Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Reflective Essay: Life is Too Short

Life is too short... I think every single human being on this earth had this thought or will have it someday in the future. Why this thought bothers us so often? Is it the fear of death that keeps us unrested or is it something else?

When you are young time moves slow and you think that you are going to live forever. Your knowledge about the world is narrow and inflexible. It seems to you that you know everything but life is straight and easy, even boring sometimes. You cannot foresee what will happen to you next couple of days based on today’s events. In fact, you don’t need it; your ability to analyze your past is also no too great, your day is too long and is a life in itself. But as you grow up, your abilities to process data are stronger, the information flow increases and your capability to perceive is enough to bring a whole lot of fun in your life.

However, on the other hand, a grown-up person can, or actually, it has to, deal with what the future holds and this means the ability to foresee and predict the nearest future events, to lead a normal life as an adult responsible for its actions.

The past is also a great part of this equation. An essential one. You can't dismiss it, it is the base for all your assumptions and speculations. And the longer you live, the better you judge what is right ahead of you.
All this constantly increasing data flow needs to be properly handled and this takes us a great amount of time; may we not notice it, our brain deals with it every given moment. It even may be if not overloaded, run out of its calculating power. So, we may say, there are moments when the data flow is too great to handle and there is not enough time to deal with it in a proper manner.

Such moment is often called stress, which is a state of mental or physical overload our body unable to handle. When there is too much stress, we cannot function properly. It leads to the constant lack of time in the first place and inability to adequately assess the reality. That is when we wish we have another life to live or at least that our own was a little bit longer.

Depending on our ability to handle the stress, we may do it better or worse, but the lack of time remains. We are still short of time. Life is still too short. What can we do about it? As little as there is to be done, we may still do something. The first I can think of is to reduce data processing for the past. All the thing we don’t really need to return: some old regrets, resentments or hurt feelings, it all can be left behind without any hesitation to lighten our mental burden. Another thing we can do is to stop reacting to the thing we can live without. Hatred, aggression, frustration are all from the same raw of feeling that is generated by the necessity to deal with something we don’t like, we cannot stand or bear.

It may sound corny, but why waste our precious time for something unpleasant, when there is really a whole lot of fun that pass us by because all resources are spent on something we don’t like? You see? It is some kind of vicious circle we have here. In my opinion, it is not a question that we should totally break it. We must learn to set the priorities, to tell what matters and what doesn’t. It is very important to spare the effort on something to be able to perceive new things, may they be right or wrong, to keep the right one and dismiss the other. There is so much interesting around us we just don’t see because our minds are overloaded dealing with negative emotions and feelings we don’t need.

All said doesn’t cancel the shortness of our lives, but it can give us the right direction and right priorities we need to spend it on something really important or interesting, something that brings us joy and happiness, something that makes us warm inside when remembered.

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