Monday, September 30, 2013

Digital Demonstration Tool essay

Digital Demonstration Tool

Geometry in 3 dimensional solids and other related geometric shapes is critical as it requires integration of well coordinated tools to guarantee students’ understanding.

This digital demonstration tool has a digital tool from which students should be taught to select a given computerized shape or solid by name or image after which their various properties will appear and a visual demonstration of properties e.g. phases will keep running on the main screen.

Apart from the digital tool (the main part of this demonstration tool), charts are also incorporated to aid in further learning and to demonstrate understanding.

The teacher must ensure students understand details about analysis, description and classification of various geometric structures and shapes as well as their geographic properties.

This understanding will be tested by students using charts on the walls of the classroom to respond to questions from the teacher by drawing shapes and nets of various solids that have been studied and analyzed using the digital tool.

It is therefore important that the students be taught how to use this digital tool to generate various geometrical shapes and nets after which they can apply the concepts on charts.

The digital tool
Students understand better when they learn from images (geometrical shapes and other related shapes and their respective nets) that have been developed, designed and stored in a computer.

Projectors can be used and adjusted for a better view for all students without having to attend to every student individually.

The tool  is digitally set and reset and the demonstration tool is structured to show images of the solids and other parts are indicated with direction  for clicking upon which information sought about the solid will be displayed e.g. their nets or number of vertices, sides, faces, bases and congruent dimensions they have.

The digital tool continued
The information generated using a computer is accurate and  the angles of shapes are exact thus images  developed are easier to relate to and understand.

The tool allows for changes to be made as the teacher wishes for better understanding of the students and teacher’s explanation of various concepts.

Through this tool, a net can be digitally developed to enhance the students’ 3 dimensional understanding of every solid.

Charts form the secondary part of this demonstration tool for purposes of  knowledge reinforcement and practice.

Students understand better by observing and referring to geometrical shapes and their nets on charts that constantly stay on the wall.

As they learn and understand the various concepts better, they can develop newer shapes by analyzing the ones on the charts with the aid of the digital tool after which they will classify the new shapes indicating their various properties e.g. angles, faces, vertices and sides.

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