Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Essay: Does Access to Condoms Prevent Teenage Pregnancy?

Teenage pregnancy is a relevant problem nowadays. This problem exists in every part of the world. It is possible to say that the rates of teenage pregnancy slightly depend on economic situation in the country. Every year millions of young women get pregnant because of thoughtless behavior and poor knowledge about the consequences of the unprotected sex. Many experts think that the best method to prevent teenage pregnancy is to provide young people with information about contraception. Moreover, it is reasonable to provide teenagers with free condoms, because many young people do not want to spend money on contraception. Nevertheless, people wonder whether access to condoms can prevent teenage pregnancy and whether this method is effective.

In some cultures, teenage pregnancy is a norm. When we speak about Muslim cultures and feudal European society, we can say that teenage pregnancy was a norm, because women got married in a very young age. The length of human life was short; no wonder, people got married early. With the run of time, this tradition disappeared. Nowadays, early sexual activity is popular among the absolute number of teenagers. Consequently, the risk of pregnancy is very high. Very often, young people report about cases of unpredicted pregnancy. The main reason is poor knowledge about sex and contraception.

Sociologists and teachers believe that the best way to cope with teenage pregnancy is to inform young people about the consequences or frivolous behavior and unprotected sex. Modern teenagers receive much information about sexual activity, but they do not know about its consequences. 

Television and the Internet are overloaded with sexual content. We can say that mass media advertises sex through popular culture. Popular singers sing about sex and demonstrate provocative content in their music videos. No wonder, teenagers want to follow the behavior of their idols and get involved into early sexual activity.

On the one hand, unlimited access to condoms can prevent teenage pregnancy. Many teachers and parents think that the best way to prevent sexual activity of their children is to limit their access towards the Internet and television. Doubtless, this approach is useless, because children learn about sex from their mates. Therefore, it is better to provide teenagers with condoms than to solve the problem of unexpected pregnancy. Nowadays, it is impossible to hide children from sex but it is easy to inform them about its consequences in detail. It is reasonable to provide teenagers with free condoms, because many young people do not have spare money for contraception. Free contraception not only prevents pregnancy but also protects teenagers from sexually transmitted diseases. Of course, it is important to combine free contraception with intensive propaganda of safe sex. When teenagers do not receive information about contraception, condoms will not help.

Of course, there are opponents of free access to condoms. Such people believe that teenagers must not know about sex a lot, because when they receive much information about sex, they become more sexually active. Consequently, the risk of pregnancy increases. Then, many teenagers are careless and they will not use a condom even if they have it in their pocket. Finally, a condom can break and a young woman will get pregnant accidentally.

Access to condoms is a very good idea, because it provides teenagers with high-quality and free contraception. When young people have decided to start sexual activity, free condoms will help them avoid unexpected pregnancy and abortion. Of course, it is of vital importance to inform teenagers about the consequences of sex, contraception and its usefulness for their life and health.

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