Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Essay on the Best Historical Period to Live In

The Philippines, like many nations with a history of oppression, has experienced a checkered history.

The Philippines have had to fight for their independence, fending off the invasions of numerous powers. Desperate as this struggle was, there was also beauty in it as selfless heroes tried to defend their motherland and ensure its happiness. Fascinated with these courageous attempts, I would like to have lived in the period when the nation made a turn in the course of its history, breaking away from the Spanish rule. Although this turn proved to be just a transition to another colonial rule, I believe it was overall positive for the development of the Philippines as a state, if one sums up all the negative and positive aspects.

Legal Guidelines for Unlicensed Practitioners

The professional work of unlicensed practitioners, including nutrition consultants, is regulated by numerous legislative norms and acts on different levels from the local level to the federal level. At the same time, the legal regulations are mutual and, on the one hand, they regulate the work of a nutrition specialist, while, on the other hand, they regulate the relationship of nutrition specialists with their clients. In such a way, the existing legislative norms concern not only nutrition specialists but also their clients. In such a situation, the knowledge of the legislative norms and principles provide nutrition specialists with an essential basis for the normal and stable work which guarantees the safety of the health of clients and does not raise any problems in the practice of a nutrition specialist.

On analyzing the existing legislative norms and principles, it is necessary to underline that the y tend to the strict regulation of the work of nutrition practitioners as well as the work of many other specialists working in different fields, especially those which are related to healthcare services and may affect the health of people. In such a context, the extent to which a nutrition specialist is informed of the existing legislative norms, his or her rights and duties, as well as rights of patients, defines his or her ability to protect himself or herself from possible problems caused by the violation of the existing legislative norms.