Friday, September 22, 2017

Intensive Supervision Essay

It is believed that the providing of the increased supervision for serious offenders can both relieve the prison overcrowding and decrease the risks of the second offend in community. Intensive supervision includes the increased contracts with the offender, random urinalysis, home electronic monitoring, treatment agency follow ups, employment and home visits. The purpose of this supervision is to rehabilitate the high risk offenders such as community correction’s graduates, predatory sex offenders and hate group members and minimize the risk of their second offense in the community – not giving them the second chance.

Intermediate Punishments
Intermediate punishments were introduced as the form of intermediate sanctions which is more severe than traditional probation but less restrictive than incarceration. Initially, intermediate punishment were introduced as the mean to deal with the prison overcrowding, however, today intermediate punishments are used for those offenders who are due to their modest threat to society should not be in the prison. Intermediate punishments play an important rehabilitation role which is more valuable than the prison diversion and cost savings.

Boot Camps
There are three major reasons why boot camps were introduced: reducing crowding, reducing the costs and lowering crime level. Boot camps are the alternative probation for the juveniles involved in the adult criminal acts. Although the goals of reducing the crime level and rehabilitating the young offenders are also common for the adult programs, the boot camps are more focused on rehabilitating the youth. They have proved to be very effective, because most of the juvenile offenders are committing crimes without proper thinking about the consequences, and after being in boot camps they do not want to return there again.

Shock Probation
Shock probation is granted when judges believe that the defendants who have been incarcerated are shocked by the prison and will not commit more crimes. Shock probation provides an opportunity to offenders to receive probation after spending some time in prison. Just like other forms of probation, shock probation is more a privilege than the right. In order to be on the shock probation, for the felony offenders this must be the first felony for which they have been incarcerated. The key idea for this program is that the first offend can be the mistake and after offender sees all “advantages” of the prison life he will change his life style to legitimate.

Electronic Monitoring
Electronic monitoring was introduced as another alternative to incarceration for non-violent offenders. It allows the individuals with active jail sentence to be supervised electronically in the stable residence. Before being eligible for this program, the offender has various criteria that must be met. Usually, the offender is monitored by using the ankle bracelet transmitter and unit placed on the phone line in the residence. If the offender is beyond the monitoring range, the officer is immediately notified. In addition, the individuals eligible to this program must be employed and return home on the arranged schedule. If the offender is observed in any place other than an approved one, he is placed in jail to complete the sentence. This program has proved to be very effective.

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