Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Student Involvement Importance Essay

To satisfy my aspiration for success, I chose to continue my education. Having seen the Website of London Business School I knew it would be my first choice. I feel thrilled to have a chance to be enrolled in a program that could allow me to focus on my interest in business as well as provide me with the career possibilities and exposure to resources, which I do not presently possess. Moreover, I relate to the fact that student involvement is very important at the London Business School. I strongly consider that a school may not only be represented by the professors working for it, but it should be represented by the student body that is eager to put all the efforts into making studying experience at London Business School unforgettable.

Over the course of my life I have obtained a valuable experience in the field of entrepreneurship. At the beginning of my career I accepted a position at a big construction company in Dubai. Working at that company I had a chance to participate in the implementation of big construction projects, including Jumeirah Beach Residence. Later I headed back to India and started my own construction business. At that point I had a chance to use my experience of working in a team to create my own team, in which all the members would work for the sake of common goals. The experience of working in diverse teams I have obtained was essential when I undertook shaping the corporate identity and drawing the mission and vision of my own company.

Being myself an entrepreneur, I find it essential to help out and obtain help and advice from other entrepreneurs, thus, for couple of years already I am a member of Tie that is a non-profit global network of Indian entrepreneurs. Furthermore, recently I have joined the “Alive” – a non-governmental organization in Kannur that works towards insuring that the vulnerable communities all over the world fully enjoy their human rights and live dignified lives.

It is obvious that exceptional student involvement at the London Business School adds up immensely to the unique environment the school offers. Should you accept me to be part of your school, it would be my pleasure to bring the skills and experiences I possess to London Business School and put them to the disposal of your extra-curricular clubs or campus community events. As my experience may show you, I would be mostly interested to be involved in the entrepreneurship clubs, as well as to join the activities of clubs working with human rights implementation all over the world. I am certain that the experience I possess in the above fields would contribute to the work of these clubs and help those who may need this help.

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