Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Cultural Mistakes Essay

Globalization has opened the borders of many countries allowing businesses to enter new foreign markets with millions of potential clients. Indeed, globalization is everywhere; it has affected the majority of existing developed and developing countries, changed economic, political and cultural setting of the world. Large multinational and national corporations have become the leaders operating in the global market; they offer goods and services to any country or any consumer who would like to pay for them. Despite of the fact that business is always about making money, the pattern of making money is different in different countries as it is affected by culture, which makes every country unique and unlike any other country.

Paul's Letter to Philemon Summary

Bible is an ancient literary work that absorbed wisdom of many generations of different people who contributed to the writing of this book, which is probably the most famous literary work of ancient times well-known throughout the world. At the same time, the structure of the Bible is quite particular and it in fact consists of different books united in a single literary work. As a result, the Bible at large represents a combination of philosophical, historical and literary works, united in this book, wholly for a significant part of mankind.

However, such a thematic diversity of the Bible is also the result that the authors who contributed to the book are not always known or there is no common views on the authorship of many books of the Bible. Obviously there are books which are clearly referred to a definite author. Nonetheless, the authorship is not the only interesting point of the books comprising the Bible all of them represent a particular literary work, which has philosophical, religious, or historic value, or even the combination of them. One of such books is the Letter to Philemon.