Thursday, September 18, 2014

Chemical Pollution Essay

Biosphere is a part of the planet, which includes the totality of living beings, in which there is a possibility of permanent life. Today, the largest changes in the biosphere are made ​​by man. Now we realize that any human activity affects the environment and the deterioration of the biosphere is dangerous for all living creatures, including human beings.

Chemical pollution is the most common pollution caused by substances that are used in industry and agriculture.

The main sources of chemical pollution and their effects on human health:

  1. thermal power stations (dust, ash, mercury, nitrogen oxides) - cause poisoning, respiratory diseases,
  2. production of basic metals (oxides of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia) - causes destruction of the respiratory tract, nervous system, the hematopoietic system, lung cancer,  
  3. motor vehicles (lead, carbon oxides) - cause decreased immunity, loss of endocrine and respiratory systems of the brain;
  4. textile industry (cotton dust) - causes bronchitis, lung disease,
  5. production of rubber (carbon black, organic solvents) - causes cancer, arrhythmia, diseases of the nervous system;
  6. nitrates - in the human body, they are converted into toxic substances - nitrite, resulting in methemoglobinemia.

Thus, chemical pollution is the cause of the growth of cancer by 3.5%, hypertension - by 5.3%, respiratory diseases - by 15%, bronchial asthma - by 7.5%. By their harmful effects on human health all chemicals are divided into 4 hazard class: extremely hazardous (heavy metals, certain medications), very dangerous (antibiotics, acid) dangerous (household chemicals, detergents); relatively dangerous.

So, the chemicals, polluting the environment, are very diverse. Depending on their nature, concentration, time of the human body exposure, they can cause a variety of adverse effects: dizziness, nausea, sore throat, cough. Ingestion of high concentrations of toxic substances can lead to loss of consciousness, acute poisoning and death. Effects of substances on the human body may be divided into blood poisoning (carbon kerosene, heavy metals); nerve poisoning (alcohol, drugs); renal and hepatic poisoning (heavy metals); heart; gastrointestinal.

So, we can conclude that chemical pollution is a very serious problem that became part of our life because there is a link between pollution and diseases. Environmental pollution affects human health. Our health is 30% dependent on the state of the environment. The problem has become social. Again and again we hear about the danger to the environment, but still many of us consider it to be an unpleasant, but inevitable product of civilization, and believe that we will have time to cope with all the difficulties to identify. However, human impact on the environment has taken alarming proportions. To radically improve the situation, will need targeted and thoughtful action. Responsible and effective policy towards the environment will be possible only if we accumulate reliable data on the current state of the environment, evidence-based knowledge about the interaction of important environmental factors, if we develop new methods to reduce and prevent the harm caused by human nature.

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