Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Cultural Background Essay

Everyone should be given a chance to show at least something of their personality and the kind of person they are before such conclusions are reached, and it is never right to pass judgment by racism and, as the saying goes, "judge a book by its cover." These associations based on sight alone also go far beyond clothing and outward appearance. Because someone is of an individual race, they could be considered to be stupid or lazy, and someone of a different race might be regarded as to be better than them for something as simple as a job application.

The decision in that situation and others similar to it are far too easily made regarding a person’s racial background. Perhaps a competent employee of a certain skin color or ethnicity, seeking to work his way up in a corporation or business would be less likely to receive the promotions and position advancements he deserves because of a boss he works under who harbors racist opinions against people of other races or cultures.

Thus his movement up that particular ladder of success would be slower than he has a right for it to be, simply because of his race. This should in no way be considered a way of forming ideas about people. Having a biased opinion a certain type of people is only a display of rash ignorance and is something that should be avoided at all times. The formation of an idea about someone based on skin color or racial background, as in the examples above, is by far the worse form of racism.

This form of racism requires a higher level of narrow-mindedness and ignorance than what is needed to form ideas of a person based on their appearance, yet events such as the ones above, and others like it, continue to happen throughout our country. Racism can also be wielded as a weapon in which to demean and demoralize others just because of their skin color or racial beliefs.

Just for having the skin of a particular color, or by coming from a specific ethnic background, a person can quickly be labeled by a derogatory racial term used to debase them for being born as they are. This subjection of a person to hurt and pain because of their racial background can be extremely hurtful and has no good reason to be put to use in the diverse country that we live in.

It is by no means fair to anyone that they can be called insulting names because of whom they were born to be. No one deserves this treatment, and it is not clear why we continue to resort to petty name calling to hurt others. Racist terms applied to a person reach down to the most profound essence of who a person is, and unjustly insults them and makes fun of them for being what they are.

Hurtful terms such as these do not even need to apply to a person race to be used to hurt someone. It can come down to something as simple as how heavy a person is, what gender they are, their height, or many other aspects of a person’s physical appearance. Perhaps because a person is insecure about their self deep inside, or maybe just because of plain ignorance on their behalf, it becomes easy to classify and stereotype a person by these cruel words.

It is far too easy to relate these terms to someone simply because of their outward appearance, without taking into consideration the thoughts and feelings of the person residing within. A person should be judged and considered for who they are on the inside, instead of having to be subjected to such injurious treatment for what is on the outside. In the world of today, racism is a very touchy subject, being quite a broad term with many definitions and interpretations.

The country we live in is exceptionally diverse, filled with people of every kind of lineage and heritage, each holding their own beliefs, values, and religion. Because of this diversity, we have for years upon years struggled to spread tolerance of all people throughout our nation, striving to bring an end to racism and create a land where cultures from across the globe may live together peacefully and happily. We have, for the most part, been successful in ridding ourselves of the end of it, that being pure racial hatred as exhibited by racist groups such as the KKK.

But racism is a slippery subject, and many other aspects of it continue to run rampant through our society. These different elements that continue to plague our interaction with others make up the less end of racism, which consists of things such as derogatory racial terms, biased opinions based upon appearance or ethnicity, and just plain ignorance regarding the culture or beliefs of others. Despite all of our struggle for tolerance and equality, these barbs of racism remain embedded in our country’s backside.

Perhaps because of their less prevalent standing in what we consider to be racism, these issues have yet to be widely addressed and dealt with in any major way. Of course large steps of progress have been made in certain areas as we become increasingly aware of the continued potent effects of racism yet to be dealt with, such as women becoming more and more accepted in a working world where men used to be the only sex considered capable of holding any standing or the fact that most of us while, growing up, learn that racial slang terms are not pleasant words to be throwing around.

And yet research shows that women continue to earn less money than men in the workforce, while terms such as “nigger,”“ dot head,” and many others are still freely used behind the backs of the people they apply to, or in other cases even to their face. It shows that while progress has indeed been made in some areas, more remains to be done to bring these situations and others like them to a resolute conclusion.

The various forms of racism that continue to appear throughout our society only serve to divide and split us apart as a nation. If we are all going to live together in the kind of environment that would bring the most happiness to everyone in our land, we must first shed ourselves of the racism that holds us back from this goal and embraces the diversity of the area in which we live.

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