Monday, May 26, 2014

Essay on Healthy School Lunches

School time is the real test for our kids. Especially for younger ones. You may already guess what we have in mind. Yes, today we will focus on healthy school lunches.

After three months of holidays, our offspring go into the strict confines of school rules, school discipline, and school dieting. And it's not so bad. The thing is that the dieting is not all good.  

The main problem is that we, parents, cannot control what our children are having for lunch in school. Let the matter take its course, we have no right. Otherwise, the child with the high-school diploma will receive a well-earned gastritis certificate.

Is a compromise possible? What should be the ideal diet of our student is not too difficult to understand. 

Obediently eating all the necessary products at the indicated doses, the child will grow up healthy and feel good, all the major systems of the body will develop as expected, and so on. But our life is far from ideal.

How can the frantic pace of life of our children combine with the care of their health in general and the right healthy diet of schoolchildren in particular? Of course to live and eat on schedule in modern conditions few people can. Compromise is possible, if the regime is perceived as the alternation of mental, physical activity and recreation. During period of exertion, diet must be fractional and food - easily digestible. A denser part of the diet, a hearty meal that delivers proteins and fats, and requires a long digestion, it is better to combine with a period shorter or longer leisure.

Lunch is the cornerstone. We have no right to miss it. There are many options, and the modern food industry readily comes to help parents.

Option one is, of course, various porriges. You can cook old fashioned porridge from cereals, and you can take ready-mix, just add some hot water and let it cook for 2-3 minutes.

Another option are muesli and various cereals. Unfortunately, this food is not always as useful as we like to think. According to various studies, cereals and muesli may contain sugar equal to more than a bar of chocolate, and more fat than in sausage. According to various reports, 75% of existing flakes and muesli (especially aimed at children) contain a lot of sugar. 20% flakes contain high levels of salt, and 7% of cereal - elevated level of saturated fat. That is, if you still intend to feed your child with it - choose the most simple flakes, without flavorings, and carefully read the information on the packaging.

The undisputed leader in the healthy effect on the body is deservedly oats. Oat products are rich in fiber, most of whom - soluble fiber - beta-glucan. It lowers the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. 

Carbohydrates contained in the products of oats regulate blood sugar. Oats also rich in protein, lots of minerals and vitamins B and E.

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