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Uses of Statistical Information Paper

In the contemporary world information plays increasingly more important role, but it is particularly important in military actions and database. Obviously, statistical information is one of the key points of military success of a state, an army or even a particular military combat unit. In such a situation the statistical information gathered may be crucial for the success, especially in the situation when technologies achieved unparalleled results and the more information is known about a combat military unit the less chances for success it has and in contrast the more information this unit possesses about the enemy the more chances to succeed it has. In such a situation it is very important to clearly understand what types of statistical information is needed for a military combat unit in order to achieve its goals.

First of all, a few words should be said about theoretical approaches to gathering statistical information, among which may be named such approaches as Bayesian statistics, Dempster-Shafer, fuzzy logic, rule-based inference, rough set theory, statistical capacity theory. These theories and theoretical approaches may vary but there are some key elements each approach has to take into consideration. Notably it is of paramount importance to gather statistical information in order to make it systematic and unified and consequently easy to use in case of a military combat unit has to undertake some actions. In order to achieve such a result, it is necessary to provide good and comprehensible data presentation, than data have to be encoded and transmitted. The next step implies pooling of diverse data into a coherent picture, and finally measurement of the informativeness of both data and fusion system. In such a way statistical information undergoes four basic stages.

The next question that logically arises concerns the types of statistical information a military combat unit normally needs to operate effectively. At this respect, it is necessary to say that basically, statistical information, which has to be gathered, disseminated and eventually used in further actions of a military combat unit, has to reveal different aspects as for enemy disposition and resources. To put it more precisely, a military combat unit has to receive possibly precise information as for exact quantity of enemy, its equipment, military vehicles and machines.

Furthermore, it is also very important to possess statistical information as for military potential of the area where a military combat unit is supposed to operate. In other words, the information as for all resources, plants, specialists that can be used in military purposes has to be provided.

Another important piece of statistical information a military combat unit needs is information concerning the location of enemy which provides precise data as for the position of the enemy that is absolutely important for the general success of a military operation, otherwise without precise information as for the location of the enemy a military combat unit risks to fail to achieve its goals because an attack, for instance, may be directed in a wrong way.

It is also noteworthy that normally a military combat unit needs to trace the movement of enemy in order to get a clear picture of the disposition of the enemy on the basis of precise statistical information. Moreover, statistical information concerning the movement of the enemy, for instance, information as for the number of enemies, or military units moved from one place to another, helps better understand intentions of the enemy. The latter is of a paramount importance for the success of the military operation the military combat unit takes part in.

However, to receive precise statistical information is not enough for success. A corner stone of success of a military combat unit is possibly better interpretation of the statistical information received. It is vitally important because precise statistical information provides a military combat unit with a number of advantages since it can relatively easy to define the weakest point in the enemy structure as well as infrastructure and consequently direct the main strike on this point. On the other hand, properly interpreted statistical information helps to better understand the points where the enemy is the strongest in order to be ready to successfully defend from the possible attack.

Thus, it is obvious that there is a lot of statistical information to be gathered and, what is not less important, to be properly interpreted for the success of a military combat unit and without it any military operation is doomed to fail, especially in the contemporary world where the more information is known about the enemy the more chances for success the army and its units have.

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