees should be compensated fully for what they have done to improve the organization. When the organization ties its payments to productivity, its productivity usually improves. 

Organizations should ensure that employees are well trained to adapt to changes. Training helps the employees to improve their skills, in addition to career growth. Organization development ensures that employees have the essential skills to facilitate higher productivity. Employees should also be guaranteed of their safety to enhance their productivity. Human resources managers should strategize on the budget to ensure that the organization is achieving its goals. Attractive remunerations will enhance organizational productivity and continuity. 

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Essay on Movie Ratings

Which movie to watch, what computer game choose for your child and how best to spend time at the screen with the whole family? These are the questions we will try to answer in this short article.

It's no secret that the entertainment industry is increasingly tolerant to the violence on the screen. Violence and sex are an inherent part of almost every blockbuster or a video game. Nevertheless, there are several organizations that are trying to control and organize the content in the best way by age categories.

Those movies that you can download any time are freely available to children are rated as recommended and not recommended for viewing by a particular group of audience. 

Currently, the American Motion Picture Association has identified five groups of films for different groups of audiences:

  1. "G" rating is given to the films recommended for all groups of viewers. Children may watch these movies without a parent, without harm to their psyche. In such films there is no coarse expressions, sexual scenes, use of harmful substances, or violence in pronounced form. These characteristics are vague, but at least it's better than nothing.
  2. "PG"- marking movies, which are best to watch with parents. These films are not full of violence, but it can manifest itself more clearly, and there may be present the scenes with a minimum amount of swearing.
  3. "PG13"- are films for children after 13 years. Parental control for children up to 13 years is required. In such films, there may be present profanity expressed in a sexual context, nudity without sexual connotation, drug use is minimal, with brief scenes of violence.
  4. "R" is assigned to the movies with explicit obscene content. These films are not allowed to show to children under 12 years of age at all. And up to 17 years, children must be supervised by a parent, or the film is first to see by parents before offering it to the children. There may be sex and violence, and drugs, and a lot of swearing.
  5. "NC-17"- a film for adults. This is not pornography, but the sex scenes may be present in a film explicitly, as well as drugs, violence, and plenty of swearing.

However, the reality is that you can download any movie on the Internet now freely, where there are no age limits, and your child can watch movies with NC-17 rating, regardless of time of day. The same situation is on television. It's not even funny, along with the new Law on the Protection of Children, which supposedly should control the Internet resources that could be harmful to children. In fact, parents themselves should control the movies their children are about to watch.

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