Monday, November 3, 2014

Michael Schumacher Essay

Michael Schumacher is the real legend of the Formula One world. His name is known in the whole world, and his driving style already a long ago became a visual aid for millions of motor races fans in all corners of our planet. Enormous amount of titles, records and personal victories made Schumacher a living icon of the sport. But do we really need to talk about the well-known fact of Michael's biography and the chronicle of his career? Probably, not. For this reason in this essay on Michael Schumacher I will try to focus on the unknown episodes of the champion's life and tell about Schumacher, foremost, as about a simple man.

The legendary Formula pilot was born in the small German town of Hurth, on the third January, 1969. His mother was a housewife, and a father worked as a simple mason. For this reason, no one who knew Michael as a child could hardly suppose that little Mike will become one of the greatest racing drivers in the world. Maybe, only his father could have a thought about it: Rolf Schumacher was always a big fan of motor races. In 1974, he built for Michael a go-kart on the basis of the most ordinary lawn mower.

At the age of fourteen Michael Schumacher got his first racing driver license that allowed him to compete in various official competitions. After only three years, Michael won a few prestige championships both in Germany and abroad. Among the most impressive, it is possible to name his victories in Formula Konig and German Formula Three. In addition, Junior Schumacher was part of the Mercedes competing in the world championship on car racing endurance.

Appearance of Michael in the Formula One to a great extent was a chance. In 1991, the Jordan Team first pilot went to jail for a casual fight with a taxi-driver. This episode became an unpleasant surprise for the proprietor of the team Eddie Jordan that r forced to search the replacement for the drop-out pilot in the emergency order.

In his debut race, young racing driver came seventh to the finish, which was a remarkable result for comparatively slow Jordan Team. After such an impressive debut, the representatives of Benetton did not fail to entice Michael under their banners. So already next year Schumacher became a pilot for the Benetton-Ford team.

In his first race for the team, the young pilot beat his team partner, former world champion Nelson Piquet and finished fifth. In 1992, Schumacher won his first race.

During his career, Schumacher has won seven titles of the world champion and two two times the vice-champion in the world series. Five champion titles were conquered by the Michael in a row.

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