Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Political Socialization Essay

When did you understand the actual meaning of politics? Who explained this term to you? Where did you gain your knowledge about political parties? Obviously, we do not think about such questions, because we think that we have always known about the organization of the government, duties and functions of our President. Of course, it is not right. We have spent much time to form our knowledge about various political issues. There are many factors, which have helped us develop and improve this knowledge. I will write about the most important of them.

Political socialization is a complex process. It is very difficult to form your own opinion about politics; therefore, your point of view is influenced by the range of factors. Family is the primary factor, which influences our political ideas. Every child copies and follows his parents’ behavior and shares their values. When your father enjoys football, you enjoy it too, because your father possesses the highest authority. When your father says that he is a Democrat or a Republican, you support one of these parties too, though you do not understand the slightest difference between them. When your uncle says that his business suffers from enormous taxation, you believe him. You begin hating taxation, though you do not know about it at all. With the run of time, you obtain knowledge about the definite politicians and their parties. You get to know about the laws dedicated to migration and healthcare funding. Of course, you receive this information from your family. Very often, every dinner turns into a political debate between the members of the family. They discuss domestic and foreign policy and you absorb this information too. Most often, the entire family shares common political values. They support the same party and vote for the same candidates. It is possible to say that political socialization begins in a family.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Short Essay on Do or Die

Have you ever heard about the statement, which sounds "Do or Die"

Do or Die is a famous mantra of Mahatma Gandhi. This personality struggled for the independence of India and lost his life in this struggle. Mahatma Gandhi believed that one should do his best if he wants to achieve his goal. When there is a worthy idea, one should devote his entire life to embody it. 
Do or Die is a radical statement, which means all or nothing. Mahatma Gandhi believed that his country should be independent. He did not agree to the abolition of some taxes. He stated that he demanded nothing less than complete freedom. He was ready to work and suffer as much as necessary. When you start a revolution, you should bring it to the end. If you are not ready to work hard, you must not even start this process.

Do or Die is relevant in different situations. There were many outstanding people who promoted radical ideas concerning freedom and liberty. Furthermore, this statement can be used in everyday life. There are many common people who try to solve their problems. Finally, there are situations when you should be strong and coldblooded if you want to stay alive.