Monday, October 26, 2015

Essay: Should Creationism Be Taught in Public Schools?

Creationism is a belief that the Universe was created by supernatural powers. Obviously, creationism is closely connected with religion, because every religion is based on this belief. It is impossible to say that creationism is a wrong theory, because scientists do not know about the origin of the universe and they do not have any solid evidence that can break this belief. Nowadays, creationism is supposed to be an out-of-date theory, because the absolute number of scientists support the theory of evolution. Should creationism be taught in public schools? This question is very delicate and it has its positive and negative sides.

Due to the rapid development of science, very few people believe in creationism. They support the theory of evolution of biological species and think that the Universe was created with the help of explosion and random chemical reactions. Many scientists presented their theories and hypotheses concerning the origin of the Universe and many ideas have sense. As a result, creationism sounds like a fairy-tale nowadays. People know about this theory but they do not believe in it. Therefore, there is a logical question. Should students study creationism in public schools?

The opponents of creationism say that students should not study this theory, because it is out-of-date. 

They think that students should devote more time to sciences than to this irrational belief. They claim that creationism causes ignorance and fills human minds with superstitions and prejudices.

To my mind, creationism should be taught in public schools, because this theory has sense and enormous cultural value. Students should learn about creationism, because there are many people who believe in God and support this theory. These people want to improve their knowledge about creationism and its slightest details. It is impossible to master this theory without the help of a professional smart teacher. Secondly, the dominant religion of the USA is Christianity. Consequently, creationism has its legal basis. It is important to know about this theory if you want to be a polite and versatile person. When you communicate with Christians, it is reasonable to know about their religion a lot. Then, knowledge about creationism has its cultural value. We belong to Western civilization and we should know about its basis. Our society is closely connected with the Bible; therefore, everyone should know about creationism and other important details related with Christianity.

Next, creationism can help students broaden their outlook. Everybody knows that American society is diverse. There are many representatives of different cultures at every school and college. It will be interesting to children to get to know about other cultures and their norms. Moreover, children will learn to think differently. They have freedom of choice and speech. It is impossible to ban creationism, because somebody says that this theory does not have sense.

Finally, people do not know the truth about the origin of the Universe. Although many scientists have shared their ideas about this issue, no one knows who created our world. We do not know whether creationism is a truthful or wrong theory. It is difficult to believe that the Universe is a combination of random chemical reactions and physical phenomena. Logically, creationism can be a good theory that explains everything.

We should study creationism in public schools, because this theory is a very important part of our culture and history. Even if you do not believe in God and do not read the Bible, you ought to know about the basic facts and norms that unite the representatives of Western civilization.

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