Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Short Essay on Do or Die

Have you ever heard about the statement, which sounds "Do or Die"

Do or Die is a famous mantra of Mahatma Gandhi. This personality struggled for the independence of India and lost his life in this struggle. Mahatma Gandhi believed that one should do his best if he wants to achieve his goal. When there is a worthy idea, one should devote his entire life to embody it. 
Do or Die is a radical statement, which means all or nothing. Mahatma Gandhi believed that his country should be independent. He did not agree to the abolition of some taxes. He stated that he demanded nothing less than complete freedom. He was ready to work and suffer as much as necessary. When you start a revolution, you should bring it to the end. If you are not ready to work hard, you must not even start this process.

Do or Die is relevant in different situations. There were many outstanding people who promoted radical ideas concerning freedom and liberty. Furthermore, this statement can be used in everyday life. There are many common people who try to solve their problems. Finally, there are situations when you should be strong and coldblooded if you want to stay alive.

I will not write about well-known personalities and their deeds. I will try to focus on the common people and their small but brave actions. An average person is able to save one’s life, solve a complicated problem or simply provide somebody with her friendly assistance.

The brightest example of this expression is based on the everyday life of the common doctors. We do not pay attention to the titanic work of our physicists who have devoted their life to medicine. An average Mr. Smith is a surgeon is our local hospital. Every day he struggles with death and saves several lives. Obviously, this person understands his responsibility. He has to conduct serious and complicated operations in order to save an injured victim of an accident or an elderly person who could have died of heart attack. He has to react rapidly, because every minute is valuable for the patient’s life. He needs to make decisions at once and take risks if he wants to save lives. Naturally, Mr. Smith can make a mistake but he does not have a way out. He needs to work radically. He does not have the right to delay the operation. All or nothing. Do or die.

Then, there is Mrs. Green. A common cleaner. She has to work hard to provide her children with everything they need. Although her working day starts at 8 am and lasts up to 6 pm, she has to be patient and industrious all the time. Of course, she can give up and stop working hard, but she does not. She is responsible for her child and she wants to provide him with the dignified life.

Finally, this is Oliver. He is a student and he enjoys playing basketball. He wants to become a professional basketball-player and to build his successful career. He has to train every day in order to polish his professional skills. Doubtless, Oliver spends much time and efforts every day, but he understands that it is impossible to reach his goal without hard work. He can give up his exercises and training and go in for another activity. He can read scientific books to become an engineer or a biologist though his dream is connected with basketball. Oliver can continue his hard work and achieve brilliant results. On the other hand, he can give up. Do or die.

“Do or die” is closely connected with the problem of choice. When you want to reach your goal, you ought to work hard or “do”. If you do not take efforts to make your dreams come true, your dream “dies”.

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