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School Voucher Problem Essay

School Voucher Problem Essay

The Problem. Millions of parents are having to send their children each year to schools not of their own choice. Parents are only aloud to send their children to the schools within their district. One example of how this is a bad situation is that if a child lives in a poverty stricken area, they must attend the school located in that same area. Many parents want to send their children to the best schools, so they can get the finest education, but are unable to, because the government doesn't allow it. There are only two ways for a child to get to go to a school out of their district in the present time one is by having a petition signed. The other way is if a child starts a school and then moves to another district they are aloud to finish school in the same school in which they started, in most instances. There are grants available to children wanting to attend either private schools or a public school out of their district, but these grants are limited and very hard to receive; these children must meet certain standards. These standards include: if the school has a high failing rate, if the student him or her self is failing, or if the environment is not safe.

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Why wait until your child is failing, or why send your child to a failing and unsafe school! According to the Education Board seventy-five percent of parents believe that families should have the right to select among various public schools. There are currently about sixty point three million children enrolled in elementary or secondary schools, fifty-three point seven million enrolled in public schools, six point six million children enrolled in private schools, and one point one million children are being taught at home in the United States. 

Only about twenty-five percent of public school parents give their child's school an "A" rating. Parents would also like to send their children to private schools for either a religious reason or a better learning program. To send poor families' children to private schools is almost impossible. Private schools are not funded by the government or the state itself. If parents choose to not let their child attend the school in their district and to let their child attend a private school they will have to pay for it entirely themselves. In the Open Enrollment Program, which is already a voucher program that is in use in Wisconsin the parent satisfaction and involvement rates increased to sixty-two percent. There are also, similar programs in Florida and Ohio which are helping students that are stuck in failing schools. There is also, a law in Colorado that establishes a pilot program to allow eligible children to attend participating non-public schools under a parent-school contract. 

However this law is only for failing students! Section II. Solution. The solution to the educational problem is to create a national law that sends a certain amount of money to each state depending on the enrollment of each school in that state, like usual. The only difference will be that the money also will go to any child attending a private school, just as if they were attending a public school. Once the state receives the money from the government the state will pass it down to each school like normal, only this time private schools will get money too, but only if they request it as a type of grant. This will include only schools using the School Voucher Program. Wherever a child goes to school is where the money should be! This solution will be at least satisfactory, because seventy-eight percent of private schools surveyed "very satisfied". Also, when using the Open Enrollment Plan sixty-two percent of the "chosen" public schools were surveyed as "excellent in parental satisfaction and school's academic standards. The only complaint stated was that private schools were not included in the Open Enrollment Program; which the School Voucher Program will fix. Section III. 

Funding. Using the Open Enrollment Program that sixty-five percent support is already set up in Wisconsin. The state spends one hundred seventy million eight hundred thousand and three hundred dollars each year. If you take this amount and multiply it by the fifty states you get eight billion five hundred and forty million fifteen thousand dollars, but then you have to subtract the money that the state is already receiving from the national government per year; which in Wisconsin it is forty-five million for the year of 2002. So the final estimated cost to run the School Voucher Program would be six billion two hundred and ninety million fifteen thousand dollars. Funding the School Voucher Program should be relatively easy though. Wherever a child decides to go to school the money that the child is suppose to get to go to the school in his or her district should follow him or her, even to a private school. However, if the private school is going to exceed the price of the public school then the extra money should be paid from the money given to the state through the School Voucher Program. The excess money that the state needs to pay for the private schools that parents usually have to pay for will come from a two-cent tax put on every package of cigarettes. The School Voucher Program will also go around to major corporations in the United States asking for donations to their program. Corporations would be inclined to donate knowing that their future workers would be more educated. Section IV. Responsibility. The responsibility of this program will rest in the hands on the School Voucher Program. If the cost of this operation is not being met then the cigarette tax will keep increasing until it is met. If in the future people stop smoking cigarettes then there will be a tax activated on alcohol. Section V. Future Benefits. There are many future benefits of the School Voucher Program. One good representation of how the program would help parents is that they would be more satisfied, because they get to pick their child schools and if the one they pick is failing in some way, then they could pick another, and they can not complain this way. The low-class schools or the ones that the children withdraw from the most would be inclined to try to make their schools a better learning institution, therefore being more competitive to become better and to get back their students. This example would help improve schools everywhere, because no school would want to be left behind. Also, the parents would receive value for the education dollars spent by their communities. No racial, religious, geographic, or intelligence excuses would be of relevance. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Essay on Henry Moore

Essay on Henry Moore

Many art works that are written about are subject that are not immediately understood. Abstract are should not be easily or immediately understood by the viewer once it is seen. The viewer should spend some time, thought and conversation should erupt from the work. Since the work is from sensitivity it has a creative process.

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Moore prefers his models to be small in size because he likes to be able to hold it in his hands. This gives him the ability to twist and turn the piece that he is working on. Also, this gives him different views for alterations, since it is an evolving project. It was noted that size of the project is not the idea; it should be the scale that is expressed. Many different types of carvings can be produced through stone, wood, clay and plastilina. Stone takes more physical effort compared to wood or clay/plastilina, which I realized in our class sessions with both materials.

The video took us to West Berlin to visit bronze sculptor(s) who assisted Moore on a project. This sculptor(s) explain how a high finish is created with files, which we will be doing with our stone. Large bronze casts are molds of separate pieces, which will later be welded together. This large piece will mimic a smaller version created by the artist.

Sculptures always look different from many angles. These works are seen " in the round", which gives them various looks in the light, rain and shades. This will be present in our stonework as it is looked from many different angles. In conclusion, Moore discusses many things that we observe in class such as balance, form, shape, texture, scale, space and mass.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Essay on Journey

Essay on Journey

It was a ominous and unpredictable night. A lone traveler was walking down a forgotten road in a lost town that didnt want to be found. The traveler was there looking for something, but exactly what he was looking for was unknown even to him. The only thing guiding the traveler was an undeniable feeling of remorse that wracked his body with such pain that not even the devil himself could endure. The only sanity he had left was instilled by flashbacks of a loved one whose face he could not picture.

After a tiresome walk he finally reached the outskirts of a grim town where he began to slowly realize that he was trapped inside of an enigma he couldn't grasp with any level of logical thought. Just before reaching the paved roads of the confuzing town he looked to see if he was in a presentable manner, snickering under his breath while seeing that he was wearing his favorite shirt,which had an unfamiliar dampness which didnt seem to dry no matter how much sun he had walked under.

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Embarrassed by the dampness and fearing a stain, he walked in to the towns seemstress's shop where the clerk was in a dispute with a customer. Not wanting to interject himself into the verbal altercation , the traveler, waited quietly for his first chance to inquire about the shirt. Surmising the arguements end, The traveler abruptly asked for a new, white, lay-down collar shirt in silk, but is ignored. The traveler asks again but still the clerk shows no intrest in him. Bitter from the way he is being treated, the traveler, in a louder and firmer tone, asks one more time. Again he is completly ignored, not even looked at.

The furious traveler hastely removes himself from the rude establishment. Making rapid strides to exit this unrespectable town, the traveler notices all exits are blocked. . .except one final path . . one last path. The traveler , angry and yearning for answers, walks in disbelief to the worn-in beginning of the perilous trail, where a solitary boy is standing.

Walking weariously up to the turned around boy, the traveler stops . . . . no more . . . .no less . . .than one foot away. The boy at this moment feels the presence of death and turns to face the traveler. Now,with eyes still damp from heart filled tears, the boy stares at the man in front of him and mutters a single word "Father".

The traveler, stunned from what the boy has said, quickly contemplates that the boy is indeed true to his words. The travelers flash backs now have a face. Understanding that the boy truly is his son, the traveler reaches in his pocket for a tissue to wipe his son's tears away. The traveler gasps in shock as his pocket is damp and his hand is covered in blood. At that moment the boy reaches for his fathers hand and says "I'm ok daddy. . . it only hurt a little." The traveler screams "Whats going on, Where are we?" The final words from the boys mouth are "It's ok daddy, we are home now . . . . . In Hell."

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Essay on Originality

Essay on Originality

The site demands that I submit an article/essay of my own in order to be able to access data already available on it. This is the primary reason for me to come up with this piece.

I had no intentions of creating an essay but did so since I wnated to research some topics for my MBA assignments and those were available on this site, but with the catch.

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An aditional reason is, since I am not allowed to masquerade some one else's work as my own, I decided to create an essay on the spot in order to fulfill the requirement on this site and get the data I required!

The topic I was looking for and found on this site is about the greening of management. There was a document with version 1.0 available on this site and I wanted to have a look at the complete paper. What I was given to understand is I shall not be able to access that article unless I submitted one of my own!!

This is not what I had expected and had to come up with this piece as i was tryin to register for FREE! I still have not managed to complete the 250 word limit. This means I need to spend some more time figuring out a way to access the article available for free!

I have written an essay with no real relevance to the issue in hand.I would appreciate if you folks could ease out the burden that is imposed on a prospective learner in order to access your site.

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Essay on My Fair Lady

Essay on "My Fair Lady"

The movie "My Fair Lady" satisfies the four elements that define fine arts. These elements include music, dance art and drama. Although the movie is set in a different time period, it still manages to successfully convey the important facets of fine arts.

The movie "My Fair Lady" is a 1960's musical, originally adapted from a play, Pygmalion. There are several different types of music included in the film. For example, one of the romantic songs is "I Could Have Danced All Night", which is sung by Eliza Doolittle. While there are quite a few romantic songs, the movie also includes witty songs, such as "I'm Just an Ordinary Man". Overall, the music in the film was excellent and made it enjoyable for the viewer.

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The movie also presents very strong dramatic tendencies. The actors do an excellent job in bringing the original Broadway play to life. Audrey Hepburn, for example, does an excellent job playing the young, illiterate flower girl Eliza Doolittle. In addition, Rex Harrison does and amazing job playing the professor of phonetics, Henry Higgins. Everything from the plot, to the costumes, to the background music, adds to the drama of the film.

The movie also demonstrates art through several sets, costumes and lighting. Art is very easily recognizable and plays an important role in the movie. For Example, the interior of Higgins's house, such as the library with its sliding ladder, represents a popular style of architecture for the time. Also, the difference in Eliza's outfits beginning from when she was a poor flower girl, to when she became a duchess, demonstrates the different levels of style in society.

There are a few dance numbers involved in the movie "My fair Lady". Many of these are performed individually, rather than involving the entire cast. Dance is used in the movie to show the growth of relationship between Eliza and Higgins. Dance is also used as part of Eliza's education, when she must learn how to dance like a duchess.

From art to music, the movie "My Fair Lady" is a very good example of all the different aspects of fine arts. Though considered a musical film, "My fair Lady" also contains classic musical ideas, as well as important ideas about art in general. Due to its adaptation from a play, "My Fair Lady" contains excellent examples of drama, dance and music. Art is also represented very well due to the costumes and sets of this time period.

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Kazimir Malevich Essay

Kazimir Malevich Essay

The corporate world is an ongoing fight towards individual rights and ideas working within the framework of a successful operation. Business is a well-oiled machine, but over the years people have realized that the individual parts have feelings. How do you accommodate these feelings while maintaining the machine as a whole? Therein is the fight and the progression. This fight for rights does not take place only in the working environment. Nor does it take place only in the home. Art is no different than the rest of the world. Kazimir Malevich believed that art was for the artist, not for the viewer.

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Kazimir was born in Kiev in 1878. He attended many schools for painting and drawing in his early years. He began painting in the Impressionist style before experimenting with Fauvism. Years later he became a master in the Russian art circle of cubofuturism. It was then when he introduced his theory called suprematism. His idea was non-objective art. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," not "beauty is beauty." Art went from landscapes and portraits to ambiguous shapes and avant-garde colors. No longer did the viewer determine what was beautiful and what was to be painted. The decision now rested firmly on the shoulders of the artist.

Saying that art imitates life in this situation would be incorrect. Life later imitates art. If artists feel that they are not free in their line of work then what hope is there for the factory worker? Art is freedom to express and explore. But that was not happening. The artists felt trapped. Artists united fore they had nothing to lose but their easels. A new movement took place. A new style of art was formed: Non-objective. It was true freedom at last. An apple doesn't necessarily have to look like and apple. People don't necessarily have to look like people. Art was finally free.

With art now free, it would not be long until others wanted the freedom as well. These paintings inspired. They evoked a feeling of freedom and meaning. No one could say concretely what was beautiful. No longer was there a right or a wrong. Later in the world this longing for freedom and meaning would manifest in life itself. The world was soon to become a freer place for the workingman.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

William Harnett Essay

William Harnett Essay

This is a painting done by William Harnett. The name of this portrait is called "A Smoke Backstage." This is an trompe l'oeil painting. The painting is made to look real. It's french for "fool the eye." Paintings like this impress me because they look real. It's dimensions are 7"*8.5". Some of the elements I'll be talking about are line, shape, texture, color, emphasis, and movement. These aspects are covered in chapter four and five.

The first element of art I will be telling about is line. In this painting, line is being used in a variety of ways. The line of the table, is setting the boundary for this picture. The package and newspaper help define the three-dimensional view. The part that you inhale through the pipe helps set the line and completes the pipe and definition.

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Shape is also a very important element used in this painting. By looking at the painting, I could see the shape at the base of the pipe. From the colors and textures apart from the base of the table. The pipe has more of a geometric shape. The tobacco package in the middle of the table is using up mass in the painting.

I think there is a variety of texture being used. First, the actual textures in the painting is the table, newspaper, and the long end of the pipe. There smooth and we could feel them by touching. The simulated textures in the painting would be the opened end of the tobacco package, the tobacco at the end of the pipe, and the pipe in general. It looks real, but if we would touch it, it would feel like smooth paint.

By looking at this picture, I found that it had a lot of linear perspective and atmospherical perspective. This painting has a foreground, middle ground, and a background. The newspaper appears closer in the foreground and they tend to decrease in size and vanish off into the background. There is a lot of wide variety of color and detail in the foreground of this painting which is also known as atmospherical perspective. Because the changing of color, value, and detail gives it an illusion of depth.

By observing and studying this picture, I also found that a variety of colors are being used throughout the painting. Color is mostly being used in the middle of the painting. The colors are light blue, cream, yellow, brown, and dark brown. The light blue is a nice contrast compared to all the dark colors.

There is also a lot of emphasis and subordination that is being used throughout this painting. The figure that drew my attention to this picture was the pipe leaning up against the tobacco box. This is a form called focal point. I think the newspaper was a subordination. It helped create a neutral area of lesser interest that kept me from being distracted from areas of less emphasis.

Movement is also another key aspect in this painting. Movement is occurring from the bottom of the painting to the top. The pipe extending from the bottom left to all the way back to the top right. Directional force is causing me to look from the bottom of the picture to the top.

By looking at this painting, I have come to the conclusion that this is a form of representational art. Most of William Harnett's paintings are personally expressive. I don't know what the meaning of this painting means, but I'm guessing it's representing a place to relax.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

James K Baxter Essay

James K Baxter Essay

James K Baxter was one of New Zealand most accomplished poetry writers. Baxter has tended to show his life emotions through his writing. Baxter's life has changed dramatically. And with this his poetry content has changed dramatically. Many things have helped to change his life including, His parents, Pacifism, Schooling, University, Alcohol, Religion, Work environments, Marriage, United Nations Commitments, Operating a Auckland Safe House and Having a number of occupations. James K Baxter describes his poems as "part of a large subconscious corpus of personal myth, like an island above the sea, but joined underwater to other islands".

James K Baxter was born in Otago to a farming family. His parent's labour voting influenced Baxter a lot as well as his parents contrasting backgrounds. Also his father being a pacifist made Baxter teenage years solitary. During 1942 and 1946 he drafted up to 600 poems. This helped his poetry mind to develop and grow and helped him to release feelings that he had never been able to, about life in general.

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James K Baxter always had strong views about the world, which has come out in his poetry. His views on systematic schooling were showed when on the first day of school he burnt his hand. He was a very unmotivated student who focused his time on reading poetry. He read a lot of poetry from Aude, Spencer, Macniece and Day Lewis , which inspired Baxter to write poetry on the problems with society. By his late teens he was developing a very strong inner voice to the views of the world and of New Zealand. In 1944 he started what Baxter called "a long and unsuccessful with the higher learning" at the time when he started with Otago University. With the start of University, alcoholism started to become a problem as well. In 1944 Baxter won the Macmillan Brown literary prize, and also published his first collection "Behind the Pallisade".

After Baxter left university in 1945, he started to work in farms and factories. This period of time was reflected in a novel called Horse. He also had his very first love affair at which failed because of his battle with alcohol. He became a more of a alcoholic after the break. His ex-girlfriend still had a lasting affect on Baxter as he wrote three poems about her. "Songs of the desert", "Cressida", "Words to lay a strong ghost." Also in this period he met another girl called Jacqueline Sturm.

In 1947 he went back to university in Christchurch. In Christchurch he saw a Jungian Psychologists, he started to put this into his poetry. Also in Christchurch, his battle with the bottle all as Baxter described it "irrigating river of alcohol" made him only occasionally attend lectures. In this time he also started associating with poets and Glover and he also he kept reading a lot. He had great interest in the Anglican religion. And he got married to Jacqueline Sturm in Napier at the St Johns Cathedral Napier in 1948, despite Baxter parents not agreeing to the wedding.

Over the next few years Baxter attended Teachers college and became assistant master at Lower Hutt's Epuni School. Just one of many occupations that he will have done. Also he attended Alcoholics Anonymous. To also help his problems with alcohol he visited and helped people in prisons. This continued till the day he died. In 1956 he left Epuni School, to go to work for school publications. This is when he provided numerous attacks on the bureaucracy..

In 1957 Baxter converted from Anglican to Roman Catholic. From this move Jacqueline Sturm and Baxter got divorced. In 1958 he was accepted into the Roman Catholic Church.

In 1958 Baxter travelled to Japan and India for an educational study. During this time overseas Jacqueline Sturm came over and reconciled with Baxter. Baxter was also shocked at the amount of poverty around India. This influenced his poetry, as his next collection was known as the "Asian collection". It was about the situations in less developed countries other than New Zealand like China and India.

His move back to New Zealand was a not a pleasant one as he had dysentery. This changed Baxter mind about New Zealand society. He started writing about this criticism in poetry and plays. Most of the criticism that he wrote about was about the amount of guilt, and the lack of love in relationships of New Zealand Families. Through the popularity of his play, "The Wide Open Cage" he kept writing about these thoughts through the next two or three years.

In 1963 he became a postman, another of his many professions that he has been through his life. Again he wrote a wee bit more of a light-hearted poem. But he wrote about what he still strongly believed in, about his times being a postman and how the posties refused to deliver heavy soap powder samples. Later that year he started writing in protest to the Vietnam War. He used the same themes as his father did when he refused to go to the First World War. He also used his teenager voice, to show how he felt as a teenager about the war. In 1966 he wrote one of his major collections. "Pig Island Letters".

As he travelled back to Otago, he became an active member in the Otago University, with helping with protests for the Vietnam War. During this time he also started to relive family memories, and started to write about them.

In 1968 he went to a marae and found a revelation. He found a group of Pakeha and Maori people who tries to live with out money and books, and live off the land and also worships god. This changed his beliefs a lot. Later that year Baxter left Wellington and travelled to Auckland where he had a job at the Chelsea Sugar refinery. He failed to keep it for too long. Then from there he set up a Drug Addicts centre. Baxter also was now known as Hemi, a Maori translation of James. The drug Addicts centre was set up like Alcoholics Anonymous. He also went round with bare feet, and scraggy clothes, and so got the attention of the media and the police.

At the start of the year 1969, Baxter went to Jerusalem. From there he wanted a Maori communal style of living, to make up for the loss of values by the New Zealand Pakeha.

After that he returned to Wellington, from there he was drained emotionally and physically. He died on the 22nd of October of a coronary thrombosis. He recorded his last collection of poems in 1972.

This essay has shown that James K Baxter had a lot of things that influenced his life, and as they influenced his life, they would normally influence his poetry, which is still regarded as some of New Zealand's greatest pieces of literature.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Maria Kozic Essay

Maria Kozic Essay

Maria Kozic's "Brady Bunch" is an appropriation of the intro to a famous 70's television show which focused on the trials and tribulations of a middle-class American family. Maria Kozic was born in 1957, lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.

The artwork has been painted with acrylic paints onto silkscreen and has then been attached to triangular prisms of wood. This then means that when you look at it from opposite angles it shows two different images. This idea has been used to represent the flickering of a TV screen as well as showing that there's more to television than just what you see on the screen.

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The piece was created in 1985 in Melbourne, Australia, where Maria does the vast majority of her work.

The purpose of this artwork was o show that there is more to television than just the faces that you see on the screen. beneath each of the happy smiley faces on the selected theme "The Brady Bunch", there was much much more than the happy life that is depicted on TV. Underneath each of those faces was a whole lot of secrets that had been hidden from the general publics eye to avoid unwanted publicity. Each of those actors actually have a personal life that they didn't want to share. This is the idea that Maria Kozics chose to depict.

Each of Marias works show that there is a deeper meaning to somthing than just what you see on the page, screen, etc. She uses hey talent to explore that other side of things like many other artists do aswell. This, in a nutshell is what art is all about and is what makes Maria Kosic such a successful artist especially in the field of appropriation.

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