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Christopher Columbus Short Essay

Essay about Christopher Columbus

Ernle Bradford is the author of Drake, Southward the Caravels, a biography of Henry the Navigator, and a number of other books connected with the history of sea exploration. A sailor himself, he has followed in the wake of Columbus across the Atlantic, as well as subsequently cruising under sail around the West Indian islands that the great navigator discovered.

Christopher Columbus is a book about the life and accomplishments of Christopher Columbus. The book gives intricate details on his journeys to the “New World” and it also describes navigation techniques and the actual boats used in the journey across the Atlantic. The author intended audience was to anyone who was interested in Christopher Columbus life and his journeys.

The book examines the life and accomplishments of Christopher Columbus in the broad context of European and world history. His journey to the “New World” opened a period of European exploration and empire building. The book begins with describing how Christopher Columbus learned his seamanship as a young man in the Mediterranean and then in the service of Portugal. The middle portion of the book describes Christopher Columbus life and his journeys. The book ends with the various enormous consequences of Christopher Columbus voyages, which started the irreversible process that linked the world together.

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Christopher Columbus is a very broad topic to discuss but the way the book explains his life and accomplishments leaves you with a lot of knowledge of the great explorer and his journeys. The facts used in the book are correct and verifiable, which many came from Universities which hold records of Columbus’s journeys. Many may find this an interesting book if they are into history or sea exploration. The book is full of useful information and facts about Christopher Columbus life, journeys and many accomplishments he has made during his time. The book did raise questions but it was answered leaving you with more knowledge of Christopher Columbus.

The objective of the book was to inform the readers about Columbus’s life, accomplishments, and journeys. Explaining how Christopher Columbus traveled, when he sailed, where he sailed to, and what equipment he used during his journeys. The book is written very clearly and understandable, it is easy to follow if you are of high school level or greater and anyone else who is interested in Christopher Columbus. The book is well written, it is full of facts of his life, accomplishments, and journeys and it is very well organized and is structured in an easy to follow, chronological way in which the journeys took place.

The book uses a lot of examples supporting the thesis that Christopher Columbus journey to the “New World” and how it opened the way for a period of exploration for the Europeans. It talks about how Christopher Columbus journey inspires other countries to travel in search of new land and expanding their empires. It also talks about how the Europeans were the first to travel to the “New World” and how other countries were trying to follow in their footsteps and tried to travel to the “New World.”

In conclusion, this is a good book full of interesting facts of Christopher Columbus and his journeys. It is very well written and great for anyone who is interested in learning about Christopher Columbus. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about Christopher Columbus or anyone interested in sea exploration.

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