Monday, April 15, 2013

Essay on Technological Revolution

Technological revolution is the introduction of new technologies and machines into the definite spheres of human life which have such a great impact that change the motion and quality of life to some extent. There have been several technological revolutions which changed people’s life. For example, the first Industrial revolution replaced handwork with the machines and plants and factories were equipped with the machines which did much work automatically and started to produce goods much quicker. Evidently, there was a negative side – the raise of the rates of unemployment. Many people lost their job, because many operations are conducted by machines. Employers started to produce more and pay for the work less, so the production became cheaper and more people became able to purchase it bringing profit for businessmen.

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Another bright example of technological revolution is the invention of printing. Printing enabled even poor people to afford a book, so this revolution can be considered the first step of the improvement of human knowledge and general intelligence of the humanity. The technological revolution of the latest period is the invention of the Internet, which changed human life greatly. The web has not just given access to the information of all kinds but reorganized every sphere of human life considerably. For example, due to the Internet it is possible to study, work and entertain. The global business is concentrated in the web, as it is cheaper for companies to create a website and demonstrate their goods and services there, then to rent a place for a store and pay for energy and salary for the staff working there.

Technological revolutions change the quality and rhythm of life but one should not think only about their positive sides, as there are many serious disadvantages, like risks and sacrifice, which follow every revolution. A well-organized essay is expected to be interesting, contain up-to-date information and scrupulous analysis of the suggested problem. On the other hand a student is not supposed to present a 100% objective paper, because an essay is a presentation of his own opinion, his attitude and vision of the problem. Nevertheless, he should support every thought with reliable evidence from the high-quality books or periodicals.

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