Thursday, January 23, 2020

A PLC Plan Essay

Learning settings in international forums have become more competitive than ever. International schools incorporate learning institutions that offer educational services to students across the world.

They enroll students from different parts of the world, thus enhancing multicultural diversity that leads to the exchange of values. Importantly, the performance of international schools varies from that of local schools. Usually, international schools are modernized and have a greater influence on the student's performance. Besides, these schools employ educators that offer specialized services to students. The enrollment of students and teachers across the different nations of the world influence the formation of enhanced learning cultures that support learning. However, though this learning culture enhance learning, it reduces the collaboration of students and educators. Thus, since learning in international schools is dynamic, conducting internal and external assessments in these learning settings is helpful to determine their effectiveness in offering educational services. Chiefly, the correlation between internal and external evaluations in international learning institutions is significant because the practice helps reflect effective teaching and learning practices in these schools.

Article Review: Gender Differences in the Prevalence Rate of a Psychiatric Disorder

Mental disorder is a condition that many specialists struggle to handle. This paper reviews Eaton's et al. (2012) study on gender differences in the prevalence rates of a psychiatric disorder. The review will demonstrate the efforts that researchers have made to resolve the impasse and bring peace to millions of people experiencing a mental disorder. To validate the study, the researchers used a large sample size and analyzed them to determine the outcomes. The results showed that the dimensional multivariate liability model is important in addressing mental disorders in both men and women. Therefore, the study provides important information about interventions for mental diseases.