Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Essay on Why Nutrition is Important

We are what we are eating. It is an old saying which tells it all – our nutrition is the next most important thing to the air we breathe and the water we drink. The last two arguments are the ones going without saying, as we know it beyond the shadow of a doubt that polluted air or poor water can be as bad for our health as some broadly known toxic chemicals. However, it is not the case with our nutrition. Many people not quite yet understand the significance of what we are taking in on the daily basis. Not only in terms of the food chemical composure, but also as a correct, balanced system of life support.

Since the times when mankind has crossed the line when we had to eat to survive, we are moving in the opposite direction which is living to eat. Food today is more than just life supporting thing. It has been artificially cultivated into something it is not – some sort of a cult with millions and millions of worshipers. It is multi-billion dollars industry whose main task is to sell us more food, to tempt us, to make us consume more and more. Taking advantage of our weaknesses which are based on our primitive instincts of survival, they tell that satiety is our great goal as humans, the happiness we pursuit. The satiety, they tell us, is the best thing that could ever happen to us. It is an epitome of well-being, prosperity, success. Often, your social status means the food you can buy. It may not be as literal as the cost of the food you are buying, but there is a lot of other attributes to it: where, what and even with whom you are buying it. You see, it is such a powerful thing that it can bring your status to another level as soon as you buy it in the right places and eat it with right people, preferably with those from the social strata you want to be a part of. As an old saying goes: tell me whom you eat with and I tell you who you are. ;)

In turn, the hunger is presented as a mankind’s vicious enemy, a threat to our very existence. The hunger means exclusively bad things in our society, most often it is associated with poverty, sickness or other wicked statuses that still play a significant role in the individual’s social recognition. And most of us willingly believe that all said above is true – it is easy to do so when one of your basic instincts say it is so.

The animal inside us is still very powerful. Despite thousands of years of civilization and spiritual development it still much easier to believe our brain which is programmed to make us eat so we could survive social selection to become parents and then, with our main mission complete, to give us an idea that food is what we need to have a good nap after launch. Of course, it is easier than try to wake up and see beyond that so primitive and yet so sweet existence. Because to be able to wake up you have to be human, a spiritual creature, whose duty is moral development. And not an animal, whose primal instincts’ main purpose to keep it warm and happy.

Eat to live and not live to eat – the formula is simple. Eat the right food which is good for you, which is what your body need to function properly and not some junk food you are told to eat by the modern popular culture. You have to be not only smart enough and well educated – although those two things can be hardly overestimated – you have to be ready to fight this eternal battle for your soul. You must be able to tell what is best for you although you may not like what come with it. But, heck, that is what makes us humans.

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