Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Critical Essay on Daddy by Sylvia Plath

Daddy is one of the most well-known poems written by the US writer Sylvia Plath. The poem was written in 1962 and published one year later. The majority of the critics think that the poem is extremely expressive, deep and symbolic. Some experts treat Daddy as one of the most successful poems on the 20th century due to the depth of its ideas and the possibility of the effective psychological analysis of the text. Of course, some experts interpret the poem in the wrong way imagining the problems which do not exist in Daddy. The majority of writers think that Plath expressed her inner anxiety and disappointment with the relations with the father, who died very early when the author was a little girl. This anger because of the unfair fate could provoke the comparison of the father with a Nazi who took the active part in Holocaust. The experts have different points of view concerning the reason of the father’s image as a Nazi. For example, some say that the relations between the father and the daughter resembled Holocaust, because the father behaved like a Nazi towards his Jewish daughter. Of course, this deep poem can be analyzed from the point of view of the German psychologist Sigmund Freud, who always connected the family conflicts between a father and a daughter with phallic images. Sylvia Plath managed to create an interesting for the interpreting poem, which embraces the knowledge on psychology, symbolism and other spheres of the human life.

Daddy by Sylvia Plath is a famous poem which provokes profound research and controversial ideas in the process of the analysis of the poem and the student is able to share his own understanding on the text and its interpreting. The student should read Daddy attentively and try to catch the main idea and problem of the text in order to be able to discuss it efficiently. One is expected to observe the poem from all sides, starting from the technical organization, rhymes, the length of lines, rhythm, etc and finishing with the deep philosophic ideas touching upon the meaning of the text and the explanation of the symbols and motives of writing. The young professional can evaluate the importance of the poem for the world literature and support his point of view with the evidence.

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