Monday, November 20, 2017

Excellent Interpersonal Communication

Julia Morstyn is my high school friend. I think her to be an excellent interpersonal communicator based on my observations of her interactions with people of different ages and backgrounds. With almost everybody, she is likely to establish a friendly contact within minutes. She smiles a lot to people she sees for the first time, and somehow they tend to respond to her in a fairly friendly and welcoming manner themselves.

However, Julia is not just good with those she meets – she is also respected and well-liked by most people whom she has known for a long time. Most students in our class were happy to seek her approval in everything they do. When they had a problem or disagreement with someone, Julia was often the one to confide in and consult. I believe she has an amazing capacity for sympathy and understanding, and with this quality she has friendship with many people who honor the chance to be her friend.

One of Julia’s important qualities that permit her friendly interactions with her peers is her quiet and tender character. She is not quick to get angry; on the contrary, she is always ready to hear the other person’s side. Amazingly for many teenagers, she does not respond with anger even when she is most definitely addressed in a hostile and unfriendly manner. In this case, she prefers to answer in a composed, reserved tone. Many things others take as insults are to Julia mere nuisances. This helped her to maintain positive relationships with teachers who are often irritated by the perky and impudent retorts they get from other students and appreciate Julia’s quiet and cooperative manner. On the other hand, Julia always behaves with dignity toward everybody, and this prevents her peers from seeing her as subservient.

Julia’s excellence in communication also lies in her ability to speak common language with people from all walks of life. Coming from a middle-class family, she understands very well those from poor quarters and those from wealthy family backgrounds. I think it is because she has something human to offer them as a basis for interaction, warmth and kindness that surpass cultural and class boundaries. We have a group of Indian students, and she is the only American who is friend with almost each of them. Many newcomers to the school also depend on Julia to show them around. I think is the aura of friendliness in her appearance and manner that attracts people to her. In addition, she also has a non-judgemental attitude toward people. Compared to the average teenager, her level of acceptance of other people’s differences is very high. This makes people who lack acceptance from others comfortable in her company as they know she will treat their opinions with respect.

To avoid the impression that Julia is a perfect communicator, I would like to point out that, in my view, she is not that impressive with doing oral presentations. Her skills are not absolutely inadequate. On the other hand, she does not have a voice loud and distinct enough, and her manner could have been more confident. Still, in classes where she is well-known, Julia’s presentations nevertheless enjoy attention. People will leave their affairs behind and listen to what she is saying because of her good rapport with peers.

Julia’s communication skills make her a good resource for teachers who will often give her tasks that demand a high level of support from the group. In many cases, she will be made responsible for organizing initiatives, starting new clubs etc. Overall, Julia is a good organizer as she tries to integrate everybody’s opinion in the preparation for the event. She is a very good coordinator and can track various activities, controlling people without offending them. I believe it is her respect for everybody’s opinion that makes her such an excellent communicator and organizer.

Naturally, Julia has a number of long-term friendships. She seems to maintain many ties with people she has known from her earliest days. Today, she is still in touch with many she knew as a high school student, and it is through her that we can often get news about each other. Julia’s enjoyment in meeting and communicating with people it obvious, and I believe it is her great asset as communicator. People are attracted to those that love interacting with them, and repay this enjoyment with gratitude and love. In Julia’s case, they also reciprocate the respect she has for them with their own respect and understanding.

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