Thursday, July 18, 2013

Essay on Physical Exercises

Physical Exercise Instructions Essay

Riding the stationary cycle for 30 minutes is a good but not enough. More activities that are physical are required to achieve physical fitness. Increasing time on the cardio machines to 45 minutes is a step towards the right direction. However, other physical activities can be done even at home. For instance, you can begin a walking group with other people for encouragement. This is a very easy way of keeping physically fit. You can also ride a bike or use a mower to mow your lawns. In addition, you can also use NSCA video exercise tips to perform the exercises while at home. While going to work, you can alight from a bus early and either walk or skate the rest of the distance.

 Karen you can engage in some plays that can enhance you fitness levels. For instance, you can begin swimming which is one of the best ways of keeping fit or take up dancing or yoga sessions. To improve your upper body strength, you can play wheelchair sports or hand cycling. Any of these physical exercises can help you be physical fit.

There are many ways of improving your upper body strength either at home or at a gym. This is something that is not instantaneous but gradual. You should begin by performing pushups daily. Begin by determining how many pushups you can comfortably do every day and then complete that amount each morning after waking up. After one week, you should increase the number of pushups you do by double. These pushups will strengthen your triceps and chest muscles as you will begin seeing the results after two weeks.

Performing bench press exercises will also improve your upper body strength.  The bench press exercises should be done using dumbbells. You can use a declined, flat or an inclined bench to perform the exercise. Divide the bench press weight into two while using the dumbbells to determine the weights to lift. To improve your chest muscles, you should vary the bench lifts using the bench at different heights by lowering or raising the bench. You can also improve on your triceps by either bench press or curls. The most simple of building the triceps is either by laying or sitting while performing the triceps extensions.

Lower body strength is also very useful in walking and running since it helps one to improve their endurance levels. The easiest way of doing this is performing squats especially the one legged squats. You should begin doing this every morning after determining the number you can perform.

You can also use weight machine to strengthen your thigh muscles. Place your leg inside the machine while your other leg at the foot rest. Push the weights more than 10 times. This helps to strengthen the outer thigh muscles. To build the inner thigh muscles spread your legs by placing your leg on the outside of the machine while the other at the foot rest. Pull the weight by bringing your legs together between 10 to 12 times.

Alternatively, you can use your weights to build your calf muscles. Stand on a raised surface with the ball of your foot in position while the heel of the foot on the edge.
Lift the other foot over the floor and push your body up and down using the planted foot. You can also use your free weights by standing on a level surface with your shoulder weights balanced using your hands. Then rise up and down on your toes. Do this around 10 times daily.

In the gym, you can use a weight machine to improve your thighs and hamstrings.  Place your legs behind the bar of the leg extension machine at the front of the ankles. Push against the weight of the machine until your legs are fully extended.

Perform these exercises equally both the upper body and lower body exercises for two weeks without fail and you will begin to see the results.