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Essay: Global Concern over Global Interactions

With the globalization and internationalization of social and economic spheres of life, people began to recognize the obvious benefits and disadvantages of global interactions. Taking into consideration the expansion of multinational corporations into the new markets, creation of joint ventures between industrial enterprises in different countries and the modern trend of global sourcing, one should recognize the inevitability of cross-cultural occurrences that take place all over the world nowadays.

Ontario EcoSchools named this recent phenomenon a global collaborative approach. However, people still tend to address national governments in the problems that are associated with environmental issues, Kenyon discovers. Supposedly, national governments are not the key contributors to the issues of global economic and environmental concern, that’s why it would be more reasonable to examine precisely how global business interactions can trigger environmental problems.

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Environment has always been suffering from various types of human activity. With the spread of anthropogenic influences all over the Earth, environmental problems have become global as well. One of the main global concerns over environmental issues arises from the changes in climate, which now seem to occur more systematically and even more dynamically than previously. According to Ontario EcoSchools, climatic issues have recently become as noticeable as the world’s interacting systems.

Being affected on a large scale, environment influences each of us separately. Environmental factors have a direct relation to our personal well-being, mood, and even consumer choice. Kenyon puts inflation and increases in prices in one row with environmental pollution and climatic change. It seems like these are the top-rated problems, which worry the population on the global scale. In fact, it is not actually true: economic security and well-being for many people are considered to be far more important issues. Not only individuals sometimes ignore the obvious concerns – 70% of companies in the United States do nothing to sustain or preserve the environment, Kenyon researches.

With the increasing number of industrialized zones and urban places, less pristine land is left on the planet. The parts of the globe lose diversity, originality and specificity. Climatic zones get more blurred than ever depleting one kind of natural resources and being enriched in other. Following such an idea, one should notice that global sourcing in terms of natural resources can exhaust itself at some point in time. For the economic world, it is associated with the changes in prices, supplier portfolios and even work force migration. Therefore, it is worth admitting that the interactions between the environmental issues and global economic and social interactions are double-sided. This surely interprets the situation on a global scale as the one where the environmental concern tackles both businesses and individuals.

Predicting the environmental effects of human activities can help in composing economic forecasts. However, environmental and economic needs should balance (Kenyon). By acknowledging that direct industrial influence in a certain sphere may cause the change of the natural system, it is possible to calculate the sustainability of the resource or make an assumptions about its longevity or profitability. Ontario EcoSchools take agricultural sphere as an example of such interaction. Soil erosion can be the immediate consequence of the works in the agricultural territories. When farming zones lose fertility, the harvest gets poorer in terms of both quantity and quality.

However, our consumer society quickly adapts to the insignificant changes in the products and materials they use in everyday life, because these changes are not that obvious in a short run. The aforementioned finding has something in common with the evolution theory that talks about the essential selection. I suppose that people get used to the environmental and climatic changes by accommodating themselves and making up their lifestyles accordingly. The global economy may find here opportunities in developing new products and services.

Many global enterprises in various industrial fields have recently declares the concern for environment and the population of the planet. This is a sign announcing either about the recognition of unstable environmental situation or about the new global trend that helps the experienced sales managers to make more profit on the products that seem to protect the Earth. According to Kenyon, global economy may not probably benefit much from the introduction of uniform ecological concepts and regulations. However, the author thinks that letting the customers know how important it is to preserve the environment in the purest state can help them to consciously choose the products and responsibly use them. So if the consumers create the demand, then the global companies that try to meet the demand with their products could also switch to more environmentally friendly technologies and materials.

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