Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Response to An Article Essay

The article and the conclusions made by the authors were rather informative, though some of the results stated in conclusion appeared to be surprising and unexplained. The authors did not give a clear explanation concerning what causes robust stress response expressed by hatchlings in the areas visited by tourists, and why young chicks perceive the presence of humans when adults show little response to them in tourist areas. The results of the case have implications for further research, as the topic corresponds with the general topic of the impact of anthropogenic disturbances on wildlife, and its ability to adapt to it. It is now obvious that seabirds in undisturbed areas react on humans differently than in tourist-visited areas. However, the differences have also been noticed in different age groups of penguins living in the same area. The authors emphasized the need to conduct further research to identify the factors, which might be stressful to organisms, meaning the interaction with human beings. The article provides the readers with statistical material as well as new results of the research; however, it does not explain the obtained results. That’s why it doesn’t help to advance theory in this particular area.

The results stated in the article are not able to be generalized because further research is required to prove and explain why penguins of different age and living in different areas express stress response weaker or stronger. In the discussion section, the authors compare the results obtained in this case to those obtained by other researchers earlier. It is especially interesting to note the differences in the reaction of newly hatched chicks and their production of corticosterone in different areas. It has been stated that this phenomenon is already documented in other kinds of penguins. The results of the article have large implications for the conservation of penguins because the interaction with humans can influence the health of the penguins negatively.

Though the article is well-written and organized in a clear manner, it appeared rather difficult to perceive the information provided due to the overabundance of figures and specific terms. However, the article was rather interesting to read, because it addresses the topical issue, concerning the preservation of wildlife.

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