Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Training and Development / Budgeting and Productivity Essay

The most precious asset in an organization is its employees. They determine the success or breakdown in the organization. The personnel theory involves actions carried out by human resources managers in ensuring success in the organization. Organizations have a responsibility of assisting employees adapt to change. This has resulted to strategic training, as well as development activities, which must be planned for the organization to succeed in attaining its goals. Budgeting is crucial in ensuring high productivity in the organization. This study will focus on training, development, budgeting and productivity in achieving organizational goals.

Training and Development
The demand from the organizations is changing as a new generation takes charge. As the demand keeps on changing, organizations should execute training and development activities to ensure that employees have the required skills, knowledge and abilities to tackle the new challenges (Pynes 2009, 309). Sometimes, employees have the skills and knowledge to undertake a given job, but are not motivated to demonstrate their aptitude. Training and development plans endeavor to increase the individual’s competence necessary to handle a given task. 
The training process should be well planned to incorporate all what employees need to achieve organizational goals. The training process involves developing objectives, set of courses, determining methodologies to use, delivering training and evaluating training ((Pynes 2009, 311). An organization should evaluate its training methods to ensure that they achieve the required objectives. Evaluation allows for feedback, as well as to determine whether the training is beneficial to the organization or not. 
It is quite essential to understand the personnel practices, as they assist in the management of employees. The personnel, or human resources, ensure that recruitment and training is carried in the appropriate manner, since the quality of employees determines the success of the organization. Training involves gaining of knowledge and skills that assist employees in career development and growth of the organization. Training should be continuous, as it is vital in acquiring new knowledge and management skills. 

Budgeting and Productivity
Organization’s budgeting and productivity is linked to the performance of employees in the organization. Organizational development allows employees to make organizational change while training increases employees knowledge and skills to handle their duties with ease. Emergencies in the organization can create hazards and, consequently, reduce the productivity of employees. Effective preparation for emergency in the organization is vital in responding to an emergency. Being prepared before any emergency is crucial in ensuring that everyone has the necessary equipment, in addition to the information on how to handle emergencies. Employees should be encouraged to identify safety and health problems for the well-being of the organization (Jackson, et al. 2009, 483). Employees should always be aware that their organization has an appropriate health and safety plan to guarantee their safety. 
It is the responsibility of a human resources manager to ensure that the organization operates within its budgeted resources. The personnel should ensure that labor costs are kept relatively low to avoid making losses during difficult economic times (Jackson, et al. 2009, 360). Keeping wages low should not mean paying the employees meager salaries, but making sure that they get incentives and other benefits beyond their basic pay. This would motivate employees to work hard. Employees should be compensated fully for what they have done to improve the organization. When the organization ties its payments to productivity, its productivity usually improves. 

Organizations should ensure that employees are well trained to adapt to changes. Training helps the employees to improve their skills, in addition to career growth. Organization development ensures that employees have the essential skills to facilitate higher productivity. Employees should also be guaranteed of their safety to enhance their productivity. Human resources managers should strategize on the budget to ensure that the organization is achieving its goals. Attractive remunerations will enhance organizational productivity and continuity. 

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