Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Critical Essay on Streetcar Named Desire

Streetcar Named Desire is the name of the most famous play written by Tennessee Williams in 1947. Due to his work the American playwright received the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and in 1952 could receive Oscar for the screen version of the play being the scriptwriter. The play is the typical one for the beginning of the 20th century, because it describes the life of the former aristocracy and proletarian classes, the problems of alcoholism, love and money in the new developing world. The action is played in New Orleans, the USA. 

Blanche DuBois, the representative of aristocracy, who has been absent for many years decided to return to her sister Stella Kowalski and her Polish husband to New Orleans. The main plot whirls around the conflicts between Blanche DuBois and Stanley Kowalski, the ordinary proletarian. It is known that the end of the 19th century was the period of the establishing of naturalistic ideas, that is why literature, theatre and art were full of naturalistic ideas which reflected the environment and the events described in all forms of art with the photographic precision. No wonder, one can see in the play the definite signs of naturalism which describe the human reality in the most accurate way. Such problems as alcohol abuse, the ruining of the previous structure of the world, with its division of people into classes, etc. One can see the precise pictures of New Orleans and its lifestyle, the images of different people, their problems and excitement. Finally, there are scenes of rape which have been demonstrated before and the concentration on the psychological problems of the main characters.

When the student is asked to write about the world famous play Streetcar Named Desire, he should read the text, watch the play and the screen version, which is supposed to be among the best movies shot ever. The critical essay is the paper which should analyze the play objectively, so the student is asked to collect the reliable information in order to operate facts well and observe the problem in the most professional way pointing at the strong and weak sides of Streetcar Named Desire, both the play and the screen version and draw the wise conclusions about the value of the play for the global art of theatre.

The most complicated thing about a critical essay is the student’s lack of knowledge about the right organization of the text. The young professional can see how to choose the research approach and the manner of formatting of the paper reading a free example critical essay on Streetcar Named Desire. The student can succeed in writing if he looks through a free sample critical essay on Streetcar Named Desire analyzed by an expert online. 

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