Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Essay on Originality

Essay on Originality

The site demands that I submit an article/essay of my own in order to be able to access data already available on it. This is the primary reason for me to come up with this piece.

I had no intentions of creating an essay but did so since I wnated to research some topics for my MBA assignments and those were available on this site, but with the catch.

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An aditional reason is, since I am not allowed to masquerade some one else's work as my own, I decided to create an essay on the spot in order to fulfill the requirement on this site and get the data I required!

The topic I was looking for and found on this site is about the greening of management. There was a document with version 1.0 available on this site and I wanted to have a look at the complete paper. What I was given to understand is I shall not be able to access that article unless I submitted one of my own!!

This is not what I had expected and had to come up with this piece as i was tryin to register for FREE! I still have not managed to complete the 250 word limit. This means I need to spend some more time figuring out a way to access the article available for free!

I have written an essay with no real relevance to the issue in hand.I would appreciate if you folks could ease out the burden that is imposed on a prospective learner in order to access your site.

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