Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Essay: Social Psychology in the Media

One of the most recent and important events in the media is certainly the issue of abuse, family/dating violence and rape. I personally see these events as oftentimes discussed in mass media and for this reason will use them in this essay. Having searched the articles database I found some of them that all depict the following topics.

One of the most important elements in the articles related to violence and abuse was the statistic represented by five key points to consider when working with school age children. One learnt that witnessing domestic violence by children typically means that domestic violence will pass from one generation to another. I learnt the sad statistics of abused females in US high schools and those who knew at least one person abused by her sexual partner. Here writers strive to associate the reader with the other victims of domestic violence or rape, the psychological technique initiated to create emotional bondage with the read information.

Another interesting part found in all mass media on violence, rape and abuse was the three stage cycle of domestic violence. I learnt that it went through the stages like Tension, Eruption and Honeymoon. Apparently the abuser builds up anger and accusations (in Tension stage) engages in violence (Eruption stage) and ultimately makes excuses (Honeymoon). As abuse takes place and is unpunished the honeymoon stages becomes shorter and the abuser terrorizes the victim regularly with much anger. Ultimately, the life of a victim turns into a complete nightmare that drastically depresses her self-esteem and ruins her life. Here the psychological trick used is the statement that one’s own life and the hierarchy of needs will be messed up and not met. In turn, this call to egoism prompts the readers to take action to preserve one selves from any sign of violence.

The articles appear to be very useful for everyone since they provides us with the information necessary to detect and suspect that violence took place and report it whenever possible. One learns about physical signs of injury, emotional behavior patterns, and things like failing grades and truancy. A school nurse needs to understand that a victim may seek isolation and engage in alcohol consumption after violence and abuse took place. The role of a nurse is to quickly identify a potential or present victim and provide her with the necessary emotional support and legal help/advice.

The articles typically ends up with some of the warning signs of an abusive relationship that every female needs to know if she is to avoid any misunderstanding, abuse and domestic violence with that partner in the future.

I personally liked the manner of presentation of various warning signs that made up a whole list and the manner the information is presented to scare the population. The writers of such articles make use of social fears of being abused, raped or kidnapped and capitalize on those by explaining the acts of violence in great detail to trigger emotional response from the readers. At the same time the writers prefer to play it on the safe side and would present things that although do not guarantee any act of violence of abuse warn people of the possibility of violence and thus benefiting in the long run by building risk-averse population fleeing at any sign of violence.

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