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Future of Management Essay

Future of Management Essay

Management has been around for a long time and there have been many different styles of management created over the years. There a many different functions of management. There are two different aspects of management there is a manager and a leader. Leadership plays an important role in management it provides the structure for management.

The future of management is far beyond anything we would have expected years ago. Management meaning the conducting or supervising of something. Conducting management means giving direction, management has no set direction because it changes with each individual and how they choose to lead. The future of management will be no different, as many different leadership styles will arrive in the management world. Why will there be so many different styles in the future? One reason is each leader brings there on since of style on how they want to conduct there business or organization. The future of management is far beyond anything we would have expected years ago.

There are two new tools to management that will keep growing with the future of management. One tool is technology a manner of accomplishing a task especially using technical processes, methods, or knowledge. The other tool is control, which give managers the power or authority to guide or manage. The two tools together are reasons why the future of management will continue to grow. Managers will use technology and their control to lead people in the future.

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Leadership will play a key role to the future if we do not have good leaders. Our future in management will not move forward to the 21st century. We need leaders who have vision and care for the organizations as if it was their own.

The four functions of management will play have a tremendous impact or managers and their leadership capabilities. Planning will be something most managers who think quickly on their feet do not do. Skipping the planning stage may hurt them in the future. Organizing is a major function of management, being organized shows you are serious about your position. Leaders who prepared are ready for any situation that comes their way and have the answer to all the questions. Why are they ready because they have done the planning stage of management? The function of controlling in management requires not only management skills by the manager, but leaders and managers are required to possess social and psychological knowledge of how to deal with groups and individuals within the organization. Controlling includes effective communication among the members of the organization. In controlling, attitudes, perceptions, and motivations of individuals are taken into account by the manager in order to motivate the members to work efficiently and get the work done. Meanwhile, human resources, interpersonal relations, and group dynamics are also concepts that need to be understood by the manager so that if problems or conflicts ever arise within the organization, then the manager can effectively formulate or come up with a solution that will resolve the conflict. Controlling is best applied in decision-making processes, such as negotiations between personnel and administration regarding a new policy that will be implemented or proposed to the organization.

There are at least two distinct groups of managers that will be affected by this change. Many of us BC (before computers) managers may only plan to work for 10 to 15 additional years, but we will face a lot of change during that time, especially if we have failed to stay somewhat abreast of the changes that are occurring in information use and flow. The probability that someone else will select the dates of our retirement will also go up as we move forward in time (McManus 2003).

The second group will be the AC (after computers) managers. They like seeing this shift occur, as they are put off by the waste they perceive in the way people do things in their company. Credibility is the first thing that suffers when BC and AC managers interact if both groups are not on the same level technologically. We will need to manage this generation gap over the next five to 10 years if we want to have cohesive management teams (McManus 2003).

All the changes will affect many people in the future; the managers who use technology are not fazed by the change. Leaders who are set and their ways and do not adapt well to change never want to see what lies ahead for the future of management. In order to be a successful manager in the future Management will have to choose true leaders to lead their organizations. People who want to have a future in management and have what it takes to be a leader.

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