Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Essay: Should the Elderly Get Free Bus Rides?

Nowadays, many people struggle for free bus rides for the elderly. They believe that old people should be provided with the right to use public transport without charge. This issue is very controversial. On the one hand, the elderly should not pay for public transport, because they are limited in their finance. On the other hand, it is impossible to create free public transport for the elderly, because it will influence economy of the state. Should the elderly get free bus rides? Let us analyze this issue in detail.

Many countries permit the elderly to use public transport without charge. The government understands that those people cannot afford expensive buses, trains or trams. The most sensible decision was to make public transport free for the elderly. It is interesting that rich countries do not provide the elderly with free bus rides. This practice is common in socialistic and post socialistic countries. The country pays for the elderly and lets them get free bus rides. Many people want to introduce free bus rides to their countries, because they care about the elderly and want to make their life easier.

In my opinion, it is possible to provide the elderly with free bus rides, because there are many reasons for it. To begin with, those people are limited in their finance, because they do not work. Naturally, a retired person is not able to pay for public transport a lot. She requires money for medicine and food. 

Secondly, the government should encourage people to use public transport. Public transport is ecologically safer than automobiles. Moreover, it consumes less energy and reduces the quality of cars on the roads. Consequently, a free bus ride will become a good motivation for the elderly person. 

Thirdly, the elderly should use public transport, because it is safer for them. Obviously, an average elderly person has poor eyesight and slow reaction. She cannot ride her car effectively. Everybody knows that the elderly drivers cause dangerous situations and accidents on the road. Therefore, the government should provide those people with free bus rides in order to reduce the number of accidents on the road.

On the other hand, the elderly should pay for public transport, because they are normal people and they should pay like any other person. When the government provides its elderly people with free bus rides, the youth will have to pay for this service more. The problem is very simple. The budget should receive the definite sum of money for public transportation. If old people do not pay, the price for this service increases for young and mature people. Consequently, free public transport will become a burden for younger people. Furthermore, free rides will influence the quality of public transport. 

Citizens will not see new buses or trains, because the government cannot afford them. People ought to realize that they need to pay if they want high-quality service.

To sum it all up, free public transport for the elderly is a very controversial topic. Some people say that the elderly should get free bus rides, because they cannot drive a car and do not have extra money for his service. On the other hand, the elderly must pay for public transport, because it affects economic situation badly. In addition, the elderly should be treated like everyone else, because there are many categories of people who want to get free bus rides too. The best solution is to provide the elderly with a discount, which will make public transport affordable for them.

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